The Slits

The Slits

Working through all of my books, it became time to read about The Slits.  The only book I have ever been able to find is “Typical Girls? The Story Of The Slits” by Zoe Street Howe (Omnibus Press).

I was intrigued by the famous “mud tits” cover of a fairly major label LP “Cut” (Island Records UK) – but the music was good!

At nearly the same time as “Cut”, there was a less than legitimate “Live” LP that was around – “Typical Girls Live in Cincinnati & San Francisco”, but it seemed to sound good, too.

Also at the same time, there was an LP of ‘demos’ that was around on Y Records, the label famous for having been set up by Dick O’Dell.  It doesn’t have  a proper cover, just the “Y” logo and a bunch of names scrawled on it.

Much later, there was a 2nd proper LP “Return Of The Giant Slits” (Epic Records UK), which, to my obviously limited knowledge, has only ever been released on CD in Japan (with a bonus track, “Earthbeat” sung in Japanese).  Not as good as “Cut”, but still rather good.

Flash forward many years:  Ari Up’s “Dread More Dan Dead” CD appeared in front of me in Toronto, Canada, about 2005/6, as she had been “touring”.

I never remember seeing them play around here, perhaps they did?