The Enid “Region Of The Summer Stars” EMI issue

I am happy to report back something – I found the issue of The Enid “In The Region Of The Summer Stars” LP, issued approx. 1984 on EMI Records.  It is not a re-recording in any way!

I really like this album.  And the re-recording that surfaced later than 1984 is not to my liking.  I even have a Japanese paper sleeve of this LP on CD and it’s got the correct cover, but the wrong music on it!

So, buy either the Buk original LP from the US or UK, but if you can’t find that / those, the EMI Records issue will do you just fine.  Right music, right cover.

This is very nice, almost evil sounding music from the UK.  I am not at all interested in discussing the sexuality of Robert John Godfrey.