Thomas Diethelm

As far as I know, this is it for Thomas Diethelm music you can hear!

DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      82 – ’89                                                 FINK & STAR DE        F&S 2052.2       CD                1994                                                                                          14

1994 14 TRKS stereo CD collection                          SWI                                                       CD


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      BIG SHAKE                                            PHONAG SWI           F&S 2006.1       LP                 1989                                                                                          10

1989 10 TRKS stereo LP                                             SWI                                                       LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      MEMORY GAMES                                PHONAG SWI           F&S 2005.1       LP                 1988                                                                                          10

1988 10 TRKS stereo LP                                             SWI                                                       LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      PENGUIN IN LOVE                               MERCURY SWI          830547.1           LP

1986                                                                               11                                                          1986 11 TRKS stereo LP Swiss pressing!              SWI                                                                                        LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      SHAVED                                                SPOON DE                 SPOON 014       LP                 1981                                                                                          10

1981 10 TRKS stereo LP                                             SWI                                                       LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS / BRANDENBERGER                  DIDI L’AMOUR                                     GOLD SWI                 LP 11049           LP

1978                                                                               11                                                          1978 11 TRKS stereo LP                     SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           DIETHELM / FAMULARI                      POLYDOR SWI          813405.1           LP

1983                                                                               7                                                            1983 7 TRKS stereo LP                       SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           FLYER, THE / OLD TORERO (PS)        MERCURY NL            821140.7           7″

1983                                                                               2                                                            1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve             SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           LIVEBE & CHAOS (GUITEROS)            DIETHELM SWI         –                           CD

2000                                                                               8                                                            2000? 8 TRKS stereo CD                    SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           VALLEYS IN MY HEAD                         MERCURY SWI          822774.1           LP

1984                                                                               6                                                            1984 6 TRKS stereo LP                       SWI


Dieter Meier Book

1-21-13          Dieter Meier Book

Meier book_NEW

January 19th:  Happy birthday, Janis Joplin, born 1943.  On 1/21/67 the Cream 45 “I Feel Free” charts at No. 11 in England.  Also on 1/21/67 the debut 45 by The Jimi Hendrix Experience “Hey Joe” charts at No. 6 in England.  On 1/20/73 Gilbert O’Sullivan “Back To Front” LP was No. 1 in England.  On 1/19/74 Slade “Sladest” (‘best of’) LP was No. 1 in England; 1/19/80 The Pretenders debut LP was No. 1 in England.  Happy birthday, Richie Havens, born 1941.

Dorothy & I recently had dinner at an Italian restaurant in East Hollywood on a Sunday evening.  As we strolled the street after our meal, we chanced across a bookstore with a particularly nice set of art books for sale.

I’m eyeballing all the monographs, and – at first – I thought I was not seeing something correctly.  Was this expensive coffee table art book actually by Dieter Meier of Yello?  Well, it is / was.

For the discerning Yello fan, I present to you, the Dieter Meier coffee table art book: “Works 1968 – 2012 and the Yello Years” which happily includes a DVD (in both NTSC and PAL).  And as what I found is an “English Version”, there’s plenty of text to read, too.

Mr. Meier is a conceptual artist – in addition to being the singer of Yello.  For example, there is a photo series in this book of him selling the words “Yes” and “No” on the streets of New York City in 1971.  He later explains that the reason Yello appeared on Ralph Records in the U.S. initially was that Boris Blank pursued them with a tape of his music!

Can’t wait to watch the DVD!  Likely some of his experimental films, as well as some nifty Yello videos (most of which he directed).