Made in Sheffield (DVD)

Happy birthday Eddie Cochran (1938), James Darren (1936) and Chubby Checker (1941).

Made In Sheffield – The Birth of Electronic Pop (DVD)

This DVD is something I picked up, probably at an Amoeba store.  The bands on this in question are The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Heaven 17, Clock DVA,  ABC, and Pulp.  Of particular note was the amount of time spent discussing Vice Versa, the pre-ABC group!

The documentary itself is 52 minutes in length, it’s from 2004/5, so one guesses that while pretty everyone involved was still alive it was decided to make this film.  The “extra” interviews are fairly interesting, all 76 minutes of ‘em.  There is a handy “Family Tree” of many artists from Sheffield – the booklet details who would not allow their music to be used (Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA); the footage from The Human League and Heaven 17 is generally very nice – but it generally does not involve stuff they recorded with Virgin Records.