Happy birthday Thelonious Monk (1918), playwright Harold Pinter (1930) and 2 members of Procol Harum, Keith Reid (the lyricist) (1946) and Alan Cartwright (1945) – Nothing much else to say about them.  Also, “Hot Rats” by Frank Zappa is released today in 1969; an album that I have loved since it was released.


At present, I have something like 34,800 albums in my collection.  Yes, at times it is overwhelming.  When I see good titles, I usually buy ‘em.  However, if I got rid of all other titles that I already similarly have – I could easily say that I see 35,000 as being the maximum number I require.  Yes, I have over-collected.  So, how do I say when I am done collecting something?  In the 70’s / 80’s, it used to be if I found a Japanese LP or German LP.  Since the advent of SA-CD, I lean towards having an SA-CD of a title, and usually an “original” LP (for the packaging).  This is because of such care that goes into the mastering of any given title, for the SA-CD.

So, if I limit myself to 35,000 titles, I’ve got about 200 left before I have to do anything.  And if I want, all I would have to do is “make room” for a newer title by eliminating an older title.  Just formulating this idea, so we’ll see.

It is physically massive, owning almost 35,000 titles – at least 3 rooms of my home are nothing but phonograph record shelving.

So, I will try to keep my collection down to just 35,000 titles.  I bet I can do that!

Misc etc.

Happy birthday Joan Jett (The Runaways) (1958) and David Coverdale (Deep Purple and Whitesnake singer) (1949).

After my ‘big buy’ in Tokyo – I can feel myself slowing down, with my record collecting.  Maybe buy a new pair of speakers (to replace some 30 year old Art Audio bookshelf speakers)?

I’ve been collecting records (seriously) since approx. 1968; I’ve been cataloguing my collection since approx. 1976 or so.  I have complete collections of enough artists to last me the rest of my lifetime.

It’s supposed to rain here (9/20), tomorrow – I welcome that.  I also enjoyed it when it was raining in Tokyo – though that did dampen my record collecting spirits; Can’t carry records around in a wet (shoulder) bag!  And in Tokyo, it’s not like I am driving anywhere – here, I have my Suzuki SX-4, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s raining or not, I can just chuck anything in I might find (while out & about) and not have to worry about it!

Finally sleeping at night, though I do wake earlier than usual.  I wish there was a jetlag pill I could take, but – no matter.

Today is my friend Cameron Hand’s birthday – though I haven’t seen him in a long while.

I feel like I should re-assemble my record collection in a more coherent mode, but – dang, that would be A LOT of work!  (I only re-typed it all up a year or two ago).