Happy birthday Thelonious Monk (1918), playwright Harold Pinter (1930) and 2 members of Procol Harum, Keith Reid (the lyricist) (1946) and Alan Cartwright (1945) – Nothing much else to say about them.  Also, “Hot Rats” by Frank Zappa is released today in 1969; an album that I have loved since it was released.


At present, I have something like 34,800 albums in my collection.  Yes, at times it is overwhelming.  When I see good titles, I usually buy ‘em.  However, if I got rid of all other titles that I already similarly have – I could easily say that I see 35,000 as being the maximum number I require.  Yes, I have over-collected.  So, how do I say when I am done collecting something?  In the 70’s / 80’s, it used to be if I found a Japanese LP or German LP.  Since the advent of SA-CD, I lean towards having an SA-CD of a title, and usually an “original” LP (for the packaging).  This is because of such care that goes into the mastering of any given title, for the SA-CD.

So, if I limit myself to 35,000 titles, I’ve got about 200 left before I have to do anything.  And if I want, all I would have to do is “make room” for a newer title by eliminating an older title.  Just formulating this idea, so we’ll see.

It is physically massive, owning almost 35,000 titles – at least 3 rooms of my home are nothing but phonograph record shelving.

So, I will try to keep my collection down to just 35,000 titles.  I bet I can do that!

Misc etc.

Happy birthday Joan Jett (The Runaways) (1958) and David Coverdale (Deep Purple and Whitesnake singer) (1949).

After my ‘big buy’ in Tokyo – I can feel myself slowing down, with my record collecting.  Maybe buy a new pair of speakers (to replace some 30 year old Art Audio bookshelf speakers)?

I’ve been collecting records (seriously) since approx. 1968; I’ve been cataloguing my collection since approx. 1976 or so.  I have complete collections of enough artists to last me the rest of my lifetime.

It’s supposed to rain here (9/20), tomorrow – I welcome that.  I also enjoyed it when it was raining in Tokyo – though that did dampen my record collecting spirits; Can’t carry records around in a wet (shoulder) bag!  And in Tokyo, it’s not like I am driving anywhere – here, I have my Suzuki SX-4, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s raining or not, I can just chuck anything in I might find (while out & about) and not have to worry about it!

Finally sleeping at night, though I do wake earlier than usual.  I wish there was a jetlag pill I could take, but – no matter.

Today is my friend Cameron Hand’s birthday – though I haven’t seen him in a long while.

I feel like I should re-assemble my record collection in a more coherent mode, but – dang, that would be A LOT of work!  (I only re-typed it all up a year or two ago).

Still Recovering

It was a tough slog this time, going into the hospital.  The “procedure” didn’t hurt (I was OUT).  It’s a ‘Lasix weekend’, so all I am doing at home is watching NHK World & peeing a lot.  My weight went way UP (195lbs.!), most of it is water, I think.  So…LASIX party!

I will advise soon.  The blogs should start up again next week, per usual.

– Ron Kane

Buena Park swap meet

Happy birthday to David Knight (Procol Harum member) (1945)!

= = =

Went to Buena Park swap meet last Sunday – and this is what I got!

ANDREWS, CHRIS                                               YESTERDAY MAN / TOO BAD YOU DON’T WANT ME (US)     ATCO US

45-6385                                                               1965 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

DALTREY, ROGER                                                WALKING IN MY SLEEP (PS)                                                       ATLANTIC US

89704.7                                                               1984 2 TRKS stereo 7″ with pic sleeve

DALTREY, ROGER                                                UNDER A RAGING MOON (PS)                                                  TEN UK

TEND 81                                                               1986 4 TRKS stereo 2 x 7″ with pic sleeve

DARLING BUDS, THE                                           YOU’VE GOT TO CHOOSE (PS)                                                   EPIC UK

BLOND 4                                                               1989 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

DYLAN, BOB                                                        I WANT YOU / JUST LIKE TOM THUMB’S BLUES                      COLUMBIA US

4-43683                                                               1966 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

EARTH, WIND AND FIRE / EMOTIONS, THE    BOOGIE WONDERLAND                                                             CBS / SONY JPN

06SP 330                                                             1979 2 TRKS stereo 7″ with pic sleeve

HEAVEN 17                                                          CRUSHED BY THE WHEELS OF INDUSTRY (PS)                         VIRGIN UK

VS 628                                                                  1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

HUNTER, IAN                                                       WHEN THE DAYLIGHT COMES (PS) white                                CHRYSALIS UK

CHS (A) 2324                                                       1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, WHITE vinyl

ICEHOUSE                                                             TAKING THE TOWN (PS) (UK)                                                    CHRYSALIS UK

COOL 3                                                                 1984 2 TRKS stereo 7″ with pic sleeve

MATTHEWS, IAN                                                 DO RIGHT WOMAN pic disc                                                     CAROLINE UK

SIXPAK 3                                                              1979 6 TRKS picture disc

MENDES, SERGIO AND BRASIL ’66                   DOCK OF THE BAY (PS)                                                               A&M US

1073                                                                     1969? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

PIGALLE, ANNE                                                   HE STRANGER (PS)                                                                      ZTT UK

CERT 1                                                                  1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

ROBERTSON, B.A.                                               TO BE OR NOT TO BE (PS)                                                          ASYLUM UK

K 12449                                                               1980 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

SANTANA                                                            SHE’S NOT THERE (JPN) (PS)                                                      CBS / SONY JPN

06SP 191                                                             1977 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

SOUP DRAGONS, THE                                        CAN’T TAKE NO MORE (PS)                                                        BIG LIFE UK

RTV 3                                                                    1987 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

ADVENTURES OF STEVIE V                                DIRTY CASH (PS)                                                                          MERCURY UK

MERR 311                                                            1989 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

SURFARIS, THE                                                     WIPE OUT (PS)                                                                            DOT JPN

JET-1293                                                              1963 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

TELEX                                                                    PEANUTS (PS) promo                                                                 ATLANTIC US

89096.7                                                               1988 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo

VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE                                      I WALK THE EARTH (#2) (PS)                                                      LONDON UK

LON 206                                                               1988 2 TRKS stereo 7″ with pic sleeve

WANG CHUNG                                                    EVERYBODY HAVE FUN TONIGHT (PS) (2 x 7″)                        GEFFEN UK

GEF 13F                                                                1986 4 TRKS with pic sleeve, 7″ X 2

WHITEHEAD, ANNIE                                           ALIEN STYLE (PS)                                                                          PALADIN UK

PALS 100                                                              1985 2 TRKS stereo 7″ with pic sleeve

WILD CHERRY                                                      PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC (PS)                                                  EPIC / SONY JPN

06SP 116                                                             1976 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

The Ron Kane Files #1

By 1976, I was busily chasing European music, trying to “fill in” my collection with Can LP’s etc.  I was particularly fond of French music, notably Lard Free.  We were also trying to figure out who to get to be in our band (our first LP was released in 1978).

Summer of 1976 brought my first record store job – Bellflower, CA.  I was regularly going to record collector swap meets and as many record stores as I could find!  I had yet to develop my theory of “There are records anywhere there are lots of people” – in 1976, it was “go wherever there are colleges, and there will be record stores”, which was true back then.  That theory worked for some California locations, such as Berkeley, CA, Orange, CA – there were so many record stores in California!

Truth is, once I started working full-time, I could only go to record stores when I wasn’t working.  I was always in search of “imported” LP’s, which were not absolutely everywhere.

After a few years of working in a record store, it became obvious that I needed to go to Europe, in search of further European music.  So, in the fall of 1979, with some advice from record collector friends, I went to London, England without a hotel reservation.

Very intoxicating for a 21 year old record collector to go to the U.K. for the first time!  Who could be bothered with reservations?  The first place I went to didn’t have anyplace for me, but – they kindly directed me to somewhere that did have a reasonable place to stay, Goldhawk Road area.  I knew absolutely nothing about the size / scope of London.  I only knew Los Angeles and San Francisco!

I easily figured out the tube / trains; I picked up my mail at the American Express office in the Haymarket!  I didn’t care much for the food / drink in London.  I got to France easily, and the food improved!

Arriving in Paris, I looked up as many musician’s names as I could in the phone book, mostly leaving messages; some had to be called a few times.  I did successfully reach a few people:  Gilles Yepremian and Roland Bocquet!  Gilles Y managed Lard Free / Urban Sax – Lard Free had been my favorite band for several years.  Roland Bocquet had been in the band Catharsis and I loved his recent album, “Paradia”.

When I went to Germany, I looked up Holger Czukay of Can – in the phone book.  He picked me up at the Koln train station in his Volkswagen!

Sweden and Finland were a bit more problematic, as I couldn’t find any names I knew in the telephone books I could find.  What do they even call record stores in Sweden?  How do I look it up?

I caught the boat to Helsinki in Stockholm, and stayed at a glorious hotel that I spotted, “Hotel Helsinki” in that fall of 1979.

Venice, Italy!  I had an intro to Aldo Tagliapietra of Le Orme and he directed me to a tiny place in Mestre, just outside of Venice.  He was super nice to me and spoke perfect English.  He put me onto Ronnie Thorpe, in Milan.


As July hits, I suddenly notice that I have cartons and cartons of CD-R’s that people have made for me, over the years. Thankfully, most are labeled, a few aren’t. It’s easy enough to tell the DVD-R’s from the CD-R’s, but, no, they aren’t all labeled.


Going through only a few cartons, I assembled 3 x wallets of CD-R’s to play in the car. Speaking of cars, I am supposed to get the Suzuki back real soon, as you may recall – I was hit by a woman while parked, south of here – at least she left her phone # and a note: “I hit your car”.


The culture of record collecting has dictated that we all ‘share’ music. I send plenty forth into the universe, usually 50 at a time. Actually, I give out spindles of 50 x CD-R’s that I have already enjoyed in my car.


Most days, I am alone, at my home. I venture forth, when called for. These days, I have seen quite a bit of south Orange County, San Clemente in particular. A far cry from my previous life, where Pasadena was a weekly occurance!   It’s true, people walk up and down my street, but they are seldom visitors here on my behalf.


I have a schedule for my home. Tuesday and Wednesday are street sweeping days, so the car must alternate sides of the street. Thursday AM, trash is picked-up. Or supposed to be picked-up.


There are a number of bills that arrive monthly, so I must see that they all receive some attention. Usually, I visit my credit union once or twice each month – got to deposit checks! (‘Direct Deposit’ doesn’t count).


Mail arrives Monday through Saturday – and some days, they pick-up mail, but don’t deliver any!


I busily shuffle about my home, putting my collections in better / greater order. And you thought I just typed up a list! The list must have a location of where I can find the disc, otherwise I become Mr. “Sorry, I’ve got that, but I have no idea where it is”.


And I water my rear lawn, almost daily. The front lawn has gone to ‘lawn hell’, due to enforced water regulations. Not much I can do about that!


I have a Dr. Appt. coming up, so not drinking as much.


I’ll be back on Monday.

Lately, I have been working on my Australian and New Zealand LP’s.  So many memories!  I saw stuff I definitely don’t remember!

On 3/14/15 Saturday PM, I will be DJing at Cuculapraline again.  It’s in Eagle Rock, in Los Angeles.  I’ll be playing my typical assortment of 12″ singles, and oddball stuff – please come by, if you’re in Los Angeles!

– Ron Kane

International Month

Happy Birthday to jazz saxer Stan Getz (1927), singer Graham Nash (1942) and fusion jazz bassist Alphonso Johnson (1951). On this date in 1949, RCA Records issues the first 45rpm record.


Each day this month, I will examine a different country & their popular music culture. As some of you may know, I have special knowledge of some cultures, such as New Zealand and Japan. Interesting that my knowledge tends towards the east, as I’m definitely from the west.


I first went to England in 1979, when I was 21 years of age. I first went to Japan in 1994, at 36 years of age. I could easily list my years that I was first in other countries, but as far as us record collectors go, those two are easily the most important.


I first saw Paris in 1979, Kuala Lumpur in 2009. I stayed with Gilbert Artman (of Lard Free & Urban Sax) in Paris, saw Urban Sax play live in Caen! Kuala Lumpur was a bit different – I bought very little music there, and I may not (easily) return there. But I met Shin-san there! Shin-san is Japanese and he is who I go to, when I can’t read something on Japanese records that I obtain. Yes, Shin-san is Japanese, from Osaka.


Before meeting Gilbert Artman in Paris, I met his manager, Gilles Yepremian – who speaks perfect English – and he seemed to know everybody in Paris. Well, everybody that I wanted to know, too! In 1979, I also met Holger Czukay in Koln (right before “Movies” came out), Germany; Also Aldo Tagliepietra in Venice, Italy (at the time of “Florian”).


In New Zealand, I met Fane Flaws! Mike Chunn! Chris Knox! Fane Flaws was responsible for making one of my favorite LP’s ever – “I Am Joe’s Music” (Mushroom Australia LP). I appear on a Tall Dwarfs LP, “The Short & Sick Of It” (Flying Nun NZ LP + 12”). And Mike Chunn was very kind to me, always seemed to have time for me – I absolutely love his 45 with Greg Clark “I’m So Up”! And you have to have his LP’s with Citizen Band, for your Split Enz collections!


My best friend in England is Mr. Pete Brown, the lyricist for Cream and Piblokto! He introduced me to Dick Heckstall-Smith in London! I got Dick H-S’s book autographed, even. I talked to Olav Wyper on the phone in 1990, he was responsible for starting the Vertigo and Neon labels, for their respective major record labels. I also talked with Mike Ker in 1990, and I asked him about Love Sculpture (a great welsh band) and his part in producing Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come’s LP’s – do you like “Galactic Zoo Dossier”? It’s from planet 1971, but it’s still pretty sharp, even now!


So, in February 2015, I will tell my tales of record collector adventures / conquests etc. Sit back and relax, and prepare to be taken to some other worlds – some of which no longer exist!

Step Right Up

Happy Birthday to Sam Cooke (1931) and Steve Perry (Journey member) (1953). On 1/23 Happy Birthday to Robin Zander (of Cheap Trick, 1953). On 1/24 Happy Birthday to Doug Kershaw (1936), give that man a crawfish! Also on 1/24 Happy Birthday to Ray Stevens (1941) and Warren Zevon (1947) – I really enjoy “Ahab The Arab” by Ray Stevens, even if it is politically incorrect these days.


I have 3 x Sam Cooke SA-CD’s. Journey I can only throw as far as their first two albums. Cheap Trick were at their sell-by date by Budokan. Warren Zevon was better before he was Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner – or thereabouts (“Wanted Dead Or Alive” is still my fav). I got a lot of time for Doug Kershaw. Bonus points: Doug & Rusty Kershaw! On Hickory! Doug’s LP’s on Warner Brothers are all fairly decent affairs for low dollar. Diggy Diggy Lo, indeed! Those Hickory sides with Doug & Rusty are fairly scarce ‘round here. I think I’ve only got 1 x Hickory 45! But I’ve got a fair few Hickory LP’s, including the massive 2LP set, and a few CD’s.


Beat the livin’ crap outta me to find stereo Mercury LP’s for Ray Stevens. I’ve got the first two IN STEREO. That’s right, “Ahab The Arab” in STEREO. Sometimes this shit just writes itself. Varese put out a CD of his Monument debut LP, that was OK too. I will fess up to owning a smattering of many of his latter day works, as they crossed my path. But back when people weren’t afraid to say “Arab” on the AM radio, “Ahab The Arab” reminded people that things weren’t merely “Monster Mash” 24/7. And the friggin’ song is in true stereo!


Hey, Rhino Handmade arschlochs! How ‘bout a Doug Kershaw boxed set? All of his Warner Brothers LP’s? Who owns Hickory today? Who do we license it from? Get ‘em all in there – I want a damned Doug & Rusty CD boxed set! “Cajun Louisiana Bayou” is what you should call it, as one (or both / all) of those words seem to be in all of the LP titles those boys ever released. And Doug’s still kickin’! Why the flip doesn’t he play the Coach House or Whizin’s? I’d go!


Can you stand it? I am more or less done with my unsorted LP cartons. Only a few things haven’t shown up yet (some Beatles’ LP’s). But the mighty walls will reveal everything. There’s actually 3 walls of sorted LP’s I still have to do – a lot of square footage, not likely to finish doing ‘em for a while now.


I am enjoying my life, now that I’m not with Ms. Sourpuss anymore. Read: I don’t make women wait anymore. Step right up. I gotta carton of LP’s I wanna show ya. That’s right. Step right up. They won’t make you sneeze. They’re not dirty – I cleaned ‘em! I also put ‘em in order. Step right up. Used phonograph records. Have the great musicians of the world – dead or alive – serenade you & your loved ones, in the privacy of your own home. Crank up the Victrola, and excite yourself to the strains of The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Iron Butterfly, The Music Machine and unbelievable British progressive rock! Get the fella’s list! Step right up.

Joe Ramsey

I must not have looked anything up, ‘cause all this week – nothing in the books. I bet there is, but I wasn’t wanting to unnecessarily repeat the stuff I looked up previously.

Good Thursday to all. Sleeping OK? I can’t stay asleep long enough. All those years of working for the school district leaves my mental clock set at 5:00am wake up. Drat!

As you may have read, Resistor Records owner Joe Ramsey passed away at the end of last year. He had a stroke, and was not expected to recuperate. I knew Joe from the 70’s, when we worked together at Superior Music in Glendale, CA. You may know him from his years thinking up and promoting Dread Zeppelin. He’s also known as Jah Paul Jo, the prince of peace & love. He was always the nicest guy towards me. As you may recall, we had The Decayes “Aquarium” release party at his store! Everybody else said “What?” and Joe Ramsey said, “Name the date / time”.

Shameless plug: There was a new Decayes LP / CD in 2014, “Aquarium” – I have plenty of both to sell. The CD is $20 postpaid anywhere in the contiguous U.S., $25 elsewhere. The LP (which is in the correct sequence) is $30 postpaid anywhere in the U.S., 300 copies hand-numbered, $45 postpaid outside of the U.S. So buy ‘em up before they’re all gone.