Heldon 45 re-issues

HELDON 45 re-issues

Also when I was in Portland, OR recently, I found 2 x Heldon 45 re-issues.  I never knew about the original issues!  These would’ve been right up my alley!

Heldon “Soutien a la RAF” 45 Disjuncta 101 (Souffle Continu / FFL Records) red vinyl, insert

‘Soutien a la fraction armee rouge’, originally released 1975

  1. Baader-Meinhof Blues
  2. D.B.

Heldon “Perspectives” 45 Urus Records 102 (Souffle Continu / FFL Records) orange vinyl

Originally released 1976

  1. Perspectives 1 Bis Complement
  2. Perspectives 4 Bis

No time to listen to these, as yet – so I don’t know if they’re Heldon’s usual “Fripp & Eno” sound.  But I will listen to them soon!