Millie Small

Happy birthday Millie Small (“My Boy Lollipop”) (1946). On this day 50 years ago, LSD was declared illegal in the United States.

I have never taken LSD – that I am aware of.

Recently, I have tried to find more records by Millie Small, but not even her “Greatest Hits” LP shows up in Los Angeles!  She was an early Island Records artist, apparently (although my big hit single was licensed out to Fontana Records, Smash in the US).  I wonder why I never ever see her LP’s?  The 45’s that I’ve found are all on different labels, too.

There was rather a lot written about her in the Island Records book, from a few years back.  But still I feel like I don’t know much about her, other than “My Boy Lollipop”.

Millie Small

On 9/27 happy birthday to my sister Marilyn! Also on 9/27 happy birthday to Shaun Cassidy (1958); reggae ‘main man’ Robbie Shakespeare (1953)!


On 9/26 Happy birthday to Dick HeckstallSmith of Colosseum (1934, Ludlow, England); Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music) (1946)!


Millie Small! “My Boy Lollipop”!


Once heard, this 1964 45 cannot be unheard. It’s one of the first – if not THE first record from Mr. Chris Blackwell’s Island Records to get licensed in the U.S. It is said to be performed in the Bluebeat style, a direct forerunner of reggae music.


OK, I don’t mind this record, BUT – I’ll be honest – I wish I could find her LP on Smash (or Island UK). As it stands, I have 4 singles by her now, with a total of 7 songs (“Sweet William”, the follow-up to “My Boy Lollipop”, is repeated on a Smash 45 re-issue).


7″            I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE ME        FONTANA UK          TF 502

7″            I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH A SNOWMAN            ATLANTIC US  45-2266

7″            MY BOY LOLLIPOP / SWEET WILLIAM re-issue    SMASH US      S-1411

7″            SWEET WILLIAM                                    SMASH US   S-1920


I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the Atlantic single is before the Smash 45’s, thus making THAT the first record to be licensed to the U.S. by Island Records.