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When I was married (previously), I ran a company called ‘ANZ Imports’.  There was a place for me to advertise, “One Step Ahead” – so we took out an advertisement in that ‘magazine’ and went to town!

I duly went to New Zealand 7 x times – but only once to Australia (we’re talking 1980 – 1987); both of those places are wonderful countries and I am pleased to say I went to both of them.  I ended up with a LARGE collection of New Zealand music (I even had business cards printed up, “Specialist in New Zealand Artists”) – NEWS FLASH!  Nearly everything that got released in Australia got released in NZ.

The man I worked for during that time, Tony Harrington, was my facilitator for all of this (he was who actually owned ‘ANZ Imports’).  The world was a very different place that long ago; The NZ dollar was about half of a US dollar, so I could offer, well…everything coming out of both Australia and New Zealand!

During  1980 – 1987, not everything from Australia and New Zealand got a US release.  But a lot of great stuff was being released there!  (However, I have 3 x shelves of NZ music, yet only really 1 x shelf of Australian music!).  The big Australian groups were Icehouse (also known as The Flowers), INXS, Midnight Oil…the biggest NZ group was Split Enz.

And, yes, some groups got US issues – Mental As Anything, and (eventually) Split Enz.

My personal favorite group was The Swingers (Phil Judd from Split Enz!).  They never came and played here (that I know of) – they only had one LP, but it was very, very good!

I remember Split Enz LP’s (remember, seasons reversed) “resting in a customs-house bed”, so we could not sell ‘em – and that was for an LP + 12”!  (Not a very good one, as I recall – remember being disappointed with “Conflicting Emotions”?)  The NZ issue had both an LP & 12” single.

During my many visits to NZ, I got to meet Blam Blam Blam (who were uncooperative), Dick Driver (Who never had much anything for me to sell), and Mike Chunn (of Split Enz, who got me dubs of the Split Enz clips, at a time when that was impossible otherwise!).  I remember watching Tommy Adderley perform in Takapuna!  I also remember going to the farewell show of Split Enz in 1984…that didn’t last!

But in 1987, the LP pressing stopped in NZ; at the time, that seemed to be a death sentence!  Australia quickly took up pressing CD’s for both Australia and New Zealand.

Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil

On 9/24/66 the New Vaudeville Band 45 “Winchester Cathedral” charts at No. 4 in England.  Linda Eastman McCartney born, 1942.

Australasia:    Midnight Oil

A very good live band!  No idea if they’re still active in Australia.  I hope so!  Always thought they should allow audiophile editions of “10,9,8…” and “Red Sails” – those records sound amazing!


CD                10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1                                                                   CBS AUS                     CDCBS 25314  1982 10 TRKS

LP                10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1                                                                   CBS AUS                     SBP 237868      1982 10 TRKS insert, original AUS issue


CD                20,000 WATT R.S.L. (Collection)                                                    COLUMBIA US            CK 68848

1997 18 TRK Collection


12″               ARMISTICE DAY                                                                                 CBS AUS                     BA 12032

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


12″               BEDS ARE BURNING (EP)                                                              COLUMBIA US            44-07852

1988 5 TRK EP; no pic sleeve, promo


12″               BIRD NOISES                                                                                     POWDERWORKS      MSPD 462

1980 4 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD5              BIRD NOISES                                                                                     COLUMBIA US            CK 46136

1980 4 TRK CD Single CD5


CD                BLUE SKY MINING                                                                            CBS AUS                     465653.2

1990 10 TRKS


CD                BLUE SKY MINING (Interview disc) promo-only                          CBS AUS                     SAMP 258CD     1990 13 TRKS Interview Disc, promo


CD                BREATHE                                                                                            WORK US                    OK 67882

1996 13 TRKS


CD                CAPRICORNIA                                                                                   LIQUID/BMG US         20062.2

2001 12 TRKS CD Extra


LP                COLLEGE ROCK CONCERT 12/04/83                                         LONDON WAVE US   1012

1983 12 TRKS Live, radio show


12″               DEAD HEART                                                                                     CBS AUS                     BA 12208

1986 3 TRKS + 2 other bands


LP                DIESEL AND DUST                                                                           COLUMBIA US            FC 40967

1987 10 TRKS

CD                DIESEL AND DUST (Legacy edition – CD + DVD)                       COLUMBIA US            18274.2

1987 11 TRKS CD + DVD (’08 issue)

MD               DIESEL AND DUST (MD)                                                                 COLUMBIA US            CM 40967

1988 10 TRKS


CD                EARTH AND SUN AND MOON                                                        COLUMBIA US            CK 53793

1993 11 TRKS

MD               EARTH AND SUN AND MOON (MD)                                              COLUMBIA US            CM 53793

1993 11 TRKS


CD                HEAD INJURIES                                                                                CBS AUS                     450903.2

1979 9 TRKS

LP                HEAD INJURIES                                                                                POWDERWORKS      MLF 322

1979 9 TRKS


CD                MIDNIGHT OIL (1978)                                                                       COLUMBIA US            CK 46133

1978 7 TRKS

LP                MIDNIGHT OIL (1978)                                                                       POWDERWORKS      MLF 233

1978 7 TRKS aka “The Blue Meannie”


DVD             MIDNIGHT OIL COLLECTION, THE (DVD)                                   CMV US                        CVD 54301        2002 (1998) 19 clips, 19 live videos


CD                PLACE WITHOUT A POSTCARD                                                    CBS AUS                     460897.2

1981 11 TRKS

LP                PLACE WITHOUT A POSTCARD                                                    CBS NZ                        SBP 237704      1981 11 TRKS insert


12″               POWER AND THE PASSION                                                           CBS UK                        TA 3176

1982 3 TRKS with pic sleeve, non-LP tracks

7″                 POWER AND THE PASSION / GLITCH BABY GLITCH (PS)     EPIC/SONY JPN         07.5P-238

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET                                                          CBS AUS                     CDCBS 26355  1984 12 TRKS

LP                RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET                                                          CBS NL                        26355

1985 12 TRKS


CD                REDNECK WONDERLAND                                                            COLUMBIA US            CK 69682

1998 12 TRKS


CD                SCREAM IN BLUE – LIVE                                                                 COLUMBIA US            CK 52731

1992 12 TRKS Live


12″               SPECIES DECEASES                                                                      CBS AUS                     EX 12023

1985 4 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD5              SPECIES DECEASES                                                                      COLUMBIA US            CK 46135

1985 4 TRK CD Single CD5


7″                 U.S. FORCES / OUTSIDE WORLD (Instrumental) (PS)             CBS AUS                     BA 223006         1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve