Holger Czukay “Music Is A Miracle” LP

I learn new things about record collecting all the time.  I do not always know when something is a bootleg or not.  I found an LP in Portland, OR that could be a bootleg, but perhaps it isn’t.

HOLGER CZUKAY “Music Is A Mracle” (2011) is the LP in question today.  The cover says it’s limited to 777 copies (of which I found copy #720).  The label says it’s Claremont 56 Records.  It has a very nice inner-sleeve, too.  “At the age of 43 Holger Czukay was working on a message for his fans.  He kept it unreleased for 30 years.” – it sounds like a side-long LP made for the “On The Way To The Peak Of Normal” LP, telling you exactly what is on this LP.

I went to Germany around this time, and I knew nothing about this!  But is it a bootleg?  Or did Mr. Czukay license it to Claremont 56 Records all these years later?  No matter – it is an amusing LP!  And it would be like Mr. Czukay to make such an LP.  Perhaps EMI Germany did not want to press this LP at the time?

The B-Side of this LP is “Ode To Perfume Part 2”.  I listened to it – and it’s definitely not what is on “On The Way To The Peak Of Normal”!  It’s after “Ode To Perfume”, and it definitely sounds ‘made from tapes’.

As with most of Mr. Czukay’s stuff, I wish there was more information, but that’s about it.

The Nice

Happy birthday Davy O’List (guitarist of The Nice and Jet) (1950) and politician Ted Nugent (1948).

Always did enjoy The Nice!

7″                 AMERICA / (same) (US) promo                                               IMMEDIATE US    ZS7 5008       1967            1967? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

CD                ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS                                                           IMMEDIATE JPN   VICP 61203   1968            2000 8 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve

LP                 ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS                                                           IMMEDIATE UK    IMSP 020      1968            1968 11 TRKS stereo LP re-issue

LP                 ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS (US)                                                  IMMEDIATE US    Z12 52020    1968            1968 13 TRKS stereo LP

LP                 AUTUMN ’67 – SPRING ’68                                                       CHARISMA UK      CS 1                1972            1973 9 TRKS stereo LP collection

SHM-CD       AUTUMN ’67 – SPRING ’68                                                       CHARISMA JPN     VJCP-98003  1972            2015 11 TRKS stereo SHM-CD collection, kami sleeve, 2 x bonus tracks

LP                 AUTUMN TO SPRING (US)                                                        CHARISMA US      CAS 1              1973            1973 9 TRKS stereo LP collection

7″                 BRANDENBURGER / HAPPY FREUDS                                        IMMEDIATE UK    IM 072           1968            1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 COUNTRY PIE – BRANDENBURG CONCERTO (US) promo     MERCURY US        DJ-274           1970            1970 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo-only

7″                 COUNTRY PIE / ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE                                 CHARISMA UK      CB 132           1970            1970 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP                 ELEGY                                                                                           CHARISMA UK      CAS 1030       1970            1970 4 TRKS stereo LP full size hatter label

SHM-CD       ELEGY                                                                                           CHARISMA JPN     UICY 40152   1971            2015 4 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve

LP                 ELEGY (US)                                                                                  MERCURY US        830292.1      1970            1970 4 TRKS stereo LP alt U.S. only cover / packaging

LP                 ELEGY (US) promo                                                                     MERCURY US        SR 61324       1970            1970 4 TRKS stereo LP promo

LP                 EVERYTHING AS NICE AS MOTHER MAKES IT (US)                IMMEDIATE US    IMOCS 102   1969            1969 6 TRKS stereo LP

SHM-CD       FILLMORE EAST 1969                                                                CHARISMA JPN     VJCP 98004   1969            2009 10 TRKS stereo SHM-CD 2CD set, live album

LP                 FIVE BRIDGES                                                                             CHARISMA UK      CAS 1014       1970            1970 5 TRKS stereo LP scroll label

SHM-CD       FIVE BRIDGES                                                                             CHARISMA JPN     UICY 40151   1970            2015 8 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve

CD                NICE, THE (aka EVERYTHING AS NICE AS…)                            LINE DE                  9.00233         1969            1983 6 TRKS stereo CD

LP                 THOUGHTS OF EMERLIST DAVJACK, THE (US)                        IMMEDIATE US    Z12 52004    1967            1967 8 TRKS stereo LP


Happy birthday Thelonious Monk (1918), playwright Harold Pinter (1930) and 2 members of Procol Harum, Keith Reid (the lyricist) (1946) and Alan Cartwright (1945) – Nothing much else to say about them.  Also, “Hot Rats” by Frank Zappa is released today in 1969; an album that I have loved since it was released.


At present, I have something like 34,800 albums in my collection.  Yes, at times it is overwhelming.  When I see good titles, I usually buy ‘em.  However, if I got rid of all other titles that I already similarly have – I could easily say that I see 35,000 as being the maximum number I require.  Yes, I have over-collected.  So, how do I say when I am done collecting something?  In the 70’s / 80’s, it used to be if I found a Japanese LP or German LP.  Since the advent of SA-CD, I lean towards having an SA-CD of a title, and usually an “original” LP (for the packaging).  This is because of such care that goes into the mastering of any given title, for the SA-CD.

So, if I limit myself to 35,000 titles, I’ve got about 200 left before I have to do anything.  And if I want, all I would have to do is “make room” for a newer title by eliminating an older title.  Just formulating this idea, so we’ll see.

It is physically massive, owning almost 35,000 titles – at least 3 rooms of my home are nothing but phonograph record shelving.

So, I will try to keep my collection down to just 35,000 titles.  I bet I can do that!

Ryuichi Sakamoto “Ongakuzukan” SHM-CD

Happy birthday Dick Heckstall-Smith (sax player in Colosseum)(1934) and Bryan Ferry (singer & piano player of Roxy Music)!

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – Ongakuzukan / Illustrated Music Encyclopedia (2CD SHM-CD)

The original 1984 LP was 10 tracks, it was…all we knew about Mr. Sakamoto, at that time.  There are several versions of CD, each time adding a track (or two).  This album is straightforward Japanese music, of the electro-pop type; a Y.M.O. solo album, too.  The new 2CD SHM-CD version is designated as the “2015 edition”, with 27 tracks!  Disc 2 of the new set is 12 “demos” of nearly the entire album!

To be fair, it is a pretty good Ryuichi Sakamoto album.  I’d put it in the Top 10 of Y.M.O. solo albums.

Disc 1

Tibetan Dance


Paradise Lost

Self Portrait

(Japanese title)

M.A.Y. In The Backyard

(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

A Tribute To Nam Jun Paik


(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

Tibetan Dance (Version)


Disc 2

M2 Bill

M4 Tod

Self Portrait (featuring Minako Yoshida)


M11 Bruc

M16 Untitled


M23 Ballad


0014-02-May 16

M31 Tokyo Melody

M33 Untitled

Miniatures – Various Artists

Happy birthday Gene Simmons (Kiss) (1949) and Wayne Shorter (Weather Report) (1933)

MINIATURES – Various Artists


What do you think of some of the artists on this one?  Anybody you like?

I like quite a few of the artists here…Ivor Cutler, Robert Wyatt, Lol Coxhill etc.

Ryuichi Sakamoto “Futurista”

Happy birthday Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears) (1961), John Lee Hooker (1917) and Ian Mitchell (Bay City Rollers) (1958).

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – Futurista (Midi / School, 1986); I never got the paper sleeve SHM-CD version, so I don’t know what’s on that one, but the CD always had 1 more song than the LP, usually the 45 version of “G.T.”, the single from this LP.

This LP has some interesting guests – most notably Kenji Suzuki (the guitarist), New Yorker guitarist Arto Lindsay, and Japanese female vocalist Cano Caoli.  Also guesting is Maceo Parker on sax and vocalist Bernard Fowler (recently seen with The Rolling Stones).  They also thank TRA Project, Bill Laswell and Akiko Yano (Sakamoto’s ex-wife).

“Broadway Boogie Woogie” has more “Bladerunner” (feature film) samples than most music made these days; at least it’s snappy!

Second song doesn’t have any English, but it is pleasant ambient-type “typical” Sakamoto stuff.

“Ballet Mecanique” has some reasonably nice processed vocals from Bernard Fowler.  “G.T. II” is a re-make of “G.T.”, so treat accordingly.

“Milan, 1909” does indeed invoke the thought of Italy many years ago.  “Variety Show” is a computer genius showing off.  “Verso Lo Schermo” features Cano Caoli, the singer of Cioccolata.

“Water IS Life” is the shortest song on this LP @ 1:52.  The album ends with “Parolibre”, again, sung by Cano Caoli – but it always sounded like Miharu Koshi to me (Hosono’s sidekick).  And at least the CD version ends with “G.T.”, the original 45 version, a great song.

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

Happy birthday Ron Kane (1958), Ian Anderson (1947) and Ronnie Spector (1945).


Frank Zappa, American guy, guitarist – former leader of The Mothers of Invention.  That’s what I want to talk about today, on my birthday!

I did not start with “Freak Out”, though I certainly heard it before “Absolutely Free” came out.  Actually, the first one I listened to with any kind of mind at all was “We’re Only In it For The Money”, which rolled out in 1968, when I would’ve been 10 years old (that August).  Please do not underestimate how important these LP’s are to me!  They are deeply & permanently – in me.

My sisters (only one of whom is still alive) were who played them to me, when I was a child.  These LP’s got in before any walls were up.  I have my late older brother to thank for lots of stuff, but it’s my sisters who played me Frank Zappa, while they were babysitting me.

I have mono & stereo pressings of these albums, and they are among my most important possessions.  Other records have been stolen from my collection, but, thankfully, not these ones!

I have no idea why the ZFT has never particularly allowed any audiophile pressings / platings, apart from those Au20 gold discs that Rykodisc did a few years ago.  There is a DTS DVD in 5.1, but only one.  And at least 2 albums were done in 4.0 (“Apostrophe” & “Overnite Sensation”, both of which would sound GREAT in 5.1, 4.0 etc.)  MFSL did one album, too – as a gold disc.  A very careful mastering of any of the first decade of Mr. Zappa’s music would be most welcome, around here.

And I additionally searched out most of Mr. Zappa’s 45’s.  I have lots of them now.

Village People

Happy birthday to Canadian singer / songwriter Gino Vannelli (1952)!  My late brother used to really like Gino Vannelli, back when he was on A&M.  I believe I even saw him live once!

Another ‘V’ today – The Village People!

7″                 5 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING / FOOD FIGHT (PS)     RCA US                    PB 12258

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 ACTION MAN / JUNGLE CITY                                         RCA US                    PB 12331

1981 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                 CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC (O.S.T.)                                   CASABLANCA US    NBLP 7220

1980 10 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


LP                 FOX ON THE BOX                                                            CASABLANCA US    25S-132

1982 8 TRKS stereo LP insert


LP                 GO WEST                                                                         CASABLANCA US    NBLP 7144

1979 6 TRKS stereo LP with poster, insert


7″                 GO WEST / CITIZENS OF THE WORLD                          CASABLANCA US    NB 984

1979 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


CD                LIVE AND SLEAZY                                                             REBOUND US         520226.2

1994 11 TRKS stereo CD Live


CD                MILLENNIUM COLLECTION, THE                                   MERCURY US          546558.2

2001 11 TRKS stereo CD collection


CD                POWER OF THE NIGHT                                                  METRONOME DE   825610.2

1985? 10 TRKS stereo CD collection?


CD                RENAISSANCE                                                                  BMG SP US             44681.2

1995 8 TRKS stereo CD

LP                 RENAISSANCE                                                                  RCA US                    AFL1-4105

1981 8 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 SLEAZY / SAVE ME (‘UP TEMPO’)                                  CASABLANCA US    NB 2213

1979 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

The Bobs

Happy birthday to Jorge Santana (of Malo) (1954)!

The Bobs are an acapella group that is still active…at least I think they are still active.  And there aren’t very many acapella groups that I follow at all…

CD                20 SONGS – 20 YEARS                              ACAPELLA US             PAC 2950

2003 20 TRKS stereo CD collection, acapella


CD                BOBS, THE                                                  RHINO US                  R2 71464

1987 15 TRKS stereo CD “Art For Art’s Sake” – their debut

LP                 BOBS, THE                                                  KALEIDOSCOPE US   F-18

1983 11 TRKS stereo LP acapella, insert – “Art For Art’s Sake” – their debut


CD                COASTER                                                    ACAPELLA US             PAC 2900

2000 18 TRKS stereo CD acapella


CD                COVER THE SONGS OF…                          ROUNDER US            CD 9049

1994 13 TRKS stereo CD acapella


LP                 MY, I’M LARGE                                          GREAT AMER US       GAMH 001

1987 12 TRKS stereo LP insert, acapella


CD                PLUGGED                                                   ROUNDER US            CD 9059

1995 14 TRKS stereo CD acapella


CD                SHUT UP AND SING!                                 ROUNDER US            CD 9039

1993 13 TRKS stereo CD acapella


CD                SING THE SONGS OF…                             KALEIDOSCOPE US   K-48

1991 13 TRKS stereo CD acapella


CD                SONGS FOR TOMORROW MORNING    RHINO US                  R2 71466

1988 15 TRKS stereo CD acapella

Soft Machine on CD

Happy birthday to Robert Moog (inventor) (1934)!


How many do I have?  How many do I need?  Interesting through Vol. 4, as both Robert Wyatt & Hugh Hopper are in the band.  Hugh Hopper stayed for both “Fifth” and “Six.

  1. Jet Propelled Photographs

1 side each of the 2 x BYG LP’s, from 1988/9, nice color photo on the cover, 9 tracks in total


  1. The Soft Machine

1st album, with both the US & Japanese covers, with 2005 mastering


  1. The Soft Machine / Vol. 2

2-on-1 UK CD, which is the sole way I have “Vol. 2” on CD, as the Japanese seem to have never done it as a paper sleeve…says licensed from MCA Records, disc is approx. from 1990 or so; could use a better copy!


  1. Live At The Proms 1970

I have this CD, it is from approx 1988


  1. Third (2CD)

Japan BSCD2 version, 2 discs, from 2013, ‘Mark Powell’ version.


  1. Fourth

Japan DSD mastering, 2004


  1. Fifth

Japan DSD mastering, 2004


  1. Six

Japan 2006/7, doesn’t specify what mastering is used, single disc.