Japanese paper sleeve CD’s & Bootlegs

Happy birthday Jean Luc Ponty (1942) and Mark Farner (of Grand Funk Railroad) (1948)!

I am usually always astounded at the detail of Japanese paper sleeve CD’s.  In some instances, you get almost as many bonus tracks as the original album (certainly the title I am currently most impressed with “The Animals” has 23 tracks to the original LP’s 12 tracks, including some previously unreleased material)!

Or we could go in the direction of The Who “Live At Leeds” CD, which has 8 bonus tracks – and very careful attention to detail fully reproduced packaging, all the way down to a miniature of the infamous poster!  This looks so much like a UK original LP, there is even a miniature staple holding the cover together!

Another Who title I was impressed with is the 2CD “My Generation”, which (separately) reproduces both the US & UK covers!  That’s right – included is “The Who Sings My Generation” US LP in miniature, and in stereo!  This title has all 30 tracks usually associated with this release; I also have an SA-CD of it with all 30 tracks on one disc!

I also found on this last trip to Tokyo “Sticky Fingers” by The Rolling Stones with an actual zipper on the cover!  And the copy I found has a “Rock Age” obi included, courtesy of Disk Union.  (This one was actually generated by Toshiba, a company that no longer exists).

I also dragged back a whole set of Electric Light Orchestra titles (I actually already has the first album and “ELO 2”); 11 albums of E.L.O.!  Each complete with all original packaging.  Alas, no “Best of” in this batch!

In the non-paper sleeve world, I found some humorous bootleg CD’s:  Kevin Ayers / Caravan and Hatfield & The North 2CD set “The Canterbury Tapes” – great sound!  ; Bill Bruford “Back To The Edge” 2CD from the Uptown Theatre, Kansas City July 11th, 1980.  11 tracks of Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin, Bill Bruford and “the unknown” John Clark!  Stereo, soundboard (or broadcast?) recording.

The store I found those bootleg CD’s in actually had a progressive rock section to look through!

Last to mention, I found a bootleg Blu-ray David Bowie “David Bowie Is” disc – proving that the bootleggers are trying to keep up with things.


Happy birthday Herb Alpert (A&M Records) (1935) and Thijs Van Leer (Focus) (1948).

I like ‘em both, but you’ll get Focus from me today! I remember seeing them on TV, too – I was *amazed*! I was already heading towards Europe, mostly via Germany. But Focus were a Dutch band I could really get behind – or along with. Thijs van Leer and Jan Akkerman have solo albums, but not going to do those today. Each deserves their own!

LP                BEST OF, THE (Jpn)                                       POLYDOR JPN            MP 2477           1975

1975 10 TRKS stereo LP collection, insert


LP                FOCUS (Rock Flashback)                              POLYDOR UK              2384 070          1975

1975 12 TRKS stereo LP collection


CD               FOCUS 3                                                           VICTOR JPN                VICP-41215     1972

2004 9 TRKS stereo CD 2-on-1

LP                FOCUS 3 (US)                                                 SIRE US                        SAS 3901         1972

1972 10 TRKS stereo 2LP 3-D cover


LP                FOCUS II (aka ‘Moving Waves’)                    IMPERIAL NL               5C038-24385  1971

1971 6 TRKS stereo LP

LP                FOCUS II (aka ‘Moving Waves’) re-issue    EMI NL                          5C038-24385  1971

1971 6 TRKS stereo LP, re-issue of 1st edition


CD               HAMBURGER CONCERTO                           EMI NL                          48860.2             1974

1988 6 TRKS stereo CD

LP                HAMBURGER CONCERTO (UK)                 POLYDOR UK              2442 124          1974

1974 7 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 HAREM SCAREM (stereo) / (mono)            ATCO US                      45-7002            1974

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


7″                 HOCUS POCUS / (Part 2)                              SIRE US                        SAA-704           1972

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 HOCUS POCUS / JANIS                                POLYDOR UK              2001 211          1971

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


CD               IN & OUT OF FOCUS                                      RED BULLET NL         RB 66.187         1970

2001 8 TRKS stereo CD

LP                IN & OUT OF FOCUS (UK)                            POLYDOR UK              2344 003          1970

1971 8 TRKS stereo LP UK pressing


CD               JAN AKKERMAN & THIJS VAN LEER         VERTIGO DE                824524.2          1985

1985 7 TRKS stereo CD

LP                JAN AKKERMAN & THIJS VAN LEER         VERTIGO NL                824524.1          1985

1985 7 TRKS stereo LP


CD               LIVE AT THE RAINBOW                                 EMI NL                          48969.2             1973

1988 7 TRKS stereo CD Live

LP                LIVE AT THE RAINBOW                                 IMPERIAL NL               5C054-24939  1973

1973 7 TRKS stereo LP Live album


CD               MOTHER FOCUS                                            VICTOR JPN                VICP-61535     1975

2001 12 TRKS Stereo CD kami sleeve

LP                MOTHER FOCUS (UK)                                   POLYDOR UK              2302 036          1975

1975 12 TRKS stereo LP


CD               MOVING WAVES                                             VICTOR JPN                VICP-61531     1971

2001 6 TRKS Stereo CD kami sleeve

LP                MOVING WAVES (DE)                                   POLYDOR DE              2310 150          1971

1971 6 TRKS stereo LP

LP                MOVING WAVES (Jpn)                                  TOSHIBA JPN              EMS 50130      1971

1980? 6 TRKS stereo LP insert, re-issue

LP                MOVING WAVES (UK)                                   BLUE HORIZON UK   2391 002          1971

1971 6 TRKS stereo LP


CD               SHIP OF MEMORIES                                      VICTOR JPN                VICP-63669     1976

2001 10 TRKS Stereo CD kami sleeve

LP                SHIP OF MEMORIES (US)                             SIRE US                        SA 7531            1976

1977 9 TRKS stereo LP collection


7″                 SYLVIA (PS)                                                     POLYDOR DE              2001 249          1972

1972? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 SYLVIA / LOVE REMEMBERED                   SIRE US                        SAA-708           1972

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 TOMMY / FOCUS II                                          BLUE HORIZON UK   2096 008          1972

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve