Herbie Hancock

Happy birthday to Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) (1927)!

I have always liked Herbie Hancock’s electro albums, ever since release…but I also like his jazz albums.  This discography concentrates on his Columbia / Sony electro albums, mostly.

CD                DANCE SINGLES                               SONY JPN           SRCS 7542

1995 13 TRKS stereo CD collection


SA-CD          FLOOD (SA-CD)                                SONY JPN           SICP 10075

2007 7 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid issue


CD                FUTURE SHOCK                               SONY JPN           SICP 10074

2007 7 TRKS stereo CD

SA-CD          FUTURE SHOCK (SA-CD)                 SONY JPN           SICP 10074

2007 6 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid issue


CD                HEAD HUNTERS                               SONY FR             No. 20

2010 4 TRKS stereo CD “Jazz – Perfect Jazz Collection” CD box

SA-CD          HEAD HUNTERS (SA-CD) 5.1          SONY JPN           SICP 10073

2003 4 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid 5.1


CD                LITE ME UP                                       SONY JPN           SICJ 136

2016 8 TRKS stereo CD


CD                MAGIC WINDOWS                         SONY JPN           SICJ 135

2016 6 TRKS stereo CD


CD                PERFECT MACHINE                         SONY JPN           SRCS 9510

1998 6 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve


CD                QUARTET                                          COLUMBIA US   CGK 38275.2

1990? 9 TRKS stereo CD 2-on-1


CD                SECRETS                                            COLUMBIA US   CK 34280

1990? 7 TRKS stereo CD


CD                SOUND SYSTEM                               COLUMBIA US   CK 65961

1999 7 TRKS stereo CD


CD                V.S.O.P. – FIVE STARS                      SONY JPN           SICJ 91

2016 6 TRKS stereo CD jazz


SA-CD          V.S.O.P. – THE QUINTET (SA-CD)    SONY JPN           SICP 10080

2007 8 TRKS SA-CD  Hybrid issue

Herbie Hancock Trilogy

Happy Birthday to Lou Rawls (1935), John Densmore (of The Doors) (1944), Gilbert O’Sullivan (1946) and bassist Jaco Pastorius (1951).


Herbie Hancock’s trio of “Rockit” band albums make me happy. I have some nice versions of these albums, and I will continue to buy them as they appear. There’s supposed to be an HDCD of “Perfect Machine”, but I have yet to see a copy. All of these albums are produced by Bill Laswell (and they are among the best albums that he ever worked on, IMHO).


The trilogy begins with “Future Shock” (1983); I have a lovely Japanese SA-CD of this album, stereo only! This album is fabulous, you will have all seen the “Rockit” video on MTV or MuchMusic. Just wonderful stuff! No, I didn’t / don’t mind the turntable guy here, D.ST – the gorgeous DSD mastering of the SA-CD is worth whatever you have to pay for it (I paid about $30 for it, in the last few years; not sure if it’s still in print as an SA-CD in Japan).
Sound System” (1984) is the 2nd “Rockit” band album. I just have the regular Columbia Records 7 track CD of it (it’s a 6 track album, so 1 x bonus track here). You might’ve seen the video from this album, “Hardrock”, I believe (it’s either that or “Metal Beat”). Don’t miss the Foday Musa Suso performance on “electrified kora”.


Perfect Machine” (1988) is the 3rd and final LP / CD with the “Rockit” band, and, apparently, Herbie Hancock’s last LP / CD for Columbia Records. It is easily my favorite of the trilogy, for a variety of reasons. “Vibe Alive”! “Beat Wise”! I have a Japanese paper sleeve, which is designated as a “Master Sound” release. D.ST is present as “DST” still scratching away on his turntables. I once used this album as a backing soundtrack to a video of a visit to Singapore that I had, and maybe that’s part of why I love it so.


If you have only ever heard “Future Shock”, I urge you to go out and buy “Sound System” and “Perfect Machine! They are wonderful sounding CD’s, and they not “jazz” or anything else – they GREAT!


I remember buying a laserdisc of a live show by Herbie Hancock, and it had the Godley and Crème video for “Rockit” on it. Oh yeah! I wonder if “Rockit” exists as a DVD track or maybe even a Herbie Hancock blu-ray? Well, I can dream. I would love to see all the “Rockit” band videos compiled properly; I only ever got some off of airchecks, but I think I have the “Sound System” videos from ¾” U-matic tape.

Herbie Hancock

Headhunters in 5.1

Herbie Hancock – From jazz to hip-hop, and all over the place.  “Head Hunters” in 5.1!  “Future Shock” as an SA-CD!

CD           HEAD HUNTERS (SA-CD) 5.1        SONY JPN       SICP 10073

1973 4 TRKS (’07 issue) SA-CD 5.1 audio


CD           FLOOD (SA-CD)                              SONY JPN       SICP 10075

1975 7 TRKS (’07 issue) SA-CD


CD           SECRETS                                        COLUMBIA US CK 34280

1976 7 TRKS


CD           V.S.O.P. (Quintet) (SA-CD)             SONY JPN       SICP 10080

1977 8 TRKS jazz; DSD mastering hybrid SA-CD (’07 issue)


CD           QUARTET                                        COLUMBIA US CGK 38275

1982 9 TRKS ‘DDD’, jazz


LP           FUTURE SHOCK                             COLUMBIA US FC 38814

1983 6 TRKS with “Rock It”

CD           FUTURE SHOCK (SA-CD)              SONY JPN       SICP 10074

1983 7 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’07 issue) SA-CD, DSD mastering


12″          MEGA-MIX                                         CBS / SONY JPN

12AP 2873

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″            ROCKIT (short) / (long) (PS) promo-only                 CBS / SONY JPN

07SP 719

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD           SOUND-SYSTEM re                        COLUMBIA US CK 65961

1984 7 TRKS (’99 issue) (1 x bonus track)


7″            HARDROCK (Short Version) promo-only                 COLUMBIA US


1984 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


7″            METAL BEAT promo                        COLUMBIA US 38-04633

1984 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP           PERFECT MACHINE                       COLUMBIA US FC 40025

1988 6 TRKS Beat Wise

CD           PERFECT MACHINE (Kami)           SONY JPN       SRCS 9510

1988 6 TRKS stereo; (’98 issue) kami sleeve; jazz; DSD Mastering


CD5         BEAT WISE promo-only                   COLUMBIA US CSK 1241

1988 1 TRK CD Single CD5 promo


CD5         VIBE ALIVE promo-only                    COLUMBIA US CSK 1097

1988 3 TRK CD Single CD5, promo


CD           DANCE SINGLES (Collection)         SONY JPN       SRCS 7542

1995 13 TRK Collection; Japan-only


CD           FUTURE 2 FUTURE                        JVC JPN           VICP-61354

2001 12 TRKS Bill Laswell, DJ Krush etc.