Holger Czukay “Music Is A Miracle” LP

I learn new things about record collecting all the time.  I do not always know when something is a bootleg or not.  I found an LP in Portland, OR that could be a bootleg, but perhaps it isn’t.

HOLGER CZUKAY “Music Is A Mracle” (2011) is the LP in question today.  The cover says it’s limited to 777 copies (of which I found copy #720).  The label says it’s Claremont 56 Records.  It has a very nice inner-sleeve, too.  “At the age of 43 Holger Czukay was working on a message for his fans.  He kept it unreleased for 30 years.” – it sounds like a side-long LP made for the “On The Way To The Peak Of Normal” LP, telling you exactly what is on this LP.

I went to Germany around this time, and I knew nothing about this!  But is it a bootleg?  Or did Mr. Czukay license it to Claremont 56 Records all these years later?  No matter – it is an amusing LP!  And it would be like Mr. Czukay to make such an LP.  Perhaps EMI Germany did not want to press this LP at the time?

The B-Side of this LP is “Ode To Perfume Part 2”.  I listened to it – and it’s definitely not what is on “On The Way To The Peak Of Normal”!  It’s after “Ode To Perfume”, and it definitely sounds ‘made from tapes’.

As with most of Mr. Czukay’s stuff, I wish there was more information, but that’s about it.

Ash Ra “Belle Alliance” 2CD re-issue

Jimmy McCulloch died today in London, England (1979).  I was in London when he died.

ASH RA – Belle Alliance (Belle Antique SHM 2CD) recorded 1979, released 1980

Probably one of the German artist CD’s that David Bowie heard, in 1980; it is reasonably contemporary to 1980; certainly decent sound and this recent Japanese pressing 2CD set is not an exception to that rule.  Disc 2 is 37 minutes (plus) of previously unreleased material.  At this point, Mr. Gottsching was still working with Harald Grosskopf, Ash Ra’s original drummer.  The other person present on this 2CD is Lutz Ulbrich, playing guitars etc.

Disc 1







Code Blue



Disc 2

Flying Turtles

Voices of Heddernheim


Birth Control – “Plastic People”

Happy birthday Keith Moon (1947)!

BIRTH CONTROL – “Plastic People” (CBS Germany, 1975)

Initially, I was not too enthusiastic about the German progressive band BIRTH CONTROL.  I did keep the debut album (on Charisma UK LP), but they were soon off my radar.  My thought now as to why I didn’t assign them a higher placing is that they were “a rock band”, and not like CLUSTER or NEU! – ‘motorik musik’.  The CD I have is remastered by Eroc, another German musician.

Somehow, I heard them in 1975, when “Plastic People” came out – perhaps it was the tale end of my late brother sending me airchecked tapes of progressive radio shows?  That seems likely, as nobody here would dare play German bands in 1974/5/6!

“Plastic People” sounded a lot more like what I liked about European music, in general.  The writing / playing was competent, and the songs were good.  The album was recorded at Dieter Dierks studio in Koln, Germany.

If I had to take this album with me, when I croak, I would take only the song “Rockin’ Rollin’ Roller”, a fairly straightforward rock song.  Most everything on this LP is co-written by Zeus B. Held, a famous German keyboard player.  I also like the track “Tiny Flashlights” (guests: Eddie Jobson, then of Roxy Music and Morgan Fisher from Mott The Hoople!  (They also thank Genesis P. Orridge “for breaking his fingernails”.)  Liner notes says it’s their 6th album.

I remember really liking this LP, when it came out.  And it took ages for it to arrive on CD – more than 25 years!

Klaus Schulze

Happy birthday Rick Derringer (of the Edgar Winter Band) (1947), Klaus Schulze (1947) and Louis Armstrong (1901).

As a teenager, I was a huge Klaus Schulze fan-boy. I bought “Irrlicht” about the time “Cyborg” came out, and never really looked back. “Irrlicht” appealed to my snobbishness regarding German pressed LP’s and my copy of “Irrlicht” had an ‘insert’.


My late brother actually assisted me in obtaining German pressings of the first four Klaus Schulze LP’s. I really hated it when covers began changing! Maybe it was cheaper to import French pressings? Sorry, I bought only German pressings, when possible.


What I ended up with was:


LP                ANGST (O.S.T.)                        INTEAM DE                  ID 20.003                1984


CD               BLACK DANCE                        VIRGIN UK                   CDCA 2003            1974

LP                BLACK DANCE                        BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1051            1974


CD               BODY LOVE                              SPV DE                         SPV 78852             1977


LP                BODY LOVE Vol. 1                   METRONOME DE       60.047                     1977


LP                BODY LOVE Vol. 2                   BRAIN DE                     60.097                     1977


CD               CYBORG                                    AVI FR                           2CD 2002               1973

LP                CYBORG                                    KOSMISCHES DE      KM 2/58.005           1973


CD               DIG IT                                         BRAIN DE                     811632.2                 1980


LP                DREAMS                                    THUNDERBOLT UK   THBL 039                1986


LP                DUNE                                         BRAIN DE                     60.225                     1979

LP                DUNE (US)                                GRAMAVISION US     18-7022.1               1979


CD               ESSENTIAL, THE – ’72 – ’93   CAROLINE US            1896.2                     1994


CD               IRRLICHT                                   ARCANGELO JPN      ARC-7263               1972

LP                IRRLICHT                                   OHR DE                        556.022                   1972


12″               MACKSY                                    METRONOME DE       881812.1                 1985


LP                MINDPHASER                          GRAMAVISION US     18-7023.1               1980


CD               MIRAGE                                     SPV DE                         SPV 085-304032   1977

LP                MIRAGE                                     BRAIN DE                     60.04                        1977


CD               MOONDAWN                            MAGNUM US              MACD 067              1976

LP                MOONDAWN                            BRAIN DE                     1088                         1976


CD               PICTURE MUSIC                     SPV DE                         SPV 085-304072   1975

LP                PICTURE MUSIC                     BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1067            1974


CD               TIMEWIND                                 VIRGIN UK                   CDCA 2006            1975

LP                TIMEWIND                                 BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1075            1975

LP                TRANCEFER                             GRAMAVISION US     18-7025.1               1984


CD               X                                                  BRAIN DE                     833627.2                 1978

LP                X                                                  BRAIN DE                     80.023                     1978

Edgar Froese

Happy birthday Geddy Lee (of Rush) (1950)!


Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream is no longer with us. His solo albums intrigued, and a few made permanent homes in my collection.


LP           AGES                                 VIRGIN UK  VD 2507                1978        1978 9 TRKS stereo 2LP

CD          AQUA                                 VIRGIN UK  CDV 2016             1974        1990? 4 TRKS stereo CD

LP           AQUA                                 BRAIN DE   1053       1974       1974 4 TRKS stereo LP

LP           AQUA (re)                          VIRGIN UK  OVED 20               1974        1974 4 TRKS stereo LP re-issue

CD          BEYOND THE STORM   CAROLINE US           1895.2    1995        1995 28 TRKS stereo 2CD collection

LP           ELECTRONIC DREAMS                      BRAIN DE             40.148    1976   1976? 3 TRKS stereo LP collection

LP           MACULA TRANSFER    BRAIN DE   60.008    1976       1976 5 TRKS stereo LP

LP           PINNACLES                     VIRGIN UK  V 2277   1983       1983 4 TRKS stereo LP

LP           STUNTMAN                      VIRGIN UK  V 2139   1979       1979 6 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve

CD          YPSILON IN MALAYSIAN PALE        EASTGATE US    49003     1975   2004 2 TRKS stereo CD remix

LP           YPSILON IN MALAYSIAN PALE        BRAIN DE             1074        1975   1975 2 TRKS stereo LP


“Aqua” is the one that stands out. I believe in that album, it is suggested you wear headphones!


After years of not seeing it anywhere, last year, I finally found a CD of “Episilon In Malaysian Pale” – in the CD booklet, it says “This record composed 1975, after visiting Malaysia and Australia”, it also says “Re-recorded and remixed 2004 in Vienna”. Oh, so it’s not going to sound like the LP? Sure hope he didn’t do the same to “Aqua”, I’d hate to have to take off the headphones!


I remember getting “Ages”, a double LP! It is always my theory that 2LP sets don’t get purchased as much due to socio-econo scanarios; I probably just put one other LP aside that day and said, “Wow, a double LP of this stuff?”.

Jaki Liebezeit / Phantom Band

Happy birthday, Jaki Liebezeit (drummer of Can) (1938); Verden Allen (of Mott The Hoople) (1944); Levon Helm (of The Band) (1942).

I did Mott The Hoople not all that long ago; Levon Helm, I don’t have much to say about – but Jaki Liebezeit from Can – him I like!

Let’s not concentrate of Jaki’s contributions to Can, let’s look at his solo work with Phantom Band!


LP                PHANTOM BAND                                                  SKY DE         SKY 048               1980 10 TRKS stereo LP Holger Czukay


LP                FREEDOM OF SPEECH                                       SKY DE         SKY 065               1981 10 TRKS stereo LP


CD               FREEDOM OF SPEECH – PHANTOM BAND   SKY DE         CD 32/109-110   1995 20 TRKS stereo CD 2-on-1, 1980 & 1981 recordings


CD               NOWHERE                                                              SPOON DE   SPOONCD 17     1990? 13 TRKS stereo CD


Really, the stand out LP in Phantom Band’s output is their 2nd album, “Freedom Of Speech”, from 1981. Jaki is the drummer, but the star is Sheldon Ancell, the vocalist / lyricist. There’s some really messed-up stuff on “Freedom Of Speech”!


Mr. Ancell recently turned up on a Holger Czukay 10” “Hit Flop”, presumably from this (or last) year, again, providing the voice. Sounds American, maybe an American living in Germany?

Deutschland / Germany

Happy birthday to the lead singer of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (1935), keyboardist Al Kooper (1944), singer Cory Wells (of Three Dog Night) (1944); R&B songwriter Barrett Strong (1941), reggae guy Bob Marley (1945), and drummer Nigel Olsson (ex-Elton John Band, 1949).

On 2/7 Happy birthday to keyboardist Jimmy Greenspoon (also of Three Dog Night)!


Before any of us knew about Japanese LP pressing, we all seemed to know about German pressings. Remember getting Pink Floyd LP’s from EMI Electrola? Or did you ever work at a record distributor and get to open a sealed carton of Metronome pressings? Maybe it’s the plastic or maybe it’s the glue or other? But they do have a particular smell.


I first set foot on German soil in 1979, at 21 years of age. Word on the street was that Saturn Musik in Koln had a big selection of music available. Well, I had to go to Koln anyway – to meet Holger Czukay! “Crazy holiness / Holy craziness. That’s what Spike Jones was!”, is what he told me then. He was still finishing up work on “Movies”, an LP that should be in everybody’s collection! Mr. Czukay introduced me to Jaki Liebezeit, the drummer of Can.


I remember trying to talk to one of the members of Kraftwerk; they lived up in Dusseldorf, which wasn’t a hip place to live in 1979/80. It looked like an industrial park! Anyway, no they didn’t have time to talk to me. No, I couldn’t visit them. No, no, no – so that’s how I never made friends with Kraftwerk!


I believe I tried to meet members of Amon Duul II, but they were all the way down in Bavaria – and I was way up north – Dusseldorf & Koln.


It seems that Germans enjoy slickly-produced British pop music, records by Thinkman (Rupert Hine) and The Other Ones; non-German acts produced for exclusively the German market! And I liked German domestic bands like Spliff (the singer of whom became The Other Ones), a Mr. Alf Klimek.


The German pressings remained solid, and by the early 90’s there were sometimes German pressings of records that there wasn’t British pressings of!


Best German secret: Fun Records, a mail-order company with very inexpensive German records / CD’s etc. http://www.funrecords.de/en/ It’s the shipping / handling that is expensive! So you can order about 10 records, and it’s still the same price, 20 Euros shipping. Not bad, if spread over 10 or so records! What do you collect that only seems to come from Germany?

Klaus Schulze


Happy birthday Andy Gibb (1958); Elvis Presley is honorably discharged from the army (1960).

I really only followed Klaus Schulze from approx. 1972 to 1980.  “Irrlicht” remains my favorite.  My collection trails off after the 70’s.

LP                IRRLICHT                                        OHR DE                        OMM 556.022

1972 3 TRKS insert

CD                IRRLICHT                                        ARCANGELO JPN      ARC-7263

1972 4 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’07 issue) kami sleeve


CDx2           CYBORG                                          A.V.I. FR                         AVICD 2002

1973 4 TRKS (’86 issue)

LPx2            CYBORG                                          KOSMISCHE DE         KM 2/58.005

1973 4 TRKS original


CD                BLACK DANCE                               VIRGIN UK                    CDCA 2003

1974 3 TRKS

LP                BLACK DANCE                               BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1051

1974 3 TRKS original


LP                PICTURE MUSIC                           BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1067

1974 2 TRKS original

CD                PICTURE MUSIC re                       SPV DE                         30407.2

1974 3 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’05 issue)


CD                TIMEWIND                                       VIRGIN UK                    CDCA 2006

1975 2 TRKS

LP                TIMEWIND                                       BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1075

1975 2 TRKS original


CD                MOONDAWN                                   MAGNUM US                MACD 067

1976 2 TRKS (’96 issue)

LP                MOONDAWN                                   BRAIN DE                     BRAIN 1088

1976 2 TRKS original


LP                MIRAGE                                            BRAIN DE                     60.004

1977 2 TRKS original

CD                MIRAGE re                                       SPV DE                         085-304032CD

1977 3 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’05 issue)


LP                BODY LOVE (O.S.T.)                      METRONOME DE       60.047

1977 3 TRKS original


LP                BODY LOVE Vol. 2                         BRAIN DE                     60.097

1977 3 TRKS original

CD                BODY LOVE Vol. 2 re                     SPV DE                         SPV 78852

1977 4 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’07 issue)


LPx2            X                                                        BRAIN DE                     80.023

1978 6 TRKS booklet

CDx2           X                                                        BRAIN DE                     833627.2

1978 6 TRKS original


LP                DUNE                                               BRAIN DE                     60.225

1979 2 TRKS

Amon Duul II

Amon Duul II

Never really cared much about Amon Duul Mk. 1 – but I am ‘gung ho’ for Amon Duul II!  They always kind of reminded me of a German / Bavarian hippie version of Jefferson Airplane, with ‘Renate’ on vocals!  I now consider myself lucky to have obtained any of their 45’s.  You NEVER see them nowadays!  Lothar Meid!  And almost all of their albums are sung in English!


For most people, they were one of the first German bands that had their records released in the U.S. – along with Amon Duul I, Neu! and Birth Control.


CD                PHALLUS DEI re                                                                              REPERTOIRE DE   REP 4872

1969 10 TRKS (5 x bonus tracks) (’01 issue)

LP                PHALLUS DEI                                                                                   LIBERTY DE            LBS 83279 I

1969 5 TRKS original, insert; 1st album, German pressing

LP                PHALLUS DEI                                                                                   LIBERTY JPN          LLP-80640

1970 5 TRKS insert; original Japanese pressing


LPx2            YETI                                                                                                    LIBERTY DE            LBS 83359/60 X   1970 10 TRKS original issue; 2nd album, German pressing

CD                YETI re                                                                                                SPV DE                     304192

1970 13 TRKS (’06 issue)


7″                 RATTLESNAKE PLUMCAKE / BETWEEN THE EYES (PS)      LIBERTY DE            15417

1970 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                CARNIVAL IN BABYLON re                                                            REPRETOIRE DE   REP 4986

1971 10 TRKS (4 x bonus tracks) (’02 issue)

LP                CARNIVAL IN BABYLON                                                                 U.A. UK                     UAG 29327

1972 6 TRKS 4th album


CD                TANZ DER LEMMINGE re                                                               SPV DE                     SPV 304202 CD   1971 17 TRKS (’06 issue)

LPx2            TANZ DER LEMMINGE                                                                   LIBERTY DE            LBS 83473/74 X   1971 6 TRKS original issue; 3rd album, German pressing


7″                 ALL THE YEARS ROUND / TABLES ARE TURNED (PS)         U.A. DE                     35 338

1972 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                WOLF CITY                                                                                        U.A. US                     UA-LA-017-F

1972 7 TRKS 5th album, probably the first one I got by these guys

CD                WOLF CITY re                                                                                   SPV DE                     SPV 305372CD

1973 10 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) (’07 issue)


LP                LIVE IN LONDON (1973)                                                                U.A. IT                        UAS 29466

1973 7 TRKS Live, Italian pressing


LP                VIVA LA TRANCE                                                                              U.A. DE                     UAS 29504 I

1973 11 TRKS original issue; 6th album, German pressing

CD                VIVA LA TRANCE re                                                                         SPV DE                     305382

1973 15 TRKS (4 x bonus tracks) (’07 issue)


CD                BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT                                                WINDSONG UK      WINCD 027

1973 8 TRKS Live, CD-only release?


7″                 PIGMAN (mono) / (stereo)                                                              U.A. US                     UA-XW-419-W

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo-only


CD                HIJACK re                                                                                          SPV DE                     SPV 42332 CD

1974 9 TRKS (’08 issue)

LP                HIJACK                                                                                               NOVA DE                  6.22056 AO

1974 9 TRKS German pressing


LP                LEMMINGMANIA (Collection)                                                         U.A. DE                     UAS 29723 G        1974 10 TRK “Greatest Hits” – Collection album, German pressing


Sure seems like Liberty / United Artists Records Germany signed some good bands!


Flow Motion by Can

Can are meant to be having a 17 LP deluxe boxed set release presently.  Gosh, I already have German / European copies of the original releases of almost everything, so – do I need to buy them all again?  I doubt that even a re-mastered LP boxed set could better the sound found on the SA-CD issues…

We all miss Michael Karoli!

LP                MONSTER MOVIE                                                                    LIBERTY DE            LBS 83342 I

1969 4 TRKS

CD                MONSTER MOVIE (SA-CD)                                                    MUTE US                  9271.2

1969 4 TRKS (’04 issue) SA-CD


LP                SOUNDTRACKS                                                                      LIBERTY DE            LBS 83437 I

1970 7 TRKS

CD                SOUNDTRACKS (SA-CD)                                                      MUTE US                  9272.2

1970 7 TRKS (’04 issue) SA-CD


LPx2            TAGO MAGO                                                                              LIBERTY JPN          LP-93025B

1970 7 TRKS original issue, insert

CD                TAGO MAGO (SA-CD)                                                              MUTE US                  9273.2

1971 7 TRKS (’04 issue) SA-CD

CDx2           TAGO MAGO (40th Annv. 2CD)                                              SPOON DE              40SPOON 6/7

2011 10 TRKS bonus CD, EU paper sleeve


7″                 SPOON / SHIKAKO MARU TEN (PS)                                    U.A. DE                     35304

1971 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                EGE BAMYASI (SA-CD)                                                           MUTE US                  9274.2

1972 7 TRKS (’04 issue) SA-CD

LP                EGE BAMYASI                                                                           U.A. ES                      HUS 061-106

1974 6 TRKS


7″                 TURTLES HAVE SHORT LEGS / HALLELUWAH (PS)     LIBERTY DE            15465

1972? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                FUTURE DAYS (SA-CD)                                                         MUTE US                  9288.2

1973 4 TRKS (’05 issue) SA-CD


LP                LIMITED EDITION                                                                    U.A. UK                     USP 103

1974 13 TRKS


LP                SOON OVER BABALUMA                                                       U.A. UK                     UAG 29673

1974 5 TRKS

CD                SOON OVER BABALUMA (SA-CD)                                       MUTE US                  9289.2

1974 5 TRKS (’05 issue) SA-CD


LPx2            CLASSIC GERMAN ROCK SCENE (Collection)                U.A. DE                     UAS 29772/73 XB

1975 11 TRK Collection


LP                LANDED                                                                                    VIRGIN FR                840 096

1975 6 TRKS

CD                LANDED (SA-CD)                                                                    MUTE US                  9291.2

1975 6 TRKS (’05 issue) SA-CD


CD                UNLIMITED EDITION (SA-CD)                                              MUTE US                  9290.2

1976 19 TRKS (’05 issue) SA-CD

LPx2            UNLIMITED EDITION promo                                                 CAROLINE UK        CAD 3001

1976 19 TRKS promo


CD                FLOW MOTION (SA-CD)                                                         MUTE US                  9317.2

1976 7 TRKS (’06 issue) SA-CD


CD                SAW DELIGHT (SA-CD)                                                          MUTE US                  9318.2

1977 5 TRKS (’06 issue) SA-CD


LPx2            CANNIBALISM (Collection)                                                    SPOON DE              SPOON 001/2

1978 14 TRK Collection

LPx2            CANNIBALISM (Collection)                                                    U.A. JPN                   GXC 79/80

1978 14 TRK Collection, insert; orig. Jpn issue


LP                OUT OF REACH                                                                       LIGHTNING UK       LIP 4

1978 7 TRKS – the unloved Can album!  No SA-CD for this one!


LP                CAN (1978)                                                                               EMI DE                      1C066-45099

1978 8 TRKS

CD                CAN (1978) (SA-CD)                                                               MUTE US                  9319.2

1978 8 TRKS (’06 issue) SA-CD


LP                DELAY 1968                                                                              JAPAN RECORD    JAL-2301

1982 7 TRKS (’68 recording) insert

CD                DELAY 1968 (SA-CD)                                                              MUTE US                  9316.2

1982 7 TRKS (’68 recording, ’06 issue) SA-CD


LP                RITE TIME                                                                                  MERCURY DE         838883.1

1989 7 TRKS

CD                RITE TIME (SA-CD)                                                                  MUTE US                  9320.2

1989 9 TRKS (’06 issue) SA-CD


CD5              HOOLAH HOOLAH                                                                  CASABLANCA US   875751.2

1990 2 TRK CD Single CD5


CD                GERMANY 1976 Vol. 1                                                            RARITIES                 TKCD 1117

1991 4 TRKS Live, pirate


CD                GREAT BRITAIN 1977 Vol. 2                                                  RARITIES                 TKCD 1118

1991 4 TRKS Live, pirate


CD                CANNIBALISM 2 (Collection)                                                 SPOON DE              SPOONCD 021

1992 23 TRK Collection


CD                RADIO WAVES                                                                          GOLD STAND          FIC-929

1995? 6 TRKS Live, Pirate


CDx2           SACRILEGE (Remixes)                                                          MUTE US                  9033.2

1997 16 TRKS remixes by other artists


CD                CAN BOX (2CD + BOOK + VHS)                                           SPOON DE              SPOON 41

1999 9 TRKS 2CD set, Book + VHS video


DVD          CAN DVD 5.1                                                                            MUTE US                  9231.9

2003 5.1 Surround – mixes + CD


CDx3           LOST TAPES, THE                                                                   MUTE US                  9543.2

2012 30 TRK boxed set, sm. Pkg., 2nd issue