Tape Formats

Today’s topic from Mark Moerman!

Now that disc has sort of taken over from tape, it seems appropriate to write about failed tape formats.

Micro Cassette – I don’t have any pre-recorded ones, but I am told they exist.

Reel-to-Reel – I only have a few pre-recorded ones left, after they got expensive on eBay.  I have hundreds of ones I recorded.

Cassette – Is this really getting ‘big’ again?  I remember buying a Sony TC-161SD and thinking it was a big deal! (But that was in about 1973!)

8-Track Tape – I used to have a lot of this format, but…my first car (a Datsun B-210) had an 8-track Tape player in it!

4-track Tape – Madman Muntz!  Was similar to an 8-Track, but didn’t have a capstan in the cartridge.

Playtape – Remember then Playtape?  No way to record onto one of those.