January 1980 cassette

Happy birthday to Ron Wood (The Faces and The Rolling Stones) (1947)!

Found my January 1980 cassette!

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – Insect Love (45 vers.)


HOLGER CZUKAY – Cool In The Pool




HUGH CORNWELL – Wrong Way Round / Puppets


XTC – Chain Of Command


NEIL INNES – Montana Café


JOHN OTWAY – Makes Good Music




MAX WERNER – Rainbow’s End


HOLGER CZUKAY – Oh Lord Give Us More Money (45 vers.)


WIRE – On Returning

FRANK ZAPPA – Stick It Out


GANG OF FOUR – Damaged Goods (LP vers.)


THE SLITS – So Tough (LP vers.)


VISAGE – Frequency 7


JOHN DOWIE – I Don’t Want To Be Your Amputee


MADNESS – One Step Beyond




SECTA SONICA – (instrumental) (LP) from Spain




MOTHER GOOSE – I Think It’s You (NZ artist)


MAGAZINE – The Light Pours Out Of Me (12″ remix)





Get Your Turntable Fixed!

Day #2 of the ‘info’ drought  . Nothing going on in the books, that I can see.

Yesterday I told you about SA-CD’s – today – get your turntable fixed!


For years I’ve grown accustomed to hearing, “I’ve got a real nice turntable, but…I need to get a new needle / cartridge” etc. Well, go get one – there’s an electronics store not far from you that can at least order you a new stylus! I typically go through a stylus about every year, but I play A LOT of records.


And my LP collection still delights me. I continually hear stuff that the LP sounds best; have you listened to your Track Record UK The Who “Who’s Next” lately? Damn, that’s a powerful LP – like they got the guy cutting the LP all jacked up with magic potions and favorable female companionship, telling him, “Do a good job!”.


And I don’t have to tell you that 45’s are sometimes cut louder than hell, sounding absolutely ‘ace’. This is certainly true for many 12” singles, too. You bothered to get the 7” & 12” of many Simple Minds titles, go get ‘em and play ‘em! My “Sweat In Bullet” 12” ain’t on CD and sounds absolutely massive on a Virgin UK 12” single.


I was in a Best Buy recently, and even CD players are getting thin on the ground. And do they sell anything that records anymore? I got my Minidisc recorder, so I’m good. What do you record with?


I think I have a box of Type II blank cassettes in the closet, and yes, I bought a cassette deck not long ago – when you could still do so! It can be cassette-a-go-go around here, as far as I am concerned. I still have a few cases of unopened blank Minidiscs, too. Not to mention, I have blank reel-to-reels that I found. If I was a-mind to do so, I could get out my Edit-All and carve up some audio amusement for y’all.


But get your turntable fixed / repaired – buy a new needle (stylus) / cartridge! Play your damned records! People do ask: I use a dry brush to get crap out of the grooves; I bought it at Disk Union in Shinjuku. What? You’re using a wet system to clean your LP’s? Doesn’t stuff dry and leave residue in the grooves? Oh, you spent $1K on a VPI that shines your shoes and wipes your face? Maybe you should marry it!


As stated yesterday, if you want clarity – get an SA-CD player from Crutchfield or whoever has one for sale in 2015. Sony has a Blu-ray player (the BDP-S5100) that plays SA-CD’s in 5.1 – as well as DVD-A’s, and BSCD2 discs – in stunning clarity! And it’s under $100, last time I looked.

August 1980 Cassette

1980.08 K7

On 8/1/59 The Chipmunks “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” charts at No. 11 in England.  The Associates “The Affectionate Punch” released in England on 8/1/80.  On 8/4/73 the Suzi Quatro 45 “48 Crash” charts at No. 3 in England.


BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS – probably “Jamming” from a 45

ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80 – Still probably from the “Do A Runner” LP

HERMETO PASCOAL – Not sure which one this would’ve been, maybe “Zebumba Bum A”?

MAGAZINE – Probably one of the post-“Upside Down” 45’s, or something from the 3rd album?

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – There were a lot of singles from their debut album, which one is this?

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR – Maybe a final entry from “Hee Haw”?

JACQUES PLAFOND – Something from his wonderful “Hark!” LP on CBS NL

GRUPPO SPORTIVO – A Post-Buddy Odor Stop 45 perhaps?

JOHN OTWAY – Maybe a single from “Where Did I Go Right?”

ARIEL KALMA – Perhaps something from “Osmose”, but faded out quickly?


THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – Possibly their debut record as The Birthday Party, “Happy Birthday”

DALEK I – Possibly a single or something from the “Kum Pass” LP

JOHN FOXX – A latter day single from “Metamatic”?

LUNA – Likely the Italian band, with members of Osanna

MARIANNE FAITHFULL – Something from “Broken English”, I bet

PHILIPPE DORAY – This one had a grey cover, and is French

THE CURE – Likely a post-“17 Seconds” single; I never went for the 3rd album

FISCHER Z – Something from “Word Salad” or a 45 from it?

PHILIP GLASS – Was this the Tomato Records era yet?

BENOIT WIDEMANN – Again, a French guy, a member of Magma etc.

MOTORHEAD – An “Ace of Spades” single, perhaps?

XTC – Maybe from the Japanese “Live & More” 12”?

SUN RA – Probably had seen him live and was still hopping around to “Moonship Journey”

I’m sorry that my monthly cassette project didn’t really pan out, with full titles for everything.  Sometimes I can figure it out, other times – a bit of a mystery.

Here endeth this particular lesson!


July 1980 Cassette

7-1-13                         July 1980 Cassette

1980.07 Cassette

On 7/1/67 the Cream 45 “Strange Brew” charts at No. 17 in England.

I apologize for not having detailed the cassettes I made over 30 years ago.


THE DAMNED – Probably a new single, “History of The World” or is it too soon for that?

GRUPPO SPORTIVO – Perhaps the “Sleeping Bag” 45?

JACQUES PLAFOND – Don’t Do That (from his CBS NL LP)

CRISTINA – Is That All There Is 12” (which got withdrawn, as I recall)

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – Could be from the “Hee Haw” 12” EP

DALEK I – Debut 45?

AARDVARK – Very Nice Of You To Call (from their 1970 LP!)  Took me 10 years to get this LP!

HUMAN HANDS – Maybe the “Trains vs. Planes” 45?


THE ROLLING STONES – A contemporary 45, likely

MEIKE TOUW’S TUTTI FRUTTI – Probably the 45 from their album, ex-Sportivo

ARTURO STALTERI – Something from the “Andre Sulla Luna” LP


THE CURE – Unless it’s “Charlotte Sometimes”, it’s still from “17 Seconds”

KATE BUSH – Doubtlessly a 45

NEW MUSIK – Perhaps a single from the debut album?

JOE JACKSON – Likely a UK 45

THE BUDDY ODOR STOP (Gruppo Sportivo) –


THE BUGGLES – Still flogging the Buggles bandwagon, so probably a latter-day ’80 45?  And not something from the 2nd album…yet

MI-SEX – Gotta be from the 2nd album or a 45 thereof

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – still from the first album, or a later single?

June 1980 Cassette

6-3-13                         June 1980 Cassette

1980.06 K7

On 6/3/72, the LP “Thick As A Brick” by Jethro Tull charts at No. 1 in the US.

Again, the actual cassette is AWOL, so I’ll just have to guess what’s on it!


RANDOM HOLD – Either something from the 12” or a 45

PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Still on the first album singles? “Sister Europe”, perhaps? Or after?

MAGAZINE – Upside Down (the 3rd of 3 45’s this year), that came before “The Correct Use Of Soap”

THE BEAT – Probably a single, unless it’s “I’m Your Flag” from their 2nd album

GARY NUMAN – Possibly from the “We Are Glass” era of Numan 45’s?

PINK MILITARY – Did You See Her 45 (‘cause I didn’t get the LP for years)

MI-SEX – Either a single or something from the 2nd album?

THE CURE – Probably something from “17 Seconds” still

THE SURF PUNKS – Something from their debut Columbia dist. LP

THE BUDDY ODOR STOP (Gruppo Sportivo) – Something from that wonderful LP!

JIMMY HIBBERT – Tough 45 (from Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias)

XTC – A single likely, “Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down”? Or possibly a B-Side?

NATIONAL LAMPOON – Something from “The White Album”?

ADRIAN MUNSEY – It’s gotta be his “sheep” 45 on Virgin Records

SLAPPHAPPY – Probably from the re-issue of the “Casablanca Moon” LP

LUCIO BATTISTI – An “Una Giornata Uggiosa” single?

JACNO – Probably the “Rectangle” 45?

NEW YORK GONG – Likely the “Much Too Old” 45

GEOFF LEIGH – One of his 45’s / EP’s, after leaving Henry Cow

AKSAK MABOUL – something from the 2nd album, I bet (Cut 1, Side 1)

SPLIT ENZ – Too early to be from “Waiata”, so likely still a “True Colours” single

PETE TOWNSHEND – Something from “Empty Glass” or a single thereof

MOTORHEAD – Could be an “Ace Of Spaces” album track or single

CABARET VOLTAIRE – Something from the “5 Mantras” 12”?  I don’t remember getting their singles or LP’s, just that 12” single

May 1980 Cassette

5-2-13                         May 1980 Cassette

Happy birthday, Bunk Gardner (of The Mothers of Invention), born 1933.  On 5/2/64, the LP “Beatles’ Second Album” by The Beatles charted at No. 1 in the US.  On 5/5/73 Alice Cooper’s 45 of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” charts at No. 10 in England.  Happy birthday, Link Wray! (Born 1929).

Oh, this is great!  I just have the artists listed today!  I never went and dug out this actual cassette and played it, detailing the songs – so for that, you’ll just have to use your imagination.  A few somewhat obvious comments today, too.



ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES – Either a 45 or something from the debut album

PETE TOWNSHEND – Like “Empty Glass” or a 45 from it

HECTOR ZAZOU (France) – Maybe from “La Perversita” LP?

P-MODEL (Japan) – Either 2nd or 3rd album, by now

THE SWINGERS (New Zealand) – Likely a 45, as the LP was still in the future

RANDOM HOLD – Something from the Polydor 12”?  Or a 45?

MI-SEX (New Zealand) – 2nd album or 45?

THE CURE – Something from “17 Seconds” or a 45?

ALAN SORRENTI (Italy) – No clue, probably from a contemporary LP

JOHN COOPER CLARKE – Could’ve been a 45 or LP track


ROBERT WYATT – Likely a 45, as there weren’t many albums by him at this point

GANG OF FOUR – Probably a 45

TOY LOVE (New Zealand) Probably a 45, did I have the album yet?

MAGAZINE – One of the trio of singles from the 3rd album

THE BUDDY ODOR STOP (NL) Gorgeous 1980 NL new wave

ROY HARPER – Might’ve been “Playing Games” 45?

THE STRANGLERS – Post “Raven” 45?

TRANSISTER (NL) somehow arrived in the mail from Holland

TH’DUDES (New Zealand) sent to me by Chris Ward / Frame

HUMAN HANDS – I recorded them in May, 1980!  Pasadena, CA band…

RAGNAROK (Sweden) 3rd album track, likely

April 1980 Cassette

4-1-13                         April 1980 Cassette

1980.04 K7_NEW

March 31st:  Happy birthday, Herb Alpert!  (Born 1935).  On 4/1/72 Argent “Hold Your Head Up” 45 charts at No. 5 in England.  Also on 4/1/72 the Neil Young 45 “Heart Of Gold” charts at No. 10 in England.  Happy birthday, Ronnie Lane (of The Faces), born 1946.  Happy birthday, Jimmy Cliff (Island Records’ reggae star), born 1948.


FRANK ZAPPA – I Don’t Want To Get Drafted (Zappa US 45) ‘80

HATFIELD & THE NORTH – Oh, Len’s Nature!; Lything and Gracing (Live) (from “Afters” Virgin UK LP) ’80

MADNESS – The Young & The Old (from “Work Rest & Play” Stiff UK EP) ‘80

KEVIN AYERS – from “That’s What You Get Babe” (Harvest UK LP) ‘80

THE BUGGLES – Technopop (Island UK 45 B-Side) ‘80

ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES – Red Frame – White Light (Dindisc UK 45) ‘80

DAEVID ALLEN / NEW YORK GONG – Much Too Old (Charly UK 45) ‘80

THE STRANGLERS – Bear Cage (United Artists UK 45) ‘80

THE SELECTER – Missing Words (2-Tone UK 45) ‘80

JOHN FOXX – This City (flexidisc?  B-Side?) ‘80

JOHN CALE – Mercenaries (I.R.S. / Spy US 45) ‘80

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY – Laughing Academy (“Laughing Academy” United Artists UK LP) ‘79

WIRE – A Question of Degree (Harvest UK 45) ‘79


MAGAZINE – A Song From Under The Floorboards (Virgin UK 45) ‘80

ARTHUR BROWN & VINCENT CRANE – Tightrope (I.C. Germany LP) ‘80

XTC – Wait ‘Till Your Boat Goes Down (Virgin UK 45) ‘80

DOUG RICHARDSON – Winning Ticket (“Night Talk” AVI US LP) ’77 jazz

ANDY PARTRIDGE – Steam Fist Futurist (“Take Away” Virgin UK LP) ‘80

RANDOM HOLD – What Happened (“The View From Here” Polydor UK LP) ‘80

FRANCOIS CAHEN – from “Thank You Friends” (Atlantic FR LP) ’78 jazz

SPLIT ENZ – Poor Boy (“True Colours” A&M UK LP) ‘80

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – Paint By Number Heart (“Make Metro Music” Dindisc UK LP) ‘80

THE BEAT – Twist & Crawl (Go-Feet UK 45) ‘80

EGBERTO GISMONTI – from “Coracoes Futuristos” EMI Brazil LP) ’76 jazz

March 1980 Cassette

3-4-13             March 1980 Cassette

1980.03 K7_NEW

March 1st:  Happy birthday, Harry Belafonte!  (Born 1927).  On 3-3-73 Slade “Cum On Feel The Noise” 45 was No. 1 in England; on 3-2-74 Slade “Old, New, Borrowed and Blue” LP was No. 1 in England. March 1, 1986 The Blow Monkeys “Digging Your Scene” 45 charts at No. 12 in England.  Happy birthday, Chris Squire (of Yes and Squackett), born 1948,

MISC ETC 3 / 80 A – Finally starting to see some real 1980 stuff!

THE BUGGLES – Living In The Plastic Age (“The Plastic Age” Island UK LP) ‘80

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – Echo Beach (“Metro Music” Dindisc UK LP) ‘80

XTC – Ten Feet Tall (from “Drums & Wires” Virgin UK LP) ‘79

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY – Funk Me (“Laughing Academy” United Artists UK LP) ‘79

JOHN FOXX – Underpass (Virgin UK 45) ‘80

THE SELECTER – James Bond (“Too Much Pressure” Two Tone UK LP) ‘80

TANZ DER YOUTH – I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry (Radar UK single) ‘79

THOMAS LEER & ROBERT RENTAL – Monochrome Days (“The Bridge” UK LP) ‘80

SPLIT ENZ – Malmsbury Villa (“Beginning of The Enz” Mushroom AUS LP) ’79 (recorded 1973)

MI-SEX – Wot Do You Want From Me? (“Graffiti Crimes”, CBS NZ LP) ‘79

PROCOL HARUM – Il Tuo Diamante (“Procol Harum” IL Italy LP) ’69 ( = “Shines On Brightly”, sung in Italian!)

CLEVE DUNCAN & THE PENGUINS – Memories Of El Monte (Early 60’s Frank Zappa production, 45)

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR – The Hair Shirt (from “Hee Haw” EP) ‘79

(+ Mystery instrumental track)

MISC ETC 3 / 80 B

FAUST – Faust Party #3 (Recommended Records UK 45) ’80 (recorded 1973)

PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY – British Baboon (“Laughing Academy” United Artists UK LP) ‘79

MI-SEX – Graffiti Crimes (from “Graffiti Crimes”, CBS NZ LP) ‘79

THE ROLLING STONES – Everything’s Turning To Gold (Rolling Stones US B-Side) ‘78

THE FLYING LIZARDS – Her Story (from their debut Virgin Records LP) ‘79

TALKING HEADS – With Our Love (“More Songs About Buildings & Food” Sire US LP) ‘78

CRYSTAL KING – Runaway (Japanese 45) ’79 or ’80 (I don’t own this one)

KENJI SAWADA – Tokio (from the “Tokio” Polydor Japan LP) ‘79

BARDI BLAISE – Trans-Siberian Express (Dindisc UK 45) ‘80

KEVIN AYERS – Money Money Money (Harvest UK 45) ‘80

THE BEAT – Ranking Full Stop (Go-Feet UK 45 B-Side) ‘79

CULT HERO – I’m A Cult Hero (Fiction single) ’79 ( = The Cure )

February 1980 Cassette

2-4-13             February 1980 Cassette

1980.02 K7_NEW

February 1st:  Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carl Black (the Indian of the group), born 1938.  On 2/4/67 the Spencer Davis Group 45 “I’m A Man” charts at No. 9 in England.  On 2/2/74 The Carpenters “The Singles 1969-73” (best of) LP was No. 1 in England; on 2/4/78 The Stranglers “5 Minutes” 45 charts at No. 11 in England; 2/2/80 John Foxx “Metamatic” LP charts at No. 18 in England; 2/4/89 Frazier Chorus “Dream Kitchen” 45 charts at No. 57 in England.  Happy birthday, Robert-Jan Stips! (Born 1950).  Happy birthday, Alice Cooper!  (Born 1948).

MISC. ETC. 2/80 A – Still lots of 1979 stuff, but beginning to be some 1980 stuff!

JOHN FOXX – Touch & Go (“Metamatic” Virgin UK) ’80 Ex-Ultravox

ANTHONY MOORE – Lucia (Quango UK single) ’80 Ex-Slapphappy

BLACK RANDY & HIS ELITE METROSQUAD – San Francisco (“Pass The Dust, I Think I’m Bowie” Dangerhouse US LP) ‘79

ORCHID SPANGIAFORA – Dime Operation (“Flee Pasts Ape Elf” Twin Tone US LP) ‘79

XTC – Helicopter (“Drums & Wires” Virgin UK LP) ‘79

THE SPECIALS – Gangsters (Two Tone UK single) ‘79

SPIZZENERGI – Where’s Captain Kirk? (Rough Trade UK single) ‘79

EARTH & FIRE – Weekend (Polydor NL single) ‘79

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Blind Youth (“Reproduction” Virgin UK LP) ‘79

P-MODEL – White Cigarettes (“In A Model Room” Warner Brothers Japan LP) ‘79

SIMPLE MINDS – Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase) (“Real To Real Cacophony” Arista UK LP) ‘79

(Mystery track – about a 2 minute instrumental, to fill the tape to the end of the side)


Bonus tracks:  Monochrome Set “He’s Frank (Slight Return)” (Rough Trade 45); A Certain Ratio “Faceless” (from “Graveyard & The Ballroom” cassette-only release)

BLACK RANDY & HIS ELITE METROSQUAD – Barefootin’ On The Wicked Picket (“Pass The Dust, I Think I’m Bowie” Dangerhouse US LP) ‘79

THE DAMNED – Melody Lee (“Machine Gun Etiquette” Chiswick UK LP) ‘79

GANG OF FOUR – Ether (“Entertainment” EMI UK LP) ‘79

MADNESS – Night Boat To Cairo (“One Step Beyond” Stuff UK LP) ‘79

IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS – Inbetweenies (“Do It Yourself” Stiff UK LP) ‘79

JOHN CALE – Walking The Dog (“Sabotage” IRS US LP) ’79 Live

RANDOM HOLD – Montgomery Clift (“Random Hold” Polydor UK EP) ‘79

P-MODEL – For Kids (“In A Model Room” Warner Brothers Japan LP) ‘79

ANTHONY MOORE – Time Less Strange (“Flying Doesn’t Help” Quango UK LP) ‘79

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Almost Medieval (“Reproduction” Virgin UK LP) ‘79

BLACK RANDY & HIS ELITE METROSQUAD – I Tell Lies Everyday (“Pass The Dust, I Think I’m Bowie” Dangerhouse US LP) ‘79

ORCHID SPANGIAFORA – Hold Everything (“Flee Pasts Ape Elf” Twin Tone US LP) ’79 (gets cut off)

January 1980 Cassette

1-2-13                         January 1980 Cassette

1980.01 K7_NEW

On 1/2/71, the triple LP “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison charted at No. 1 in the US.  Roger Miller, born 1936.  Chick Churchill of Ten Years After, born 1942.

I made a cassette for each and every month of the 1980’s.  Fortunately, the first box I opened was from 1980.  I don’t think I still have the entire 80’s anymore.  But at least I have enough to start with.  For at least the first 8 months of this year, at the beginning of the month, I will detail what’s on my “Monthly” cassette for that month.  My tapes were typically titled “Misc. Etc.”  As you can see, a lot of January stuff is from the previous year.

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS – Insect Love (Dindisc debut single) ‘79

VISAGE – Tar (Radar debut single) ’79 Magazine / Ultravox

HOLGER CZUKAY – Cool In The Pool (EMI Single) ’79 Can

MARIANNE FAITHFULL – Broken English (Island single) ‘79

HUGH CORNWELL & ROBERT WILLIAMS – She’s Built The Wrong Way Round (feat. Ian Dury) / Puppets (“Nosferatu” U.A. LP) ’79 The Stranglers

XTC – Chain Of Command (free Virgin single that came with “Drums & Wires”) ‘79

NEIL INNES – Montana Café (“Innes Book of Records” Polydor LP) ‘79

JOHN OTWAY – Makes Good Music (“Where Did I Go Right?” Polydor LP) ’79 Neil Innes, prod.

ANNETTE PEACOCK – Solar Systems (“Perfect Release” Aura LP) ‘79

MAX WERNER – Rainbow’s End (“Rainbow’s End” EMI LP) ‘79 Kayak

HOLGER CZUKAY – Oh Lord Give Us More Money (single short vers.) (EMI single) ’79 Can

WIRE – On Returning (“154”, Harvest LP) ‘79

FRANK ZAPPA – Stick It Out (“Joe’s Garage II & III” 2LP) ‘79

GANG OF FOUR – Damaged Goods (sounds like the EMI vers. found on “Entertainment”, not the ‘Fast’ single vers.) ‘79

THE SLITS – So Tough (“The Cut” Island LP) ‘79

VISAGE – Frequency 7 (other side of “Tar”) ‘79

JOHN DOWIE – I Don’t Want To Be Your Amputee (“Another Close Shave” Virgin EP) ’77

MADNESS – One Step Beyond (Stiff single) ‘79

BARRY ANDREWS – Mousetrap (“Town & Country” Virgin EP) ’79 post-XTC

SECTA SONICA – Acoyte (“Fred Pedralbes” Spanish Zeleste LP) ‘76

COWBOYS INTERNATIONAL – Thrash (Virgin single) ‘79

MOTHER GOOSE – I Think It’s You (Mushroom AUS single) ’78 NZ artist

MAGAZINE – The Light Pours Out Of Me (Virgin US) ’80? promo-only remix 12”

JAMES WHITE & THE BLACKS – Stained Sheets (“Off White” Ze LP) ‘79

GRUPPO SPORTIVO – Sleeping Bag (Ariola NL single) ‘79

(Mystery track – about a 90 second instrumental, to fill the tape to the end of the side)

John Foxx