Robin & Maurice Gibb

Happy birthday Robin and Maurice Gibb (The Bee Gees) (1949)!

GIBB, MAURICE                       SING A RUDE SONG (O.C.)                                    POLYDOR UK    2383 018

LP                                              1970                                                                        1970 15 TRKS stereo LP


GIBB, ROBIN                            ANOTHER LONELY NIGHT IN NEW YORK (PS)    POLYDOR JPN  7DM 0098

7″                                              1982                                                                        1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, Bee Gees

GIBB, ROBIN                            HOW OLD ARE YOU?                                             POLYDOR JPN  28MM 0256

LP                                              1983                                                                        1983 10 TRKS stereo LP insert

GIBB, ROBIN                            JULIET (same) (US) (PS) promo                           POLYDOR US    810895.7DJ

7″                                              1983                                                                        1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo

GIBB, ROBIN                            SAVED BY THE BELL (3CD)                                     REPRISE US       R2 549315

CD                                             2015                                                                        2015 63 TRKS stereo 3CD collection

GIBB, ROBIN                            SECRET AGENT                                                        MIRAGE US       90170.1

LP                                              1984                                                                        1984 9 TRKS stereo LP

GIBB, ROBIN                            WALLS HAVE EYES                                                  POLYDOR JPN  28MM 0473

LP                                              1985                                                                        1985 10 TRKS stereo LP insert

Carole King

Happy birthday Carole King (1941)

Sorry I haven’t been updating my site recently. I mostly just plain got busy doing other things and forgot to do so. Please forgive me!

Yes, it’s Carole King’s birthday. I hope she’s happy & healthy. Though lots of folks who are 74 have been croaking lately…

I was always amused that there are A&M copies of “Tapestry” in several countries, yes, I own a few. Ode Records mostly went via Epic Records in the U.S., however.

I remember getting a 5.1 version of “Tapestry” as an SA-CD. Interesting to see how she was with Charles Larkey of The Fugs at that time.

Nick Mason

Happy birthday Nick Mason (drummer of The Pink Floyd) (1945).

Are you aware that “Fictitious Sports” by Nick Mason is a Robert Wyatt festival? For reasons unknown to me, the CD is also fairly difficult to find in 2016. Columbia Special Products put it out in the US long ago, but those all seem to be in people’s collections. It got issued in Japan, but those are hard to come by too. It also has some amazing Chris Spedding guitar work! Also present are Carla Bley, Michael Mantler and Gary Windo!

There was no reason at all to think that a Nick Mason LP would be my favorite Pink Floyd solo LP candidate (apart from Syd Barrett).

Not familiar with “Fictitious Sports”?

Oh, there’s also a US promo 12” of “Hot River” that’s on un-colored clear vinyl. Nice item!

The 2nd Nick Mason LP is good, too: “Profiles” credited with Rick Fenn, the guy who used to work for 10cc. Again, nothing in 10cc to indicate that this would be as good as it is. David Gilmour (the guitar and voice of Pink Floyd) actually sings a decent song on “Profiles”, “A Lie For A Lie”.

And “Profiles” from approx. 1984 would be the final Nick Mason LP, at present.

Frank Zappa re-issue LP’s

Happy birthday to Mr. Frank Zappa (1940) and Russian bad guy Joe Stalin (1879).

My heart nearly skipped a beat when Universal Japan scheduled a NEW SET of Zappa kami (paper) sleeve CD’s. But it was short-lived, and the series got cancelled quickly. Saved myself a couple hundred bucks, right?


“Finer Moments” was a FZ 2LP set that I knew nothing about. Even says it’s an “Official Release” (#94). But there didn’t appear to be a CD of it, then. So, I bought one.


Next I probably saw a new 2LP re-issue of “Roxy & Elsewhere” – a good FZ album, on many levels. Definitely a “new package” of an old favorite. Even says it’s an “Official Release” (#19). New mastering. So, I figured…better get a copy.


Probably the last new FZ LP I got was “Apostrophe”. For a single LP, it was a tad expensive. Totally re-designed rear cover, 180g LP, New mastering. I bought one anyway.


“Overnight Sensation” was not a difficult choice. The original US LP’s always seemed to have a mastering flaw, by where the LP didn’t sound great. The new Universal LP re-issue sounds great. Rear cover completely re-designed.


“Uncle Meat” 2LP re-issue must’ve been inexpensive, somewhere. Spine and rear cover totally re-designed. New mastering, 180g LP’s, nice printing – the booklet! An easy no-brainer for me.


“Freak Out” took some deciding, on my part. Most of these LP re-issues have been from “as good as possible” tapes, so I approached it via that avenue. Cover seems a little bit blurry. Really good 2LP set! It’s from original tapes, so it doesn’t have the ‘digital’ sound of the older CD.


I do not know where entire shows of older bands come from, but they’re here! There are 3 or 4 FZ ones, but only one I bought was “The Mothers Of Invention – Wollman Rink, Central Park, NY August 3rd 1968”. So this is a bootleg, right? Sound isn’t 100%. Perhaps not even a professional recording?


I hope Dweezil Zappa & Co. re-issues more quad (or 5.1) FZ, as we know Mr. Zappa mixed several albums to quad, way back when. “Apostrophe”, “Overnight Sensation” – any others? “Grand Wazoo”? A 5.1 “200 Motels”?

Hugh Hopper

Happy birthday to UK bassist Hugh Hopper (1945); UK singer / songwriter Francis Rossi (of Status Quo) (1949).

I have a lot of time for Soft Machine bassist Hugh Hopper, particularly now that he’s no longer with us!

1984 (BD)                                                                               SONY JPN                     SICP 30325     2013 13 TRKS stereo BD Kami sleeve, 7 x bonus tracks

1984                                                                                        CBS UK                          65466               1973 6 TRKS stereo LP

HOPPERTUNITY BOX                                                         CULTURE FR                301284.2         1996 9 TRKS stereo CD

HOPPERTUNITY BOX                                                         COMPENDIUM UK      FIDARDO 7      1977 8 TRKS stereo LP

MERCY DASH (Hopper, Dean, Tippett, Gallivan)          GONZO EU                    HST 130CD     2013 7 TRKS stereo CD

TWO RAINBOWS DAILY (with Alan Gowan)                   CUNIEFORM US          RUNE 77          1995 12 TRKS stereo CD 5 x bonus tracks

TWO RAINBOWS DAILY (with Alan Gowan)                   RED UK                          ROUGE 1         1980 7 TRKS stereo LP

MONSTER BAND                                                                 CULTURE FR                301278.2         1996 9 TRKS stereo CD

MONSTER BAND                                                                 ATMOSPHERE FR       IRI 5003            1996 9 TRKS stereo LP with poster

ALIVE                                                                                      BLUEPRINT UK            BP 150CD       1993 9 TRKS stereo CD Live

MECCANO PELORUS                                                         CUNIEFORM US          55006               1991 6 TRKS stereo CD

HOOLIGAN ROMANTICS                                                    FOT US                           FOT 9 HH1      1993 14 TRKS stereo CD

HUGH HOPPER AND ODD FRIENDS                              VOICEPRINT UK          VPR 003CD     1993 6 TRKS stereo CD5

PRECISELY THE OPPOSITE… (as Network)                 WENLOCK UK              WEN 005         1999 10 TRKS stereo CD

CAVEMAN HUGHSCORE                                                  TIM KERR US                TK95CD093    1995 15 TRKS stereo CD

HUGE (with Kramer)                                                            SHIMMY US                   SHIMMY-088   1995 10 TRKS stereo CD

SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE (with Richard Sinclair)        VOICEPRINT UK          VP 133CD       1996 9 TRKS stereo CD

DIFFERENT (with Lisa Klossner)                                       BLUEPRINT UK            BP303CD        1998 13 TRKS stereo CD

SWIMMER, THE (Hopper, Ponsford, Knight, Clarke)    VOICEPRINT UK          VP 215CD       2000 13 TRKS stereo CD

CHILDREN’S CRUSADE, THE (as Brainville)                 SHIMMY US                   SHM-5096       1999 11 TRKS stereo CD

PARABOLIC VERSIONS                                                     VOICEPRINT UK          VP 209CD       2000 12 TRKS stereo CD

STOLEN HOUR, THE                                                           BURNING SHED UK    BSHED 0204  2004 12 TRKS stereo CD

AIRBACK (with Never Dance in Orange)                         CUNIEFORM US          RUNE 216       2005 9 TRKS stereo CD

SHORT WAVE LIVE                                                             VOICEPRINT UK          VP 347CD       2005 11 TRKS stereo CD Live album

NUMERO D’VOL                                                                   MOONJUNE UK           MJR 014           2007 11 TRKS stereo CD

DUNE (with Yumi Hara Cawkwell)                                    MOONJUNE UK           MJR 019           2008 10 TRKS stereo CD

GIFT OF PURPOSE, THE                                                    CUNIEFORM US          RUNE 3334     2010 8 TRKS stereo CD, Live 2008 Maryland

GOAT HOPPER                                                                     VOICEPRINT UK          VPS 601CD     2013 3 TRKS stereo CD, w/ Honey Ride Me A Goat

Vol. 01 – MEMORIES                                                            GONZO UK                    HST 240CD     2014 7 TRKS stereo CD Robert Wyatt etc.

Vol. 02 – FRANGLOBAND                                                   GONZO UK                    HST 241CD     2014 7 TRKS stereo CD

Vol. 03 – NORTH & SOUTH                                                 GONZO UK                    HST 242CD     2014 7 TRKS stereo CD Live 1995

Vol. 04 – FOUR BY HUGH BY FOUR                                 GONZO UK                    HST 246CD     2014 4 TRKS stereo CD Live 2000

So, something for everybody!

Eddie Jobson

Happy birthday to violinist / keyboardist Eddie Jobson (1955)!

It’s really quite amazing that Mr. Jobson was in Roxy Music, Yes, Curved Air, U.K., Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa’s band and a version of King Crimson!


And for some reason, I always associate his violin playing with Todd Rundgren. Not 100% certain that this is so, but that’s what’s stuck in my abiding memory.


Roxy Music was always a bit of a ‘revolving door’ for anybody who wasn’t Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera or Andy Mackay. Curved Air had their ups and downs, with members coming and going, as does Jethro Tull; interesting that a British person infiltrated Zappa’s band, but he wasn’t the first – that would be Aynsley Dunbar!


A few years ago, I saw a version of U.K. on a stage at the Universal Ampitheatre; only thing I remember about that show was that John Wetton looked as though he hadn’t missed many meals; and, of course, dear old Steve Howe is presently the Don Knotts of progressive rock. Plus there was an attraction to see Geoff Downes!


I never had any time for Mr. Jobson’s “Zinc – The Green Album”, my loss? Guess he never sufficiently impressed me with his progressive rock prowess.


Well, today is his birthday, so I presume everything is now permitted. Truly a ‘sideman’, Jobson contributed things to all of the aforementioned artists, but was never the draw card. Well, not for me anyway. I’ll be honest, I had to look him up to see if he was English or not!

Kim Wilde

Happy birthday to British singer Kim Wilde (1960)!

Yes, I was excited about Kim Wilde in 1980/1! So were a lot of licensees of EMI, particularly Toshiba, in Japan. Yes, she was 18/19/20 – but no record company people seemed to be asking her to take her clothes off and sit on a large American-made motorcycle…yet. What’s the secret? How do you get staunchly progressive-rock lovin’ geeks interested in a small piece of British fluff? Let The Enid be the backing band!

Did you even know that? At least the debut album by Kim Wilde has members of The Enid as her backing band. Of course, they couldn’t put a photo of Robert John Godfrey on the cover of a Kim Wilde LP, but who are those guys that are on that cover? Any members of The Enid (who were also signed to EMI) present? Let me count the hands…

Yes, the band is pretty damned tight. Wait. You’ve never actually played the debut album by Kim Wilde? OK, it’s not quite “In The Region Of The Summer Stars” (on Buk Records), but it’s listenable female pop/new wave 1980-1981 major label product! Stop mistaking her for Sheena Easton! This is Kim Wilde!

It didn’t take the Toshiba guys too long to figure out where this one was going to have lunch. I do not believe she ever played an L.A, area show, while she was signed to RAK / EMI. But did she go to Australia and meet Molly Meldrum? Or sit and wait while Koh Hosabe got all of his lenses together for a Music Life photo shoot in Tokyo?

No idea how the whole deal went south. Were The Enid guys even on the 2nd album? Did the complexity of the arrangements make someone in South America unhappy? By the time poor Kim Wilde got signed to MCA UK, they were getting Pete Waterman-types to work with / for her. Game over.

I just read her Wikipedia page. Apparently, she was reluctant to play live shows, back then. Except for her being younger than I am, this looks like my dream woman! She now has a brilliant career in gardening, in England. She looks like she’s not the same size as 21-year-old Kim Wilde was, but – time forgives, and so can I. Oh, wait. She’s English and still in England. (Guess she learned to cope with the awful food in England).

Bet you didn’t think this morning that you would be wondering where to buy a Kim Wilde CD, eh?