Bee Gees’ Periphery

Happy birthday Barry Gibb (of The Bee Gees) (1946)!  I do like the Bee Gees!  (Bee Gees periphery)

GIBB, BARRY                                                            HAWKS (O.S.T.)                                                      POLYDOR DE    837264.2

CD                                                                             1988 10 TRKS stereo CD O.S.T.


GIBB, BARRY                                                            NOW VOYAGER                                                      MCA US             MCA-5506       LP                 1984 11 TRKS stereo

LP innersleeve


GIBB, MAURICE                                                       SING A RUDE SONG (O.C.)                                    POLYDOR UK    2383 018        LP                 1970 15 TRKS stereo



GIBB, ROBIN                                                            ANOTHER LONELY NIGHT IN NEW YORK (PS)    POLYDOR JPN  7DM 0098

7″                                                                              1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, Bee Gees


GIBB, ROBIN                                                            HOW OLD ARE YOU?                                             POLYDOR JPN  28MM 0256   LP                 1983 10 TRKS stereo

LP insert


GIBB, ROBIN                                                            JULIET (same) (US) (PS) promo                           POLYDOR US    810895.7DJ

7″                                                                              1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo


GIBB, ROBIN                                                            SAVED BY THE BELL (3CD)                                     REPRISE US       R2 549315

CD                                                                             2015 63 TRKS stereo 3CD collection


GIBB, ROBIN                                                            SECRET AGENT                                                        MIRAGE US       90170.1

LP                                                                              1984 9 TRKS stereo LP


GIBB, ROBIN                                                            WALLS HAVE EYES                                                  POLYDOR JPN  28MM 0473

LP                                                                              1985 10 TRKS stereo

LP insert


SHEPHERD, BILL / SINGERS                                   AURORA                                                                  ATCO US           SD 33-262

LP                                                                              1968 12 TRKS stereo LP EZ


STIGWOOD ORCHESTRA, ROBERT                        BEE GEES’ HITS                                                       ATLANTIC US    SD 8195

LP                                                                              1968 10 TRKS stereo LP EZ

Bee Gees

Happy birthday Robin and Maurice Gibb (of The Bee Gees) (1949). The #1 song in 1962? “Telstar” by The Tornados.

Always really liked The Bee Gees. The 1st LP (on either Reaction or Atco) was one of the first records I asked for, probably about 1967/8 or so. Guess I’d heard “Holiday” on the radio, and it sounded like The Beatles! But fans of The Bee Gees’s debut album know they are all carefully crafted pop classics, and, yes, some of it sounds like The Beatles, as though The Beatles were somehow from Manchester instead of Liverpool.


EXPLOSION! The Rexall drug store had Bee Gees LP’s for CHEAP! My collection was made flesh by Rexall drug store! (Sadly, no longer there). But I definitely got “Horizontal” and “Idea” for less than $2 each. Same deal for the first two “Rare Precious & Beautiful” volumes, the yellow cover and the purple cover. So, now it’s the beginning of 1969, and I have 5 albums by The Bee Gees already!


A brief word about the Atco innersleeve, as found in most Bee Gees LP’s – it taught me to make lists. I pondered over all of what I didn’t know. Chickenman?


In 1969, I was 11 years old and I was still in elementary school. Not quite in junior high yet. There aren’t very many bands that I owned more than 4 LP’s of. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones…maybe Frank Zappa?


My late brother, Jim Kane, had already shown me about British-pressed LP’s; better quality! Some of the covers seemed flimsy, but the LP itself – TOP QUALITY. So, I set about finding British Bee Gees LP’s. The best bet was Lewin’s Record Paradise on Hollywood Blvd., in downtown Hollywood.


Then The Bee Gees dropped “Odessa” on the universe!


Well, a British copy of “Odessa” would’ve cost almost $10, an absolutely unfathomable amount! More than what 3 new US LP’s would’ve cost. So, no UK “Odessa” for me, then. My main 2LP of “Odessa” is a Japanese 80’s R.S.O. with real nice flocking. It probably cost more than US$30 @ Yen3,500! But – what an album!


As the original 5 Bee Gees began to splinter, a Robin Gibb solo LP appeared. So, Robin Gibb had the honor of getting a hit with an electronic drum machine!


Well, I love The Bee Gees. Glad that Barry Gibb is still amongst us. His O.S.T. for “Hawks” is amazing. Oh, go find UK mono copies of “Horizontal” and “Idea”, absolutely amazing, just amazing. I don’t believe I have a mono “Odessa”, but I am certain they exist. The 1st Bee Gees LP on Reaction / Atco is still a favorite.


I was surprised at there being HDCD releases by The Bee Gees, “Their Greatest Hits – The Record” is wonderful. And there are several others, too.

Bee Gees 5CD boxed set

Happy birthday John Lennon of The Beatles and The Plastic Ono Band (1940, Liverpool, England); John Entwistle (bass player of the fabulous British band The Who) (1946); reggae man Peter Tosh (1944)!


Speaking of John Lennon, since the break-up of my long term relationship, I fancy a woman named Lauren. She’s not my new GF by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, Lauren really likes John (and Julian) Lennon; and Adam Lambert (the most recent vocalist of Queen!).


= = =


I found a real odd one a while ago: Despite the demise of the music industry in this country, a curious Bee Gees piece came home with me. “The Warner Brothers Years, 1987 – 1991)” Warner Brothers US (WSM, actually), 5 CD boxed set, including:


  1. E.S.P. (with bonus tracks)
  2. One (with bonus tracks)
  3. High Civilization
  4. “One For All” Concert, from Melbourne Australia (2CD, 29 tracks)


Even if you were charmed by their post-Beatles pop or their mastery of disco music, we were not expecting this boxed set! It’s not deluxe, but it does look good.


I remember how “excited” WEA Japan was when E.S.P.’s “You Win Again” single walked down the pike about ’87 or so – they even put a flexi disc of it in the release schedule, with “You must hear this immediately!” (or words to that effect) on the flexi’s cover.


The One album seemed to have some legit hit material, “Ordinary Lives” and “One” actually had music videos of those two tracks that you could see on MuchMusic, MTV etc. And I believe this was around the time when I went and saw them at Universal Ampitheatre with Steven Wolloch.


“High Civilization”’s lack of success in the US wasn’t surprising, really. I did eventually get a German-pressed LP of it. No, I don’t know what the singles were from it. I doubt I ever saw any in this country.


Not released at the time, the “One For All Concert” 2CD set is really welcome; recorded Live in Melbourne, Australia November 1989, with all three Gibb Brothers. I believe there’s a DVD of this show, too.


Perhaps the 5CD boxes that are being issued presently are intended for Europe? This one certainly would appear to serve only fans of the Bee Gees…and maybe die-hard people in Germany? France? Italy? Spain? Wherever 5CD boxed sets are sold for the price on a new single CD?

The Bee Gees’ 45’s

Happy birthday Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees (1946/7, Isle of Man, England); and also to Archie Bell (of Archie Bell & The Drells fame) (1944).

I couldn’t have been 10 years old, when I first heard The Bee Gees. Sounds like The Beatles, but it isn’t. The first album by The Bee Gees holds a very special place in my record collecting heart. They also have one of my favorite non-LP 45’s ever, “Sir Geoffrey Saved The World”.

2 of the 3 original Bee Gees are no longer with us, but these 45’s will keep their name alive for longer than we’ll all be here.

I had the good fortune to see them play live a few times, my good friend Steven Wolloch always has his eyes open for possible variants, and he has quite a few!


NEW YORK MINING DISASTER 1941                                            ATCO US             45-6487

1967 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


TO LOVE SOMEBODY / CLOSE ANOTHER DOOR                     ATCO US             45-6503

1967 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


HOLIDAY / EVERY CHRISTIAN LION HEARTED MAN…            ATCO US             45-6521

1967 2 TRKS no pic sleeve



1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


WORDS / SINKING SHIPS                                                                ATCO US             45-6548

1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


JUMBO / SINGER SANG HIS SONG                                               ATCO US             45-6570

1969? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


I’VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO YOU / KITTY CAN                    ATCO US             45-6603

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


I STARTED A JOKE / KILBURN TOWERS                                     ATCO US             45-6639

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


FIRST OF MAY / LAMPLIGHT                                                            ATCO US             45-6657

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER / THE LORD                             POLYDOR UK     56343

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


TOMORROW TOMORROW / SUN IN MY MORNING                   ATCO US             45-6682

1969? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


I.O.I.O. / THEN YOU LEFT ME                                                           ATCO US             45-6752

1970? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LONELY DAYS, LONELY NIGHTS                                                   ATCO US             45-6795

1971? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART?                                ATCO US             45-6824

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


MY WORLD / ON TIME                                                                       ATCO US             45-6871

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


RUN TO ME / ROAD TO ALASKA                                                     ATCO US             45-6896

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


ALIVE / PAPER MACHE, CABBAGES AND KINGS                       ATCO US             45-6909

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

Bee Gees

5-13-13          Bee Gees

On 5/13/67 The Bee Gees 45 “New York Mining Disaster 1941” charts at No. 12 in England.  5/10/80 Magazine “The Correct Use of Soap” LP charts at No. 28 in England.

46 years hence, this is still a hip Bee Gees 45!  For the US, they had a great run of singles in the 60’s:

NEW YORK MINING DISASTER 1941                                                            ATCO US       45-6487

TO LOVE SOMEBODY / CLOSE ANOTHER DOOR                                      ATCO US       45-6503

HOLIDAY / EVERY CHRISTIAN LION HEARTED MAN…                             ATCO US       45-6521

MASSACHUSETTS / SIR GEOFFREY SAVED THE WORLD                      ATCO US       45-6532

WORDS / SINKING SHIPS                                                                                ATCO US       45-6548

JUMBO / SINGER SANG HIS SONG                                                               ATCO US       45-6570

I’VE GOTTA GET A MESSAGE TO YOU / KITTY CAN                                    ATCO US       45-6603

I STARTED A JOKE / KILBURN TOWERS                                                      ATCO US       45-6639

FIRST OF MAY / LAMPLIGHT                                                                            ATCO US       45-6657

TOMORROW TOMORROW / SUN IN MY MORNING                                    ATCO US       45-6682

Of course, they had a set of 45’s from Australia that totally pre-date this set!  But that secret’s almost ‘secret’; as much as it is history!  Check it out sometime when you think you know everything about pop music!  Is it Bee Gees or Beegees or Barry Gibb’s Bee gees?

There’s a disparity between the US & UK singles, of course.  And “Words” wasn’t on an LP – at the time (nor was “Sir Geoffrey Saved The World”!).  And the US LP’s are different, too – album #2 (“Horizontal”) and album #3 (“Idea”) both had different covers between the countries.  Do you have a red crushed velour cover on your copy of “Odessa”?

In England there were 3 volumes of “Rare, Precious & Beautiful”, but the US only ever got the first 2 volumes – of their “Australian” pre-England singles / album tracks.  I think it was common knowledge that “Spicks and Specks” had been a big single elsewhere in the world, but not in the US.

Funny, but I don’t remember The Bee Gees ever playing a concert here, until much, much later on.  Surely they must’ve?!?

After the above 45’s, you get the splintering of the group – Robin Gibb tries a solo career, then comes back to the fold.  The Bee Gees albums when it’s just 2 of them is kinda sad; but they’re still great albums, things like “Cucumber Castle”!

But you NEED the album known as “Bee Gees First”; it’s got 14 songs, mellotron and the exact sound of 1967.  I remember the debate as to whether or not the Bee Gees knew The Beatles – they certainly sounded a bit like them!  While you’re at it, get the 2CD Deluxe version as released by Reprise Records a few years back; I think they are still around, in stores.  Or any old LP will do, too!