Tom Waits

Happy birthday Tom Waits (1949) and Harry Chapin (1942).

I went for the Tom Waits paper sleeves from Island a while back…but my “price” has to be an original Asylum Records issue of “Swordfishtrombones”…

CD                BIG TIME                                                             ISLAND JPN         PHCR-18717  1988

1988 18 TRKS stereo CD Live


LP                 BOUNCED CHECKS (Asylum)                            ASYLUM NZ         EF 7200          1981

1981 10 TRKS stereo LP collection


LP                 BOUNCED CHECKS pirate                                 PIRATE US           4502.1            1975

1975 10 TRKS stereo LP Live, Troubador; pirate


CD                EARLY YEARS, THE – Vol. 2                                 MANIFESTO US  PT3 40602     1993

1993 13 TRKS stereo CD collection


SHM-CD       FRANK’S WILD YEARS                                        ISLAND JPN         UICY-93710   1987

2008 17 TRKS stereo SHM-CD kami sleeve


CD                GOIN’ OUT WEST                                               ISLAND UK          CID 537          1992

1992 4 TRKS stereo CD Single CD5


CD                HEARTATTACK AND VINE                                  ELEKTRA US         295.2              1980

1990? 9 TRKS stereo CD


7″                 IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (7″ x 2) (PS)            ISLAND UK          ISD 260           1984

1984 4 TRK EP with pic sleeve, 7″x2


CD                NIGHTHAWKS AT THE DINER                           ASYLUM US         2008.2            1975

1990? 18 TRKS stereo CD 2-on-1

LP                 NIGHTHAWKS AT THE DINER                           ASYLUM US         7E 2008          1975

1975 18 TRKS stereo 2LP


7″                 OL’ 55 / MIDNIGHT LULLABY                            ASYLUM US         AS-11014       1973

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                 RAIN DOGS                                                         ISLAND US           90299.1          1985

1985 19 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve

SHM-CD       RAIN DOGS                                                         ISLAND JPN         UICY-93709   1985

2008 19 TRKS stereo SHM-CD kami sleeve


LP                 SOMETHING ABOUT PARIS pirate                  PIRATE US           –                       1985

1985 8 TRKS stereo LP pirate


SHM-CD       SWORDFISHTROMBONES                                ISLAND JPN         UICY-93708   1983

2008 15 TRKS stereo SHM-CD kami sleeve

LP                 SWORDFISHTROMBONES (Asylum issue)    ASYLUM AUS       60211.1          1983

1983 15 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve, original issue

LP                 SWORDFISHTROMBONES re-issue                ISLAND EU           24691             1983

2000? 15 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell

Song For A Seagull (1968 debut, HDCD)


Supposedly produced by David Crosby, the CD cover now says Produced by Joni Mitchell. And she wasn’t trading on her booty! I knew “Michael From Mountains” as it had been previously covered by…Judy Collins? Well, it had already been covered. I had some idea about the education of (many) Canadians, due to my exposure to Leonard Cohen.


My only complaint with this album is that I don’t like her “yodeling” during overdubs. The HDCD sounds fine, for a 1968 recording. Studio credits are not given, and titling the sides of the record was something new, too – suggesting they are a ‘song cycle’ – which was new in 1968. I doubt there are mono copies of this LP, but maybe the promo LP was mono?; and what is the 45 from this album? I do not remember hearing this LP on the FM radio, when I was very young.


Clouds (1969 2nd album, HDCD)


Two really famous songs on this album, thanks again to Judy Collins. I remember hearing “Chelsea Morning” by Joni Mitchell on the FM radio; thanks to Warner / Reprise sampler LP’s I knew what label she was signed to. What’s the Joni Mitchell 45 for this LP? “Chelsea Morning”? I doubt the promo LP was mono, but you can never be sure. FM radio seemed to love her, by now. HDCD sounds great, for 1969.


Ladies of the Canyon (1970 3rd album, HDCD)


BIG HIT single, please! Generational recognition, hippie entitlement? “Woodstock” was a good Crosby Stills Nash & Young song – hear her version here! She’s beginning to add instruments other than guitar and piano to this album – Milt Holland! Famous unnamed backing vocalists. 3rd album with artist cover art.


Blue (1971 4th album, HDCD)


The difficult 4th album! And James Taylor? Really? Guess she didn’t mind a bit of junk, as Mr. Taylor was not unmedicated at this time. Russ Kunkel! (Session men!). But I am not one for serious singer / songwriter albums; well, I do own a few Leonard Cohen albums. I was 14 when this album first walked down the pike; I knew nothing about interpersonal relationships, as yet.


For The Roses (1972 5th album, HDCD)


More session men! James Burton! She says “fuck” on “Woman Of Heart and Mind”, but – as previously stated – at 15, I knew nothing about interpersonal relationships. And she’s naked on the cover, without giving it away. Steve Stills was here!


Court and Spark (1974 6th album, HDCD)


“Help Me” got played to death on FM radio! As did “Free Man In Paris”. “Raised On Robbery” was a good 45, but FM radio favored the other two songs previously mentioned. LOTS of session men! Hippie entitlement! An Annie Ross cover version! Wayne Perkins!


HDCD sounds pretty good, but it gets awful close to “slick crap, L.A. style” – for my taste. I was never a fan of Steely Dan or The Crusaders.

Tom Waits

Tom Waits

I got on board about the time of “Heartattack And Vine”, loved the first few Island LP’s, even if Swordfishtrombones was originally destined for Asylum Records.  I did find an Island Records 50th Annv. edition of Swordfishtrombines, nice heavyweight LP.

7″                 OL’ 55 / MIDNIGHT LULLABY                                ASYLUM US           AS-11014

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LPx2            NIGHTHAWKS AT THE DINER                              ELEKTRA US         7E-2008

1975 18 TRKS Live (Cal Schenkel cover)

CD                NIGHTHAWKS AT THE DINER                              ELEKTRA US         2008.2

1975 18 TRKS Live, 2 on 1 (Cal Schenkel cover)


LP                BOUNCED CHECKS pirate                                   EXCITABLE            4502.1

1976? 10 TRKS pirate, Live ’75


CD                HEARTATTACK AND VINE                                     ELEKTRA US         295.2

1980 9 TRKS Bones Howe, prod.


LP                BOUNCED CHECKS (Collection)                        ASYLUM NZ            EF 7200

1981 10 TRK Collection



1983 15 TRKS (’08 issue) kami sleeve, SHM-CD

LP                SWORDFISHTROMBONES                                   ASYLUM AUS         60211.1

1983 15 TRKS original version, diff. cover


7″                 IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (PS)                            ISLAND UK             ISD 260

1984 4 TRK EP with pic sleeve, 7″x2


CD                RAIN DOGS (SHM-CD Kami)                                UNIVERSAL JPN   UICY-93709

1985 19 TRKS SHM-CD (’08 issue) kami sleeve #0762

LP                RAIN DOGS                                                               ISLAND US             90299.1

1985 19 TRKS U.S. pressing


LP                SOMETHING ABOUT PARIS pirate                       PIRATE                    POP 5

1986? 8 TRKS pirate, Live ’85


CD                FRANK’S WILD YEARS (SHM-CD Kami)             UNIVERSAL JPN   UICY-93710

1987 17 TRKS SHM-CD (’08 issue) kami sleeve #1629


CD                BIG TIME                                                                    ISLAND JPN           PHCR-18717

1988 18 TRKS Live, large booklet


CD                BONE MACHINE                                                      ISLAND US             512580.2

1992 16 TRKS original issue


CD5              GOIN’ OUT WEST                                                    ISLAND UK             CID 537

1992 4 TRK CD Single CD5


CD                BLACK RIDER, THE                                                ISLAND US             518559.2

1993 20 TRKS original issue