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RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – Ongakuzukan / Illustrated Music Encyclopedia (2CD SHM-CD)

The original 1984 LP was 10 tracks, it was…all we knew about Mr. Sakamoto, at that time.  There are several versions of CD, each time adding a track (or two).  This album is straightforward Japanese music, of the electro-pop type; a Y.M.O. solo album, too.  The new 2CD SHM-CD version is designated as the “2015 edition”, with 27 tracks!  Disc 2 of the new set is 12 “demos” of nearly the entire album!

To be fair, it is a pretty good Ryuichi Sakamoto album.  I’d put it in the Top 10 of Y.M.O. solo albums.

Disc 1

Tibetan Dance


Paradise Lost

Self Portrait

(Japanese title)

M.A.Y. In The Backyard

(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

A Tribute To Nam Jun Paik


(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

(Japanese title)

Tibetan Dance (Version)


Disc 2

M2 Bill

M4 Tod

Self Portrait (featuring Minako Yoshida)


M11 Bruc

M16 Untitled


M23 Ballad


0014-02-May 16

M31 Tokyo Melody

M33 Untitled

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  1. Dana Madore
    Posted September 26, 2016 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    COOL NEWS! I’ve ALWAYS loved,this Sakamoto album! I’ll be SURE to be on the lookout for an affordable copy of the double CD!

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