Happy birthday Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears) (1961), John Lee Hooker (1917) and Ian Mitchell (Bay City Rollers) (1958).

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – Futurista (Midi / School, 1986); I never got the paper sleeve SHM-CD version, so I don’t know what’s on that one, but the CD always had 1 more song than the LP, usually the 45 version of “G.T.”, the single from this LP.

This LP has some interesting guests – most notably Kenji Suzuki (the guitarist), New Yorker guitarist Arto Lindsay, and Japanese female vocalist Cano Caoli.  Also guesting is Maceo Parker on sax and vocalist Bernard Fowler (recently seen with The Rolling Stones).  They also thank TRA Project, Bill Laswell and Akiko Yano (Sakamoto’s ex-wife).

“Broadway Boogie Woogie” has more “Bladerunner” (feature film) samples than most music made these days; at least it’s snappy!

Second song doesn’t have any English, but it is pleasant ambient-type “typical” Sakamoto stuff.

“Ballet Mecanique” has some reasonably nice processed vocals from Bernard Fowler.  “G.T. II” is a re-make of “G.T.”, so treat accordingly.

“Milan, 1909” does indeed invoke the thought of Italy many years ago.  “Variety Show” is a computer genius showing off.  “Verso Lo Schermo” features Cano Caoli, the singer of Cioccolata.

“Water IS Life” is the shortest song on this LP @ 1:52.  The album ends with “Parolibre”, again, sung by Cano Caoli – but it always sounded like Miharu Koshi to me (Hosono’s sidekick).  And at least the CD version ends with “G.T.”, the original 45 version, a great song.

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