Happy birthday Brian May (Queen) (1947) and Sue Thompson (1926).

I have warmed to Queen, after many years of avoiding them.  And I have a bucketload of Sue Thompson records!

7″                 BICYCLE RACE / FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS (PS) (US)                            ELEKTRA US           4-45541

1978 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 BODY LANGUAGE / LIFE IS REAL (Song For Lennon) (PS) (US)     ELEKTRA US           E-47452

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


12″               BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY                                                                       VIRGIN EU              4750080-A

2015 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                DAY AT THE RACES, A                                                                          TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP-65105

1998 10 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve, “Queen 25”

LP                 DAY AT THE RACES, A (US)                                                                 ELEKTRA US           6.00E-101

1976 10 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


CD                GAME, THE                                                                                            TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP 67348

2004 10 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve

LP                 GAME, THE (DE)                                                                                   EMI DE                    1C064-63923

1980 10 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


CD                GREATEST HITS                                                                                     HOLLYWOOD US  HR 61265.2

1992 17 TRKS stereo CD collection

LP                 GREATEST HITS (Jpn)                                                                           ELEKTRA JPN         P-6480E

1981 17 TRKS stereo LP collection, insert

LP                 GREATEST HITS (US)                                                                             ELEKTRA US           5E-564

1981 14 TRKS stereo LP collection, innersleeve


LP                 GREATEST HITS Vol. 2 (DE)                                                                  EMI DE                    PMTV 2

1991 17 TRKS stereo 2LP collection


DVD             GREATEST VIDEO HITS 1 5.1                                                               HOLLYWOOD US  90119

2002 5.1 Surround Sound


DVD             GREATEST VIDEO HITS 2 5.1                                                               HOLLYWOOD US  69017-9

2003 5.1 Surround Sound


CD                HOT SPACE                                                                                           TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP 67350

2004 11 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve


SHM-CD       JAZZ                                                                                                       ISLAND JPN            UICY-76215

2011 13 TRKS stereo SHM-CD kami sleeve

LP                 JAZZ (DE)                                                                                               EMI DE                    1C064-61820

1978 13 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve, poster


7″                 KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE (PS) (US)                                                        HOLLYWOOD US  D001349621

2011 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, Record Store Day 45


7″                 KILLER QUEEN (Jpn) (PS)                                                                     ELEKTRA JPN         P-103E

1976 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 KILLER QUEEN / FLICK OF THE WRIST                                               EMI UK                   EMI 2229

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                 KIND OF MAGIC, A (US)                                                                      CAPITOL US           SMAS 12476

1986 9 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


LP                 LIVE KILLERS (US)                                                                                 ELEKTRA US           BB-702

1979 22 TRKS stereo 2LP Live album


DVD             MAKING OF ‘A NIGHT AT THE OPERA’, THE (DVD)                          EAGLE US               EV 30161-9

2005 100m stereo


CD                MIRACLE, THE (US)                                                                              CAPITOL US           CDP 792357.2

1989 13 TRKS stereo CD


CD                NEWS OF THE WORLD                                                                        TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP-65106

1998 11 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve, “Queen 25”

LP                 NEWS OF THE WORLD (US)                                                                ELEKTRA US           6.00E-112

1977 11 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


CD                NIGHT AT THE OPERA, A                                                                     TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP-65104

1998 12 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve, “Queen 25”

DVD             NIGHT AT THE OPERA, A (DVD-A) 5.1                                               HOLLYWOOD US  1091-9-3

2002 12 TRKS DVD-A 5.1 audio

LP                 NIGHT AT THE OPERA, A (Jpn)                                                           ELEKTRA JPN         P-10075E

1975 12 TRKS stereo LP insert


CD                QUEEN                                                                                                   TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP-65101

1998 10 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve, “Queen 25”

LP                 QUEEN (US)                                                                                           ELEKTRA US           EKS 75064

1973 10 TRKS stereo LP embossed cover


CD                QUEEN II                                                                                                TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP-67342

2004 11 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve


7″                 SAVE ME                                                                                                EMI UK                   EMI 5022

1980 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


CD                SHEER HEART ATTACK                                                                         TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP-65103

1998 13 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve, “Queen 25”

LP                 SHEER HEART ATTACK                                                                         HOLLYWOOD US  D000261901

1974 13 TRKS stereo LP re-issue

LP                 SHEER HEART ATTACK (US)                                                                ELEKTRA US           7E-1026

1974 13 TRKS stereo LP insert


7″                 WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (mono) / (stereo) (PS) (US) promo     ELEKTRA US           E-45441

1977 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo


CD                WORKS, THE                                                                                         TOSHIBA JPN         TOCP 67351

2004 9 TRKS stereo CD kami sleeve

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  1. Posted July 23, 2016 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Warmed to Queen??!! Noooooooo! Does Medical Science Have A Cure®??! For me, Queen goes beyond “meat + potatoes” rock [which I am highly resistant to] into the nether regions of a rock made from pure cholesterol.

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