Getting Back To It

I will be getting back to my writing about music very shortly.  Truth is, I have been more concerned about my health than my writing, so the writing got given the back seat.

Selling off:

DINO VALENTE – Dino Valente (RPM UK CD) $10 postpaid anywhere in the US…

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Recent deaths

I met Jaki Liebezeit once in Koln, many years ago, but I have always believed he was a magnificent drummer.  He passed on 1/22 at the age of 78.  Respect!

Peter “Overend” Watts, the bass player of Mott The Hoople died also on 1/22, aged 69.  Respect!



Happy birthday Thelonious Monk (1918), playwright Harold Pinter (1930) and 2 members of Procol Harum, Keith Reid (the lyricist) (1946) and Alan Cartwright (1945) – Nothing much else to say about them.  Also, “Hot Rats” by Frank Zappa is released today in 1969; an album that I have loved since it was released.


At present, I have something like 34,800 albums in my collection.  Yes, at times it is overwhelming.  When I see good titles, I usually buy ‘em.  However, if I got rid of all other titles that I already similarly have – I could easily say that I see 35,000 as being the maximum number I require.  Yes, I have over-collected.  So, how do I say when I am done collecting something?  In the 70’s / 80’s, it used to be if I found a Japanese LP or German LP.  Since the advent of SA-CD, I lean towards having an SA-CD of a title, and usually an “original” LP (for the packaging).  This is because of such care that goes into the mastering of any given title, for the SA-CD.

So, if I limit myself to 35,000 titles, I’ve got about 200 left before I have to do anything.  And if I want, all I would have to do is “make room” for a newer title by eliminating an older title.  Just formulating this idea, so we’ll see.

It is physically massive, owning almost 35,000 titles – at least 3 rooms of my home are nothing but phonograph record shelving.

So, I will try to keep my collection down to just 35,000 titles.  I bet I can do that!

Millie Small

Happy birthday Millie Small (“My Boy Lollipop”) (1946). On this day 50 years ago, LSD was declared illegal in the United States.

I have never taken LSD – that I am aware of.

Recently, I have tried to find more records by Millie Small, but not even her “Greatest Hits” LP shows up in Los Angeles!  She was an early Island Records artist, apparently (although my big hit single was licensed out to Fontana Records, Smash in the US).  I wonder why I never ever see her LP’s?  The 45’s that I’ve found are all on different labels, too.

There was rather a lot written about her in the Island Records book, from a few years back.  But still I feel like I don’t know much about her, other than “My Boy Lollipop”.

Brian Eno “77 Million” CD

Happy birthday Robbie Shakespeare (1953) and Randy Bachman (Guess Who & B.T.O.)  (1943).

BRIAN ENO – 77 Million (Opal / Beat Japan 2006 CD) 1,000 copies, mine is #740

Presumably done for his exhibition of 77 million paintings / illustrations that showed at Laforet, a shopping mall art gallery in March, 2006.  Paper sleeve CD, with only a card inside that says “This compilation is a limited edition of 1,000 copies of unreleased material by Brian Eno.   I’ll tell you what’s on this CD, as I assume it’s fairly uncommon.

Never Stomp

System Piano


Luxor Night Car

Targa Summer


Little Slicer

Surf Birds


I always shy’d away from Mr. Eno’s sleepy bye music.  This CD is more than “sleepy bye” music, some of it actually has some guts to it, but not a note of Mr. Eno singing; there are some women he sampled who do sing some of this.  And “Targa” is about 16 minutes long!

Misc etc.

Happy birthday Joan Jett (The Runaways) (1958) and David Coverdale (Deep Purple and Whitesnake singer) (1949).

After my ‘big buy’ in Tokyo – I can feel myself slowing down, with my record collecting.  Maybe buy a new pair of speakers (to replace some 30 year old Art Audio bookshelf speakers)?

I’ve been collecting records (seriously) since approx. 1968; I’ve been cataloguing my collection since approx. 1976 or so.  I have complete collections of enough artists to last me the rest of my lifetime.

It’s supposed to rain here (9/20), tomorrow – I welcome that.  I also enjoyed it when it was raining in Tokyo – though that did dampen my record collecting spirits; Can’t carry records around in a wet (shoulder) bag!  And in Tokyo, it’s not like I am driving anywhere – here, I have my Suzuki SX-4, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s raining or not, I can just chuck anything in I might find (while out & about) and not have to worry about it!

Finally sleeping at night, though I do wake earlier than usual.  I wish there was a jetlag pill I could take, but – no matter.

Today is my friend Cameron Hand’s birthday – though I haven’t seen him in a long while.

I feel like I should re-assemble my record collection in a more coherent mode, but – dang, that would be A LOT of work!  (I only re-typed it all up a year or two ago).

End of November 2015

Recently, I decided to try Facebook again. If this is offensive to you, sorry – but it is a way to attract more readers. And without readers, my website is nothing much.


Yesterday, happy birthday to John Mayall (1933)!


Today, happy birthday to Felix Cavaliere (of The Rascals) (1944), Billy Idol (Generation X) (1955) and to Shuggie Otis (1953), son of Johnny Otis.


So, it’s cold in Southern California now. Gets down in the 40’s at night, I think. It is cold-ish here. Whether or not it is cold / wet was never a determining factor, in my eternal search for recorded music. I remember going to Village Music in Mill Valley, CA when it was absolutely raining beyond belief. I also recall my first visit to Portland, OR when it was over 100F for 5 or 6 days! (2006, I think).


My home does not have central heating. I just have one heater in the dining room, away from the records. And it’ll have to get colder before I fire it up!


I cannot imagine living somewhere like Singapore, where humidity plays a part in all of your decisions about how to store music. I remember landing in New Zealand, and smelling mold! I have also encountered mold in Tokyo. Mold, the adversary of paper!


I have also bought stuff in Tokyo, where I had to change out the innersleeve, because it smelled like cigarettes. I think it was Nishi-Shinjuku where I found a Miles Davis laserdisc for a good price, but the guy in there was smoking cigarettes – and it was a TINY record store. Yes, I got the Miles LD, but I changed as much of the packaging as possible, before putting it in a resealable bag. So, the rice paper innersleeve got changed.


Have you ever encountered anything about mold or smell on your records that you took steps to try and minimize? I remember the smell of glue on French LP’s that was rather strong – and guess what? I had to end up re-gluing MANY of my French LP’s! It seems they just burst! But I have a system for re-gluing LP covers that seems to work. It involves removing the LP, putting a long thin piece of cardboard underneath what I am going to glue etc.


Many years ago, I started putting CD’s into sleeves that I got from a store where I worked that was going out of business – the sleeves are from Japan, and they can hold the disc and the booklet easily. But, as the years go by, I get Japanese paper sleeve CD’s, and then I repatriate the CD envelopes.


So, today it’s me whining about paper, mold etc. December will have all newly written stuff. Should I have a theme for December? Probably not. It’s difficult to write to a theme, for me. But we will all definitely get to the end of December. I wish everybody a safe journey to that end.