Time Machine

Happy birthday guitarist Mike Bloomfield of The Butterfield Blues Band and “Super Session” fame (1944, Chicago, IL)! I also understand (by one source) that today is Rick Wright’s birthday (1945) – the keyboard player of The Pink Floyd! Happy birthday to Rachel Sweet (1962)!

Today’s Time Machine is from June, 1974. That puts me in nigh school, at the end of my first year there. I was entranced with the alternative music of the day: Gong, Hatfield & The North, Robert Wyatt etc.

Strange Days magazine in Japan runs their Time Machine column, so I type it up in English and we all grin and recognize the months.

June, 1974: Steve Harley / Cockney Rebel “The Psychomodo” (EMI UK LP EMC 3033); BeBop Deluxe “Axe Victim” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 813); Kevin Ayers / John Cale / Nico “June 1st, 1974” (Island UK LP ILPS 9291); Elton John “Caribou” (DJM UK LP DJLPH 439); Barclay James Harvest “Everyone Is Everyone Else” (Polydor UK LP 2383 286); Gentle Giant “The Power & The Glory” (WWA UK LP WWA 010); Uriah Heep “Wonderworld” (Bronze UK LP ILPS 9279); Bad Company “Bad Company” (Island UK LP ILPS 9279); James Taylor “Walking Man” (Warner UK LP K 56042); Bob Dylan / The Band “Before The Flood” (Asylum US 2LP set AB 201); Grateful Dead “From The Mars Hotel” (Arista US LP GD 102); and Jerry Garcia “Garcia” (Rounder US LP RX 102).


Never really into Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, but in 2014 I understand their place in the pantheon of UK 70’s glam rock. I go back and forth on Bill Nelson / BeBop Deluxe, but in 1974 – this wasn’t on my radar. I loved the Harvest label, but this didn’t grab my ears. By ’74, between Kevin Ayers, John Cale or Nico – likely it was John Cale that got me to buy this LP straightaway; I didn’t know what to make of post-Dr. Dream Kevin Ayers and I have never been a fan of Nico. Elton John certainly had his share of gold-dust, and “Caribou” was a fine album of the day; I still like it! Why didn’t they make an SA-CD of it? Never particularly bothered with Barclay James Harvest – I mean, they weren’t even on Harvest Records anymore! Gentle Giant could do no wrong during and after “In A Glass House”, but as they were now getting released in the US, I kinda didn’t care about them anymore. I like it much better in 2014, than I did in 1974. Uriah Heep lost me after their debut LP, sorry. Bad Company should’ve interested me more than it did. Their debut LP on Island did nothing for me at the time. It just looked like major label excess. James Taylor in 1974? Are you kidding? Bob Dylan & The Band double live LP didn’t get my goat (or cash) in ’74, but I am OK with it in 2014. Grateful Dead didn’t interest me then or now – somebody else’s troubles…


Time Machine – November 1973

E L & P

Time Machine – November 1973

Happy birthday Joan Baez (born 1941, Staten Island, NY).  On 1/10, happy birthday to Rod Stewart of The Faces (born 1945).

From Strange Days magazine, here are the November 1973 releases:

Ringo Starr “Ringo” (Apple UK LP PCTC 252); John Lennon “Mind Games” (Apple UK LP PCS 7165); Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band “Feeling The Space” (Apple UK LP SAPCOR 26); Badfinger “Ass” (Apple UK LP SAPCOR 27); Roxy Music “Stranded” (Island UK LP ILPS 9252); Fripp & Eno “No Pussyfooting” (Island UK LP HELP 16); Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel “The Human Menagerie” (EMI UK LP EMA 759); Jobriath “Jobriath” (Elektra US LP EKS 75070); The Kinks “Preservation Act 1” (RCA UK LP SF 8392); Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Brain Salad Surgery” (Manticore UK LP K 53501); The Sensational Alex Harvey Band “Next” (Vertigo UK LP 6360 103); and Electric Light Orchestra “On The Third Day” (Warner Brothers UK LP K 56021).

Today, I own all but 3 titles – no go on Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Jobriath and The Kinks.  I just never got The Kinks after their Pye Records years; Jobriath didn’t make much sense – another David Bowie?  I think I only own a ‘best of’ for Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.  Oh, also didn’t do the Yoko Ono LP, so 4 I don’t have.

“Ringo” was and is a great album, “Mind Games” was never my favorite John Lennon LP.  Badfinger were pretty much done, so I didn’t bother at the time.  I liked Roxy Music better with Eno.  Fripp & Eno wasn’t exactly what I was waiting for in 1973, but I got it anyway – King Crimson was almost over with.  I was all over the EL&P LP, with it’s Giger cover, and Pete Sinfield lyrics.  Alex Harvey understood Jacques Brel, I suspect… “Next!”  I like E.L.O. a whole lot more now than I did at the time.

I remember the bulk of these releases like it was yesterday or last week.  Lots of “core collection” going on for me.  I have nifty re-mastered CD’s for Ringo (kami sleeve), Roxy Music (kami sleeve), Fripp & Eno (2CD deluxe, with the album played backwards!), EL&P (kami sleeve), SAHB (kami sleeves are on the way, but not yet released) and ELO (missed the kami sleeve, but I have a re-master.

= = =

A further note to 1974 releases – looks like the Japanese will be doing an SA-CD for Caravan’s “For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night”!  It’ll just be stereo, but I bet it will sound great!

1974 Era Rock Albums – Strange Days


1974 Anniversary

Happy birthday David Robert Jones (1947).

As 2014 is the 40th anniversary of 1974, feels really right to address “1974 Rock Music”!  And so does Strange Days magazine!  “1974 Era Rock Albums” list, from a recent issue of Strange Days:

Atoll “Musiciens – Magiciens” (Eurodisc France LP 87008) great album – love it!

Bad Company – s/t (Island Records Germany 88 005 XOT) not my favorite Bad Company album; that would be “Burnin’ Sky”, probably.

Esperanto “Danse Macabre” (A&M UK LP AMLH 48056) great album – love it!

Focus “Hamburger Concerto” (Polydor UK LP 2460 228) great album – love it!

Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” (Charisma UK 2LP set CGS 101) I own an SA-CD of this album, but never my favorite Genesis album!

Gong “You” (Virgin UK LP V 2019) great album – love it! (but not my favorite Gong album, by any stretch of the imagination!)

Gryphon “Red Queen To Gryphon Three” (Transatlantic UK LP TRA 287) great album – love it!

Hatfield & The North – s/t (Virgin UK LP V 2008) great album – love it!

Lynyrd Skynyrd “Second Helping” (MCA US LP MCA-413) I do not presently own this album’ only reason to even try it is that Al Kooper had something to do with it.

Magma “Kohntarkosz” (A&M UK LP AMLH 68260) great album – love it!

Joni Mitchell “Court and Spark” (Asylum US LP 7E-1001) still trying to ‘get’ this one; a friend I really respect tells me this is a great album.

Mike Oldfield “Hergest Ridge” (Virgin UK LP V 2013) great album – love it!

P.F.M. “The World Became The World” (Manticore UK LP K 53502) great album – love it!

Queen “Queen II” (EMI UK LP EMA 767) I do not presently own this album

Robert Wyatt “Rock Bottom” (Virgin UK LP V 2017) great album – love it!  Ivor Cutler!

Yes “Relayer” (Atlantic UK LP K 50096) I do not presently own this album, but I will shortly, when the Yes SA-CD box comes along.

Frank Zappa “Live At The Roxy” (Discreet US 2LP set 2DS 2202) great album – love it!


I turned 16 in August 1974.  I already knew what I wanted to do with my life, so I was pretty much preparing myself for that.  By 1976, I was indeed working in a record store.

Esperanto, Gryphon, Hatfield & The North, Magma, Robert Wyatt and Frank Zappa were all tremendously important to me (then and now), and I tended to buy those albums as soon as humanly possible, at that time.  I managed to find LP white label promos of several of those titles – heck, all of those titles!  Most all of them were relatively inexpensive, when they were new releases.  The Zappa was a double, and a little bit ‘more’.  All of ‘em were issued in the US, so I did not have to buy imported copies, which would’ve been more expensive.

Time Machine – October 1973


Time Machine – October 1973

From Strange Days Magazine in Japan!

Elton John “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (DJM UK 2LP set DJLPD 1001); Caravan “For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night” (Deram UK LP SDL-R 12); Genesis “Selling England By The Pound” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1074); Fleetwood Mac “Mystery To Me” (Reprise UK LP K 44248); David Bowie “Pin-Ups” RCA UK LP RS 1003); The Who “Quadrophenia” (Track Record UK 2LP set 2657 013); Renaissance “Ashes Are Burning” (Sovereign / EMI UK LP SVNA 7261); Focus “At The Rainbow” (Polydor UK LP 2448  118); Traffic “On The Road” (Island UK 2LP SET ISLD 2); Fairport Convention “Nine” (Island UK LP ILPS 9248); Billy Cobham “Spectrum” (Atlantic US LP SD 7268); and the Steve Miller Band “The Joker” (Capitol US LP SMAS 11235).

I do not have the Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac, Renaissance or Fairport Convention albums, but I have (and enjoy) everything else.  This rate seems about ‘typical’ for the Strange Days listings.

I started high school in September 1973, so even people I didn’t know well were listening to and discussing Elton John’s expensive new double album.  I do really enjoy it, and have a UK original 2LP set and a re-mastered deluxe edition SA-CD of it – great stuff, some of his best work, IMHO.

I was played the Caravan album at the time it hadn’t even been released in the US – and it started to register with me, in association with the Soft Machine family tree – of whom I am still deeply enamored.  But I didn’t bite at this time!

Heard the Genesis when it was new, too – but, really, “Foxtrot” was enough – and this one kinda left me flat.  I re-assessed it years later, and like it really well these days; I also have an SA-CD of it.

Had no use whatsoever for the David Bowie LP of cover versions at the time of it’s issue; in 2014, I have an original issue RCA LP of it, and a Rykodisc CD with bonus tracks.

I can only think that I wasn’t interested in “Quadrophenia” by The Who at the time, because of having started high school – new faces, new teachers – some of whom I liked, others not.  I just never gave it a chance, in the canon of work by The Who.  I have a Japanese Track Record / CBS/Sony 2LP set (which is meant to be amazing), a UK original Track Record issue, and a re-mastered MCA CD of it.  I did not opt to buy the expensive recent boxed set of it.

Focus “At The Rainbow” is a live album, so I was not anxious ti buy it at the time of it’s release, despite having been a fairly big Focus fan ever since hearing “Hocus Pocus”!  same story for the Traffic double live album.  Original LP’s and re-mastered CD’s on both.

The prize today deserves it’s own blog, “Spectrum” by Billy Cobham.  What a great funky jazz album!  So glad it was funky, too – after his stint with John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra!  Bought this one upon original release, and played it to death.  Got rid of my original US LP of it when CD’s walked down the pike; alas, it is one of those albums that can be lamented as the original LP’s having better sound than the first CD issue.  But all is not lost!  This year, I got an aftermarket DVD-A of this album, and it sounds GREAT.  Too bad there was never a multi-channel (or otherwise) SA-CD of it!

In fall 1973, I had started high school, and was doing my shopping in local hippie record stores.  I don’t remember anything specific about my first year of high school, but I sure know some of these releases today!

Strange Days Time Machine – July 1973

Genesis - Live

Strange Days Time Machine – July 1973

Happy birthday Peter “Ginger” Baker of Cream and Airforce (1939, Lewisham, England).  Happy birthday Ian Gillan the singer of Deep Purple (1945, Hounslow, England).

From Strange Days magazine in Japan, here are some releases for July, 1973:

  • Jethro Tull – A Passion Play (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1040) with booklet
  • Genesis – Live (Charisma UK LP CLASS 1)
  • Queen – Queen (Debut) (EMI UK LP EMC 3006) embossed cover
  • 10cc – 10cc (Debut) (UK Records UK LP UKAL 1005)
  • Mott The Hoople – Mott (CBS UK LP S 69038) die-cut with transparency
  • Grand Funk – We’re An American Band (Capitol US LP SMAS-11207)
  • New York Dolls – New York Dolls (Debut) (Mercury US LP SRM-1-675)
  • Lou Reed – Berlin (RCA US LP APL1-0207)
  • Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin – Love Devotion Surrender (Columbia US LP KC 32034)

Of the 9 titles today, I own 4 of them – Jethro Tull, Genesis, 10cc and Mott The Hoople.

Honestly, I think this is where Jethro Tull sort of “lost the plot”, even with the CD Extra re-issue; I am not a huge fan of live albums from this period, but the Genesis LP is OK – no, I did not ever get any ‘variants’ on this title.  I have several variants on the 10cc, LP’s & CD’s, always trying to get more tracks from the debut album without having to resort to the “UK Records Singles Collection” CD on 7T’s (Cherry Red).  Dear old Mott The Hoople; US LP didn’t look anything like the UK issue, alas.  Sounds great in 2013!

Time Machine – June, 1973

August 2013 issue

August 2013 issue

This list is from Strange Days magazine in Japan, highlighting the releases of June, 1973 (August 2013 issue with Matching Mole on the cover!)

  • Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Messin’ (Vertigo UK LP 6360 087)
  • Savoy Brown – Jack The Toad (Decca UK LP TXS 112)
  • Carole King – Fantasy (Ode US LP SP 77018)
  • Harry Nilsson – A Little Touch of Schmilsson In The Night (RCA UK LP SF 8371)
  • Roger McGuinn – Roger McGuinn (Columbia US LP KC 31946)
  • Budgie – Never Turn You Back On A Friend (MCA UK LP MDKS 8010)
  • O.S.T. – Jesus Christ Superstar (MCA UK 2LP MCX 502)
  • Partridge Family – Crossword Puzzle (Bell UK LP BELL 1122)
  • The Osmonds – The Plan (MGM US LP SE 4903)

Ah, yes – the releases of 40 years ago!  I think I only own the Harry Nilsson LP today – and an English copy to boot!  No go on the Manfred Mann, Savoy Brown, Carole King, Roger McGuinn, Budgie, J.C. Superstar O.S.T., Partridge Family and The Osmonds.  Never have I had so few releases from Strange Days magazine, for the Time Machine!

Never quite cottoned on to the latter day Manfred Mann releases, though I am trying.  I keep Savoy Brown in the 60’s, mostly; I always buy their 45’s – when I see them!  After “Tapestry”, I can stick with Carole King “Best of” albums, I think.  Never a huge Byrds fan, and this extended to Roger / Jim McGuinn solo works.  I do like Budgie, but mostly A&M material, not MCA material.  I liked the original JC Superstar 2LP set, but never even heard the O.S.T.!  I do not own any Partridge Family material, alas; no go on The Osmonds non-GH titles.

Today, I am even posting the cover of Strange Days – so you can understand why I like this magazine.  I hope they get better titles for the next Time Machine!

Time Machine 1972

12-24-12        Time Machine 1972


On 12/24/66 The Who 45 “Happy Jack” charts at No. 3 in England.  On 12/23/72 Little Jimmy Osmond “Long Haired Lover From Liverpool” 45 was No. 1 in England; on 12/22/73 Elton John “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” 2LP set was No. 1 in England.

Good Monday to everyone!  Today I have the Time Machine for October 1972, from Strange Days magazine in Japan.  This list is originated by Mr. Quoichiro Iwamoto.

October 1972 releases:

Genesis “Foxtrot” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1058); Atomic Rooster “Made In England” (Dawn UK LP DNLS 3038; LP came with a cloth cover!); Ten Years After “Rock & Roll Music To The World” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1009);  Stealer’s Wheel “Self-titled debut” (A&M UK LP AMLS 68121);  Pete Townshend “Who Came First” (Track Record UK LP 2408 201, with a nice insert);  Steely Dan “Can’t Buy A Thrill” (ABC US LP ABCX-758);  Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band “Clear Spot” (Reprise US LP MS 2115); Raspberries “Self-titled debut” (Capitol US LP SK-11036);  Santana “Caravanserai” (Columbia US LP KC 31610).

I didn’t hear the Genesis LP until the next summer; previously, my notes indicated I hear it in summer 1972, but if Strange Days says it came out in October 1972, they’re probably correct.  KPFK-FM 90.7 played 2 or 3 cuts from “Foxtrot”, mostly after midnight.  I duly recorded what I heard onto cassette.

I didn’t go after Atomic Rooster this time.  To be honest, I was not a big fan of Chris Farlowe; I didn’t care much for his contribution to Colosseum, though I am a lot better with it in 2012 than I was in 1972.  I had really liked Atomic Rooster’s 2nd album, “Death Walks Behind You”, but once I saw that Chris Farlowe was the vocalist…I knew I didn’t need to wonder about them any longer.  You simple can’t listen to everything.

Ten Years After seemed to be getting a bit stale by this time, though in 2012, I like this album a lot.  The sound of the recording, the instruments, Alvin Lee’s voice etc. – big thumbs up in 2012.  At the time, in 1972 – it was beginning to be time to move on, to not depend upon British rock music so heavily.  Off I went.

Gerry Rafferty!  Stealer’s Wheel was not really in my scope, until their big hit single, “Stuck In The Middle With You” – and by that time, I was not overly interested in big hit singles.  I’d probably like this album in 2012, if I could find a UK copy of it.

Pete Townshend’s debut solo album certainly interested me in 1972, though John Entwistle had beaten him to the bearer of the title “First solo album by a member of The Who”.  Really like the colour insert in this LP, too.

Never had any time for Steely Dan.  I remember a cousin of mine liked them, but by the time “Do It Again” was on the radio a lot, I had no time at all for US artists.  They simply weren’t interesting, as, say a any German artist was of interest.

I had been a great supporter of Captain Beefheart, with “Trout Mask Replica” – and still am, in 2012.  By the time of “Clear Spot”, I had moved on – I eventually met guys who stuck with Beefheart (Rick & Ace), but…as long as I couldn’t find a clear vinyl copy of this LP, I wasn’t going to bite.

I remember seeing The Raspberries LP in stores.  I might be wrong, but I think the sticker on the cover may have been “scratch & sniff”?  That was as far as I went, probably picking up the LP in a hippie record store to see if the sticker smelled like raspberries.  They were a US band, and not interesting to me.  Never ‘came back’ to them, as I was never with ‘em at the time.

Santana had been very interesting to me, at first.  Loved their debut album!  2nd album was still of reasonably large interest; even liked the 3rd album’s singles.  But as I was shedding most all US artists from my palate by 1972, so with Santana.  I was likely interested to hear this LP; my brother had it.  But with so much else walking down the pike…”Caravanserai” never made a lasting impression on me.  But I do own the original LP of it, and likely a CD of it as well, in 2012.  Sure would like to find the Columbia Records US SA-CD with 5.1 audio of it!

Happy Christmas, 2012!

Time Machine (Strange Days)

11-22-12        Strange Days – Time Machine


Today’s Strange Days magazine Time Machine is from September, 1972.  As you will recall, my Phonolog sheets mysteriously stop during October, 1972 – so I’m really going to start enjoying the Strange Days Time Machine, with the very next episode (in another month!).  This list is originated by Quoichiro Iwamoto of Strange Days magazine.

September, 1972 album releases are indicated as:

  1. Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes (CBS UK LP S 65184)
  2. Yes – Close To The Edge (Atlantic UK LP K 50012)
  3. Black Sabbath – Volume 4 (Vertigo UK LP 6360 071)
  4. Family – Bandstand (Reprise UK LP K 54006)
  5. Budgie – Squawk (MCA UK LP MKPS 2023)
  6. Sandy Denny – Sandy (Island UK LP ILPS 9207)
  7. Brinsley Schwarz – Nervous On The Road (United Artists UK LP UAS 29374)
  8. Grand Funk – Phoenix (Capitol US LP SMAS-11099)
  9. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Glorified Magnified (Philips UK LP 6308 125)
  1. I, for one, was very OK that David Bowie of yore thought enough of MTH to help them on their way.  As the LP was expensive (all of $4?), I got the 45 of “All The Young Dudes” b/w “One Of The Boys” (almost 10 minutes of music!) first.
  2. This was where I officially got off of the Yes boat.  I really liked “Fragile”, but there was something about this release that did not interest me.  The cover?
  3. Having lapped up the previous 3 Black Sabbath albums, I also got off of the Black Sabbath bus at this stage.  Were my favorite bands suffering from becoming ‘too popular’?  When other kids at school start having the wrong albums…
  4. Unlike #2 & #3, Family remained a firm favorite, with my young mind.  “Burlesque” is such a hot single!  My favorite title on today’s list!
  5. My entire 2012 Budgie collection consists of “If I Were Brittania, I’d Waive The Rules”, from 1976!  Did I ever try any MCA Budgie album?  I think I did…
  6. Not within my radar scope, alas.
  7. See #6
  8. I like the first two studio albums, and their debut live album – “End of Story”
  9. While MM Mk. II is one of my favorite 60’s bands, this did not translate into continued interest in the 70’s, from my young self.  I do have a ’77 re-issue of this LP, when it saw the light of day as Island / Bronze US LP BRON 527.

Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

7-26-12          Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

Film maker Stanley Kubrick born 1928, Mick Jagger born 1943; I like both; 7-26-80 Magazine “Sweetheart Contract” 45 charts at No. 54 in England.

From issue #153 (August 2012) of Strange Days magazine in Japan: June 1972 albums!  I so totally remember exactly this month, these releases etc.

Pink Floyd “Obscured By Clouds” (Harvest UK LP SHSP 4020); King Crimson “Earthbound” (Island UK LP HELP 6); Jethro Tull “Living In The Past” (Chrysalis / Island UK 2LP CJT 1/2); David Bowie “Ziggy Stardust” (RCA UK LP SF 8287); Roxy Music “Roxy Music” (debut) (Island UK LP ILPS 9200); Alice Cooper “School’s Out” (Warner Brothers US LP BS 2623); John Lennon & Yoko Ono “Sometime In New York City” (Apple US 2LP SVBB-3392); Free “Free At Last” (Island UK LP ILPS 9192); and Aphrodite’s Child “666” (Vertigo UK 2LP 6673 001).

I own every LP on this list; I bought most of them as new releases.

I heard “Obscured By Clouds” being played in a hippie record store, and liked what I heard.  I will confess to disappointment, when I finally got to see the film that it’s a soundtrack for.  But it’s a great Pink Floyd album, in the new “Hey, it’s the 70’s” style.

I would’ve bought whatever King Crimson released by 1972, and “Earthbound” was no exception.  Even as a youth, I was a bit put off by the poor quality sound (an LP mastered from a board cassette?), but I listened and believed.  Not an essential K.C. release, not even their best live album.

The best thing about “Living In The Past” was that it finally made available the British J.T. 45’s that I couldn’t find at the time, apart from the glorious track “17”.  Not a ‘best of’ per se, but…a collection of pretty good songs.

I bought “Ziggy Stardust” and “Roxy Music” on the same day; R.M. had the K.C. connection.  But Bowie was being written about.

I waited on the Alice Cooper album; by ’72, it didn’t look like I had to have everything they did anymore.

I would’ve waited longer, but Frank Zappa was on the John Lennon / Yoko Ono 2LP set.

Only the Free and Aphrodite’s Child came later for me.  I was 100% aware of both releases, but I was not following Free anymore, after “All Right Now”.  I actually heard Aphrodite’s Child on the FM radio, so actual evidence indicated that I could spend the $6 on something more to my developing taste.

Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

7-17-12          May 1972 New Releases – Time Machine 1972

Spencer Davis born 1941, Phoebe Snow born 1952 (I do like Spencer Davis Group!)

From Strange Days magazine, from Japan.  I’ve been following their “Time Machine” series for some time now, and will likely follow it for years to come.

Albums with May, 1972 releases dates this month include:  Uriah Heep “Demons and Wizards” (Bronze / Island UK LP ILPS 9193); Elton John “Honky Chateau” (DJM UK LP DJLPH 423); Caravan “Waterloo Lily” (Deram UK LP SDL-8); Weather Report “I Sing The Body Electric” (Columbia US LP KC 31352); Jeff Beck Group “Jeff Beck Group” (Epic UK LP S EPC 64899); The Rolling Stones “Exile On Main Street” (Rolling Stones UK 2LP set COC 69100, incl. postcards); Randy Newman “Sail Away (Reprise US LP MS 2064); The Raspberries “The Raspberries” (Capitol US LP SK-11036); The Beach Boys / as Carl & The Passions “So Tough” (Reprise / Brother US 2LP set 2MS 2083).

At the time, I was all over The Rolling Stones and Elton John.  Later than 1972, I also picked up Uriah Heep, Caravan and the Jeff Beck Group.  Of these 5, I probably like both The Rolling Stones and Caravan the best – though it is not my favorite Caravan album by a long-shot.  In 2012, “Exile On Main Street” seems to get a lot more love than it did upon it’s initial release (double LP’s were beginning to be considered over-indulgent by 1972).  For trainspotters, this is the Elton John album that had “Rocket Man” and “Honky Cat” for it’s singles.  Still chewing on the Jeff Beck Group and Uriah Heep (i.e. the jury is still out).

Then, as now – I do not know what to make of the jazz fusion offerings from Weather Report; I recently bought a Japanese “Best of” Sony CD inexpensively, but…it just reeks of “70’s jazz” to me.

Randy Newman is an artist that I remember being heavily touted about 1968 or so.  My older sister loaned me his debut album – the one with “Davy The Fat Boy” on it.  I knew some of Newman’s songs, as sung by Three Dog Night.  But I never seriously investigated his flawless singer – songwriter credentials, until…Yes, I kept a video or two from Mr. Newman, notably “I Love L.A.”, but…he’s just not “one of my artists”.

Am I wrong, or did the debut Raspberries LP come with a sticker on the front cover that actually smelled like chemical raspberries?  The 1972 version of “scratch & sniff”?  The music didn’t make an impression, in any event.  They were an American group.

Believe it or not, I had previously noticed The Beach Boys – with their Lieber & Stoller pastiche “Student Demonstration Time” on their “Surf’s Up” LP.  End of story, as far as I was (and am) concerned.  Am I out of the ballpark to suggest that by 1972, the BB’s were well-past their sell-by date?