George Harrison “Wonderwall Music”

Happy birthday Kinky Friedman (1944), Russ Ballard (Argent) (1947) and Annabella Lwin (singer of Bow Wow Wow) (1952; can that date be correct?).

Happy Halloween, everybody!  (Never been my favorite holiday, I must confess.)

GEORGE HARRISON “Wonderwall Music”

Not only the first Beatles’ solo record, but a damn fine LP!  I have a New Zealand LP version with the rear cover printed the right way around!  (Bruce Ward, thanks!)  Not only that, my LP has a Japanese poster in it, along with the LP insert!  The 2014 Jpn CD of it has some amazing bonus tracks, including an instrumental version of The Beatles’ “The Inner Light”!

I remember trying to figure out which songs had Eric Clapton, as he was uncredited on the initial edition.  “Ski-ing” is pretty much it, for Clapton, on this LP.  And, yes, he is credited on the 2014 edition (along with Ringo Starr – again, “Ski-ing”).  So, this was re-issued as an LP in 1992 or 1993, but likely not in 2014 – at least I’ve never seen an LP re-issue dated 2014!

And remember the confusion surrounding “Electronic Sound”?  A few months after “Wonderwall Music”, “Electronic Sound” turned up on a new label (“Zapple Records”)…Zappa or just “ZAP”?