Elektra Records 2/71 Sampler LP

Happy birthday Allan Sherman (1924), Dick Clark (1929), (Noel) Paul Stookey (Peter Paul & Mary) (1937), Shuggie Otis (son of Johnny Otis) (1954) and Billy Idol (Generation X) (1955).  Tiny Tim died today, a while back.

At the Buena Park swap meet a few days ago, I bought a reasonably old Elektra Records sampler LP. For $3.-  Dated 2/71 with serial number EK-PROMO-2

Side One

THE NEW SEEKERS – One (The Harry Nilsson song, with Dunbar)

SWAMP DOGG – Creeping Away

DAVID FRYE – The Funnies (from “Radio Free Nixon”)

SIREN – Relaxing with Bonnie Lou (Kevin Coyne, in Siren – 2nd album “Strange Locomotion”)

BREAD – She Was My Lady (from “Manna”)

Side Two

SIREN – The Stride

BREAD – He’s A Good Lad

SWAMP DOGG – Do You Believe

THE NEW SEEKERS – Never Ending Song Of Love

DAVID FRYE – I Did It My Way

Amazing to find this slice of 1971 for sale – at a swap meet no less!  Looks to be 5 new releases from Elektra (US).  Siren was licensed from Dandelion Records in England, but all the others seem to have their origination in Elektra (US).

Frank Zappa re-issue LP’s

Happy birthday to Mr. Frank Zappa (1940) and Russian bad guy Joe Stalin (1879).

My heart nearly skipped a beat when Universal Japan scheduled a NEW SET of Zappa kami (paper) sleeve CD’s. But it was short-lived, and the series got cancelled quickly. Saved myself a couple hundred bucks, right?


“Finer Moments” was a FZ 2LP set that I knew nothing about. Even says it’s an “Official Release” (#94). But there didn’t appear to be a CD of it, then. So, I bought one.


Next I probably saw a new 2LP re-issue of “Roxy & Elsewhere” – a good FZ album, on many levels. Definitely a “new package” of an old favorite. Even says it’s an “Official Release” (#19). New mastering. So, I figured…better get a copy.


Probably the last new FZ LP I got was “Apostrophe”. For a single LP, it was a tad expensive. Totally re-designed rear cover, 180g LP, New mastering. I bought one anyway.


“Overnight Sensation” was not a difficult choice. The original US LP’s always seemed to have a mastering flaw, by where the LP didn’t sound great. The new Universal LP re-issue sounds great. Rear cover completely re-designed.


“Uncle Meat” 2LP re-issue must’ve been inexpensive, somewhere. Spine and rear cover totally re-designed. New mastering, 180g LP’s, nice printing – the booklet! An easy no-brainer for me.


“Freak Out” took some deciding, on my part. Most of these LP re-issues have been from “as good as possible” tapes, so I approached it via that avenue. Cover seems a little bit blurry. Really good 2LP set! It’s from original tapes, so it doesn’t have the ‘digital’ sound of the older CD.


I do not know where entire shows of older bands come from, but they’re here! There are 3 or 4 FZ ones, but only one I bought was “The Mothers Of Invention – Wollman Rink, Central Park, NY August 3rd 1968”. So this is a bootleg, right? Sound isn’t 100%. Perhaps not even a professional recording?


I hope Dweezil Zappa & Co. re-issues more quad (or 5.1) FZ, as we know Mr. Zappa mixed several albums to quad, way back when. “Apostrophe”, “Overnight Sensation” – any others? “Grand Wazoo”? A 5.1 “200 Motels”?

End of November 2015

Recently, I decided to try Facebook again. If this is offensive to you, sorry – but it is a way to attract more readers. And without readers, my website is nothing much.


Yesterday, happy birthday to John Mayall (1933)!


Today, happy birthday to Felix Cavaliere (of The Rascals) (1944), Billy Idol (Generation X) (1955) and to Shuggie Otis (1953), son of Johnny Otis.


So, it’s cold in Southern California now. Gets down in the 40’s at night, I think. It is cold-ish here. Whether or not it is cold / wet was never a determining factor, in my eternal search for recorded music. I remember going to Village Music in Mill Valley, CA when it was absolutely raining beyond belief. I also recall my first visit to Portland, OR when it was over 100F for 5 or 6 days! (2006, I think).


My home does not have central heating. I just have one heater in the dining room, away from the records. And it’ll have to get colder before I fire it up!


I cannot imagine living somewhere like Singapore, where humidity plays a part in all of your decisions about how to store music. I remember landing in New Zealand, and smelling mold! I have also encountered mold in Tokyo. Mold, the adversary of paper!


I have also bought stuff in Tokyo, where I had to change out the innersleeve, because it smelled like cigarettes. I think it was Nishi-Shinjuku where I found a Miles Davis laserdisc for a good price, but the guy in there was smoking cigarettes – and it was a TINY record store. Yes, I got the Miles LD, but I changed as much of the packaging as possible, before putting it in a resealable bag. So, the rice paper innersleeve got changed.


Have you ever encountered anything about mold or smell on your records that you took steps to try and minimize? I remember the smell of glue on French LP’s that was rather strong – and guess what? I had to end up re-gluing MANY of my French LP’s! It seems they just burst! But I have a system for re-gluing LP covers that seems to work. It involves removing the LP, putting a long thin piece of cardboard underneath what I am going to glue etc.


Many years ago, I started putting CD’s into sleeves that I got from a store where I worked that was going out of business – the sleeves are from Japan, and they can hold the disc and the booklet easily. But, as the years go by, I get Japanese paper sleeve CD’s, and then I repatriate the CD envelopes.


So, today it’s me whining about paper, mold etc. December will have all newly written stuff. Should I have a theme for December? Probably not. It’s difficult to write to a theme, for me. But we will all definitely get to the end of December. I wish everybody a safe journey to that end.


Happy birthday Screaming Lord Sutch (1940) and Greg Lake (1948)!


I recently bought a CD with a “Warning” label on it that I kind of liked. The CD is by a guy who calls himself “Fennesz”, “King Midas Sound – Edition 1”. It’s on Ninja Tune Europe and the sticker on the cover reads:


“DO NOT LEAK – Before you copy, burn or upload these recordings, please take a minute to think about what you’re doing. You are not “striking a blow against outdated copyright laws.” or “liberating content from the corporations”, nor are you “promoting our records for us”. You are making it much harder for the musicians on our label to make anything like a living wage for creating the music which you think is good enough to share. You are making it harder for an independent label to stay in business, we’re not trying to rip anyone off – we split all profits 50 / 50 with our artists and put out music we believe in.”


It’s an “electronica CD” with fairly limited appeal, I would guess. I remember buying a Japanese CD by Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto (“Cendre”), which is why I bought this CD for $1.- in Ventura, CA. The CD I bought is the first thing I’ve seen, other than “Cendre” with Mr. Fennesz’ name on it. (Mental note: must play “Cendre” and remember mo’ better what it is, what it sounds like etc.) “King Midas Sound” is fairly strange, not mainstream in any way. Perhaps it has the sound of a CD that a 21st century person is going to “copy, burn or upload”, no real idea.

Moody Blues – Justin Hayward

Happy birthday to singer Justin Hayward (of the Moody Blues) (1946).

Thanks to Justin Hayward for seeking out the master tapes to most all of his albums with The Moody Blues, and mixing all of them to 5.1, during 2002 – 2003! I bought all of the SA-CD’s that got made; I wonder why “Bluejays” didn’t make the cut?


SA-CD      DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED 5.1                           DERAM EU         983215-1

2003 7 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid 5.1



2003 11 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid 5.1


SA-CD      IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD (SA-CD)          DERAM EU         983214-8

2006 12 TRKS stereo SA-CD Hybrid


SA-CD      ON THE THRESHOLD OF A DREAM 5.1               DERAM EU         983215-3

2003 22 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid 5.1


SA-CD      QUESTION OF BALANCE, A 5.1                           THRESHOLD EU 983770-6

2003 16 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid 5.1


SA-CD      SEVENTH SOJOURN 5.1                                      THRESHOLD EU 984550-7

2003 12 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid 5.1



2003 13 TRKS SA-CD Hybrid 5.1


These albums were all, of course, reasonably important to me, as a younger person. My late brother was who introduced me to The Moody Blues. But unlike Procol Harum

( thanks again, Jim! ), the lyrics were fairly “easy’ to understand on the LP’s of The Moody Blues.


I’ve seen The Moody Blues a few times ( thanks to Tony Harrington ) and I was lucky enough to have even seen Justin Hayward as a solo artist once ( with Big Mark, a regular reader of this blog ).


It’s a bit of a mystery as to why “In Search Of The Lost Chord” isn’t in 5.1, because I can think of a few places…that it would really have worked! Perhaps the true master tapes have been mislaid? I can’t imagine that Justin Hayward himself threw his hands up in disgust at the state of the master tapes!

Inserts! Posters!

Happy birthday Fee Waybill (of The Tubes) (1950) and Bill Black (of the Bill Black Combo and Elvis Presley fame) (1926).


In 1965, Bob Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” LP came with a (Milton Glaser) poster.


In 1966, Frank Zappa asked for $1 to be sent in, and they would send you a “Freak Map” (2LP: “Freak Out”). It didn’t come with “Freak Out”, you had to send them money to get one; I got lucky, my older sister sent them money.


In 1967, The Beatles asked for and got an insert and special inner sleeve for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”; thus enhancing it’s position in the field of “Hippie Entitlement”. Much later, George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” (3LP) had a fairly large poster. John Lennon “Plastic Ono Band” LP only had an inner sleeve & custom label. Ringo Starr’s 3rd album “Ringo” had a fairly large lyrics book.


In 1968, Country Joe & The Fish asked for and got a “Fish Game” in their 2nd album, “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die”. Also in 1968, the debut album by singer / songwriter Leonard Cohen had a lyrics sheet (printed on nicer paper) with a flap.


By 1969, there were lots of inserts / posters being put in LP’s, such as the poster in “Let It Bleed” by The Rolling Stones. People hadn’t even forgotten their 3D ”Their Satanic Majesties Request” LP cover!


At the end of 1970, beginning of 1971, the U.S. band Chicago asked for and got a large poster in their 2nd album, still titled “Chicago”. Also in 1970, The Firesign Theatre “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliars” came with a large poster, of polaroids – the first poster in a comedy / spoken word LP?


The Guess Who “Best Of” came with a day-glo poster (1971)! Then all hell broke loose and band all over the world began requesting lyrics sheets / posters / inserts.


Santana “Abraxis” had a nice poster, but that got forgotten fairly quickly.


The most extreme? Probably the giant poster in Chicago’s “Chicago Live At Carnegie Hall” (4LP set). It’s absolutely huge!


Best LP packaging ever? The Tadanori Yokoo designed package for Santana “Lotus”, originally issued by CBS / Sony, Japan (a 3LP set with posters, inserts etc.).


Care to nominate your favorite LP insert or poster? Do so in the comments.

Get Your Turntable Fixed!

Day #2 of the ‘info’ drought  . Nothing going on in the books, that I can see.

Yesterday I told you about SA-CD’s – today – get your turntable fixed!


For years I’ve grown accustomed to hearing, “I’ve got a real nice turntable, but…I need to get a new needle / cartridge” etc. Well, go get one – there’s an electronics store not far from you that can at least order you a new stylus! I typically go through a stylus about every year, but I play A LOT of records.


And my LP collection still delights me. I continually hear stuff that the LP sounds best; have you listened to your Track Record UK The Who “Who’s Next” lately? Damn, that’s a powerful LP – like they got the guy cutting the LP all jacked up with magic potions and favorable female companionship, telling him, “Do a good job!”.


And I don’t have to tell you that 45’s are sometimes cut louder than hell, sounding absolutely ‘ace’. This is certainly true for many 12” singles, too. You bothered to get the 7” & 12” of many Simple Minds titles, go get ‘em and play ‘em! My “Sweat In Bullet” 12” ain’t on CD and sounds absolutely massive on a Virgin UK 12” single.


I was in a Best Buy recently, and even CD players are getting thin on the ground. And do they sell anything that records anymore? I got my Minidisc recorder, so I’m good. What do you record with?


I think I have a box of Type II blank cassettes in the closet, and yes, I bought a cassette deck not long ago – when you could still do so! It can be cassette-a-go-go around here, as far as I am concerned. I still have a few cases of unopened blank Minidiscs, too. Not to mention, I have blank reel-to-reels that I found. If I was a-mind to do so, I could get out my Edit-All and carve up some audio amusement for y’all.


But get your turntable fixed / repaired – buy a new needle (stylus) / cartridge! Play your damned records! People do ask: I use a dry brush to get crap out of the grooves; I bought it at Disk Union in Shinjuku. What? You’re using a wet system to clean your LP’s? Doesn’t stuff dry and leave residue in the grooves? Oh, you spent $1K on a VPI that shines your shoes and wipes your face? Maybe you should marry it!


As stated yesterday, if you want clarity – get an SA-CD player from Crutchfield or whoever has one for sale in 2015. Sony has a Blu-ray player (the BDP-S5100) that plays SA-CD’s in 5.1 – as well as DVD-A’s, and BSCD2 discs – in stunning clarity! And it’s under $100, last time I looked.

Helen Gurley Brown

Yesterday, 12/7 Happy birthday to singer / songwriter Tom Waits (1949)!

Today, Happy birthday to Jim Morrison of The Doors (1943, Melbourne, Florida); Sammy Davis Jr. (1925); comedian ‘Flip’ Wilson (1933); Gregg Allman (of The Allman Brothers fame) (1947)!

I’ve been out of a serious long-term relationship for 3 months – and I’m still alive! Been busily re-typing my list – it’s up to over 20,000 titles now! While going through a carton of mostly spoken word LP’s, I chanced across an unusual LP set:

HELEN GURLEY BROWN ”At Town Hall” GNP Crescendo US 2LP set recorded October, 1964 – New York City, NY

How long should a girl wait before getting married?

What one girl did during a 23 year engagement?

When is the best time to find out if a man is not right for you?

Is a satisfactory love affair a good basis for marriage?

What is the truth about “unwanted” pregnancies?

Do married men make lousy lovers?

Can psychiatry help girls with man problems?

What is the truth about puritanical fathers?

Should teen-agers remain chaste?

Are today’s women really emasculating men?

What can a girl do when a padded bra is discovered?

Should girls move to cities where the most men are?

What are snapums? (Single Non-Alcoholic Paragons Upright Morally)

Why some men leave their wives – and others love them?

Should single, career girls love their bosses?

How can a girl gracefully ditch a nice man who really bores her?

Why some girls must love creeps?

Can an inexperienced girl find happiness?

How can a girl say NO to her boss – and keep her job?

How can you overcome jealousy?

How one girl captured the Chairman of the Board!

The tag on the cover says I paid 50 cents for this dynamite masterpiece, likely at Poo Bah Record Shop when it was in the old house in Pasadena, CA.

‘Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere.’ Alas, Helen Gurley Brown is no longer in the pool hall.


Bee Gees 5CD boxed set

Happy birthday John Lennon of The Beatles and The Plastic Ono Band (1940, Liverpool, England); John Entwistle (bass player of the fabulous British band The Who) (1946); reggae man Peter Tosh (1944)!


Speaking of John Lennon, since the break-up of my long term relationship, I fancy a woman named Lauren. She’s not my new GF by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, Lauren really likes John (and Julian) Lennon; and Adam Lambert (the most recent vocalist of Queen!).


= = =


I found a real odd one a while ago: Despite the demise of the music industry in this country, a curious Bee Gees piece came home with me. “The Warner Brothers Years, 1987 – 1991)” Warner Brothers US (WSM, actually), 5 CD boxed set, including:


  1. E.S.P. (with bonus tracks)
  2. One (with bonus tracks)
  3. High Civilization
  4. “One For All” Concert, from Melbourne Australia (2CD, 29 tracks)


Even if you were charmed by their post-Beatles pop or their mastery of disco music, we were not expecting this boxed set! It’s not deluxe, but it does look good.


I remember how “excited” WEA Japan was when E.S.P.’s “You Win Again” single walked down the pike about ’87 or so – they even put a flexi disc of it in the release schedule, with “You must hear this immediately!” (or words to that effect) on the flexi’s cover.


The One album seemed to have some legit hit material, “Ordinary Lives” and “One” actually had music videos of those two tracks that you could see on MuchMusic, MTV etc. And I believe this was around the time when I went and saw them at Universal Ampitheatre with Steven Wolloch.


“High Civilization”’s lack of success in the US wasn’t surprising, really. I did eventually get a German-pressed LP of it. No, I don’t know what the singles were from it. I doubt I ever saw any in this country.


Not released at the time, the “One For All Concert” 2CD set is really welcome; recorded Live in Melbourne, Australia November 1989, with all three Gibb Brothers. I believe there’s a DVD of this show, too.


Perhaps the 5CD boxes that are being issued presently are intended for Europe? This one certainly would appear to serve only fans of the Bee Gees…and maybe die-hard people in Germany? France? Italy? Spain? Wherever 5CD boxed sets are sold for the price on a new single CD?

Back Into It…

Yesterday, Happy birthday to Paul Kossof (of Free) (1950)! Today, Happy birthday to Julian “Cannonball” Adderley (1926); Lee Dorman (of Iron Butterfly fame).

After going to approx. a dozen record stores in a week with Murray Cammick, I decided to take a few weeks off from buying / looking at records. This gave me a chance to enter many cartons of CD’s into my list (approx. 30 cartons).

But last weekend, I re-entered the fray and found the following:







JETHRO TULL – PASSION PLAY, CHRYSALIS EU LP re-issue, new mix w/lg. booklet

JULY – s/t, PARLOPHONE EU LP re-issue, colored vinyl; Tom Newman



SAD CAFÉ – s/t, RCA UK LP ’80






V.A. – NUGGETS, RHINO US 2LP re-issue compilation



= = =

I am no longer in a relationship.