Crystal Disc

Happy birthday to Howard Kaylan (of The Turtles) (1945); management guy Peter Asher (of Peter & Gordon) (1946); and Shaun Cassidy producer Todd Rundgren (1948)!

Crystal disc, a revolutionary Compact Disc using glass substrate, this new technology allows sound reproduction at a level previously unknown and is as close to the master sound source as cutting edge technology allows. For this purpose, Crystal disc is fabricated by Memory-Tech Corporation’s Laser Disc technology cultivated over many years with using the best selected materials – The use of glass substrate instead of conventional polycarbonate substrate. As the reflective layer, gold is adopted in exchange for conventional aluminum – For pit transcription, Photo Polymerization process (2P process) using a metal stamper is adopted. This process makes pit transcription highly precise compared with the conventional injection molding process. The technology of 2P process was cultivated by Memory-Tech Corporation’s production of test discs for calibrating industrial optical pick up heads – Surface flatness of glass substrate is much superior to the conventional CD. Glass substrate is hardly influenced by the variation of temperature and humidity. Furthermore, the absence of birefringence coming from the optical uniformity of glass substrate realized signal with extremely low noise and low jitter.

Interesting if this spells the end of SA-CD.

Lovin’ Spoonful

Happy birthday John Sebastian (The Lovin’ Spoonful) (1944)

I loves me some Lovin’ Spoonful!

7″                 (TILL I) RUN WITH YOU                                                                  KAMA SUTRA US       KA-251              1969? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

LP                24 KARAT HITS                                                                                KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 750-2      1968 24 TRKS stereo 2LP collection

7″                 ALLEY OOP (PS)                                                                              SUNDAZED US           S 235                 2011 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, re-issue

CD               ANTHOLOGY                                                                                    RHINO US                    R2 70944          1990 26 TRKS stereo CD collection

10″               BEST IN THE WEST                                                                        PRT UK                         DOW 9               1983 8 TRKS stereo collection

LP                BEST OF                                                                                            KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 8056       1966 12 TRKS stereo LP collection, 4 x photos

LP                BEST OF Vol. 2, THE                                                                       KAMA SUTRA DE       620 007             1968 12 TRKS stereo LP collection, DG pressing

7″                 DARLING BE HOME SOON / DARLIN’ COMPANION (PS)      KAMA SUTRA US       KA-220              1967? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD               DAYDREAM                                                                                       BUDDHA US                99731.2             2002 17 TRKS stereo CD

LP                DAYDREAM                                                                                       KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 8051       1966 12 TRKS stereo LP

LP                DAYDREAM (UK) mono                                                                  PYE INT’L UK               NPL 28078       1966 12 TRKS mono LP

7″                 DAYDREAM / NIGHT OWL BLUES                                               PYE UK                         7N 25361          1966? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 DID YOU EVER HAVE TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND?                  KAMA SUTRA US       KA-209              1966? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 DID YOU EVER HAVE TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND? (PS)         KAMA SUTRA JPN     DK-1006            1966? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, test pressing

CD               DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC                                                         BUDDHA US                99730.2             2002 17 TRKS stereo CD

LP                DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC                                                         KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 8050       1965 12 TRKS stereo LP

7″                 DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC / ON THE ROAD AGAIN             KAMA SUTRA US       KA-201              1965 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP                DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC mono                                             KAMA SUTRA US       KLP 8050          1965? 12 TRKS mono LP

LP                DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC re-issue                                         SUNDAZED US           LP 5159             2002 16 TRKS stereo LP re-issue

LP                EVERYTHING PLAYING                                                                  KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 8061       1968 11 TRKS stereo LP

LP                FEATURING JOHN SEBASTIAN                                                   BUDDAH DE                47.003               1970 12 TRKS stereo LP collection

LP                GOLDEN HOUR OF                                                                         GOLDEN HOUR UK   GH 838              1973? 24 TRKS stereo LP collection

CD               HUMS OF THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL                                             BUDDHA US                99732.2             2003 17 TRKS stereo CD

LP                HUMS OF THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL                                             KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 8054       1966 11 TRKS stereo LP

LP                HUMS OF THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL (DE)                                    KAMA SUTRA DE       2319 034           1966 11 TRKS stereo LP DG pressing

LP                HUMS OF THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL re-issue                             SUNDAZED US           LP 5166             2003 15 TRKS stereo LP re-issue

7″                 NASHVILLE CATS / FULL MEASURE                                         KAMA SUTRA UK       KAS 204            1966 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 NASHVILLE CATS / FULL MEASURE (PS) promo                   KAMA SUTRA US       KA-219              1966 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo

7″                 NEVER GOING BACK / FOREVER                                                KAMA SUTRA US       KA-250              1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP                REVELATION: REVOLUTION ’69                                                  KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 8073       1969 10 TRKS stereo LP

7″                 SHE IS STILL A MYSTERY / ONLY PRETTY, WHAT A PITY     KAMA SUTRA US       KA-239              1969? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 SIX O’CLOCK / THE FINALE (PS)                                                 KAMA SUTRA US       KA-225              1968? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 SIX O’CLOCK / THE FINALE promo                                             KAMA SUTRA US       KA-225              1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″                 SIX O’CLOCK / YOU’RE A BIG BOY NOW (PS)                           KAMA SUTRA DE       618 018             1968? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 SUMMER IN THE CITY / BUTCHIE’S TUNE                                KAMA SUTRA US       KA-211              1966? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO BE SO NICE (PS)                                    KAMA SUTRA US       KA-205              1965? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                YOU’RE A BIG BOY NOW (O.S.T.)                                                 KAMA SUTRA US       KLPS 8058ST  1967 14 TRKS stereo LP O.S.T.

Frank Zappa re-issue LP’s

Happy birthday to Mr. Frank Zappa (1940) and Russian bad guy Joe Stalin (1879).

My heart nearly skipped a beat when Universal Japan scheduled a NEW SET of Zappa kami (paper) sleeve CD’s. But it was short-lived, and the series got cancelled quickly. Saved myself a couple hundred bucks, right?


“Finer Moments” was a FZ 2LP set that I knew nothing about. Even says it’s an “Official Release” (#94). But there didn’t appear to be a CD of it, then. So, I bought one.


Next I probably saw a new 2LP re-issue of “Roxy & Elsewhere” – a good FZ album, on many levels. Definitely a “new package” of an old favorite. Even says it’s an “Official Release” (#19). New mastering. So, I figured…better get a copy.


Probably the last new FZ LP I got was “Apostrophe”. For a single LP, it was a tad expensive. Totally re-designed rear cover, 180g LP, New mastering. I bought one anyway.


“Overnight Sensation” was not a difficult choice. The original US LP’s always seemed to have a mastering flaw, by where the LP didn’t sound great. The new Universal LP re-issue sounds great. Rear cover completely re-designed.


“Uncle Meat” 2LP re-issue must’ve been inexpensive, somewhere. Spine and rear cover totally re-designed. New mastering, 180g LP’s, nice printing – the booklet! An easy no-brainer for me.


“Freak Out” took some deciding, on my part. Most of these LP re-issues have been from “as good as possible” tapes, so I approached it via that avenue. Cover seems a little bit blurry. Really good 2LP set! It’s from original tapes, so it doesn’t have the ‘digital’ sound of the older CD.


I do not know where entire shows of older bands come from, but they’re here! There are 3 or 4 FZ ones, but only one I bought was “The Mothers Of Invention – Wollman Rink, Central Park, NY August 3rd 1968”. So this is a bootleg, right? Sound isn’t 100%. Perhaps not even a professional recording?


I hope Dweezil Zappa & Co. re-issues more quad (or 5.1) FZ, as we know Mr. Zappa mixed several albums to quad, way back when. “Apostrophe”, “Overnight Sensation” – any others? “Grand Wazoo”? A 5.1 “200 Motels”?

Emerson Lake & Palmer 45’s

Happy birthday to Paul Simonon (of The Clash) (1955) and Dave Clark (of the Dave Clark Five) (1942).

Emerson, Lake & Palmer 45’s!

7″                  BRAIN SALAD SURGERY (Excerpts) flexi                                             MANTICORE UK   LYN 2762

1973 2 TRKS flexidisc, with pic sleeve

7″                  FANFARE FOR THE COMMON MAN – PART 1                                     ATLANTIC US       3398

1977 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


1977 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                  FROM THE BEGINNING (mono) / (stereo)                                             COTILLION US     44158

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″                  FROM THE BEGINNING / LIVING SIN                                                    COTILLION US     45-44158

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                  JERUSALEM / WHEN THE APPLE BLOSSOMS IN THE…                 MANTICORE UK   K 13503

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                  LUCKY MAN (Edit) promo                                                                         COTILLION US     45-44106

1970 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″                  LUCKY MAN / FROM THE BEGINNING re-issue                                  ATLANTIC US       OS 13153

1980? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, re-issue

7″                  LUCKY MAN / KNIFE-EDGE (PS)                                                            ISLAND NL            6014 041

1970 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                  NUTROCKER (mono) / (stereo)                                                               COTILLION US     44151

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″                  NUTROCKER / GREAT GATES OF KIEV, THE                                      COTILLION US     44151

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                  NUTROCKER / GREAT GATES OF KIEV, THE (PS)                             ATLANTIC JPN     P-1128A

1972 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                  STONE OF YEARS (mono) / (stereo)                                                      COTILLION US     44131

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″                  STONE OF YEARS / TIME AND A PLACE                                              COTILLION US     45-44131

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                  TAKE A PEBBLE (PS)                                                                                ATCO US               PR 176

1972 3 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo-only

7″                  TIGER IN A SPOTLIGHT (Live) / PETER GUNN (Live)                        ATLANTIC US       3641

1979 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″                  TIGER IN A SPOTLIGHT / ALL I WANT IS YOU                                     ATLANTIC US       3555

1978 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


Perhaps not the first group you think of, in terms of 45’s. I’ve been on the lookout for ELP 45’s for a few decades now. What I have managed to find is listed above. No, not going to discuss the solo Greg Lake or Keith Emerson 45’s today, just the stuff here.


Some of these were “around”, and stuff like the UK flexidisc were given to me by (the late) Tony Harrington. Mr. Harrington worked in some capacity for Manticore Records.

The Dutch 45 of “Lucky Man” b/w “Knife-Edge” was found in Concerto Records in Amsterdam. The “Stones Of Years” stock copy was found at Crossroads Music in Portland, OR last year. Somewhat needless to say, the “Nutrocker” Japanese 45 was found at a Disk Union in the Tokyo area.

Track Record (UK)

Happy birthday Percy Sledge (1940) and John McVie (Fleetwood Mac) (1945). Also the date of the farewell performance by The Cream at The Royal Albert Hall, 1968.


After discussing mono vs. stereo as issued by Track Record UK yesterday, I decided to go on and take this discussion to it’s conclusion today.


I can confirm these albums as being issued in mono in the UK:


HENDRIX, JIMI        ARE YOU EXPERIENCED?                                                                                TRACK RECORD UK    612 001

LP                               1967                                                                                                                        11

Not issued in stereo in the UK, but Reprise Records in the US released a stereo LP for this title.


WHO, THE                WHO SELL OUT, THE                                                                                         TRACK RECORD UK    612 002

LP                               1968                                                                                                                        13

The US did, in fact, issue a mono version of this LP, but it’s not the same as the UK mono version.


BROWN, ARTHUR CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN                                                             TRACK RECORD UK    612 005

LP                               1968                                                                                                                        8

The US did, in fact, issue a mono version of this LP, but it’s not the same as the UK mono version.


WHO, THE                DIRECT HITS                                                                                                        TRACK RECORD UK    612 006

LP                               1968                                                                                                                        12

I was so excited to finally get a mono LP of this title, recently…


I can confirm these albums as being issued in stereo in the UK:


HENDRIX, JIMI        AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE                                                                                         TRACK RECORD UK    613 003

LP                               1967                                                                                                                        13


HENDRIX, JIMI        SMASH HITS                                                                                                         TRACK RECORD UK    613 004

LP                               1968                                                                                                                        12

Track listing changed for the US


BROWN, ARTHUR CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN                                                             TRACK RECORD UK    613 005

LP                               1968                                                                                                                        8


WHO, THE                DIRECT HITS                                                                                                        TRACK RECORD UK    613 006

LP                               1968                                                                                                                        12

Not issued in the US, but pieced out over the “Magic Bus” LP etc.



LP                               1968                                                                                                                        16


ROMAN, MURRAY BLIND MAN’S MOVIE, A                                                                                     TRACK RECORD UK    613 015

LP                               1969                                                                                                                        11

Licensed from Tetragrammaton Records, at the insistence of Keith Moon


V.A.                            TRACK RECORD: HOUSE THAT TRACK BUILT, THE                                 TRACK RECORD UK    613 016

LP                               1969                                                                                                                        13

A fabulous compilation LP, including some rare Track Record cuts. I first read about it in a book about The Who, but I never saw a copy of it for sale until the early 80’s in New Zealand.

The Who – Direct Hits LP

Happy birthday Tina Turner (1941). The #1 song in 1967 on this date? “Incense & Peppermints” by The Strawberry Alarm Clock.


The Who – “Direct Hits”, an LP I first heard as “The Best If The Who” from Germany, with full-on re-processed stereo throughout, about 1969. This LP was issued originally in 1968 in the UK, but the scribe on the LP itself says 1966. Duly noted, this isn’t the best album that could be assembled – the absence of “Magic Bus”, for instance.


For many years I only had a UK stereo LP; I recently found a mono LP of this album, up in Portland, OR – so I can state definitely what is on each version of this record!


Do you like stereo? Then get the 1980 Japanese LP re-issue, it has 4 songs in true stereo, 2 of which are from the then-recent “The Who Sell Out”. The 100% unique stereo here are the songs “I’m A Boy” and “In The City” (which is fabulous). When The Who got a 4CD boxed set, many new things were mixed to stereo (such as “Dogs”), but that was 90’s stereo, not 1968 stereo, making “I’m A Boy” and “In The City” all the more fascinating in stereo.


But it wasn’t until I got the mono UK Track Record LP recently that I could with any degree of certainty that the mono LP has different versions of some songs, completely absent is the reverb that totally dominates the German “Best Of” LP. For some reason around 1969 – 1970, German Polydor liked the make mono records stereo by adding enough reverb to choke a horse! The songs on that version sound like they all have ‘slapback’, where the reverb goes from left to right (or vice versa). The mono LP is pretty much flat, thankfully. But I did notice the scribe in the vinyl telling me the album had the German serial number in a machine stamp, and the 612 number was written in by hand.


This album is also known as “Portrait Of The Who” in Holland, but I doubt the cut is anything other than the original stereo LP, which isn’t very stereo.


I also have the 2007 Japanese CD of this album, which I understand was originally intended to be a very limited release.


Happy birthday to pianist Floyd Cramer (1933) and singer Simon LeBon (singer of Duran Duran) (1958).


I found an unusual document just now: a receipt from a record store that’s no longer there, showing when I bought my first SA-CD that I could not play!


On April 14, 2008 I paid $7.99 (actually $4.80, because I had a coupon) for a Peter Gabriel “Security” SA-CD. I took it home and my CD player did not know what to make of it. Huh?


I had read or heard something about SA-CD’s being ‘hybrid’, but that meant nothing to me. As I scrutinized the disc, I saw the words “SA-CD Stereo requires SA-CD player”. So, there were SA-CD’s that were stereo only that STILL wanted you to buy a new piece of equipment?


Apparently so, cause a CD player just said “No Disc”, like it couldn’t read it, so it didn’t even try.


So, towards the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009, I went to a Best Buy in Burbank, CA and bought an SA-CD changer. It was reasonable, probably around $149 or so.


HDCD ( High Definition Compatible Digital ) CD’s:

BLUE MAN GROUP                                         AUDIO (HDCD)                                                                                               VIRGIN US                                                                              48613.2

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD                                AGAIN (HDCD)                                                                                               ATCO US                  33-226.2

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD                                BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD (HDCD)                                                              ATCO US                                                                              62080.2

CALE, JOHN                                                      EAT / KISS – MUSIC FOR THE FILMS OF ANDY WARHOL (HDCD)    HANNIBAL US                                                                              HNCD 1407

CALE, JOHN                                                      WALKING ON LOCUSTS (HDCD)                                                              HANNIBAL US                                                                              HNCD 1395

CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH                       DEMOS (HDCD)                                                                                             RHINO US                 R2 519624

FAITHFULL, MARIANNE                                 VAGABOND WAYS (HDCD)                                                                         IT UK                                                                              47759.2

FERRY, BRYAN                                                ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE (HDCD)                                          VIRGIN UK                                                                              FERRYCD 2

FERRY, BRYAN                                                IN YOUR MIND (HDCD)                                                                                VIRGIN UK                                                                              FERRYCD 4

FERRY, BRYAN                                                LET’S STICK TOGETHER (HDCD)                                                              VIRGIN US                                                                              7602.2

FERRY, BRYAN                                                THESE FOOLISH THINGS (HDCD)                                                            VIRGIN UK                                                                              FERRYCD 1

FINN, TIM                                                            SAY IT IS SO (HDCD)                                                                                    WHAT ARE US         WAR 60039.2

HOLROYD, BOB                                               WITHOUT WITHIN (HDCD)                                                                          SIX DEGREES US                                                                              1085.2

KING CRIMSON                                                EARTHBOUND (HDCD)                                                                                VIRGIN EU                                                                              CDVKCX 11

KING CRIMSON                                                IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON (HDCD)                                                      UNIVERSAL JPN                                                                              UICE-9052

KING CRIMSON                                                ISLANDS (HDCD)                                                                                          WHD JPN                                                                              IECP-10006

KING CRIMSON                                                LIZARD (HDCD)                                                                                              UNIVERSAL JPN                                                                              UICE-9053

McDONALD AND GILES                                 McDONALD & GILES (HDCD)                                                                     ATLANTIC JPN                                                                              AMCY-2729

MITCHELL, JONI                                               BLUE (HDCD)                                                                                                 REPRISE US                                                                              2038.2

MITCHELL, JONI                                               COURT AND SPARK (HDCD)                                                                      ASYLUM US                                                                              1001.2

MITCHELL, JONI                                               FOR THE ROSES (HDCD)                                                                            ASYLUM US                                                                              5057.2

MITCHELL, JONI                                               HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS (HDCD)                                                   REPRISE US                                                                              1051.2

MITCHELL, JONI                                               HITS (HDCD)                                                                                                   REPRISE US                                                                              46326.2

MITCHELL, JONI                                               SONG TO A SEAGULL (HDCD)                                                                  REPRISE US                                                                              6293.2

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              CRISES (HDCD)                                                                                             VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 10

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              DISCOVERY (HDCD)                                                                                     CAROLINE US         CAR 1851

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              FIVE MILES OUT (HDCD)                                                                             CAROLINE US         CAR 1853

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              HEAVEN’S OPEN (HDCD)                                                                           VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 16

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              HERGEST RIDGE (HDCD)                                                                           CAROLINE US         CAR 49368

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              INCANTATIONS (HDCD)                                                                              VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 5

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              ISLANDS (HDCD)                                                                                          VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 15

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              KILLING FIELDS, THE (O.S.T.) (HDCD)                                                     VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 12

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              OMMADAWN (HDCD)                                                                                   VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 4

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              PLATINUM (HDCD)                                                                                       VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 7

OLDFIELD, MIKE                                              QE2 (HDCD)                                                                                                    VIRGIN UK                                                                              MIKECD 8

ROXY MUSIC                                                     COUNTRY LIFE (HDCD)                                                                               VIRGIN JPN                                                                              VJCP-68824

ROXY MUSIC                                                     FOR YOUR PLEASURE (HDCD)                                                                 VIRGIN JPN                                                                              VJCP-68822

ROXY MUSIC                                                     MANIFESTO (HDCD)                                                                                     VIRGIN JPN                                                                              VJCP-68827

ROXY MUSIC                                                     ROXY MUSIC (HDCD)                                                                                   VIRGIN JPN                                                                              VJCP-68821

ROXY MUSIC                                                     SIREN (HDCD)                                                                                                VIRGIN JPN                                                                              VJCP-68825

ROXY MUSIC                                                     STRANDED (HDCD)                                                                                      VIRGIN JPN                                                                              VJCP-68823

STILLS, STEPHEN                                            STEPHEN STILLS (HDCD)                                                                          ATLANTIC US                                                                              82809.2

YOUNG, NEIL                                                    MASSEY HALL 1971 (HDCD)                                                                      REPRISE US                                                                              43327.2

YOUNG, NEIL                                                    NEIL YOUNG (HDCD)                                                                                   REPRISE US                                                                              517934.2

And I found a few more recently…


Happy birthday to Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave fame). I like their 45’s!

It’s been a while since I discovered a new format!


I recently got a new Cambridge Audio disc player that handles CD’s, SA-CD’s, DVD Audio & Blu-ray discs! Owing to factory “pre-sets”, I had to figure out to set the SA-CD output to ‘PCM’ (as opposed to ‘DSD’) – otherwise, no part of my set-up recognized SA-CD’s!


An interesting thing about this new player: It actually recognizes and identifies HDCD’s!


I’ve got a few of ‘em, some Buffalo Springfield albums & maybe a few others. But I will confess, “Again” by Buffalo Springfield (which is an ‘HDCD’), sounded pretty darned good to me last night!


So, something about yielding 20 bit from 16bit?


I am certain I have seen this designation on a few other CD’s that I own, but can’t for the life of me think of which ones. I also think I’ve seen the logo ‘HDCD’ on CD’s from Japan?


And while not delivering the same kick as SA-CD’s, the HDCD’s I played last night did sound really good! However, as they’re both Buffalo Springfield titles, they are 60’s recordings and, let’s be honest, the Buffalo Springfield albums are not the best sounding titles to ever walk down the pike.


I bet the 8CD Neil Young boxed set is HDCD!

Inserts! Posters!

Happy birthday Fee Waybill (of The Tubes) (1950) and Bill Black (of the Bill Black Combo and Elvis Presley fame) (1926).


In 1965, Bob Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” LP came with a (Milton Glaser) poster.


In 1966, Frank Zappa asked for $1 to be sent in, and they would send you a “Freak Map” (2LP: “Freak Out”). It didn’t come with “Freak Out”, you had to send them money to get one; I got lucky, my older sister sent them money.


In 1967, The Beatles asked for and got an insert and special inner sleeve for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”; thus enhancing it’s position in the field of “Hippie Entitlement”. Much later, George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” (3LP) had a fairly large poster. John Lennon “Plastic Ono Band” LP only had an inner sleeve & custom label. Ringo Starr’s 3rd album “Ringo” had a fairly large lyrics book.


In 1968, Country Joe & The Fish asked for and got a “Fish Game” in their 2nd album, “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die”. Also in 1968, the debut album by singer / songwriter Leonard Cohen had a lyrics sheet (printed on nicer paper) with a flap.


By 1969, there were lots of inserts / posters being put in LP’s, such as the poster in “Let It Bleed” by The Rolling Stones. People hadn’t even forgotten their 3D ”Their Satanic Majesties Request” LP cover!


At the end of 1970, beginning of 1971, the U.S. band Chicago asked for and got a large poster in their 2nd album, still titled “Chicago”. Also in 1970, The Firesign Theatre “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliars” came with a large poster, of polaroids – the first poster in a comedy / spoken word LP?


The Guess Who “Best Of” came with a day-glo poster (1971)! Then all hell broke loose and band all over the world began requesting lyrics sheets / posters / inserts.


Santana “Abraxis” had a nice poster, but that got forgotten fairly quickly.


The most extreme? Probably the giant poster in Chicago’s “Chicago Live At Carnegie Hall” (4LP set). It’s absolutely huge!


Best LP packaging ever? The Tadanori Yokoo designed package for Santana “Lotus”, originally issued by CBS / Sony, Japan (a 3LP set with posters, inserts etc.).


Care to nominate your favorite LP insert or poster? Do so in the comments.