Bert Jansch “Black Birds Of Brittany” 45

BERT JANSCH “Black Birds Of Brittany” 45 (Earth Records) 2016 HTTP://

This 45 re-issue comes with an absolutely beautiful postcard (apparently drawn by Hannah Alice)!  It says it is re-mastered by Brian Pyle, with thanks to Colin Harper and Chris Fowler.  I first read about this 45 in Record Collector magazine, from the UK.  The paper on the sleeve is heavy, and looks GREAT!

A: Black Birds of Brittany

B: Cuckoo (recorded live on Swedish TV, 1976)

Bob Dylan – “Dylan” (8″ packaging, 2007 master)

Happy birthday David Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears) (1941); also “Live Peace In Toronto 1969” is recorded tonight!

BOB DYLAN – “Dylan” (Columbia 8883714922)

As good as a good “Best of” or “Greatest Hits”, I bought a copy of this in Raleigh, North Carolinaat a place called “Ollie’s Army” in 8” packaging, for less than $2.-

I already have all of the SA-CD’s that were done for Mr. Dylan, and they technically sound “better”.  But this is a fairly recent mastering from 2007, so it does not sound bad.

I could use this CD as a “Greatest Hits” with the first 12 tracks alone. But there are 18 tracks.  And I do enjoy the 8” packaging!  (I wonder how many of those there were?)


Happy birthday to singer Jackie Lomax (1944); singer Donovan P. Leitch (1946); guitarist Dave Mason (1946); singer Jay Ferguson (Spirit) (1947) and drummer Sly Dunbar (1952).

A wealth of people I could choose from today!

Donovan is still alive, so I’ll pick him!

CD                SUNSHINE SUPERMAN                                                                             EMI UK                       35662

2005 17 TRKS stereo CD

LP                 SUNSHINE SUPERMAN (NL)                                                                     EPIC NL                      BN 26217

1966 10 TRKS stereo LP re-issue

LP                 SUNSHINE SUPERMAN (US)                                                                     EPIC US                      BN 26217

1966 10 TRKS stereo LP

LP                 SUNSHINE SUPERMAN (Pye)                                                                   PYE UK                       NPL 18181

1967 12 TRKS mono LP UK original issue


7″                 SUNSHINE SUPERMAN / TRIP, THE (US) red                                         EPIC US                      5-10045

1966 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, red vinyl


7″                 MELLOW YELLOW (PS)                                                                           EPIC US                      5-10098

1966 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                MELLOW YELLOW                                                                                   EMI UK                       35672

2005 20 TRKS stereo CD

LP                 MELLOW YELLOW (US)                                                                           EPIC US                      BN 26239

1967 10 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 EPISTLE TO DIPPY (PS)                                                                             EPIC US                      5-10127

1967 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 EPISTLE TO DIPPY / PREACHIN’ LOVE (US) promo                               EPIC US                      5-10127

1967 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                 FOR LITTLE ONES (US)                                                                              EPIC US                      BN 26350

1967 12 TRKS stereo LP


CD                GIFT FROM A FLOWER TO A GARDEN, A                                              EMI UK                       788920

2008 22 TRKS stereo CD 2-on-1

LP                 GIFT FROM A FLOWER TO A GARDEN, A (US)                                      EPIC US                      B2N 171

1967 22 TRKS stereo 2LP boxed set, insert


7″                 JENNIFER JUNIPER / POOR COW (PS)                                                    EPIC US                      5-10300

1967? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 THERE IS A MOUNTAIN / SAND AND FOAM (US) promo                    EPIC US                      5-10212

1967 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                 WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN                                                            EPIC US                      BN 26349

1967 10 TRKS stereo LP

LP                 WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN (US)                                                    EPIC US                      BN 26349

1967 10 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 WEAR YOUR LOVE LIKE HEAVEN / OH GOSH (US)                               EPIC US                      5-10253

1967? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


  7″                 ATLANTIS / TO SUSAN ON THE WEST COAST WAITING (PS) (Jpn)    CBS / SONY JPN        SONG 80063

1968? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                 DONOVAN IN CONCERT                                                                           PYE UK                       NSPL 18237

1968 14 TRKS stereo LP Live album


7″                 HURDY GURDY MAN, THE                                                                        EPIC US                      5-10345

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


CD                HURDY GURDY MAN, THE                                                                        EMI UK                       35682

2005 20 TRKS stereo CD

LP                 HURDY GURDY MAN, THE                                                                        EPIC NL                      BN 26420

1968 13 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 JENNIFER JUNIPER / POOR COW                                                            PYE UK                       7N 17457

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 JENNIFER JUNIPER / POOR COW promo                                               EPIC US                      5-10300

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


7″                 THERE IS A MOUNTAIN / SAND AND FOAM                                         EPIC US                      5-10212

1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 ATLANTIS / TO SUSAN ON THE WEST COAST WAITING (PS)              EPIC US                      5-10434

1969 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo sticker on cover

7″                 ATLANTIS promo                                                                                      EPIC US                      5-10434

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo-only


CD                BARABAJAGAL                                                                                          EMI UK                       73569.2

2005 23 TRKS stereo CD

LP                 BARABAJAGAL (DE)                                                                                 EPIC DE                      BN 26481

1969 10 TRKS stereo LP

LP                 BARABAJAGAL (US)                                                                                 EPIC US                      BN 26481

1969 10 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 BARABAJAGAL / TRUDI                                                                           PYE UK                       7N 17778

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve; Jeff Beck Group


LP                 GREATEST HITS (US)                                                                                 EPIC US                      BXN 26439

1969 11 TRKS stereo LP collection, booklet


7″                 LALENA / AYE MY LOVE promo                                                              EPIC US                      5-10393

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                 THIS IS DONOVAN                                                                                    EPIC NL                      EPC S66251

1969 24 TRKS stereo 2LP collection


LP                 OPEN ROAD                                                                                              EPIC DE                      BN 26278

1970 12 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 RIKI TIKI TAVI / ROOTS OF OAK promo                                                 EPIC US                      5-10649

1970 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


7″                 CELIA OF THE SEALS (PS) (US)                                                                EPIC US                      5-10694

1971 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                 H.M.S. DONOVAN                                                                                     DAWN UK                 DNLD 4001

1971 28 TRKS stereo 2LP


LP                 WORLD OF, THE (Epic)                                                                            EPIC NL                      EPC 66289

1972 20 TRKS stereo 2LP collection


CD                COSMIC WHEELS                                                                                      EPIC UK                      477378.2

1990? 10 TRKS stereo CD

LP                 COSMIC WHEELS                                                                                      EPIC UK                      EPC 65450

1973 10 TRKS stereo LP

Roy Harper (pre-1970)

Happy birthday John Evan (Jethro Tull) (1948)

Because I’ve been listening lately, today I will speak about the first couple Roy Harper records. I do not seem to have ever obtained “Sophisticated Beggar” (Strike label, UK ’67), his debut LP. Understandable, really. Probably by the time I was looking for it initially (’75?), it was unclear WHAT constituted an original UK LP.

For reasons previously stated, I always thought “Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith” was his Shel Talmy-produced debut LP! Well, it ain’t, isn’t it! I recently read something written by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull saying really good stuff about the “Ghengis Smith” LP, and I thought, “Hang on, I’ve got that one!” Indeed I do, a MINT-y UK original LP – CBS U.K. always gets a bad rap for their (usually) horrible pressings, but THIS LP is very quiet and my copy looked to be virtually unplayed, and in MINT condition. And good stuff, too. Loved the minimal arrangements; the SFX etc.

So, after “Ghengis Smith”, I proceeded onto “Folkjokeopus”. I distinctly remember meeting Mr. Harper around ’76 or so, shoving my World Pacific US LP of “Folkjokeopus” – and Roy says to me, “What the hell are these songs? I don’t remember them!”. Indeed, the US & UK LP’s are very different! (Duly noted, Sir).

After “Folkjokeopus”, it’s onto “Flat Baroque & Berserk”! I believe Mr. Harper actually confesses to the rock band on “Hell’s Angels” being The Nice, on his website. Hang on a minute there! The US & UK LP’s are DIFFERENT yet again! Mr. Harper wrote “Rubbish” across the liner notes, such as they are…perhaps so! But I like it! US cover says it was released January 1970, so I decide to stop here. So that’s your description of pre-1970 Roy Harper LP’s from me. The short songs were mainly what I was after, but the longer pieces are extraordinary, particularly for when they were recorded!

Roy Harper

Happy birthday guitarist Peter Banks (1950). I love his first LP / CD, “The Two Sides of Peter Banks”!

As some of you already know, I got sick recently and had to spend 9 freaking days in hospital! Now I have a pacemaker, so the heart is well on it’s way to mending itself.

= = =

Roy Harper (still alive!)

CD                BBC TAPES – Vol. 2 – IN CONCERT 1974                                                         SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 023        1974

CD                BURN THE WORLD                                                                                              SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 013        1994

LP                COME OUT FIGHTING GHENGIS SMITH                                                          CBS UK                          63184


CD                COMMERCIAL BREAKS                                                                                       SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 016        1979

CD                DESCENDANTS OF SMITH                                                                                 EMI UK                            790139.2          1988

CD                DREAM SOCIETY, THE                                                                                         SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 030        1998

12″               ELIZABETH (with Jimmy Page)                                                                           BEGGAR’S BAN UK     BEG 131T         1985

CD                FLASHES FROM THE ARCHIVES OF OBLIVION                                             AWARENESS UK         AWCD 1012     1974

CD                FLAT BAROQUE AND BERSERK                                                                       HARD UP UK                HUCD 003        1970

LP                FLAT BAROQUE AND BERSERK                                                                       HARVEST UK                SHVL 766         1970

LP                FLAT BAROQUE AND BERSERK (US)                                                              HARVEST US                SKAO 413         1969

CD                FOLKJOKEOPUS                                                                                                   AWARENESS UK         AWCD 1003     1969

LP                FOLKJOKEOPUS                                                                                                   LIBERTY UK                  LBS 83231       1969

LP                FOLKJOKEOPUS (US)                                                                                         WORLD PACIFIC US   WPS 21888      1969

CD                HATS OFF                                                                                                                RIGHT STUFF US        27640


CD                HQ                                                                                                                             SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 019        1975

LP                HQ                                                                                                                             HARVEST UK                SHSP 4046      1975

7″                 I STILL CARE / GOODBYE LADYBIRD (PS)                                                      PUBLIC UK                    PUBS 1002      1983

CD                IN BETWEEN EVERY LINE                                                                                  SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 018        1986

LP                IN BETWEEN EVERY LINE                                                                                  EMI UK                            EN 5004            1986

LP                INTRODUCTION TO ROY HARPER, AN promo                                              CHRYSALIS US            PRO 620           1975

7″                 LAUGHING INSIDE / (ACOUSTIC VERSION) (PS)                                          EMI UK                            EM 46


CD                LIFEMASK                                                                                                                AWARENESS UK         AWCD 1007     1973

LP                LIFEMASK                                                                                                                HARVEST UK                SHVL 808         1973

LP                MAN AND MYTH                                                                                                     BELLA UK                      BELLA V421     2013

7″                 MIDSPRING DITHERING / ZENGEM                                                                  EPIC US                         5-10268            1967

7″                 NO-ONE GETS OUT ALIVE / CASUALTY (PS)                                                  PUBLIC UK                    PUBS 1001      1982

LP                ONCE                                                                                                                       AWARENESS UK         AWL 1018         1990

CD                ONE OF THOSE DAYS IN ENGLAND (BULLINAMINGVASE)                        SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 021        1977

LP                ONE OF THOSE DAYS IN ENGLAND (BULLINAMINGVASE) (US)               CHRYSALIS US            CHR 1138        1977

LP                ONE OF THOSE DAYS IN ENGLAND (BULLINAMINGVASE) (US) test       CHRYSALIS US            CHR 1138        1977

7″                 ONE OF THOSE DAYS IN ENGLAND / WATFORD GAP (PS)                        HARVEST UK                HAR 5120         1977

7″                 PLAYING GAMES / FIRST THING IN THE MORNING (PS)                             HARVEST UK                HAR 5203         1980

7″                 REFERENDUM / GROWN UPS ARE JUST SILLY CHILDREN                     HARVEST UK                HAR 5102         1975

7″                 REFERENDUM promo                                                                                         HARVEST UK                PSR 407           1977

7″                 SAIL AWAY (Edited version) promo                                                                    HARVEST UK                HAR 5140         1977

7″                 SAIL AWAY / CHERISHING THE LONESOME                                                  HARVEST UK                HAR 5140         1977

7″                 SHORT AND SWEET / WATER SPORTS / UNKNOWN SOLDIER (PS)      HARVEST UK                HAR 5207         1980

CD                STORMCOCK                                                                                                         SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 004        1971

LP                STORMCOCK                                                                                                         HARVEST UK                SHVL 789         1971

CD                UNKNOWN SOLDIER, THE                                                                                 SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 031        1980

LP                UNKNOWN SOLDIER, THE                                                                                 HARVEST UK                SHVL 820         1980

CD                VALENTINE                                                                                                             SCIENCE FRI UK         HUCD 015        1974

LP                VALENTINE                                                                                                             HARVEST UK                SHSP 4027      1974

CD                WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUGULA? (with Jimmy Page)                          BEGGAR’S BAN UK     BBL 60CD        1985

LP                WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUGULA? (with Jimmy Page)                          BEGGAR’S BAN UK     BEGA 60           1985

LP                WHEN AN OLD CRICKETER LEAVES THE CREASE                                    CHRYSALIS US            CHR 1105        1975

7″                 WHEN AN OLD CRICKETER… / HOME (Studio Vers.) (PS)                         HARVEST NL                5C006-06748  1975

7″                 WHEN AN OLD CRICKETER… / HOME (Studio Vers.) (PS) promo            HARVEST UK                HAR 5160         1975

CD                WORK OF HEART                                                                                                  AWARENESS UK         AWCD 1002     1982

LP                WORK OF HEART                                                                                                  PUBLIC UK                    PUBLP 5001    1982

Strawbs / David Cousins

Today is the anniversary of “Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles (1964)

The Strawbs

LP                BURSTING AT THE SEAMS                                                 A&M UK  AMLH 68144

1973 10 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


CD                FROM THE WITCHWOOD                                                   A&M UK  540939.2

1998 11 TRKS stereo CD 1 x bonus track


7″                 HEAVY DISGUISE / BENEDICTUS                                     A&M US  1364-S

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                HERO AND HEROINE                                                          A&M UK  AMLH 63607

1974 10 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve



1998 9 TRKS stereo CD Live; 3 x bonus tracks


1970 6 TRKS stereo LP


7″                 LAY DOWN                                                                              A&M UK  AMS 7035

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


CD                MILLENNIUM COLLECTION, THE                                     A&M US  493157.2

2003 10 TRKS stereo CD collection


7″                 PART OF THE UNION                                                           A&M UK  AMS 7047

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 PART OF THE UNION (mono / stereo) (US)                    A&M US  1419-S

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo-only


LP                STRAWBS                                                                               A&M UK  AMLS 936

1969 11 TRKS stereo LP


LP                STRAWBS BY CHOICE                                                        A&M UK  AMLH 68259

1974 10 TRKS stereo LP collection


CD                TEARS AND PAVAN – AN INTRODUCTION TO                A&M UK  493369.2

2002 14 TRKS stereo CD collection


Dave Cousins solo:

7″                 GOING HOME / WAYS AND MEANS    A&M UK                AMS 7032        1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


CD                TWO WEEKS LAST SUMMER              MUSKRAT JPN   RATCD-4217  2004 9 TRKS stereo CD Kami sleeve


LP                TWO WEEKS LAST SUMMER              A&M AUS             L 34964            1973 9 TRKS stereo LP

Incredible String Band

Happy birthday Robin Williamson (of the Incredible String Band) (1943), singer / songwriter Lee Michaels (1945) and British guitarist Gary Boyle (of Isotope).


When did I first become aware of The Incredible String Band? Reading about them (but not hearing them) in a Hit Parader magazine? Or maybe I just saw their stuff (LP’s) filed in the “Folk” section of hippie record stores? Or both?


I seem to recall my route to them was not “direct”, I believe I bought a 4-track tape of “Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter” and had to stick a mechanical device into the cartridge to get it to play in an 8-track tape player, in my parents car (a Lincoln Continental that came with a ‘Lear Jet’ 8-track tape player). And even at age 10 or 11, I knew how to get music off of a variety of sources. Thus far, I do not believe I ever heard them on radio – but there’s only so many LP’s released around this time. What on Earth do they sound like?


Paul McCartney says he likes them. Oh, they must be good / OK. Any band with a LP title like “Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air” HAS to be good, right? An older brother of a school friend plays me that album, and I am hooked.


So, without really understanding the machinations involved in getting I.S.B. music to my youthful years, I carried on. ‘Blues rock’ was more prevalent, at that time – bands like The Groundhogs, The Edgar Broughton Band etc. But I could still find the time and place for the I.S.B.! Oh, wait – they’ve broken up? They’re scientologists? They hate each other? There’s Mike Heron and Robin Williamson solo albums already?


An Elektra (US) monthly sampler LP told me what I needed to know about the debut Mike Heron LP (“Smiling Men With Bad Reputations”), with a glorious song “Call Me Diamond”. It certainly didn’t hurt that the other song Elektra chose to ‘show off’ Mr. Heron’s work was “Warm Heart Pastry”, a track where he is backed by no less than The Who in 1970!


The I.S.B. has concluded and it takes me a few years to get UK Elektra or Island pressings of most all of their albums. I bought everything I could find on both Mike and Robin, though there’s not all that much stuff. I seem to have 4 or 5 Robin Williamson LP’s, but they’re US pressings, mostly. The Mike Heron stuff is entirely UK pressings, but the debut album is more impressive to me, still! And am I done collecting them? By no means, I only have 1 x Elektra 45! And no Island (UK) 45’s! And maybe missing a few UK pressings of earlier albums.


Yes, it would be considered ‘folk’ music; yes, some of it is very electric. As Williamson is Scottish, it’s not a million miles from that era of Donovan work, but that is not how I would classify it. It’s it’s own thing. And YES I am a fan of Dr. Strangely Strange, the Irish band who loved The Incredible String Band, but that’s another tale to tell.

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell

Song For A Seagull (1968 debut, HDCD)


Supposedly produced by David Crosby, the CD cover now says Produced by Joni Mitchell. And she wasn’t trading on her booty! I knew “Michael From Mountains” as it had been previously covered by…Judy Collins? Well, it had already been covered. I had some idea about the education of (many) Canadians, due to my exposure to Leonard Cohen.


My only complaint with this album is that I don’t like her “yodeling” during overdubs. The HDCD sounds fine, for a 1968 recording. Studio credits are not given, and titling the sides of the record was something new, too – suggesting they are a ‘song cycle’ – which was new in 1968. I doubt there are mono copies of this LP, but maybe the promo LP was mono?; and what is the 45 from this album? I do not remember hearing this LP on the FM radio, when I was very young.


Clouds (1969 2nd album, HDCD)


Two really famous songs on this album, thanks again to Judy Collins. I remember hearing “Chelsea Morning” by Joni Mitchell on the FM radio; thanks to Warner / Reprise sampler LP’s I knew what label she was signed to. What’s the Joni Mitchell 45 for this LP? “Chelsea Morning”? I doubt the promo LP was mono, but you can never be sure. FM radio seemed to love her, by now. HDCD sounds great, for 1969.


Ladies of the Canyon (1970 3rd album, HDCD)


BIG HIT single, please! Generational recognition, hippie entitlement? “Woodstock” was a good Crosby Stills Nash & Young song – hear her version here! She’s beginning to add instruments other than guitar and piano to this album – Milt Holland! Famous unnamed backing vocalists. 3rd album with artist cover art.


Blue (1971 4th album, HDCD)


The difficult 4th album! And James Taylor? Really? Guess she didn’t mind a bit of junk, as Mr. Taylor was not unmedicated at this time. Russ Kunkel! (Session men!). But I am not one for serious singer / songwriter albums; well, I do own a few Leonard Cohen albums. I was 14 when this album first walked down the pike; I knew nothing about interpersonal relationships, as yet.


For The Roses (1972 5th album, HDCD)


More session men! James Burton! She says “fuck” on “Woman Of Heart and Mind”, but – as previously stated – at 15, I knew nothing about interpersonal relationships. And she’s naked on the cover, without giving it away. Steve Stills was here!


Court and Spark (1974 6th album, HDCD)


“Help Me” got played to death on FM radio! As did “Free Man In Paris”. “Raised On Robbery” was a good 45, but FM radio favored the other two songs previously mentioned. LOTS of session men! Hippie entitlement! An Annie Ross cover version! Wayne Perkins!


HDCD sounds pretty good, but it gets awful close to “slick crap, L.A. style” – for my taste. I was never a fan of Steely Dan or The Crusaders.

Neil Young

Happy birthday Adam Ant (1954) and Lulu (Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie) (1948).


Neil Young (1968 debut, HDCD)


I had forgotten this album begins with an instrumental song. The song “The Loner” had already appeared on a Warner / Reprise sampler LP, and – having been a Buffalo Springfield fan – I was inclined to listen. In 1969, the name Jack Nitzsche didn’t mean anything. It would after “Performance” (the film) got released, but that’s in the future.


The shorter songs on this album sound like Buffalo Springfield songs, so – for argument’s sake – let’s say I am 100% OK with anything under 9 minutes in length. I was mildly amused at a solo album from a member of Buffalo Springfield, as I probably hadn’t fully realized how those guys worked together.


The 2009 HDCD sounds pretty good, for a recording of this age.


Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969, 2nd album, HDCD)


With the allure of the BIG HIT single, “Cinnamon Girl” – many people became aware of who Neil Young was, with this album. The 9 minute rule is now a 10 minute rule, why did he insist on making 2 such “epic” works on this LP? (I know, because he could). As I recall, this LP was $4.98 list price – not a more expensive $5.98 list price. So, Warner / Reprise wanted EVERYBODY to buy it. And with the BIG HIT single, that could be possible!


FM radio guys could put on one of the 2 x “epics”, and go out for a smoke!


After The Goldrush (1970, 3rd album, HDCD)


This is actually the album I am most familiar with. Having been propped up by “Déjà Vu” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, I was ready for this album. The writing / singing sounds a bit more ‘English’, despite it’s (obviously) Canadian roots. The electric music of “Southern Man” sounded pretty good, too. And no 10 minute songs! The LP I bought came with a large poster, which is presently in the booklet of the CD. Yes, people wondered about Young’s pants, displayed on the rear cover. Let’s just say it dovetailed nicely with “Déjà vu”. Decent stuff!


Harvest (1972, 4th album, HDCD)


Perhaps some hippie entitlement is in order here. Following Bob Dylan to Nashville was impressive, as Young was among the first to do it. I am not quite at peace with James Taylor being on this LP, but the lap steel guitar doesn’t sound bad. And a 2nd BIG HIT single! “Are You Ready For The Country?” sounds like a statement of ownership, for a generation. Anyone listening to The Band had to hear this album! And, unless I am mistaken, this album started life as a $5.98 list, so not a normal $4.98 album. I read that Young originally wanted the LP package to degrade, once the shrinkwrap was gone – and that’s why the album has always had a rough texture on the cover.


I am amazed that this album gets picked as the BEST early Neil Young LP, over “After The Goldrush” – there’s no CSNY stardust on this album! Just more Jack Nitzsche stardust.


And it certainly didn’t help things by Crazy Horse making their own album; how much of this stuff is there to buy? Will the dominance of US acts prevail? Or will other influences be at work?


I was not a huge fan of “Harvest” upon it’s initial release, so I guess you could safely say I was already wandering off to new destinations, forever forsaking US artists. It sounds better today than it did in 1972, but…

Leonard Cohen

Happy birthday to keyboard player Don Preston (of The Mothers of Invention) (1932), and to Canadian singer / songwriter Leonard Cohen (1934).


Perhaps you don’t care or maybe you really like him, but people are never usually ‘divided’ about what they think of Mr. Leonard Cohen.


My sisters played me his debut LP, when it was a new release. I immediately liked the John Simon production (the strings, arrangements) and even on his debut, Cohen had me with his words. I read “The Favorite Game” shortly thereafter.


The next Cohen LP that made a big impression on me was “New Skin For The Old Ceremony” (1974), an LP that seemed to have 2 completely different covers! Have you heard that LP? Powerful stuff!


Once he had an LP that didn’t get a U.S. release, “Various Positions” (1979)…I believe he was confirmed as the unofficial “poet Lauerete” of Canada. Yes, the LP eventually came out in the U.S., but not on Columbia Records – it got ‘licensed’…


His 80’s output gained favor with a new generation of fans. Biographies began to appear. I found his 1957 spoken word LP on Folkways. It was difficult to find all of Cohen’s books, even then!


His ‘this century’ titles are many and confusing – how many live CD’s does he have?


How many studio albums does he have? I can think of “Ten New Songs”, “Dear Heather”, “Old Ideas” and “Popular Problems”, for modern day studio albums. And at least 3 (or 4?) x live albums?


I went to Toronto in 2006, and Leonard Cohen was never far from the surface. I’ve had the good fortune to see him play live a few times; the 1984 show was particularly good – Wiltern Theatre, sitting not far from Joni Mitchell.


I also got to begin to collect his documentary films: The CBC in Canada showed a few (“I Am A Hotel”), and the “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen” DVD. And a film of his ’72 tour, as a DVD. I also tried 2 x newer DVD’s, “Live At The Isle of Wight 1970” and “Songs From The Road” (2010, mostly ’08 & ’09 recordings).


It’s nice to know that L.C. gets something from my recent purchases.