Terry Riley

Happy birthday Bill Haley (1925) and Gene Chandler (of The Dukays) (1937).

Terry Riley

I have always liked Terry Riley!

I believe he’s an American and still alive.

CD                IN C                                                                       COLUMBIA UK  494983.2

1999? 1 TRK stereo CD


LP                 PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES                          SHANTI FR         83501

1972 4 TRKS stereo 2LP

CD                PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES                          MANTRA FR       MANTRA 077

1992 4 TRKS stereo 2CD


LP                 HAPPY ENDING – LES YEUX FERMES (O.S.T.)    WARNER FR       46125

1972 2 TRKS stereo LP O.S.T.

LP                 HAPPY ENDING – LES YEUX FERMES (O.S.T.)    WARNER JPN     P-10394W

1977 2 TRKS stereo LP insert, O.S.T. re-issue


LP                 RAINBOW IN CURVED AIR, A                             COLUMBIA US   MS 7315

1969 2 TRKS stereo LP


LP                 SECRET DE LA VIE, LE (O.S.T.)                             PHILIPS FR         9120 037

1975 6 TRKS stereo LP O.S.T.


“Persian Surgery Dervishes” was originally a double LP on the Shandar label, from France.

Arthur Brown

Happy birthday Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads) (1950) and Harpo Marx (1893)! Not much of a Talking Heads fan, and are there 2 or 3 Harpo Marx LP’s? I saw a Harpo Marx EP in Portland, but somehow it didn’t come back with me to California.


I did buy 2 x Arthur Brown new-to-me titles, however.


After being a childhood fan of “Fire!” and a life-long collector of Track Record UK, I got to meet ‘the God of Hell, Fire’ out in Thousand Oaks, about 1982. So, that’s why most of my Arthur Brown records have the designation, “Autographed”. “Fire!” was, indeed, pervasive. My 10 year old brain could not comprehend what was going on, really. I knew about hippies, but much less about psychedelia.


The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” was, in fact, rather psychedelic; in a way that a lot of other stuff was NOT psychedelic. I think I have 10 or 12 LP variants, including mono / stereo, US / UK, many many re-issues.


That album did prepare me for what was to follow, but not really. Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come released an LP called “Galactic Zoo Dossier” in 1971 that, uh, changed the way I viewed music. I must’ve been about 13 or 14 when I first really realized that music collecting was a ‘lifestyle’. However, I chose to live that lifestyle without illegal drugs. Oh, get the 2nd LP by Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come, “Kingdom Come” (1972)!


Arthur Brown was very much still alive after the Kingdom Come LP’s. He’s really tall and has a really amazing voice, rather obviously. Which brings me to the newer titles I found in Portland. “The Voice Of Love” looks to be from 2007 and has a really rather good version (a new recording) of his old Crazy World “hit” “Devil’s Grip”. What? Yes!


Zim Zam Zim” appears to be from 2014 and guest stars Victor Peraino (from the 3rd Kingdom Come LP, “Journey”). Haven’t played this LP yet, but it looks pretty good. On the Bronze Rat label, from England. One supposes Arthur is kicking and screaming well into the 21st century, despite a career that began with a BANG! and then the shockwaves lessened.


Not many of the class of 1968 are still making records I want to try and listen to. Leonard Cohen is still making mostly live albums, but he’s still alive. Grace Slick or Paul Kanter seem to refuse to record anymore. No more Neil Young for me, thanks. I seem to recall a few Steve Winwood records that weren’t bad, but certainly not “essential”.