Work #2

Happy birthday to singer Tommy Roe (1942) and singer Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield) (1944).

From West Covina, I was offered a job at the distributor that owned the store I was working for.  Late ’78 or early ’79?  No girlfriend, all the high school girlfriends were busy now in college!  My band was “active” at that time, too.  The distributor was in Glendale, CA – about 35 miles from my home, but I could carpool with my late brother, who also worked there.

I worked for the guy who had taken over the ‘imported’ product; so I pulled orders and got to use the shrinkwrap machine a lot!  My brother worked in the special order office and he seemed to fit in to working there better than I did.  I am maybe 21 at this time.  It was during this time that I first went to England and Europe.

I continued working at Superior Music Distributor, working more and enjoying it less.  Little did I know that the main course was just on the horizon!

I went to work for Tony Harrington in 1982.  USS&M, with an understanding that bI could run a mail-order business ANZ Imports.  I went to New Zealand 7 times between 1980 and 1987.  I imported LP’s from New Zealand from about 1982 to 1987.  I knew (and know) lots of music business people – in New Zealand.

A guy I met in NZ moved to England, and earned a lot of money.  He wanted a tax break, so he asked me about setting up an exporting company.  I had worked at an importer; I knew how to write catalogues, and how to arrange for shipments to be picked up etc.

The then-wife and I moved to England in late 1989, to check things out and to discuss further what paperwork had to be done for us to officially move to England.  We moved to England in February, 1990.

The guy hadn’t set any of it up.  He’d leased premises, but that was it!  It took ages to get accounts at record companies; and the shipping of product took more than a small bit of figuring out.

We only stayed in England a year, both the wife and I did our respective parts – she wrote a book catalogue and I wrote an LP / CD catalogue – all items that could potentially be exported.

The food wasn’t very good in England, in 1990.  We had to go to Holland to buy groceries!

Work #1

Happy birthday to drummer Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) (1948)!

I first went to work in a record store in 1976, at the age of 17.  Bellflower, CA.  I got to “inventory” the “Hit Sheets”, among other things.  “Will we sell more Stevie Wonder if we file him in rock?”  I remember being given the task of figuring out if we could add 4 bins of Country & Western (losing 2 bins each in R&B and jazz).  The hippie record store had to cater to the community, at least somewhat!

We sold a lot of Kiss, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Ted Nugent, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder – as the community was primarily ‘latin’.  There were always lots of kids around, because the store I worked for gave away free licorice!

Salesmen would sometimes come into our store; most brought empty LP sleeves – ostensibly to make displays for new records.  I was the youngest one there, but I knew it was what I wanted to do with myself!  So what if everybody else was stoned all the time?  Y’mean even the manager was stoned?

So, with everybody but myself stoned all the time…the minute the door would get locked (at 11:00pm), somebody would like up a marijuana cigarette!  The “Keyholder” could count the cash, two of us took out the trash, another to straighten up the LP’s on display, organize the order book & special orders…

Whoever had to take out the trash had to empty the ash trays!  Yuck!

The good stuff?  Lunches from Ricci’s deli, 2 days off per week!  I finally earned enough money to buy an orange Datsun B-210 (with a 8-track player in it).

I followed my manager to the next location he had been assigned: West Covina, roughly 30 miles from my home.  Each hippie record store had it’s own ‘vibe’, and West Covina wasn’t Bellflower.  I didn’t know what went on around there, like I had known what went on in Bellflower.  I did meet some nice folks, but the existing staff of the store weren’t as sharp as Bellflower.  I believe the faux-punks were all still making their minds up as to whether or not they should support punk or disco.

And disco won.  It was “Saturday Night Fever” time – and that record just flew out of our store!  It was bigger than big, and West Covina stayed disco; the staff dressed as disco people, not punks – if you wanted punks, go out to Riverside!  They had real punks, girls with dyed hair, guys with facial tattoos etc.

Stomu Yamashta

Sorry nothing yesterday, I only finished up to the end of April, never wrote anything for May.

I have been listening to 1. “Freedom Is Frightening” and “Stomu Yamahsta’s East Wind” by Stomu Yamashta; the bassist is Hugh Hopper, who I really like!  I recently found a Japanese pressing of “East Wind”, so that’s what prompted me to listen!  I am bowled over!  Amazing stuff, great playing!

And on Friday, Big Mark will come to Long Beach for a visit.  This means big time record store visits, and lots of good food!  (No alcohol for me, as Dr. Appts. loom in my future).

And there’s a swap meet on while Big Mark is visiting, Pasadena – so may do that, too!

  • Ron

Dick Schory

Happy birthday to Ann-Margaret (1941)!

Dick Schory “Music for Bang, Baa-room and Harp” by Dick Schory’s New Percussion Ensemble (Analogue Productions SA-CD, 2016, originally recorded for R.C.A. in 1958.)

This one got me out of bed at 5:00am, so forgive me if words fail me!  This LP / SA-CD was originally produced by Bob Bollard, in stereo, in 1958 – Orchestra Hall, Chicago June 2 and 3, 1958; Joe Wells and his Chicago crew handled the engineering.  Charlie Pruzansky somehow managed to snatch the three-track equipment still warm from a Van Cliburn New York session and have it appear at 7:00am Monday morning in Chicago.

The sound is detailed and WOW!  I am glad Analogue Productions saw fit to issue this classic as an SA-CD; “National Emblem March; Baia; Way Down Yonder In New Orleans; Ding Song Polks; April In Paris; Holiday In A Hurry; Buck Dance; Duel On The Skins; September In The Rain; Tiddley Winks; The Sheik Of Araby; Typee”  “Typee” is composed and arranged by Dick Schory and Bobby Christian; the rest are standard easy listening fare for 1958, but with LOTS more percussion!

I guess the Chicago Symphony Hall is where the full Chicago Symphony used to perform with Fritz Reiner at the helm.  Certainly some of his percussionists were present on “Music for Bang, Baa-room and Harp”!

So this recording was not only one of the earliest stereo recordings, it was done with microphone placement that would likely baffle modern humans; the tape recorder was a 3 track Ampex and the microphones were Telefunken 47’s, wide open.  “The big contribution of stereo is space”, the liner notes tell us.

So, crank up your stereo, get “Music for Bang, Baa-room and Harp” as an SA-CD and GO!  Amazing stuff!

Julian Lennon


Happy birthday Julian Lennon (1963), Alan Clarke (of The Hollies) (1942) and Dave Swarbrick (of Fairport Convention).

I do keep some Julian Lennon records, but not a large collection:

7″                 BECAUSE / (Instrumental) (PS)                        TOSHIBA JPN     EMS-17606

1986 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 SAY YOU’RE WRONG / BE BOP (PS)               CHARISMA UK    JL 3

1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 SAY YOU’RE WRONG / BIG MAMA (PS)          ATLANTIC US     7-89567

1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 SAY YOU’RE WRONG / LET ME BE (PS)         CHARISMA JPN  07VA-1010

1985 2 TRKS with pic sleeve



1986 10 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


12″               STICK AROUND                                                   CHARISMA UK    CB 420 12

1986 3 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve


12″               TOO LATE FOR GOODBYES                             ATLANTIC US     PR 694

1984 2 TRKS stereo 12″ no pic sleeve, promo-only

7″                 TOO LATE FOR GOODBYES (PS)                    CHARISMA JPN  07VA-1014

1984 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 VALOTTE                                                               CHARISMA UK    JL 2

1984 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

LP                VALOTTE                                                               CHARISMA JPN  28VB-1002

1984 10 TRKS stereo LP insert

12″               VALOTTE (12″)                                                     CHARISMA UK    JL2 12

1984 3 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve, poster

Matthew Fischer / King Curtis

Happy birthday Matthew Fisher (Procol Harum (1946) and sax player King Curtis (1934).

Matthew Fischer

LP                I’LL BE THERE           RCA US  APL1-0325  1974

1974 9 TRKS stereo LP

LP                JOURNEY’S END      RCA US  APL1-0195  1973

1973 10 TRKS stereo LP

LP                MATTHEW FISHER   A&M US   SP 4801       1980

1980 10 TRKS stereo LP


King Curtis


CD                BEST OF – ENJOY                                                                                  COLLECTABLES US   COLCD 5156   1989

1989 10 TRKS stereo CD collection

7″                 CHANGES (Pt. 1) (mono) / (stereo)                                                    ATCO US                       45-6834            1968

1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

LP                INSTANT GROOVE                                                                                 ATCO US                       SD 33-293        1969

1969 12 TRKS stereo LP

LP                KING SIZE SOUL                                                                                    ATCO US                       SD 33-231        1967

1967 10 TRKS stereo LP

7″                 LA JEANNE / LITTLE GREEN APPLES                                              ATCO US                       45-6695            1965

1965? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

7″                 LITTLE GREEN APPLES / LA JEANNE                                              ATCO US                       45-6695            1968

1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

CD                LIVE AT FILLMORE WEST                                                                    RHINO US                     R2 77632         1971

2006 14 TRKS stereo CD Live ’71

LP                NEW SCENE OF KING CURTIS, THE                                                DOXY EU                       DOY 673           1960

2012 5 TRKS stereo LP re-issue

LP                SAX IN MOTION                                                                                       CAMDEN US                 CAS-2242(e)    1968

1968 10 TRKS stereo LP collection

7″                 SOUL TWIST / SOUL SERENADE                                                      CAPITOL US                 6070                  1970

1970? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, re-issue

7″                 SOUL TWIST / TWISTING TIME                                                           ENJOY US                     1000                  1963

1963? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 TURN ‘EM ON / BEACH PARTY                                                           CAPITOL US                 4788                  1964

1964? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 WHITER SHADE OF PALE, A (EP) promo-only                                 ATCO US                       SP-4518           1968

1968? 4 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo-only

7″                 WHITER SHADE OF PALE, A / I HEARD IT THROUGH THE…      ATCO US                       45-6598            1968

1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo

Carole King

Happy birthday Carole King (1941)

Sorry I haven’t been updating my site recently. I mostly just plain got busy doing other things and forgot to do so. Please forgive me!

Yes, it’s Carole King’s birthday. I hope she’s happy & healthy. Though lots of folks who are 74 have been croaking lately…

I was always amused that there are A&M copies of “Tapestry” in several countries, yes, I own a few. Ode Records mostly went via Epic Records in the U.S., however.

I remember getting a 5.1 version of “Tapestry” as an SA-CD. Interesting to see how she was with Charles Larkey of The Fugs at that time.

Big Brother & The Holding Company

Happy birthday Janis Joplin (Big Brother & The Holding Company) (1943) and singer – songwriter Robert Palmer (1949).

I was probably hipped to Big Brother by either my oldest sister or my late brother. Strange hippie music from San Francisco! Exotic music! Electric music! As a youngster, I did, in fact, notice Janis Joplin – though I now see I couldn’t have possibly have noticed the subtext of what was going on (the drugs, her death etc.) “Cheap Thrills” was a lot of fun! John Simon produced a good album! Yeah, OK, some of it was ‘live’ and not their best work; it passed for what was ‘big fun’ once upon a time!

The Robert Crumb artwork on the cover also drew me in – comics! As a youth, my parents took me to San Francisco several times, usually staying at the Jack Tar Hotel (at Geary & Van Ness). There was a record store out Geary (towards the ocean) that had imported LP’s by Big Brother; I bought a UK CBS LP of “Cheap Thrills” that does not fold out at that store. Never seen it since then!

The debut LP on Mainstream Records was also amusing. However it didn’t make any sense for a hippie band from San Francisco to be signed to a label in the Midwest; they only usually released jazz & blues records! But the Big Brother debut LP was amusing; a rock band out of context, making the best LP they could – I suppose.

Something must’ve been “up”, as “Kozmic Blues” didn’t register with me when it was a new release; it’s not a Big Brother LP! It’s a Janis Joplin LP. These many years later, I guess I could tell (without knowing) that nobody in that band was having much fun. The drugs? Probably. I simply didn’t dig it.

Her final album “Pearl” was released posthumously, in early 1971. It was a better album than “Kozmic Blues”, probably due to Paul Rothchild producing it. Despite the fact that he was likely nearly as interested in drugs as she was!

Big Brother’s label, Columbia Records, put out 2 x LP’s by Big Brother without Janis Joplin and a 2LP set of live recordings of Janis Joplin. And the book has been closed on ‘em for quite a while; there is at least 1 x CD of Big Brother live with Janis Joplin that got released, them playing a ballroom somewhere in San Francisco.

The Smothers Brothers

Happy birthday to EZ singer Jack Jones (1938).

Probably because I could easily see them on TV, and my older brother had all of their LP’s – I got into The Smothers Brothers towards the end of the 1960’s. Yes, the TV show they had hosted some otherworldly amazing artists, such as The Who!

And I got to see them live in Las Vegas in 2002!

As it became time for me to find all of their records, I remembered something my late brother once told me: “Some Smothers Brothers LP’s have more songs than others” – huh? What? But he was right!

The debut album seems to match up, as does the second through the 6th album; for “Mom Always Liked You Best” mono LP has 13 tracks, stereo LP only has 11 tracks. I wonder how that happened?

The Smothers Brothers are not the first artist you think of, regarding 45’s, but I found some of those too!

My 2016 Smothers Brothers collection:

AESOP’S FABLES                                                                                          MERCURY US       SR 60989      LP

1964 15 TRKS stereo LP

AESOP’S FABLES mono                                                                               MERCURY US       MG 20989     LP

1964 15 TRKS mono LP


BEST OF, THE – SIBLING REVELRY                                                           RHINO US              R2 75235       CD

1998 18 TRKS stereo CD collection, US comedy


CURB YOUR TONGUE, KNAVE!                                                                  LAUGH.COM US  LGH 1125      CD

2002 8 TRKS stereo CD US comedy

CURB YOUR TONGUE, KNAVE!                                                                  MERCURY US       SR 60862      LP

1963 8 TRKS stereo LP comedy

CURB YOUR TONGUE, KNAVE! mono                                                      MERCURY US       MG 20862     LP

1963 8 TRKS mono LP comedy


GOLDEN HITS Vol. 2                                                                                     MERCURY US       MG 21089     LP

1966 8 TRKS mono LP comedy

GOLDEN HITS Vol. 2 (UK)                                                                            MERCURY UK       20099MCL    LP

1966 8 TRKS mono LP comedy


IT MUST HAVE BEEN SOMETHING I SAID!                                              MERCURY US       SR 60904      LP

1964 11 TRKS stereo LP

IT MUST HAVE BEEN SOMETHING I SAID! mono                                  MERCURY US       MG 20904     LP

1964 11 TRKS mono LP comedy


MOM ALWAYS LIKED YOU BEST!                                                              MERCURY US       SR 61051      LP

1965 11 TRKS stereo LP comedy

MOM ALWAYS LIKED YOU BEST! mono                                                   MERCURY US       MG 21051     LP

1965 13 TRKS mono LP comedy


PLAY IT STRAIGHT                                                                                         MERCURY US       MG 21064     LP

1966 13 TRKS mono LP


SLITHERY DEE / COO-COO, THE (EP) promo                                         MERCURY US       72323             7″

1964? 4 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR                                                MERCURY US       SR 61193      LP

1967? 12 TRKS stereo LP comedy


SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR (EP)                                       MERCURY US       DJ 104           7″

1968 7 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo-only


SONGS AND COMEDY OF, THE – AT THE PURPLE ONION                 MERCURY US       SR 60611      LP

1962 9 TRKS stereo LP comedy


1962 9 TRKS mono LP comedy


STELLA’S GOT A NEW DRESS / WHERE THE LILAC GROWS            MERCURY US       C-7082           7″

1964 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, plays 33 /13


THINK ETHNIC!                                                                                               MERCURY US       SR 60777      LP

1963 11 TRKS stereo LP comedy

THINK ETHNIC! mono                                                                                   MERCURY US       MG 20777     LP

1963 11 TRKS mono LP comedy


TOUR DE FARCE – AMERICAN HISTORY (13) mono                             MERCURY US       MG 20948     LP

1964 13 TRKS mono LP

TOUR DE FARCE – AMERICAN HISTORY (14)                                         MERCURY US       SR 60948      LP

1964 14 TRKS stereo LP comedy

TOUR DE FARCE – AMERICAN HISTORY (14) mono                             MERCURY US       MG 20948     LP

1964 14 TRKS mono LP comedy


TOY SONG, THE / LITTLE SACKA SUGAR                                                MERCURY US       72519             7″

1966? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


TWO SIDES OF, THE                                                                                     MERCURY US       SR 60675      LP

1962 12 TRKS stereo LP comedy

TWO SIDES OF, THE mono                                                                          MERCURY US       MG 20675     LP

1962 12 TRKS mono LP comedy


YOU GO THISAWAY / JENNY BROWN                                                       MERCURY US       72182             7″

1965? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


Happy birthday Suggs (from Madness) (1961).

I do keep a Madness collection, I will detail it below.

I remember being in England in 1979, and hearing “Night Boat To Cairo” in an Oxford Street record store; I wrote it on the back of my hand, so I could remember what I heard! I duly saw Madness at the Whisky A-Go-Go shortly thereafter, with the Go-Go’s opening for them.

I also got their 2nd LP “Absolutely” on Stiff Japan (Via JVC Japan). A second great album! Then “Madness 7”, “Work, Rest & Play” EP etc. I do not believe they ever returned to Los Angeles, though they could’ve and maybe I didn’t notice.

Their feature film “Take It Or Leave It” is one of the better movies I ever got from England, as a PAL VHS tape. It’s basically the story of how they came together, acted out by the band themselves! The collection LP’s etc. – I lapped ‘em up, I think Joe Castle got laser discs of the 2 x clip collections from Japan. Both “Goodnight L.A.” & MTV showed Madness videos, but there were many more videos on those clip collections then I ever saw on “GLA” or MTV (or MuchMusic).

Lo and behold – MADNESS reformed! New albums!

ABSOLUTELY                                                                       VIRGIN UK          CDOVD 134     CD

1990? 14 TRKS stereo CD

ABSOLUTELY                                                                       STIFF JPN           VIP 6741           LP

1980 14 TRKS stereo LP inserts


AS NUTTY BOYS                                                                  STIFF JPN           VIP-5907           12″

1981 6 TRKS stereo 12″ large picture labels


BAGGY TROUSERS / BUSINESS, THE (PS)                  STIFF UK             BUY 84              7″

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CARDIAC ARREST / IN THE CITY (PS)                           STIFF UK             BUY 140            7″

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


DIVINE MADNESS                                                              VIRGIN UK          CDV 2692         CD

1992 22 TRKS stereo CD collection


DRIVING IN MY CAR (PS)                                                  STIFF UK             BUY 153            7″

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


EMBARRASSMENT / CRYING SHAME (PS)                  STIFF UK             BUY 102            7″

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


GRAY DAY / MEMORIES (PS)                                            STIFF UK             BUY 112            7″

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

GREY DAY (Jpn)                                                                   STIFF JPN           VIP-5912           12″

1981 6 TRKS stereo 12″ large picture labels


HOUSE OF FUN / DON’T LOOK BACK (PS)                   STIFF UK             BUY 146            7″

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


KEEP MOVING                                                                     GEFFEN US       GEFD 4022       CD

1984 14 TRKS stereo CD


MADNESS                                                                             GEFFEN US       GEFD 4003       CD

1985? 12 TRKS stereo CD collection

MADNESS (Jpn)                                                                  STIFF JPN           VIL 6050            LP

1983 12 TRKS stereo LP collection, insert


MADNESS 7                                                                         VIRGIN UK          CDOVD 135     CD

1990? 13 TRKS stereo CD

MADNESS 7                                                                         STIFF UK             SEEZ 39            LP

1981 13 TRKS stereo LP innersleeve


MADSTOCK                                                                          GO! DISCS UK   828367.2           CD

1992 18 TRKS stereo CD Live


MICHAEL CAINE                                                                 STIFF UK             BUYIT 196         12″

1984 3 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve


MY GIRL                                                                                 STIFF UK             BUYIT 62           12″

1980 3 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve

MY GIRL / STEPPING INTO LINE (PS)                             STIFF UK             BUY 62              7″

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


ONE STEP BEYOND… (12″)                                              STIFF UK             BUYIT 56           12″

1979 3 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve

ONE STEP BEYOND… / MISTAKES (PS)                        STIFF UK             BUY 56              7″

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


ONE STEP BEYOND…                                                       VIRGIN UK          CDOVD 133     CD

1990? 14 TRKS stereo CD

ONE STEP BEYOND…                                                       STIFF UK             SEEZ 17            LP

1979 14 TRKS stereo LP


OUR HOUSE / WALKING WITH MR. WHEESE (PS)     STIFF UK             BUY 163            7″

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


PRESENTS THE RISE AND FALL                                    STIFF UK             SEEZ 46            LP

1982 13 TRKS stereo LP, custom label


PRINCE, THE / MADNESS                                                 TWO TONE UK  CHS TT 3          7″

1979 2 TRKS with ‘Two Tone’ sleeve, debut release


RETURN OF THE LAS PALMAS 7, THE                          STIFF UK             BUYIT 108         12″

1981 4 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve & comic book

RETURN OF THE LAS PALMAS 7, THE (PS)                 STIFF UK             BUY 108            7″

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


SHUT UP / TOWN WITH NO NAME, A (PS)                    STIFF UK             BUY 126            7″

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


SUN AND THE RAIN, THE                                                 STIFF UK             BUYIT 192         12″

1983 3 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve


TOMORROW’S JUST ANOTHER DAY                             STIFF UK             BUYIT 169         12″

1983 4 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve


UN PASO ADELANTE… / MISTAKES (PS)                    STIFF ES             MO 1922           7″

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, Spanish version


UTTER MADNESS                                                               ZARJAZZ UK      JZCD 2              CD

1986 14 TRKS stereo CD collection


WINGS OF A DOVE (PS)                                                    STIFF UK             BUY 181            7″

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


WORK, REST & PLAY                                                          STIFF ITALY        ZPGSF 33402  12″

1980 4 TRKS stereo 12″ with pic sleeve

WORK, REST & PLAY (PS)                                                 STIFF UK             BUY 71              7″

1980 4 TRK EP; with pic sleeve