Allan Holdsworth

I had the good fortune to see Allan Holdsworth play live a few times.  He was always amazing – but, then again, I was a huge fan of Tempest!

I managed to get some of his hard-to-find records / CD’s, too:

I.O.U. (US)

Tape Formats

Today’s topic from Mark Moerman!

Now that disc has sort of taken over from tape, it seems appropriate to write about failed tape formats.

Micro Cassette – I don’t have any pre-recorded ones, but I am told they exist.

Reel-to-Reel – I only have a few pre-recorded ones left, after they got expensive on eBay.  I have hundreds of ones I recorded.

Cassette – Is this really getting ‘big’ again?  I remember buying a Sony TC-161SD and thinking it was a big deal! (But that was in about 1973!)

8-Track Tape – I used to have a lot of this format, but…my first car (a Datsun B-210) had an 8-track Tape player in it!

4-track Tape – Madman Muntz!  Was similar to an 8-Track, but didn’t have a capstan in the cartridge.

Playtape – Remember then Playtape?  No way to record onto one of those.

Australia and New Zealand Music

Topic from Brian Ware…

When I was married (previously), I ran a company called ‘ANZ Imports’.  There was a place for me to advertise, “One Step Ahead” – so we took out an advertisement in that ‘magazine’ and went to town!

I duly went to New Zealand 7 x times – but only once to Australia (we’re talking 1980 – 1987); both of those places are wonderful countries and I am pleased to say I went to both of them.  I ended up with a LARGE collection of New Zealand music (I even had business cards printed up, “Specialist in New Zealand Artists”) – NEWS FLASH!  Nearly everything that got released in Australia got released in NZ.

The man I worked for during that time, Tony Harrington, was my facilitator for all of this (he was who actually owned ‘ANZ Imports’).  The world was a very different place that long ago; The NZ dollar was about half of a US dollar, so I could offer, well…everything coming out of both Australia and New Zealand!

During  1980 – 1987, not everything from Australia and New Zealand got a US release.  But a lot of great stuff was being released there!  (However, I have 3 x shelves of NZ music, yet only really 1 x shelf of Australian music!).  The big Australian groups were Icehouse (also known as The Flowers), INXS, Midnight Oil…the biggest NZ group was Split Enz.

And, yes, some groups got US issues – Mental As Anything, and (eventually) Split Enz.

My personal favorite group was The Swingers (Phil Judd from Split Enz!).  They never came and played here (that I know of) – they only had one LP, but it was very, very good!

I remember Split Enz LP’s (remember, seasons reversed) “resting in a customs-house bed”, so we could not sell ‘em – and that was for an LP + 12”!  (Not a very good one, as I recall – remember being disappointed with “Conflicting Emotions”?)  The NZ issue had both an LP & 12” single.

During my many visits to NZ, I got to meet Blam Blam Blam (who were uncooperative), Dick Driver (Who never had much anything for me to sell), and Mike Chunn (of Split Enz, who got me dubs of the Split Enz clips, at a time when that was impossible otherwise!).  I remember watching Tommy Adderley perform in Takapuna!  I also remember going to the farewell show of Split Enz in 1984…that didn’t last!

But in 1987, the LP pressing stopped in NZ; at the time, that seemed to be a death sentence!  Australia quickly took up pressing CD’s for both Australia and New Zealand.

Thomas Diethelm

As far as I know, this is it for Thomas Diethelm music you can hear!

DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      82 – ’89                                                 FINK & STAR DE        F&S 2052.2       CD                1994                                                                                          14

1994 14 TRKS stereo CD collection                          SWI                                                       CD


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      BIG SHAKE                                            PHONAG SWI           F&S 2006.1       LP                 1989                                                                                          10

1989 10 TRKS stereo LP                                             SWI                                                       LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      MEMORY GAMES                                PHONAG SWI           F&S 2005.1       LP                 1988                                                                                          10

1988 10 TRKS stereo LP                                             SWI                                                       LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      PENGUIN IN LOVE                               MERCURY SWI          830547.1           LP

1986                                                                               11                                                          1986 11 TRKS stereo LP Swiss pressing!              SWI                                                                                        LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS                                                      SHAVED                                                SPOON DE                 SPOON 014       LP                 1981                                                                                          10

1981 10 TRKS stereo LP                                             SWI                                                       LP


DIETHELM, THOMAS / BRANDENBERGER                  DIDI L’AMOUR                                     GOLD SWI                 LP 11049           LP

1978                                                                               11                                                          1978 11 TRKS stereo LP                     SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           DIETHELM / FAMULARI                      POLYDOR SWI          813405.1           LP

1983                                                                               7                                                            1983 7 TRKS stereo LP                       SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           FLYER, THE / OLD TORERO (PS)        MERCURY NL            821140.7           7″

1983                                                                               2                                                            1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve             SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           LIVEBE & CHAOS (GUITEROS)            DIETHELM SWI         –                           CD

2000                                                                               8                                                            2000? 8 TRKS stereo CD                    SWI



DIETHELM, THOMAS / FAMULARI, SANTINO           VALLEYS IN MY HEAD                         MERCURY SWI          822774.1           LP

1984                                                                               6                                                            1984 6 TRKS stereo LP                       SWI