Mott The Hoople 45’s

Happy birthday to singer / songwriter Peter Yarrow (1938) and to Mick Ralphs (Mott The Hoople) (1944)!

Have to go with Mott The Hoople 45’s today!  Wish I had more of ;em!

7″      ALL THE WAY FROM MEMPHIS                                       CBS UK                 SCBS 1764       1973    2

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      ALL THE YOUNG DUDES (US) re-issue                            COLUMBIA US     13-33249        1973    2

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, re-issue


7″      ALL THE YOUNG DUDES / ONE OF THE BOYS                 CBS UK                 CBS S 8271      1972    2

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      DOWNTOWN / HOME                                                     ISLAND UK           WIP 6112        1971    2

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      FOXY, FOXY / TRUDI’S SONG                                           CBS UK                 S CBS 2439      1974    2

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      GOLDEN AGE OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL (US)                             COLUMBIA US     4-46035          1974    2

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      HONALOOCHIE BOOGIE / ROSE (US)                             COLUMBIA US     4-45882          1973    2

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      MIDNIGHT LADY / DEBT, THE                                          ISLAND UK           WIP 6105        1971    2

1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      ROCK AND ROLL QUEEN (US) promo                             ATLANTIC US        45-2749          1969    2

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo-only


7″      ROCK AND ROLL QUEEN / ROAD TO BIRMINGHAM     ISLAND UK           WIP 6072        1969    2

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      ROLL AWAY THE STONE (US)                                           COLUMBIA US     4-45076          1974    2

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″      SATURDAY GIG                                                                  CBS UK                 S CBS 2754      1974    2

1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

Otis Rush

Happy birthday to Nicky “Topper” Headon (The Clash) (1955)!

OTIS RUSH “Mourning In The Morning” (Cotillion SD 9006, 1969) issued in 2012 by Warner Japan WPCR-27588

When I ordered this one, I was unaware that it was produced by Mike Bloomfield and Nick Gravenites!  Those guys have 6 tracks on this one!  When I open up the booklet, it says that Duane Allman is one of the guitarists!

11 tracks of electric Chicago blues, my friends – recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL in 1969!  Guess he’s still alive!  I really only ever knew his name from probably Rolling Stones records.  Can’t think of where else I would know Mr. Rush’s name.

He’s been releasing records since 1954 or so, but “Mourning In The Morning” is his debut album.

Guess this one is a little more ‘rock music’ than some of his 45’s – we would have to thank the producers for that, as they were both in The Electric Flag!


Happy birthday to Levon Helm (drummer / vocalist of The Band) and to Verden Allen (of Mott The Hoople) (1944)!


LP        SOLUTION       DECCA UK       SKL-R 5124      1972 5 TRKS stereo LP (’71 in Holland)

LP        DIVERGENCE                 EMI UK         EMC 3002       1973 6 TRKS stereo LP         NL                                     LP                 DSW


CD        CORDON BLEU              CBS EU         CDCBS 32227  1990? 9 TRKS stereo CD         NL                                     CD                E

LP        CORDON BLEU (UK)    ROCKET UK     ROLL 1 1976 9 TRKS stereo LP

CD        FULLY INTERLOCKING CBS EU            461051.2         1990? 6 TRKS stereo CD

LP        FULLY INTERLOCKING (UK)     ROCKET UK     ROLL 8 1977 6 TRKS stereo LP

Solution were a Dutch band that had records released in both the US & UK.  Unless I am mistaken, they are from Groningen, in the north of Holland.  I remember them as being a rather good band, with not many vocals – though I do not seem to have their final 2 LP’s, “It’s Only Just Begun” & “Runaway”, both of which I believe have more vocals than the first four LP’s by Solution.

I have also somehow missed out on having any of their 45’s – though I am certain they exist!  Both “Cordon Bleu” & “Fully Interlocking” were issued in England, and at least “Cordon Bleu” was issued in the US.  I somehow doubt they ever played live in the US, but you can nearly guarantee they played live in England.

It is bands like Solution that keep me looking through massive amounts of 45’s!  One simply never knows where or when 45’s will turn up.

The Stranglers

Happy birthday to jazzer Miles Davis (1926); lyricist Hal David (1921); and Poli Palmer (of Family) (1943)!


Today, I will discuss The Stranglers, from roughly 1979 – 1981.

“The Raven” (1979) is an album that myself and a lot of my friends really like.  It has two distinct covers, one being a 3D cover with a colorful background, the other has a much darker background, as if showing ‘foreboding’.  Science fiction themes abound in this LP, and it is about as close to progressive rock as The Stranglers ever really got!

The Japanese have always had an affinity towards The Stranglers, as they played there, apparently.  Two 12” singles were issued in 1979, each with 5 or 6 songs, with real good fidelity.

Side One

Don’t Bring Harry


Sverige (Jag Ar Insnoad Pa Ostfronten)

Side Two

Crabs (Live ’79)

In The Shadows (Live ’77)

Don’t Bring Harry (French version)

Followed by:

Side One

Who Wants The World

Bear Cage (Long version)

Side Two

The Meninblack (Waiting For ‘Em)

Shah Shah A Go Go (Long version)

Bear Cage

Followed quickly by a new album!  1981’s “The Meninblack – The Soundtrack” (Liberty)  “Waltzinblack” was a well-known TV theme show song – but the real stand out track on this LP is the song “Two Sunspots”.

The same year, in November – another new album walked down the pike!  “La Folie” (1981) which is mainly memorable as the “correct” single wasn’t picked for this LP!  The single should’ve been “The Man They Loved To Hate”, but it wasn’t.  “Golden Brown” did OK as a single, but…

In 1983, when The Stranglers left Liberty Records – again it was the Japanese that came to the rescue, with 2 separate volumes of “The Great Lost Stranglers Album”, which pretty much cleared up everything one could want as far as non-LP singles etc.

Strange Days

Happy birthday to singer / songwriter Bob Dylan (1941)!

“Strange Days” magazine in Japan has ceased publishing a print edition of their magazine.  I have been reading it faithfully since about 2009, though I do have issues prior to 2009.  They were always very good about writing about all progressive rock.  Apparently they first published in 1998 – I couldn’t understand their message on their page…

So, “Time Machine” came from them.  The recent popular “Progressive Rock” 6 part list came from a magazine that still publishes:  ‘Record Collector’s Magazine’!

I am sorry to see “Strange Days” join Music Life, Swing Journal etc.  Let’s hope ‘Record Collector’s Magazine’ is healthy!

Soft Machine on CD

Happy birthday to Robert Moog (inventor) (1934)!


How many do I have?  How many do I need?  Interesting through Vol. 4, as both Robert Wyatt & Hugh Hopper are in the band.  Hugh Hopper stayed for both “Fifth” and “Six.

  1. Jet Propelled Photographs

1 side each of the 2 x BYG LP’s, from 1988/9, nice color photo on the cover, 9 tracks in total


  1. The Soft Machine

1st album, with both the US & Japanese covers, with 2005 mastering


  1. The Soft Machine / Vol. 2

2-on-1 UK CD, which is the sole way I have “Vol. 2” on CD, as the Japanese seem to have never done it as a paper sleeve…says licensed from MCA Records, disc is approx. from 1990 or so; could use a better copy!


  1. Live At The Proms 1970

I have this CD, it is from approx 1988


  1. Third (2CD)

Japan BSCD2 version, 2 discs, from 2013, ‘Mark Powell’ version.


  1. Fourth

Japan DSD mastering, 2004


  1. Fifth

Japan DSD mastering, 2004


  1. Six

Japan 2006/7, doesn’t specify what mastering is used, single disc.

Progressive rock Part 6

Happy birthday to Pete Townshend (of The Who) (1945); singer Grace Jones (1952); and sax player Tom Scott (1948)!

Part 6 – 70’s Progressive Rock

POPOL VUH “Hosianna Mantra” (Belle Antique Japan BELLE 121999)

I pretty much stopped at “Affenstunde”, but now I may be ready for this one.  We’ll see in September!

FOCUS “Focus At The Rainbow” (Red Bullet NL RB 66.190)

Another one that I can’t imagine is out of print in Japan!  They loves them some Focus in Japan!  It’s a live album, but maybe I should give it another listen, if it made this list?

APHRODITE’S CHILD “666” (Vertigo Japan UICY 40074)

Vangelis O. Papathanassiou and Demis Roussos.  I remember liking Vangelis’ LP’s!  There’s an SA-CD of this one, but…

PEKKA POHJOLA “Keesojen Lehto” (Belle Antique Japan BELLE 71337)

Known in the rest of the world as “Mathematician’s Air Display” with Mike Oldfield.  Not my first pick for Pohjola, but not in any way a bad album.

SEBASTIAN HARDIE “Four Moments” (Belle Antique Japan BELLE 152487)

Aussie progressive band that I like a lot.  I remember having my late aunt send them to me!

ISLAND “Pictures” (Belle Antique Japan BELLE 132177)

No idea at all what this even is.  But it appears to be from 1980, when it was out of fashion.

EELA CRAIG “Missa Universalis” (Philips Germany 34599)

One I do not remember at all.  So I guess that’s where I should stop, for now.  If you want to see more of this list, email me!  Otherwise, I’ll stop here.  Two in a row that I know nothing about…

Progressive rock Part 5

Happy birthday to singer Big Joe Turner (1911) and keyboardist Rick Wakeman (1949)!

Part 5 – 70’s Progressive Rock

MAXOPHONE “Maxophone” (Belle Antique Japan 111809)

This one came out in the U.S. on a tiny label, and few noticed it.  Not a bad P.F.M. clone band, but certainly not a favorite.  Don’t think this one will ever get an audiophile version.

ANGE “Emile Jacotey” (Philips Japan UICY 75468)

I like “Au Dela Du Delire” better than this one.  I don’t believe I own it in any form!

ATOLL “L’Araignee Mal” (Disk Union Japan ARC 7330)

Both the one before this album and the one after it made bigger impressions with me.  But this one was OK, too.

TAI PHONG “Tai Phong” (Warner Japan – no number)

Just played this one the other day!  The group was partially from Vietnam, partly from France.  Not a bad Yes clone!  Good vocals, for what might’ve potentially have been a train wreck!

PULSAR “Halloween” (Belle Antique Japan 121935)

Their 3rd LP, I liked “Strands Of The Future” better.  But a pretty good French group, singing in English.

GOTIC “Escenes” (Movieplay Spain 17.1302/6)

I didn’t keep this one, must’ve had too much guitar on it?  Spanish group.

SHADOWFAX “Watercourse Way” (Passport US CD)

Always shy’d away from U.S. progressive bands, so never heard this one; no Japan issue, either!

HAPPY THE MAN “Crafty Hands” (BMG Japan BVCM 37616)

A group named after a Genesis song.  Uh, no thanks!  I do like their debut album, however

Progressive rock Part 4

Happy birthday to drummer Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson etc.) (1950); and singer / guitarist Taj Mahal (1942)

Part 4 – 70’s Progressive Rock

NEW TROLLS “Concerto Grosso Per Uno “ (Warner Japan WPCR 16875)

I remember this one rolling down the pike; at the time, it sounded like Jethro Tull – but now?  Pure New Trolls!  And with an orchestra!  And no audiophile version, as yet!

IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO  “Ys.” (Polydor Japan – no number)

The Japanese will get around to doing this one again one day soon, so don’t fret!  Maybe an SA-CD of it?  A great LP!  Hope they do the 7 track version, when they do it again!

FORMULA TRE “Sognando E Risognando” (Numero Uno Japan – no number)

Another not in print as of this writing, in Japan.  A great LP!  Same guys that became Il Volo.  I also like the one after this LP, “La Casa Grande”.

LATTE E MIELE “Passio Secundum Mattheum” (Polydor Japan – no number)

I like the other two LP’s by this group better!  But this, their debut – is not shabby!  Perhaps “fake EL&P”?

P.F.M. “Photos Of Ghosts” (Manticore / Esoteric UK MANTCD 1006)

Guess the Japanese one is already out of print in Japan.  This was certainly my introduction to P.F.M.!  The one I ordered (and got) recently is JVC Japan VICP 78004.  7” cover, but not an audiophile disc!

ARTI E MESTIERI “Tilt” (Sony Italy 88843073652)

The better one of their LP’s, as I recall (when there were only 2 of ‘em!)  Great Italian band, and this LP delivered the special brand of Italian mystical (if you can’t understand Italian) progressive rock!

IL VOLO “Il  Volo” (Sony Italy 88875000792)

They will have to do this one in Japan, one day soon.  Great album, even if I like the other Il Volo record more.  Same guys as Formula Tre.

Progressive rock Part 3

Happy birthday to drummer Billy Cobham (1944); keyboardist Liberace (1919); and guitarist / songwriter Jonathan Richman (1951).

Part 3 – 70’s Progressive Rock

CAMEL “The Snow Goose” (Deram Japan UICY 25393)

I have an old CD of this title, from Japan.  There is an SA-CD of it (still available, Universal Japan?)  Never a favorite, but I did eventually buy it.  Not one of my groups – until Richard Sinclair joined ‘em!

GENTLE GIANT “Free Hand” (Warner Japan WPCR 16291)

Waiting on the DVD-A of this one, but I do have an LP of it and an Alucard CD of it.  I had really liked “Octopus” (I have an SA-CD of it).  Never saw them play live, alas.

KESTREL “Kestrel” (Belle Antique Japan BELLE 132096)

Exactly why we love these Japanese lists!  Who knew this title was held in such high esteem in Japan?  Last time I got this it was a 2CD version and an SHM-CD at that!

MIKE OLDFIELD “Ommadawn” (Mercury Japan UICY 25553)

Great album, and I love my SA-CD of it!  Really 3D sound!  At the time, it was where I stopped, but now I can allow Mr. Oldfield more of my time.

RENAISSANCE “Live At Carnegie Hall” (Air Mail Japan AIRAC 1535)

I like only really the one on Island UK.  I do not own this title in any format!

ENGLAND “Garden Shed” (Marquee Japan 162518)

Got this one when it came out, and promptly threw it back into the pool.  I do not own this one at all!

U.K. “U.K.” (Polydor Japan UICY 25546)

Allan Holdsworth!  I do not own the SA-CD of this title, but I imagine I will find a copy when I return to Tokyo in September.  Never a bad album, but a little late in the game…