Richard Farina

Only death today: singer / songwriter Richard Farina (1966 death), motorcycle accident; ‘rock’ writer Lester Bangs (1982 death).

I probably first heard Richard Farina’s songs on the Ian Matthews LP “If You Saw Thro’ My Eyes”, about 1971 or so. I had no idea who Mr. Farina was, apart from him being a rather good songwriter. I remember finding one of his books, and reading that he was deceased.


How do you ever approach something as permanent as death? It took years for me to find mono and stereo LP’s for all the Richard and Mimi Farina LP’s, I think I’m good now, but there may be something I don’t have on CD. I should’ve bought the Blind Boy Grunt LP when I saw it for sale, up in San Francisco, but it was fairly expensive, so I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up about that.


I guess Mimi Farina (the sister of Joan Baez) is gone now, too. Richard’s career as a writer of books dried up, until he gets rediscovered again. Vanguard Records is fairly good about keeping his music stuff in print / available. I would conditionally recommend the works of Richard Farina to you, but be advised the versions on Ian Matthews Vertigo LP’s are fairly seductive.

Hugh Hopper

Happy birthday to UK bassist Hugh Hopper (1945); UK singer / songwriter Francis Rossi (of Status Quo) (1949).

I have a lot of time for Soft Machine bassist Hugh Hopper, particularly now that he’s no longer with us!

1984 (BD)                                                                               SONY JPN                     SICP 30325     2013 13 TRKS stereo BD Kami sleeve, 7 x bonus tracks

1984                                                                                        CBS UK                          65466               1973 6 TRKS stereo LP

HOPPERTUNITY BOX                                                         CULTURE FR                301284.2         1996 9 TRKS stereo CD

HOPPERTUNITY BOX                                                         COMPENDIUM UK      FIDARDO 7      1977 8 TRKS stereo LP

MERCY DASH (Hopper, Dean, Tippett, Gallivan)          GONZO EU                    HST 130CD     2013 7 TRKS stereo CD

TWO RAINBOWS DAILY (with Alan Gowan)                   CUNIEFORM US          RUNE 77          1995 12 TRKS stereo CD 5 x bonus tracks

TWO RAINBOWS DAILY (with Alan Gowan)                   RED UK                          ROUGE 1         1980 7 TRKS stereo LP

MONSTER BAND                                                                 CULTURE FR                301278.2         1996 9 TRKS stereo CD

MONSTER BAND                                                                 ATMOSPHERE FR       IRI 5003            1996 9 TRKS stereo LP with poster

ALIVE                                                                                      BLUEPRINT UK            BP 150CD       1993 9 TRKS stereo CD Live

MECCANO PELORUS                                                         CUNIEFORM US          55006               1991 6 TRKS stereo CD

HOOLIGAN ROMANTICS                                                    FOT US                           FOT 9 HH1      1993 14 TRKS stereo CD

HUGH HOPPER AND ODD FRIENDS                              VOICEPRINT UK          VPR 003CD     1993 6 TRKS stereo CD5

PRECISELY THE OPPOSITE… (as Network)                 WENLOCK UK              WEN 005         1999 10 TRKS stereo CD

CAVEMAN HUGHSCORE                                                  TIM KERR US                TK95CD093    1995 15 TRKS stereo CD

HUGE (with Kramer)                                                            SHIMMY US                   SHIMMY-088   1995 10 TRKS stereo CD

SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE (with Richard Sinclair)        VOICEPRINT UK          VP 133CD       1996 9 TRKS stereo CD

DIFFERENT (with Lisa Klossner)                                       BLUEPRINT UK            BP303CD        1998 13 TRKS stereo CD

SWIMMER, THE (Hopper, Ponsford, Knight, Clarke)    VOICEPRINT UK          VP 215CD       2000 13 TRKS stereo CD

CHILDREN’S CRUSADE, THE (as Brainville)                 SHIMMY US                   SHM-5096       1999 11 TRKS stereo CD

PARABOLIC VERSIONS                                                     VOICEPRINT UK          VP 209CD       2000 12 TRKS stereo CD

STOLEN HOUR, THE                                                           BURNING SHED UK    BSHED 0204  2004 12 TRKS stereo CD

AIRBACK (with Never Dance in Orange)                         CUNIEFORM US          RUNE 216       2005 9 TRKS stereo CD

SHORT WAVE LIVE                                                             VOICEPRINT UK          VP 347CD       2005 11 TRKS stereo CD Live album

NUMERO D’VOL                                                                   MOONJUNE UK           MJR 014           2007 11 TRKS stereo CD

DUNE (with Yumi Hara Cawkwell)                                    MOONJUNE UK           MJR 019           2008 10 TRKS stereo CD

GIFT OF PURPOSE, THE                                                    CUNIEFORM US          RUNE 3334     2010 8 TRKS stereo CD, Live 2008 Maryland

GOAT HOPPER                                                                     VOICEPRINT UK          VPS 601CD     2013 3 TRKS stereo CD, w/ Honey Ride Me A Goat

Vol. 01 – MEMORIES                                                            GONZO UK                    HST 240CD     2014 7 TRKS stereo CD Robert Wyatt etc.

Vol. 02 – FRANGLOBAND                                                   GONZO UK                    HST 241CD     2014 7 TRKS stereo CD

Vol. 03 – NORTH & SOUTH                                                 GONZO UK                    HST 242CD     2014 7 TRKS stereo CD Live 1995

Vol. 04 – FOUR BY HUGH BY FOUR                                 GONZO UK                    HST 246CD     2014 4 TRKS stereo CD Live 2000

So, something for everybody!

Eddie Jobson

Happy birthday to violinist / keyboardist Eddie Jobson (1955)!

It’s really quite amazing that Mr. Jobson was in Roxy Music, Yes, Curved Air, U.K., Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa’s band and a version of King Crimson!


And for some reason, I always associate his violin playing with Todd Rundgren. Not 100% certain that this is so, but that’s what’s stuck in my abiding memory.


Roxy Music was always a bit of a ‘revolving door’ for anybody who wasn’t Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera or Andy Mackay. Curved Air had their ups and downs, with members coming and going, as does Jethro Tull; interesting that a British person infiltrated Zappa’s band, but he wasn’t the first – that would be Aynsley Dunbar!


A few years ago, I saw a version of U.K. on a stage at the Universal Ampitheatre; only thing I remember about that show was that John Wetton looked as though he hadn’t missed many meals; and, of course, dear old Steve Howe is presently the Don Knotts of progressive rock. Plus there was an attraction to see Geoff Downes!


I never had any time for Mr. Jobson’s “Zinc – The Green Album”, my loss? Guess he never sufficiently impressed me with his progressive rock prowess.


Well, today is his birthday, so I presume everything is now permitted. Truly a ‘sideman’, Jobson contributed things to all of the aforementioned artists, but was never the draw card. Well, not for me anyway. I’ll be honest, I had to look him up to see if he was English or not!

Spooky Tooth

Happy birthday, “Ace” Paul Frehley (of Kiss) (1951).

Yesterday 4/26, Happy birthday to Gary Wright (of Spooky Tooth) (1943)!


I have been a fan of Spooky Tooth for many years now. But I remember the “hype”, before I ever heard them, “Spooky Tooth is coming!” etc. Yes, they lived up to my expectations, but I wonder now about the “hype”.


I think “The Last Puff” is a really under-rated album. It’s as good as anything else from 1969 – 1971, but it never ends up on ‘best album’ lists – in this country, at least.


Interesting / odd that Gary Wright went on to have a solo career, and was so successful – for a while anyway. Luther Grosvenor made his way through Mott The Hoople as “Ariel Bender”, but didn’t have much success as a solo artist, despite my having been a fan of “Under Open Skies” since it’s release!


And no clue as to why Mike Harrison never had a decent solo career. He’s got a great voice, in the tradition of Joe Cocker or Paul Williams (the Tempest singer, not the ‘imp’ that wrote Carpenters hits).


Another band that never really got their due was Juicy Lucy, now that I’ve mentioned the British Paul Williams. “Get A Whiff A This” is another great album that never seems to be taken seriously. I remember hearing “Who Do You Love” on the FM radio, but until I got their LP’s, I never heard anything else by Juicy Lucy.


I think for Spooky Tooth, that LP they did with Pierre Henry, “Ceremony” kind of threw people for a big loop. British hard rock bands didn’t make records with French noisy synthesizer people! Seriously, I didn’t much care for that album upon it’s release, but I am more or less OK with it these days.


Maybe the hype surrounding the initial push for Spooky Tooth had more to do with stuff like “Sunshine Help Me”, their early 45. It’s a great track that almost never makes it onto anything but Island Records anniversary collections.


And post-“Last Puff” Spooky Tooth almost never gets discussed anywhere! Well, I like “Witness” and “You Broke My Heart, So I Busted Your Jaw”! Do you? I still have all of my original Spooky Tooth LP’s & 45’s, and I got a late 80’s CD’s for “The Last Puff” & “Second Album”. For the debut album, I have a fairly spiffy Japanese SHM-CD with quite a few bonus tracks.


All hail Spooky Tooth!

LP collection

4/22: Happy birthday to jazzer Charles Mingus (1922); UK guitarist Peter Frampton (1950).

4/23: Happy birthday, singer Roy Orbison (1936).

It has been so very wonderful to go through my records again! So much stuff is fresh in my mind! Maybe that’s why I didn’t spend so much money when I recently visited San Jose?

Looking at my comedy / spoken word records this week. I wonder why some Smothers Brothers LP’s have 14 tracks and the same LP (a ‘later’ version) only has 11 tracks. What did Mercury Records have in mind? Just looked at my collection of Alexei Sayle, too. Very neat stuff!

San Jose, CA Visit

Happy birthday, Iggy Pop (born James Osterberg) (1947).

I recently went up to San Jose, for laughs / for a Wayzgoose / Printer’s Faire. Didn’t buy a ton of stuff:












Stan Freberg

Happy birthday, Craig Frost (of Grand Funk Railroad) (1948).

A short time ago, a favorite performer of mine passed away; Stan Freberg. I’ve been following his stuff ever since I was a child.

My late brother instilled in me that Mr. Freberg was a genius, largely due to his having voiced Orville, the spaceman puppet. Mr. Freberg’s records on Capitol were of tremendous interest to me, and I collect them to this very day. R.I.P. Stan Freberg.

A good photo of Orville can be found here:

7″                  3 AUDIO ESSAYS (EP) promo                                                                          SBRC US                       101578             1973            3

7″                  ANY REQUESTS? (EP) (NZ) (PS)                                                                    CAPITOL NZ                  EAP 1-496       1957            4

7″                  ANY REQUESTS? (EP) (PS)                                                                             CAPITOL US                  EAP 1-496       1957            4

LP                BEST OF THE STAN FREBERG SHOWS Vol. 1 (re)                                    CAPITOL US                  SM-11824        1958            7

LP                BEST OF THE STAN FREBERG SHOWS Vol. 2 (re)                                    CAPITOL US                  SM-11792        1958            9

CD               CAPITOL COLLECTOR’S SERIES                                                                  CAPITOL US                  91627.2            1990            21

CD               CAPITOL YEARS                                                                                                 EMI UK                            CZ 158             1989            16

7″                  DEAR JOHN AND MARSHA LETTER, A                                                         CAPITOL US                  F 2677              1955            2

7″                  FREBERG AGAIN (EP) (PS)                                                                              CAPITOL UK                  EAP 1-20115   1958            4

CD               GREATEST HITS                                                                                                 CURB US                       D2 77615         1993            10

7″                  GREEN CHRISTMAS (Part 1) / (Part 2)                                                           CAPITOL US                  3503                 1988            2

7″                  GREEN CHRISTMAS / MEANING OF CHRISTMAS, THE (PS)                   CAPITOL US                  F 4097              1959            5

LP                MADISON AVENUE WEREWOLF, THE                                                          CAPITOL US                  T 1816              1958            9

7″                  NUTTIN’ FOR CHRISTMAS / NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS                      CAPITOL US                  F 3280              1958            2

7″                  OLD PAYOLA ROLL BLUES, THE (Part 1) / (Part 2)                                     CAPITOL US                  F 4329              1959            2

7″                  OMAHA (PS)                                                                                                         CAPITOL NZ                  EAP 1-1101     1959            2

7″                  OMAHA / BUTTER-NUT COFFEE COMMERCIALS (EP) promo                FREBERG LT                HB 2234/5       1959            4

7″                  PERSON TO PEARSON / POINT OF ORDER                                               CAPITOL US                  F 2838              1959            2

7″                  QUEST FOR BRIDEY HAMMERSCHLAUGEN, THE promo                       CAPITOL US                  F 3396              1958            2

7″                  REAL SAINT GEORGE (EP) (PS)                                                                     CAPITOL US                  EAP 1-628       1958            4

7″                  ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGONET / LITTLE BLUE RIDING HOOD      CAPITOL US                  F2596               1958            2

CD               STAN FREBERG SHOW #1 (4CD)                                                                  SMITHSONIAN US       4108.2              1996            7

CD               STAN FREBERG SHOW #2 (4CD)                                                                  SMITHSONIAN US       4140.2              1996            8

LP                UNCLE STAN WANTS YOU!!                                                                            AGSN US                       GXTNY 80701 1962            4

CD               UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE Vol. 1                                                   CAPITOL US                  92061.2            1989            14

CD               UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE Vol. 2                                                   RHINO US                     R2 72477         1996            34

CD               VERY BEST OF                                                                                                    COLLECTABLES US   COL-CD-2733                      1998                     21

LP                WITH THE ORIGINAL CAST (re)                                                                      CAPITOL US                  SM-1242          1959            8

7″            YA GOT TROUBLE / GARY, INDIANA promo  CAPITOL US         F 3892   1956

Alan Price

Happy birthday to songwriter Bill Spooner (of The Tubes) (1949); UK singer Dusty Springfield (1939)!

On 4/19 Happy birthday to Alan Price (of The Animals) (1942); Mark Volman (singer of The Turtles and The Mothers) (1947).

Pretty much always a big fan of Eric Burdon & The Animals. These days, I try to find many of their singles, but it isn’t easy finding ‘uncommon’ ones. And I really like Alan Price’s original soundtrack to “O Lucky Man” (1973) – he’s really getting ‘up there’, age wise, Wikipedia says he’s 73 today.

Eric Burdon & The Animals partial discography:

CD               ANIMAL TRACKS                                                                                       TOSHIBA JPN             TOCP-71425     1965

LP                ANIMAL TRACKS                                                                                       EMI / COLUMBIA NZ  33MSX 1708     1965

CD               ANIMALISMS                                                                                               REPERTOIRE DE        REP 4772-WY   1966

LP                ANIMALISMS                                                                                               TELEFUNKEN JPN    K25P 417           1966

LP                ANIMALS, THE                                                                                            REGAL UK                   SRS 5006          1964

CD               ANIMALS, THE (1st)                                                                                   TOSHIBA JPN             TOCP-71424     1964

7″                 ANYTHING / IT’S ALL MEAT                                                                     MGM US                       K-13917             1967

CD               BEST OF                                                                                                       ABKCO US                   CD 4324            1990

CD               BEST OF                                                                                                       TOSHIBA JPN             TOCP-3061       1995

LP                BEST OF clear                                                                                             ABKCO US                   4324.1                2002

LP                BEST OF, THE                                                                                             MGM US                       E 4324                1965

LP                BEST OF, THE Vol. 2                                                                                 MGM US                       SE 4454             1967

10″               BOOM BOOM                                                                                              ABKCO US                   8134.1                2014

7″                 BOOM BOOM / BLUE FEELING                                                               MGM US                       K-13298             1964

7″                 BRING IT ON HOME TO ME / FOR MISS CAULKER                            MGM US                       K-13339             1965

7″                 DON’T BRING ME DOWN / CHEATING                                                  MGM US                       K-13514             1966

7″                 DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD / BOOM BOOM re-issue      MGM US                       KGC 180            1970

7″                 DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD / CLUB-A-GOGO                  EMI / COLUMBIA UK  DB 7445             1965

CD               EVERY ONE OF US                                                                                    POLYDOR JPN            UICY-93376      1968

LP                EVERY ONE OF US                                                                                    MGM US                       SE 4553             1968

LP                GREATEST HITS OF ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS                      MGM US                       SE 4602             1969

LP                GREATEST HITS OF ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS (AUS)          MGM AUS                    2315 320           1969

7″                 HELP ME GIRL / THAT AIN’T WHERE IT’S AT                                      MGM US                       K-13636             1966

7″                 HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, THE (PS)                                               EMI / RAK UK               RR 1                    1964

7″                 HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, THE / TALKIN’ ‘BOUT YOU                EMI / COLUMBIA UK  DB 7301             1964

7″                 I’M CRYING / TAKE IT EASY                                                                     EMI / COLUMBIA UK  DB 7354             1964

7″                 I’M CRYING / TAKE IT EASY BABY                                                          MGM US                       K 13274             1964

7″                 INSIDE – LOOKING OUT (short / long)                                                    MGM US                       K-13468             1966

7″                 IT’S MY LIFE / I’M GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD                         MGM US                       K-13414             1966

CD               LOVE IS                                                                                                        POLYDOR JPN            UICY-93377      1968

LP                LOVE IS (Jpn)                                                                                              MGM JPN                     35MM 0135       1969

7″                 MONTEREY (short / long)                                                                          MGM US                       K-13888             1967

7″                 MONTEREY / AIN’T THAT SO                                                                   MGM US                       K-13888             1967

SA-CD         RETROSPECTIVE (SA-CD)                                                                      ABKCO US                   93252                 2004

7″                 SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS / GOOD TIMES                                        MGM US                       K-13769             1967

7″                 SEE SEE RIDER / SHE’LL RETURN IT                                                   MGM US                       K-13582             1966

7″                 SKY PILOT (Part 1 / Part 2)                                                                       MGM US                       K-13939             1968

7″                 SKY PILOT (short / long)                                                                            MGM US                       K-13939 SS       1968

LP                STARPORTRAIT INTERNATIONAL                                                         MGM DE                       2619 001           1970

CD               TWAIN SHALL MEET, THE                                                                       POLYDOR JPN            UICY-93375      1968

LP                TWAIN SHALL MEET, THE                                                                       MGM US                       SE 4537             1968

LP                TWAIN SHALL MEET, THE (DE)                                                             POLYDOR DE              2391 561           1968

7″                 WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE                                                  MGM US                       K-13382             1965

7″                 WHEN I WAS YOUNG / A GIRL NAMED SANDOZ                               MGM US                       K-13721             1966

7″                 WHITE HOUSES / RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH                            MGM US                       K-14013             1968

7″                 WHITE HOUSES / RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH promo               MGM US                       K-14013             1968

CD               WINDS OF CHANGE                                                                                 POLYDOR JPN            UICY-93374      1967

Dave Edmunds

Happy birthday to UK guitarist Dave Edmunds (of Love Sculpture) (1944, Cardiff, Wales)!


I first heard of Dave Edmunds when he was the guitarist in the Welsh band Love Sculpture. The FM radio here played “Sabre Dance” and I can’t say I wasn’t impressed – but I did have a difficult time finding the LP to buy! I believe I had to order it, something I didn’t do a lot, with domestic LP’s in the early 70’s.


I was more than a little surprised when he started turning up, hanging out with Nick Lowe, in a few years. He had his obligatory hit single with a cover version of Smiley Lewis’ “I Hear You Knockin’”, then seemed to all but vanish.


Kind of odd when he turned up, in the early 80’s, under Jeff Lynne’s wing! “Information” is a decent LP / 45, and worthy of attention. Is this the same guy that was such an impressive guitarist in Love Sculpture? You betcha!


Dave Edmunds can still probably out-gun many guitarists, in 2015. After his solo albums in the early 70’s, he signed with Swan Song Records, Led Zeppelin’s label – and had a string of decent singles  . But just try and find UK copies of his Swan Song LP’s! Difficult!

Time Machine 1975 #2

Happy birthday, Ritchie Blackmore (of Deep Purple and Rainbow) (1945).


From Strange Days magazine in Japan, today I present “Time Machine” 1975 – Part 2, with releases during the 2nd half of 1975.


Be Bop Deluxe “Futurama” (Harvest UK LP SHSP 4045); Lou Reed “Metal Machine Music” (RCA US 2LP CPL2-1101); Rainbow “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow” (Oyster / Polydor OYA 2001); Jethro Tull “Minstrel In The Gallery” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1082); Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” (Harvest UK LP SHVL 814); Electric Light Orchestra “Face The Music” (United Artists UK LP UAG 30034); George Harrison “Extra Texture” (Apple PAS 10009); Mike Oldfield “Ommadawn” (Virgin UK LP V 2043); Van Der Graaf Generator “Godbluff” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1109); Queen “A Night At The Opera” (EMI UK LP EMTC 103); Brian Eno “Discreet Music” (Obscure UK LP OBS 3); and The Band “Northern Lights – Southern Cross (Capitol US LP ST 11440).


I was beginning to warm up to Be Bop Deluxe, but never fully arrived until later on. Not interested in Lou reed, but even this title caught my attention – a mainstream artist like Reed making a full 2LP set of ‘noise’ music – OK! Never a Rainbow fan – what was Ritchie thinking after he left Deep Purple? By this time, I was not really interested in Jethro Tull any longer, but I had been a fan since their beginning up until well past 1972’s “Living In The Past” 2LP collection. Pink Floyd didn’t escape my ears in 1975, I knew this album well – and it’s postcards that differed between countries. In 2015, I can enjoy this album in 5.1, courtesy a nice SA-CD package of it. I was very much on the fence, when it came to E.L.O. – but that’s not to say I fully appreciated Roy Wood either! Both Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood seemed to be moving towards commercial music – and therefore, out of my scope of interest. George Harrison’s LP was good, and I special ordered a British LP of it, to boot. This is one of my favorite Mike Oldfield LP’s, perhaps his last great LP? I even got a stereo SA-CD of it, recently – and it’s still a great Mike Oldfield album. VDGG had reformed, but still didn’t come to the US to play, and Peter Hammill kept making solo albums – and he did come to L.A. to play live, but not for a while yet. “Godbluff” did amuse all of us, once upon a time. I wasn’t much on Queen, but I did like “Sheer Heart Attack”, only a short while ago. They seemed so ‘commercial’! And what’s with Eno? No more rock music? Just “ambient” now? How many of these LP’s on Obscure are there going to be? Oh, 11 or 12? And The Band was not on my radar at all, relegated to ‘hippie music’, and in the past.


So, that’s 1975 for you. In 1976, I’d get my first record store job, and the rest, as they say, is history.