Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Happy birthday Odetta (1930); Andy Summers of The Police (1942); singer / songwriter John Denver (1943); R&B singer Donna Summer (1948); Canadian singer Burton Cummings (1947); American punk poetess Patti Smith (1946)!

On 1/4 Happy birthday to UK guitarist John McLaughlin (1942)!

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Well, the record industry didn’t exactly go away in 2014. EMI consolidated with either Warner Brothers Records or Universal Records – wonder how that one got divvied up? The Beatles are now on Universal, all Blue Note is via Universal – but I bought 2 x lovely Syd Barrett LP’s as re-issues, and they’re on Rhino Records via Warner Brothers (US). 2 x Pilot albums on CD, on Parlophone Records via Warner Japan.


Sony still exists, apparently. I had the good fortune to buy a Pink Floyd album that I didn’t already have in 2014. And I was among the few who plonked out and got the 6CD boxed set of Bob Dylan & The Band “Basement Tapes – Complete”, which wasn’t complete enough to include the songs by The Band! I can’t think of what RCA titles I got in 2014 via Sony, uh, Perez Prado & Rosemary Clooney as a BSCD2, from Japan?


There’s still stuff that hasn’t been re-issued on either LP or CD that I would buy. No, not everything is on CD properly, even in Japan! No, everything hasn’t been re-issued properly on LP…yet!


ARTIST                                           TITLE                                                                    DETAILS

ALICE                                             ARRETEZ LE MONDE                                             POLYDOR FRANCE

AMERICA, TOM / GASPHETTI         AFFANO D’AMORE                                                TORSO NL

AMERICA, TOM / MAM                    GROND                                                                  EMI NL

AMERICA, TOM / MAM                    SAMMIE AMERICA’S MAM                                     EMI NL

ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80                      DO A RUNNER                                                       A&M UK

AXIS                                               AXIS                                                                      RIVIERA FR

BACHELORS FROM PRAGUE          IRVIN ROCKMAN AFFAIR                                       AUSTRALIAN ARTIST

BLUE MURDER (NL)                        LA LA LOVE                                                           WEA NL

BLUE PHANTOM                             DISTORTIONS                                                        KALEIDOSCOPE UK

BOCQUET, ROLAND                       LA BALANCE (O.S.T.)                                             MILAN FRANCE

BOCQUET, ROLAND                       PARADIA                                                               COBRA FR

BOCQUET, ROLAND                       ROBOT BLEU                                                         RCA FRANCE

BOCQUET, ROLAND                       ROBOT ROUGE                                                     RCA FRANCE

BOND, GRAHAM                             SOUND OF ’65 *                                                     COLUMBIA UK

BOND, GRAHAM                             THERE’S A BOND BETWEEN US *                         COLUMBIA UK

BROOKS, ALBERT                          A STAR IS BOUGHT                                               ASYLUM USA

BROWN, PETE                                NOT FORGOTTEN ASSOCIATION, THE                   DERAM UK

CALE, JOHN                                   CARIBBEAN SUNSET                                             ISLAND/ZE UK

CALE, JOHN                                   JOHN CALE COMES ALIVE                                    ISLAND/ZE UK

CATAPULT                                     CATAPULT                                                             POLYDOR NL

CATHARSIS                                    ET S’AIMER ET MOURIR (#6) *                                SPALAX FRANCE

CHAGRIN D’AMOUR                        MON BOB ET MOI                                                  VIRGIN FRANCE

COCONUT ROUGH                          COCONUT ROUGH                                                 MUSHROOM NZ

COSMOS FACTORY                        BLACK HOLE *                                                       EMI JAPAN (EXPRESS)

CREDIBILITY GAP                           ==ANYTHING==                                                     WB/CAPITOL/RHINO etc

CROCODILES                                 LOOKING AT OURSELVES                                     RCA NZ

CUTLER, IVOR                                GRUTS                                                                  ROUGH TRADE UK

CUTLER, IVOR                                KING IVOR                                                             ROUGH TRADE UK

CUTLER, IVOR                                PRIVILEGE                                                            ROUGH TRADE UK

DOGGEREL BANK                           MISTER SKILLICORN DANCES                               CHARISMA UK

DOGGEREL BANK                           SILVER FACES                                                      CHARISMA UK

DUDZIAK, URSZULA                        NEWBORN LIGHT                                                  COLUMBIA USA

DUDZIAK, URSZULA                        URSZULA                                                               ARISTA USA

DUTCH, THE                                   UNDER THE SURFACE                                          EPIC NL

EARTH & FIRE                                IN A STATE OF FLUX                                              DURECO NL

ELLI & JACNO                                LES NUITS DE LA PLEINE LUNE                            CBS FRANCE

ENEMA PROJECT                           ENEMA MUSIC                                                      ENEMA JAPAN

EUROPEANS                                   VOCABULARY (or ANY)                                          A&M UK

FAMILY                                           FROM PAST ARCHIVES                                         TELDEC GERMANY

FINN, TIM                                       LES PATTERSON LONG PLAYER (O.S.T.)              WEA AUS


FIRESIGN THEATRE                        NOT INSANE *                                                        COLUMBIA USA


FITZGERALD, G.F.                          MOUSEPROOF *                                                    UNI UK

FOWLEY, KIM                                 GOOD CLEAN FUN                                                IMPERIAL US

FREBERG, STAN                             CHILD’S GARDEN OF FREBERG, A                        CAPITOL USA

GEESIN, RON                                  PATRUNS *                                                            RON GEESIN UK

GEESIN, RON                                  RIGHT THROUGH *                                                 RON GEESIN UK

GREENWOOD, NICHOLAS              COLD CUTS                                                           KINGDOM UK

GROUPE “X”                                   FRRRRRIGIDAIRE                                                  EMI ITALY

GRUPPO SPORTIVO                       RARE TRACKS                                                      POLYDOR NL

GRUPPO SPORTIVO                       SOMBRERO TIMES                                                NOVA ZEMBLA NL

GUNSTON, NORMAN                      NYLON DEGREES                                                 FESTIVAL AUS

GUNSTON, NORMAN                      POPULAR BALLAD ANIMAL                                   FESTIVAL AUS

HOLLMER, LARS                            FRAN NATT IDAG *                                                 KRAX SWEDEN

HOLLMER, LARS                            VILL DU HORA MER *                                             KRAX SWEDEN

I AM JOE’S MUSIC                          I AM JOE’S MUSIC                                                 MUSHROOM AUS

INNES, NEIL                                    HOW SWEET TO BE AN IDIOT                               UNITED ARTISTS UK

IPPU-DO                                         NIGHT MIRAGE *                                                    EPIC/SONY JAPAN

IPPU-DO                                         RADIO FANTASY *                                                 EPIC/SONY JAPAN

IVAN                                               BAILA                                                                    CBS SPAIN

IVAN                                               HEY MADEMOISELLE                                            CBS SPAIN

JANKEL, CHAS                               QUESTIONNAIRE                                                   A&M UK

KEEN, JOHN                                   DO YA KNOW WOT I MEAN *                                 ISLAND UK

KEEN, JOHN                                   PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS *                                    TRACK RECORD UK

KIRCHEN, BASIL                             WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS, PARTS 1 + 2               EMI/COLUMBIA UK

KIRCHEN, BASIL                             WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS, PARTS 3 + 4               ISLAND UK

KITAJIMA, OSAMU                         OSAMU                                                                 ISLAND JAPAN

KOLONOVITZ, CHRISTIAN              LIFE IS JUST A CARNIVAL                                      CBS GERMANY

KRAFTWERK                                  KRAFTWERK I                                                       GERMAN PHILIPS

KRAFTWERK                                  KRAFTWERK II                                                      GERMAN PHILIPS

KRAFTWERK                                  RALF & FLORIAN                                                   GERMAN PHILIPS

LAVVI EBBEL                                 KISS ME KATE ( or ANYTHING! )                            ARIOLA/CREPUSCULE BELGIUM

LAWALREE, DOMINIQUE                BRINS D’HERBE                                                     WALRUS BELGIUM

LAWALREE, DOMINIQUE                VIA A VIS                                                               WALRUS BELGIUM

LEMAIRE, JO                                  JO LEMAIRE (with ‘TENTATIONS’) *                         MERCURY NL/BELGIUM 1984

LOTHAR & THE HAND PEOPLE       SPACE HYMNS *                                                   CAPITOL USA

M & M                                             WORLD IS A BALL                                                 RCA CANADA

MAINFRAME                                   5 MINUTES // TENANTS OF THE LATTICE WORK    POLYDOR UK

MANTLER, MICHAEL                       SILENCE                                                                WATT/ECM GERMANY

MARGINAL ERA                              MARGINAL ERA                                                     CENTRE AUS

MARTHA & THE MUFFINS               TRANCE & DANCE                                                 VIRGIN/DINDISC UK

MASON, ROBERT                           STARDRIVE                                                           ELEKTRA USA

McCANN, LES                                 SPANISH ONIONS                                                  PACIFIC JAZZ US

MEID, LOTHAR                               EINBAHNSTRASSE                                                ATLANTIC GERMANY

MEID, LOTHAR                               MENSCH, DIESER KLAUS!                                     PHILIPS GERMANY

MEPHISTOPHELES                         IN FRUSTRATION I HEAR SINGING                         REPRISE USA

MI-SEX                                           SPACE RACE                                                        CBS AUS or NZ

MI-SEX                                           WHERE DO THEY GO?                                          CBS AUS or NZ

MOORE, ANTHONY                         ONLY CHOICE, THE *                                             PARLOPHONE UK

MOORE, ANTHONY                         WORLD SERVICE *                                                DO IT UK

MOTHMEN                                      PAY ATTENTION (or ANY)                                       ON-U UK

NIGHT SUN                                     MOURNIN’                                                              ZEBRA GERMANY

O.S.T.                                             ADVENTURES OF BARRY McKENZIE                     BELL UK

O.S.T.                                             ANDROMEDA STRAIN (GIL MELEE)                        KAPP USA

O.S.T.                                             BEDAZZLED (DUDLEY MOORE) *                           DECCA UK

O.S.T.                                             STARSTRUCK                                                        MUSHROOM AUS

OTWAY, JOHN                                WHERE DID I GO RIGHT? *                                     POLYDOR UK

OTWAY, JOHN / BARRETT, W.W.   WAY & BAR *                                                        POLYDOR UK

PATTO                                            ROLL ‘EM & SMOKE ‘EM… *                                  ISLAND UK

PROCTOR & BERGMAN                  TV OR NOT TV *                                                     COLUMBIA USA

Q.E.D.                                             ANIMAL MAGIC *                                                    EMI AUS

RADIATORS                                    LIFE’S A GAMBLE                                                  EMI AUSTRALIA

RANDOM HOLD                              AVALANCHE *                                                       POLYDOR UK

REICHEL, ACHIM                            A.R. IV                                                                   ZEBRA GERMANY

REICHEL, ACHIM                            AUTOVISION                                                          ZEBRA GERMANY

REICHEL, ACHIM                            ECHOES                                                                POLYDOR GERMANY

REICHEL, ACHIM                            ERHOLUNG                                                           BRAIN GERMANY

RICHARDSON, DOUG                      NIGHT TALK                                                           AVI US

RIDDELL, ALASTAIR                       ALASTAIR RIDDELL                                                MANDRILL NZ

RIDDELL, ALASTAIR                       POSITIVE ACTION                                                  WEA NZ

RIGHEIRA                                       BAMBINI FOREVER                                               CGD ITALY 1986 or TELDEC GERMANY

RIGHEIRA                                       RIGHEIRA                                                              TELDEC GERMANY or CGD ITALY

ROMAN, MURRAY                           anything!                                                                TETRAGRAMMATON/UNITED ARTISTS etc

RUSKIN-SPEAR, ROGER                 UNUSUAL *                                                            UNITED ARTISTS UK

SAWADA, KENJI                             BAD TUNING *                                                        TOSHIBA JAPAN

SCRIBBLE                                      POP ART                                                               REGULAR AUSTRALIA

SCRIBBLE                                      SO FAR                                                                 REGULAR AUSTRALIA

SPIZZLES                                       SPIKEY DREAM FLOWERS                                   A&M UK

SPOOKY TOOTH                             IT’S ALL ABOUT (1st) *                                            ISLAND UK

STARS AND STIPS                         NEVERGREENS                                                    POLYDOR NL

SUZUKI, KENJI                                ELECTRIC GUITAR (EP)                                          EPIC JAPAN

T.C. MATIC                                     ==ANYTHING==                                                     BELGIUM/FRANCE

TEA & SYMPHONY                          JO SAGO                                                               HARVEST UK

TOLONEN, JUKKA                          HOOK, THE *                                                         LOVE FINLAND

TOLONEN, JUKKA                          SUMMER GAMES *                                                LOVE FINLAND

VAN LEER, THIJS                           O MY LOVE                                                           PHILIPS NL

VARIOUS ARTISTS                         LA GRANDE PARADE                                            WERF/CBS NL

VARIOUS ARTISTS                         PACK OF WOMEN (JO KENNEDY)                         ABC AUS

VERTO                                            REEL 19.36 // KRIG/VOUBILIS                                FRANCE

VINEGAR JOE                                 VINEGAR JOE (1st) *                                              DEMON UK

WILHELM, MIKE                             WILHELM                                                               UNITED ARTISTS/ZIG ZAG UK

WOOD, ROBERT                             VIBRAROCK                                                          POLYDOR FR

ZAZOU, HECTOR                             LA PERVERSITE                                                    INVISIBLE FRANCE


* this exists

Year End Approaches

Happy birthday Davy Jones of The Monkees (1946) and singer Skeeter Davis (1931).

Year end approaches! I think it is safe to say that I will successfully type up the rest of my LP’s in 2015. Can’t you see me carrying a full book of LP titles into an Amoeba or other large store? The staff would come up to me and ask what I’m doing, probably.


So, I start to separate individual groups, as I go through cartons. Bill Black Combo, Sue Thompson, Harmonicats…those kind of artists, who have dozens of LP’s! In a way, I feel like I’m “done” with those artists, I have so much already. I would still be open to 45’s, foreign variants, audiophile LP’s etc. But let’s just say I don’t see much Sue Thompson stuff in stores anymore. Bill Black Combo stuff must all get collected by Elvis Presley freaks? There’s probably a trunk-load of Harmonicats 45’s I’m missing, I bet. So, I guess I shouldn’t really say I’m “done” with ANY of these artists!


That’s the “thrill” of record collecting, folks – the unknown. It could be in a store in San Jose, CA or a swap meet in Claremont, CA or up in damp Oregon, languishing at Crossroads or at an Everyday Music store. It could even be in Evanston, IL or Toronto, Ontario or Tokyo!


“Special Magic Piece” is out there waiting for me to arrive and buy it. It’s like trying to make a rug, but I’m only buying it one strand of thread at a time. But it will be so lovely, one day. It might even keep you / me warm!


Thank you, readers. Robert Acosta, Brian Ware, Jim Donato, Dana Madore, Jim Hresko, Warren Bowman, the guys in Canada and Germany that bought our album, “Aquarium”. Y’all are why I continue.


But there will be more fresh horse sh*t tomorrow, too. 4 days a week is how I proceed, for the time being. I have some silly stuff in mind for 2015, still writing it all. What? He writes this stuff in advance? Yeah, sometimes…sometimes a week in advance, sometimes months in advance. I write whenever it becomes clearer to me, so that hopefully I can explain what I’m thinking in such a way that it will be amusing to all. Or some such cabbage.


I thought I would go nuts, when my relationship ended last September. But I didn’t! I buckled down and started typing up cartons of LP’s, for “The Big List”. That’s right, satisfaction in my chosen hobby, via a lot of hard work and dedication. Oh, you don’t think it’s hard work? I bruised my right wrist carrying cartons of LP’s, folks! Ouch!


Thank you, Dorothy for 16 (mostly) wonderful years; Lauren for always being Lauren; Elise for accepting questionable postcards; Rose for reminding me of my younger self; J for everything; Kirsten for remaining my niece; Sable for being a great waitress! And the staff at all of the local breweries that I visit with regularity. Cheers!

Time Machine

Yesterday, 12/28 happy birthday to Alex Chilton singer of The Box Tops and Big Star (1950, Memphis, TN); also yesterday R&B singer / songwriter Johnny Otis (1924)!

Today, Happy birthday to Ray Thomas of The Moody Blues (1942).

It’s really jostling my memory to go through all of these cartons of unsorted LP’s! Little by little, I am seeing everything that I’m thinking I have. Very soon, I will prepare a “dupe list”, so please let me know if you’d like to see a COPY of that!


Today is a Time Machine day, courtesy of Strange Days magazine, in Japan. This month it’s November 1974: Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” (Charisma UK 2LP CGS 101); Queen “Sheer Heart Attack” (EMI UK LP EMC 3061); Roxy Music “Country Life” (Island UK LP ILPS 9303); Eno “Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy” (Island UK LP ILPS 9309); Sparks “Propaganda” (Island UK LP ILPS 9312); Slade “Slade In Flame” (Polydor UK LP 2442 126); The Sweet “Desolation Boulevard” (RCA UK LP LPL1-5080); Ringo Starr “Goodnight Vienna” (Apple UK LP PCS 7168); Jack Bruce “Out Of The Storm” (RSO UK LP 2394 134); Roger Glover & Guests “The Butterfly Ball” (Purple UK LP TPSA 7514); Kraftwerk “Autobahn” (Philips Germany LP 6305 231); and Can “Soon Over Babaluma” (United Artists Germany LP UAG 29673).


My least favorite Genesis album. My favorite Queen album! (“Tenement Funster”) Not a bad Roxy Music album. An OK Eno album. A Sparks LP I’ve never heard. A Slade soundtrack LP that I like a lot – see the film! A decent LP from The Sweet (though I didn’t think so in 1974)! One of the better Ringo albums! A super Jack Bruce LP! I have a CD of the Roger Glover album, but can’t bring any of it to mind, actually. Loved the Kraftwerk LP at the time, a bit less so now. A real favorite Can LP, with a shiny metallic-looking cover.


Happy Xmas!

Happy birthday Alice Cooper (1945, Detroit, MI – born Vincent Furnier); Pete Brown, lyricist of Cream (1940); jazzer Bob James (1939); Noel Redding (of The Jimi Hendrix Experience) (1945)!

On 12/27 Happy birthday to Michael Pinder of The Moody Blues (1941).

On 12/28 Happy birthday to Texan keyboardist / songwriter Edgar Winter (1946)!


In support of the new live album from Queen, Japanese magazine Strange Days listed some 1974 releases, to show what context into which the “Live At The Rainbow ‘74” LP / CD was released.


Apart from identifying these are 1974 releases, I can’t tell what other (if any) boundaries these albums fall into!


John Lennon “Walls And Bridges” (Apple UK LP PCTC 253); George Harrison “Dark Horse” (Apple UK LP PAS 10008); Deep Purple “Burn” (Purple UK LP TPS 3505); Uriah Heep “Wonderworld” (Bronze UK LP BRON 280); David Bowie “Diamond Dogs” (RCA UK LP APL1-0576); Roxy Music “Country Life” Island UK LP ILPS 9303); Marc Bolan / T. Rex “Zinc Alloy” (EMI UK LP BLNA 7751); Slade “Salde In Flame” (Polydor UK LP 2460 241); Mike Oldfield “Hergest Ridge” (Virgin UK LP V 2013); Yes “Relayer” (Atlantic UK LP K 50096); King Crimson “Starless and Bible Black” (Island UK LP ILPS 9275); and King Crimson “Red” (Island UK LP ILPS 9308).


Not my favorite John Lennon album by any stretch of the imagination! I liked the 45’s from Harrison’s “Dark Horse” more than I liked the album. I never went to Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan-less venue. Uriah Heep? That’s so 1974! I stopped after their debut album, actually! Not a real favorite Bowie LP, but I can appreciate that I got to see an uncensored LP cover for it, at a guy’s house once. Roxy Music seemed to me to becoming a lot more ‘normal’ with this album, that being said, I am OK with it! Were Bolan’s best days behind him in ’74? There are those that will agree… Slade’s movie “Flame” is actually a better movie than it gets given credit for; soundtrack to it is pretty stompin’, too! The sophomore curse on Mike Oldfield! I understand David Lynch once ordered a CD of “Hergest Ridge” convinced that it had another piece of music similar to the part used in “The Exorcist”, but did it? Is “Relayer” anybody’s favorite Yes album? The entire end of the line for the mighty Crimson King. “Red” is surprisingly good, for being a then-swan song album.


So, thanks Strange Days magazine, for giving us Christmas 1974!

Sad Cafe

Happy birthday Mike Curb of The Mike Curb Congregation (1944, Savannah, GA) and also to guitarist Jan Akkerman of the Dutch band Focus (1946).

Sad Café

It’s almost impossible to remember the how and why I initially took an interest in Sad Café, the British group. Was it the cover of their debut LP? Or had I somehow heard it before buying a copy of it? That info is gone to the mists of time.


What I do know is that I really liked Side 2 of “Fanx Ta Ra” (1977)! Progressive rock in a style I really enjoyed meets pop-rock music, somewhere in England 1977 or so. I was definitely working in my first record store job. It wasn’t yet ‘punk rock’ time, but commercial music was definitely running it’s course, almost time to head to the tool shed.


Who were these guys? How had they tapped into a fresher approach to progressive rock? Signed to a major label, RCA Records (UK) – they probably worked very hard at it, coming up through pub rock, and over-blown stadium monstrosity-style rock music.


By the time of their 2nd album, “Misplaced Ideals” (1978), the prog rock aspect of Sad Café was mostly gone; the sound was still fairly sharp, the LP cover still “unusual” – it was even covered up in Japan (I know ‘cause I recently found a Japanese LP of it, in a black sleeve, with the eye peeking through a small hole). Not having the impact on me that the first album had, I abandoned them for new styles, new pastures…different European music, Japanese music, 80’s music etc.


I don’t believe they ever played live in the US, or if they did, I convinced myself they would’ve been past their sell-by date. Never got to see ‘em, I bet they would’ve been a good band, on a stage.


When I looked up about 30 years later, I discovered there were quite a few Sad Café LP’s that I previously knew nothing about! 8 albums all together! I did not know then that singer Paul Young had worked for / with Mike & The Mechanics. I’ve got a few of those too, maybe I should re-listen? I don’t think I ever saw a copy of the Sad Café “Live” album. I got a Japanese CD of “Fanx Ta Ra”, and I buy all of the 45’s / LP’s I ever see.


If you want to hear a 70’s British rock band pretty much at the peak of their powers, try
“Fanx Ta Ra”, and don’t wipe your shoes on the real or imagined progressive rock going on. Not done collecting this band, never had to pay much for any of it, too.


Happy birthday to Luther Grosvenor (aka Ariel Bender) of Spooky Tooth and Mott The Hoople (1949) and also to Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna (1940).


I was definitely too young to have attended, and besides – we had the Monterey International Pop Festival here in California, and the people who played at that blew most of this stuff out of the water.


However, I needed to get the triple LP on Cotillion (which I did), and somehow genetically needed to know about all of this. The 3LP set is not what was in the movie exactly, so I also needed to see the film, which was unfortunately rated “R”, so I had to wait until my mother could take me to see it.


The 3LP set wasn’t exactly ‘lemony fresh’, plenty of swearing and other hippie entitlement mis-speaking, eh, folks? What about the brown acid? I hear it isn’t any good. Does that mean you’ll die if you take it? Why didn’t the guy just say, “The brown acid is poison!”, which it probably was.


John Sebastian does a stellar job opening up the 3LP set; everybody felt bad that The Lovin’ Spoonful was no more in 1969, and Sebastian even sounds…reverent to the subject matter, “I Had A Dream” – he did, and a significant portion of record buying public lived it, buddy boy. Ooh, then we get Canned Heat – trying to play a recent hit single – some talking – then Richie Havens tunes up and plays a …song? Country Joe & The Fish do not disappoint, except for the positive reinforcement of the harmlessness of narcotics. Arlo Guthrie sings about illegally bringing in narcotics, on an airplane. Sha Na Na brought some NYC to the event, making everybody feel…good! Country Joe makes everybody say “FUCK” and, well, people like to say Fuck, out loud, in public – on a phonograph record in 1970. Joan Baez does her thing of playing 2nd fiddle to Jeffrey Shurtleff, and Crosby Stills Nash & Young are ‘scared shitless’. The Who do not set everything on fire like they did at Monterey, but they stroll through a decent version of a track from “Tommy”, a double LP that nobody could get enough of. Joe Cocker does his thing, and it comes off fairly well, apart from the recording quality, which is ‘rough’, to be honest – but it does deliver exactly what it was he did in 1969. Santana is not even portrayed as a cultural event here, they’re just a rock band from California, making nice with the New Yorkers with “Soul Sacrifice”. The Ten Years After cut sounds exactly like something unreal should sound, not a great recording, and Alvin Lee is definitely on fire. And it takes the Jefferson Airplane to put that fire out, though this is about the last great 45 (“Volunteers”) they made. Max Yasgur didn’t even change his name for this recording. Sly & The Family Stone sound good, but that’s what they did then. Funk-ta-fied! More John Sebastian; Chicago is represented by Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and it’s good to hear them amongst all this British stuff. Jimi Hendrix, baby believe me set the world on fire, per Eric Burdon. And then there’s “Woodstock II”!


You get an entire side of Jimi Hendrix, and 2/3 of a side of Jefferson Airplane right off the bat. Not in the film, either. Some more Butter. Some more Joanie. Most of a side of Crosby Stills Nash & Young; someone not on Woodstock’s original triple LP, Melanie! And Mountain – they were on TV on Mid-Summer Rock, but they must’ve played at Woodstock, ‘cause I got this new double LP that says they did. And Canned Heat do what they did best, “Boogie”, though this is the “Woodstock Boogie” – like that’s better? And let’s not forget the audience, who cheered the brown acid, never went and saw what was up with their friend at the nurse station…


So, like, we got to buy a beta of “Woodstock” the film, and it was reasonably expensive; bet I watched the Monterey Pop film (also not cheap) 10 times more than the Woodstock film. Got my Criterion DVD of Monterey and a DVD (and now Blu-ray) of “Woodstock”. No, I never got the laser discs of previously unreleased Woodstock performances, that I am aware of. The re-mastered Rhino CD’s of “Woodstock” and “Woodstock II” sound as good as they can now; the sun came out and everybody loves each other. No, we didn’t take the brown acid. Fuck. It was hell getting back to where we parked the van, back in the town. I hear the rock stars are hiring helicopters to get out of Woodstock. Doesn’t Bob Dylan and The Band live around here? Maybe we could crash there!


Janis took some of the brown acid. So did Jimi Hendrix. And they’re not here anymore, man. Columbia released whole albums of Johnny Winter, Sly & The Family Stone, Janis Joplin, Santana at “Woodstock”. The Sly album is pretty darned good, too. Does this record store sell black music? Or do I have to go to South Gate to get that?

Emerson Lake & Palmer

Happy birthday Robin & Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees (1949, Isle of Man, England – twins)!

Yesterday 12/21 was Frank Zappa’s birthday (1940)!

Last week, when writing about Yes, I decided I wanted to also write some of my acerbic drivel about Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Emerson Lake & Palmer (debut album) is an album that – fortunately for the folks that re-re-re-release ‘em – I almost never tire of re-buying. Somehow avoiding the SA-CD format, not all that long ago I got to buy a multiple disc CD + DVD set with 5.1 audio on the DVD-A. This was an album that always had a tremendous difference of quality between pressings: generally speaking, any Island Records copy will sound better than any Cotillion / Atlantic copy, with Japan being the notable exception. And the newest Razor & Tie UK CD version isn’t exact, per the original LP either, folks. If you want that, the SHM-CD Japanese paper sleeve CD works.


Tarkus came along at exactly the right moment for me. I bought it when it was a new release, listened to it thoroughly, enjoyed it. Still enjoy it! Island UK copies are still preferable, but at least the Razor & Tie CD + DVD is exact to the original LP. Aesthetic buggers will want a Japanese SHM-CD paper sleeve CD, too.


Pictures At An Exhibition, the live album that nobody asked for – is a pretty good record, actually. And full price everywhere but England! Most copies sound good, and there was even a DVD released of a performance of this title, some years back. It was, however, where the switch got flipped to the “Off” position. This was the last EL&P LP I listened to and enjoyed for some time.


Trilogy – the not listened to EL&P album, for myself. Sure, I knew the 45 (“From The Beginning”) – but never somehow had any need of the whole album. In fact, I played it for the first time all the way through LAST WEEK! Good thing I had a K2HD CD of it from Japan, to speed the process along. No super deluxe multiple disc version of this one, as yet.


Brain Salad Surgery – again, my entryway was via a 45. The LP was groovy looking, had a large poster, wonderful foreign variants: first EL&P album in 5.1 I got a few years back (an SA-CD), the German LP of this looks rather good, perhaps even a bit better than a UK LP of it? And Pete Sinfield lyrics!


Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends, Ladies & Gentlemen Emerson Lake & Palmer – another live album? I don’t have a CD of this one, and I’m afraid to open and pry apart all the assorted die-cut parts inside of the cover. Live albums were never my specialty, actually. So, one I’ve never had the honor of playing all the way through. Seriously. A triple live album?


Works Volume 1 – another double LP / CD? Oh, one side each and one side together? Definitely never played the whole thing all the way through, though I remember auditioning it to see if I could find something to go into a playlist, and I don’t think I found anything to be suitable for that purpose. Tri-fold cover, too.


Works Volume 2 – much more my speed, though I did not buy this album when it was released, I fished it out of a $1 bin, I’m certain. Hey, it has some 45’s I recognize! “Brain Salad Surgery”, “Tiger In A Spotlight” etc. and that track with the super long title, both sides of a Keith Emerson 45…


Which brings us to Love Beach – an unlovable album, IMHO. What were they thinking? “I don’t want to do this anymore”, most likely! Even Pete Sinfield lyrics can’t save this one from a flowery watery grave. Ugh! I remember discussing whether this was a worse EL&P album than “Tormato” was an awful Yes album, at some point. By this point, I believe everything was flourishing under the banner of Palm Beach International Recordings Ltd. Florida? Why did Karl Pitterson work on this LP? (I know, he got paid to do so). I remember seeing his name on the Althea & Donna LP! My copy of this LP has a gorgeous order form for satin jackets ($69.96 ea) & jogging shorts ($7.50 ea), all inquiries to Manticore Management Inc, Wilmette, IL 60091.


Ancillary to the above releases:


On Tour with Emerson Lake & Palmer is a radio promo LP from 1977 that goes as far as asking the members of the band questions on a vinyl record and a complete detailing of releases on the rear cover that would never have seen the light of day in the U.S. Seemed to me that everybody was mumbling, the interviewer sounds like he had ingested too many relax-ables. Overall effect: nil. Glad this was inexpensive – finally, as it’s an EL&P album that one doesn’t actually need to own!


Anything after these releases, you’re on your own. I seem to recall some boxed sets that had reprehensible things like re-makes of King Crimson songs. Why not any Atomic Rooster re-makes?

Yes “Time And A Word”

Is it really Keith Richard’s birthday? If so, he was born in 1943. Happy birthday also to Bryan “Chas” Chandler of Eric Burdon & the Animals! He also worked with The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Slade. On 12/19 Happy birthday to Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. Also on 12/19 Happy birthday to Zal Yanovsky of The Lovin’ Spoonful (1944).

Yes “Time and A Word” – ah, the 2nd album by Yes. I am not even certain I have an LP of this title; if I do, it’s in an unsorted carton, awaiting my gaze. The Japanese atereo SA-CD was what I used as my listening copy, a few nights ago.


For no real reason, I always stayed away from this Yes LP – that’s odd, as I am a big Peter Banks fan. As a youth, I guess I thought that Yes began with Steve Howe?


Well, Peter Banks is no longer in the pool hall, and Steve Howe was smashing in Tomorrow, less good on his own solo albums.


Strange choices on the cover versions. Cover versions? This band? Yep, first two Yes albums have cover versions.


Jon Anderson sounds pretty good on this album, though it does sound like he’s on his way to “Fragile” etc. The orchestra almost sounds a touch too loud on the SA-CD, so likely it was an over-dub? The keyboards sound good too, particularly for 1969. What a shame this album wasn’t in my scope of listening, as a younger man. At times, the drums almost seem buried in the mix, just a little bit. The bass has a particular 1969 sound…you know, in that year before British engineers flipped the switch and learned how to record super loud rock bands, about 1970.


I don’t know that I will rush out and buy a newly re-mastered LP of this title for $20 – $30. I’ve already got an SA-CD of it. I would definitely go for an Atlantic UK original issue LP, if that was about. Which it isn’t, or I would already have snapped one up.


So, whose girlfriend is on the UK LP cover? Even Wikipedia doesn’t say.

Cat Stevens – Tom Jones

Happy birthday Paul Butterfield, harmonica player and singer of The Butterfield Blues Band (1942, Chicago, IL); R&B singer / songwriter Maurice White (of Earth Wind & Fire fame) (1941); R&B singer Eddie Kendricks (1939)!


In the closet at the rear of my home, I can fit 20 cartons of LP’s! So now, instead of unsorted – I have 20 of my numbered cartons in there! I can easily search those, if looking for something. AND I have a 2nd closet – right on the other side of that closet, where I could put another 20 cartons, if so desired.


Space isn’t much of an issue in my home, actually. I can easily put 6 cartons (2 columns of 3) just about in any room and not attract too much attention – not that many people visit me here…


Been going through some of my collections recently, making sure I have the most complete / best LP copy possible. With Cat Stevens, I try to have UK LP’s whenever possible; did the original LP come with a lyrics sheet? “Foreigner” certainly has the thickest lyrics sheet I’ve ever seen! “Buddha & The Chocolate Box” has an inner-sleeve, but it’s a ‘standard thickness’ for a 70’s inner-sleeve / lyrics sheet.


Must work on my Tom Jones collection, too. I’ve got the oddball UK cover for “A-Tom-Ic Jones”, but I am missing a UK copy of his debut, “Along Came Jones”, which appears to be only ever issued in mono in 1965, in the UK. His 1960’s Decca UK LP certainly don’t all line up with the US releases, as the US albums always had fewer tracks.


So, that’s how my December is stacking up. Lots of cartons of LP’s to type up, plenty of places to put ‘em, too! I am seeing stuff that I had more or less forgotten about! Yes, I have really bought stuff up at quite a pace, these last few years.


Portland OR is coming up, too. Those Everyday Music stores can really pack a punch! Of course, no swap meets here for a while – I am not going to Pasadena swap meet anymore, and Buena Park will be the last Sunday of January. And Claremont swap meet is on Sunday 2/8/15. If I really run totally out of bags / sleeves / boxes, I can get almost everything from Sound Source. And so should you. Tell Wes I sent you!