Robert Wyatt

One book gives this date to the birthday of guitarist Jimi Hendrix (1942). Happy birthday Floyd Cramer, the piano player (1933, Shreveport, LA). On 11/30 happy birthday to Dick Clark, the world’s oldest teenager (1929, Mount Vernon, NY). Also on 11/30 happy birthday Roger Glover of Deep Purple (1945, South Wales, England) and comedy artist Allan Sherman (1924).


Domino Records in England has began to go some distance regarding Robert Wyatt. There are 2 new double LP’s that have been released, which attempt to cover his entire career; there’s a double CD, too. Slick, new, great sound, decent mastering, these really are a joy to buy and listen. Listen and believe.


“Ex Machina” (Domino WIGLP 347-1 double LP) begins at the beginning; Side 1 is a healthy dose of newly mastered Soft Machine, “Moon In June” from their 3rd album, a Robert Wyatt composition. And we all know they’re taking a closer look at this album, as it has been mastered for BSCD2 (Blu-ray CD) in Japan. Simply put, this track has never sounded better, and it’s all of Side 1!


Side 2 spans CBS Records UK and Virgin Records UK, with Matching Mole goodies (also recently re-mastered for BSCD2 in Japan), moving on to Virgin Records original recordings, “A Last Straw” from Rock Bottom and a 45, “Yesterday Man”, which never sounded better than it does here.


Side 3 spans Virgin Records UK and Rough Trade UK, the highlight of “Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard”, “Team Spirit” absolutely shines, as it has for about 40 years. The years skip by, and Geoff Travis says yes to “At Last I Am Free”, “The Age Of Self” and “Worship”.


Side 4 is as close as one gets to a contemporary ‘best of’ the more-recent works of Robert Wyatt, with glorious-sounding re-masters of “Free Will and Testament”, “Cuckoo Madame”, “Beware” and “Just As You Are”. If this man’s voice affects your life at all, this is such a sweet collection.


“Benign Dictatorships” (Domino WIGLP 347-2 double LP) actually has material sung or written by Mr. Wyatt that I’ve only ever read about, but never heard. So, yeah. New-to-me professional recordings with Robert Wyatt singing! The style of compilation looks to be one song from each project, so if you want to hear more, you’ll have to rush out to your teenaged record store and find your own copy of Nick Mason “Fictitious Sports”, Michael Mantler “The Hapless Child” etc. Mr. Wyatt has also sung for Steve Nieve, Bjork, Cristina Dona, Working Week, Monica Vasconcelos, Happy End, Grasscut, Epic Soundtracks, Hot Chip…all present and accounted for. Lots of great music, listen and believe.

Joe Boyd

Happy birthday to John McVie of Fleetwood Mac (1946); singer Robert Goulet (1926); Burt Ruiter of Dutch band Focus (1946)!

I read something really intelligent on the Joe Boyd mailing list, so if you read this there too, skip it here. But here’s your plain language “Where the money goes” bouncing ball:

Joe Boyd: To the uninitiated, music royalty and copyright issues can seem arcane and confusing. To simplify, when Bob Dylan records a Dylan song, he gets two royalties, one from Columbia Records as the artist and another which comes from Columbia via his music publisher, as composer. The label pays a ‘mechanical’ royalty for each copy sold. iTunes pays two royalties, one to the label, one to the publisher on behalf of the author. When Jimi Hendrix sang “All Along the Watchtower”, he got the artist royalty and Dylan got the composer royalty from Hendrix’ label via his publisher. For many years, the only one getting paid royalties for radio play was the composer, but now – in Europe, at least – performers are starting to get paid for radio play.


Back in the 1930s, A. P. Carter would ride through the hills of Appalachia collecting folk songs. He, his wife and sister – The Carter Family – would then record them for Bluebird Records with producer Ralph Peer. Carter claimed authorship of most of the songs and Peer started a publishing company that collected the songwriting royalties and split the proceeds with Carter. Today, Peer Southern Music is one of the biggest publishers in the world.


A few years later, John Lomax and his son Alan also went through the South recording folk singers, including many in prison. They sprung one such prisoner – Leadbelly – out of jail, managed his career and claimed ‘co-authorship’ of many of the songs he sang for their microphones. One such song, “Good Night Irene”, reached #1 on the US hit-parade in 1951, as recorded by Pete Seeger’s group, The Weavers. A growing awareness of the dubious nature of this practice meant that by the late ’50s, most folksingers would acknowledge the fact that authorship of most such songs was unknowable by crediting “trad. arr. so-and-so”. “Arr.” stands for “arranged by”.


In the US, “Trad arr.” meant that a performer recording his own arrangement of a folk song got paid just the same as if he had written it himself. But in Europe, this was uncommon. One reason was that many authors’ societies like PRS (UK), SACEM (France) and GEMA (Germany) required ‘authors’ to submit lead sheets, and pass a test of musical and composing ability in order to be admitted to the society of authors. When I began working in the UK ‘folk’ scene in the 1960s, I encouraged singers to claim “trad arr.” on traditional songs. I didn’t go deeply into the philosophy – it just seemed like a way to benefit artists; if they didn’t claim that money, the record label got a free ride on that song.


British business culture is more like American than are Continental ones. Most British organizations and labels accept this practice, but it is very difficult for members of European societies to make similar claims. European law requires that German labels respect such claims by PRS on behalf of British performers, but those registered with GEMA can’t do likewise.


There is a UN-sponsored body that wants to institutionalize the notion of “collective copyright” which would claim money on behalf of a “culture” rather than an individual. I confess to being skeptical of this idea. African copyright societies have an execrable record of paying out royalties in any direction.

Alpha’d LP Carton

Happy birthday to R&B singer Tina Turner (1941); jazzer Paul Desmond (1924); MTV ‘video jock’ J. J. Jackson, though nobody is quite sure what year.

As I have started working on re-typing all of my LP collection, I thought I’d share what a ”typical” assorted / misc. carton is like for vinyl LP’s. The designation after the label is what country the pressing is from. There are further designatio9ns (such as inserts), but it wasn’t feasible to include that here. Yes, I have alpha’d the list.

ALBERTO Y LOST TRIOS PARANOIAS                 DEATH OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL                                      A&M CAN

ARGENT                                                                       RING OF HANDS                                                        EPIC US

BADGER                                                                      WHITE LADY                                                                EPIC US

BE-BOP DELUXE                                                       DRASTIC PLASTIC                                                     HARVEST UK

BE-BOP DELUXE                                                       MODERN MUSIC                                                        HARVEST UK

BLACK COMBO, BILL                                               UNTOUCHABLE SOUND, THE                                HI UK

BLACK, CILLA                                                            HER TWENTY GREATEST HITS                              EMI NZ

BLEGVAD, PETER                                                      KNIGHTS LIKE THIS                                                  VIRGIN CAN

BROMBERG, DAVID                                                  DAVID BROMBERG – PROGRAM COPY                 COLUMBIA US

BROMBERG, DAVID                                                  WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE                                        COLUMBIA US

CARLOS, WENDY                                                      DIGITAL MOONSCAPES                                            COLUMBIA US

CASSIDY, SHAUN                                                      LIVE – THAT’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL                                 WARNERS US

CHAPMAN, ROGER / SHORTLIST                           LIVE IN HAMBURG                                                     ARISTA UK

CITY BOY                                                                     HEADS ARE ROLLING                                              ATLANTIC US

CLIFF, JIMMY                                                              ANOTHER CYCLE                                                      ISLAND UK

COLOUR FIELD, THE                                                 VIRGINS AND PHILISTINES                                     CHRYSALIS UK

CROPPER, STEVE                                                     NIGHT AFTER NIGHT                                                MCA JPN

DEEP PURPLE / R.P.O.                                             CONCERTO FOR GROUP AND ORCHESTRA    HARVEST UK

DEVOTO, HOWARD                                                  JERKY VERSIONS OF THE DREAM                       IRS US

DONOVAN                                                                   DONOVAN                                                                    RAK UK


EDMUNDS, DAVE                                                       REPEAT WHEN NECESSARY                                 SWAN SONG UK

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER                                  EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER                                   MANTICORE DE re-issue

FAIRWEATHER-LOW, ANDY                                    SPIDER JIVING                                                           A&M US

FAME, GEORGIE                                                         YEH YEH                                                                       SOUNDS S UK

FLYING PICKETS, THE                                              LOST BOYS                                                                  TEN UK

FOUR ON THE FLOOR – AL KOOPER                     FOUR ON THE FLOOR                                              CASABLANCA US

GALLAGHER AND LYLE                                            BREAKAWAY                                                                A&M UK

GROWL                                                                       GROWL                                                                         DISCREET US

HARDING, MIKE                                                          ONE MAN SHOW                                                        PHILIPS UK

HARRISON, MIKE                                                       RAINBOW RIDER                                                       ISLAND US

HAVENS, RICHIE                                                        RICHIE HAVENS                                                         POLYDOR UK

HICKS, DAN / HOT LICKS                                         STRIKING IT RICH!                                                     BLUE THUMB US

HOODOO GURUS                                                      BLOW YOUR COOL!                                                  CHRYSALIS UK

IVERS, PETER                                                            PETER IVERS                                                              WARNERS US

JACKSON, JOE                                                          NIGHT AND DAY                                                         A&M NL

JANKEL, CHAS                                                          CHAZABLANCA                                                           A&M US

JANKEL, CHAS                                                          LOOKING AT YOU                                                       A&M US

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE                                            EARLY FLIGHT                                                            GRUNT US


KOOPER, AL                                                               CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING                                 COLUMBIA US

KRIEGER, ROBBIE                                                     ROBBY KRIEGER & FRIENDS                                 BLUE NOTE US

LIPPS, INC.                                                                 MOUTH TO MOUTH                                                    CASABLANCA US

MADNESS                                                                   PRESENTS THE RISE AND FALL                           STIFF UK

McGARRIGLE, KATE & ANNA                                  DANCER WITH BRUISED KNEES                          WARNERS US

McGARRIGLE, KATE & ANNA                                  KATE & ANNA McGARRIGLE                                    WARNERS US

MONKEES, THE                                                          MONKEES, THE (2LP Collection)                            ARISTA UK

O’SULLIVAN, GILBERT                                             BACK TO FRONT                                                        MAM UK

PHILLIPS, ANTHONY                                                WISE AFTER THE EVENT                                         PASSPORT US

PHILLIPS, TOM                                                          WORDS AND MUSIC                                                 HANSJORG DE

RABBIT                                                                        BROKEN ARROWS                                                    ISLAND US

RILEY, TERRY / PIERRE MARIETAN                        PAR LE GERM – KEYBOARD STUDY 2                  BYG FR

RUBBER BAND, THE                                                 CREAM SONGBOOK                                                  GRT US

RUMOUR, THE                                                            FROGS SPROUTS CLOGS AND KRAUTS            STIFF UK

SEBASTIAN, JOHN                                                    FOUR OF US, THE                                                     REPRISE DE

SEDAKA, NEIL                                                            LIVE AT THE ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL                     POLYDOR UK

SHAKIN’ PYRAMIDS, THE                                        SKIN ‘EM UP                                                                VIRGIN UK

SHANGHAI                                                                  FALLEN HEROES                                                       THUNDERBIRD UK

SIMON, PAUL                                                             STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS             COLUMBIA US

THEM                                                                           WORLD OF THEM, THE                                            DECCA UK

TV21                                                                            THIN RED LINE, A                                                      DERAM UK

VICTORIAN PARENTS                                              SILENCE FOLLOWS                                                  POLYDOR UK

VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE                                           I SAY NOTHING (#1)                                                   LONDON US 12”

ZODIAC MINDWARP / LOVE REACTION               HIGH PRIEST OF LOVE                                             FOOD UK

Pink Floyd

Happy birthday to Robin Williamson of The Incredible String Band (1943); British jazz guitarist Gary Boyle (1941); singer / songwriter Lee Michaels (1943)!


Pink Floyd “The Endless River” CD + Blu-ray version


While there’s still a music business, I took advantage of the situation and bought a new Pink Floyd album. It’s mostly an instrumental album, but…there is one track with ‘found vocals’ and one track with David Gilmour vocals. If you want to program the highlights, it’s track 11 & 18 on the CD.


It’s a very nice package, I didn’t mind the price (for a 2 disc set), the sound is very good. Rick (Richard) Wright is properly honored, in my estimation.


It is really saying something that I bought this at retail in a brick-and-mortar record store, in the city I live in – that this is possible in 2014 is nothing short of astonishing, as far as I am concerned.


As there’s only one track with a David Gilmour vocal, we can only hope he decides to make more solo albums, eventually. But can Pink Floyd really be dead and buried?


There are only 2 x Pink Floyd albums readily available in 5.1, “Dark Side” and “Wish You Were Here”; why can’t they mix “The Wall”, “Animals”, “Meddle” to 5.1? I’d buy any of those!


They could re-print the assorted Pink Floyd 45’s; they could re-do the Syd Barrett albums in a more deluxe way than they have; I’d love to see the 2 x Nick Mason albums re-done; the 2 x Rick Wright albums re-done; the Dave Gilmour albums mixed to 5.1; how can Pink Floyd really have nothing else to sell us?


The 2LP set for “The Endless River” is attractive to me, but not at the prices I’ve seen it going for!

Music Week

Happy birthday to guitarist Duane Allman (1946, Nashville, TN); guitarist / singer / songwriter Joe Walsh (1947)!

On 11/21 Happy birthday to Dr. John – Mac Rebennack) (1940).

On 11/22 Happy birthday to Talking Head Tina Weymouth (1950)!

On 11/23/1985 I was working for Tony Harrington @ USS&M in Studio City, CA. We’d get Music Week magazine from England, which is sort of like the British equivalent of Billboard magazine. Best thing about this is the release schedule!

23 NOVEMBER 1985 – notable releases in England

Vinyl (12” Singles):


VIRGINIA ASTLEY – Darkness Has Reached It’s End (Elektra UK 12”)


BAND AID – Do They Know It’s Christmas (Mercury UK 12”)


THE CARS – Tonight She Comes (Elektra UK 12”)


CHRIS & COSEY – Sweet Surprise (Rough Trade UK 12”)


COCTEAU TWINS – Echoes In A Shallow Bay (4AD UK 12”) 12” only indicated


ERASURE – Heavenly Action (Mute UK 12”) limited edition indicated


BRYAN FERRY – Windswept (E.G. / Polydor UK 12”) limited edition indicated


GENE LOVES JEZEBEL – Desire (Situation Two UK 12”)


LEVEL 42 – Leaving Me Now (Remix) (Polydor UK 12”) also issued as a 10”


PAUL McCARTNEY / Frog Chorus – We All Stand (Parlophone UK 12”) “Reactivated”


MIKE OLDFIELD – Pictures In The Dark (Virgin UK 12”) 12” has extra track


PROPAGANDA – P-Machinery (Remix) (ZTT UK 12”)


ALEXEI SAYLE – Play That Funky Music Jewish Boy (CBS UK 12”) Gee, I don’t remember seeing this one before!


THOMPSON TWINS – Revolution (Arista UK 12”)


ROY WOOD – Sing Out The Old…Bring In The New (Legacy UK 12”)

Rockaway 45’s

Happy birthday to Ray Collins, singer of The Mothers of Invention (1937); TV star Dick Cavett (1938)!

I grew up listening to Ray Collins. I met him a few times, out in Claremont. I miss him a lot.

Dick Cavett was never easy to figure out. As a child, I didn’t trust him, because he seemed so – straight. Watching his “rock music” DVD’s in the new century, his straightness is not readily in evidence, so now – something I never would’ve thought – he seems sort of…cool.

I hope everyone is enjoying their November. It’s OK to go shopping for a few more days, before your good sense tells you to stay out of places that sell things. I recently got a big batch of 45’s at Rockaway Records in Los Angeles. Some highlights:




Somewhat mysterious band, in that they never had an LP, at the time they were together. I remember that re-issue LP being on a dumb label, so…



So, there’s at least 2 x Paul Butterfield Elektra 45’s!



“Orchestra”? Non-LP CJ & The Fish 45 on Vanguard, 2nd album.



2nd album era US J Tull 45, WLP



One of the 2 x Marthas from Martha & the Muffins, in 1981



Promo EP from the debut Ray Stevens LP



How many U.K. 45’s can there be?


This is what I am occupying myself with these days.

Kim Wilde

Happy birthday to British singer Kim Wilde (1960)!

Yes, I was excited about Kim Wilde in 1980/1! So were a lot of licensees of EMI, particularly Toshiba, in Japan. Yes, she was 18/19/20 – but no record company people seemed to be asking her to take her clothes off and sit on a large American-made motorcycle…yet. What’s the secret? How do you get staunchly progressive-rock lovin’ geeks interested in a small piece of British fluff? Let The Enid be the backing band!

Did you even know that? At least the debut album by Kim Wilde has members of The Enid as her backing band. Of course, they couldn’t put a photo of Robert John Godfrey on the cover of a Kim Wilde LP, but who are those guys that are on that cover? Any members of The Enid (who were also signed to EMI) present? Let me count the hands…

Yes, the band is pretty damned tight. Wait. You’ve never actually played the debut album by Kim Wilde? OK, it’s not quite “In The Region Of The Summer Stars” (on Buk Records), but it’s listenable female pop/new wave 1980-1981 major label product! Stop mistaking her for Sheena Easton! This is Kim Wilde!

It didn’t take the Toshiba guys too long to figure out where this one was going to have lunch. I do not believe she ever played an L.A, area show, while she was signed to RAK / EMI. But did she go to Australia and meet Molly Meldrum? Or sit and wait while Koh Hosabe got all of his lenses together for a Music Life photo shoot in Tokyo?

No idea how the whole deal went south. Were The Enid guys even on the 2nd album? Did the complexity of the arrangements make someone in South America unhappy? By the time poor Kim Wilde got signed to MCA UK, they were getting Pete Waterman-types to work with / for her. Game over.

I just read her Wikipedia page. Apparently, she was reluctant to play live shows, back then. Except for her being younger than I am, this looks like my dream woman! She now has a brilliant career in gardening, in England. She looks like she’s not the same size as 21-year-old Kim Wilde was, but – time forgives, and so can I. Oh, wait. She’s English and still in England. (Guess she learned to cope with the awful food in England).

Bet you didn’t think this morning that you would be wondering where to buy a Kim Wilde CD, eh?

Time Machine

Happy birthday to Canadian singer / songwriter Gordon Lightfoot (1938); and to actor Rock Hudson (1925)!


How should I approach entering my LP’s / 12” / 10” singles into my list? Shelving first or cartons? I ponder this as the CD list is now…done.


Back to the Time Machine! Set the controls for October, 1974 with Quoichiro Iwamoto and Strange Days magazine!


October 1974 releases: John Lennon “Walls and Bridges” (Apple UK LP PCTC 253) with a funny folding cover; The Rolling Stones “It’s Only Rock & Roll” (Rolling Stones UK LP COC 59103); David Bowie “David Live” (RCA UK 2LP APL2-0771); Rod Stewart “Smiler” (Mercury UK LP 9104 001); King Crimson “Red” (Island UK LP ILPS 9308); Jethro Tull “War Child” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1067); Leo Sayer “Just A Boy” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1068); The Sensational Alex Harvey Band “The Impossible Dream” (Vertigo UK LP 6360 112); If “Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces” (Gull UK LP GULP 1004); Montrose “Paper Money” (Warner Brothers US LP BS 2823); Bay City Rollers “Rollin’” (Bell UK LP BELLS 244); and Bob Marley & The Wailers “Natty Dread” (Island UK LP ILPS 9281).


Today, I am OK with 100% of these titles, even if I am totally unfamiliar with one of ‘em (The If album). Yes, I was aware of If, as they had been on Island UK during the golden period, where anything on Island UK was “of interest”: to my little first year of high school ears. In 1974, I was in a variety of record stores constantly, with open eyes.


The big hit here (for me) was obviously the King Crimson album; I awaited whatever it was that was forthcoming anxiously. No, I didn’t want an Atlantic US LP, I wanted an Island UK LP of it, thanks. And I got one – it’s still in the other room. Any questions?


Seemed to me that Lennon had gone flat by this time. Yes, I own it – but it’s far from my favorite JL piece. Can I name even 1 song off of The Rolling Stones LP other than the title track? No, I’d have to get a CD of it out and look. Not my favorite Rolling Stones LP – by any stretch of the imagination. One had to be aware of what the rock music aristocracy was up to, however. So, they were still all alive? My Bowie star burned bright – to the end of 1972. I didn’t buy the albums then, but I own ‘em all now and am OK with ‘em all. At some point, I duly got an original US 1LP of the first live album, and a re-mastered CD; I’d buy the DVD-A of it, if it presented itself and I had a large enough credit slip. I recently got a UK LP of “Smiler” by Rod Stewart, so fat & sassy on that one, go get ‘em, Rod. Jethro Tull was lost to the mists of time by now, along with Black Sabbath etc. – my late 60’s / early 70’s favorites were subject to a type of attrition at this time – out with the old, in with the new. I am not 100% certain that I have an LP of this Leo Sayer title, I may – but it’s in one of 60+ unsorted cartons of LP’s, He’s pretty good, even if it eventually all turned to “pop”. I have gone “on the record” for saying that if I had one wish, it would be to see The Sensational Alex Harvey Band play live on a stage at the peak of their powers. Ronnie Montrose had a variety of things going against him, competing for my spurious teenaged attention: He’s American, and signed to an American label – how can that possibly compete with being British or German and signed to a European-based label? And this LP had a stupid unimaginative cover design, too. With all this other stuff floating in the whirlpool – NEXT! (to paraphrase Jacques Brel and Alex Harvey). The Bay City Rollers weren’t the lowest form of music possible – even I knew that. They were…Scottish? Signed to a dubvious label that seemed to really crank out the ‘product’…with the sound of “Saturday Night” ringing in everyone’s ears. Not sure how large my soft spot is for the Rollers, but it did and does exist – even now. 1974 was not the time of redemption for our Scottish heroes. It was, however, the time of redemption for Bob Marley & The Wailers! What is this shit? Is he American? Or English? Natty who? So, your religion is based upon smoking so much dope that you can’t eat, Chris Blackwell thinks your rhythm will change / modify all of the other rhythms? What about all those Germans with sequencers, Bob? Wayne Perkins?


It sounds like ‘comedy”, but these records all flooded into record stores all over the USA, during October 1974. My flipping fingers couldn’t obviously make sense of much of it, but I tried. And I’m almost there. From October 1974 to July 1976 isn’t a really long time. By July, 1976 – I was “in”. Record Store job, ahoy!

Happy birthday to songwriter Roger Steen (of The Tubes) (1949)!

On 11/14 Happy birthday to Freddie Garrity singer of Freddie & The Dreamers (1940). On 11/15 happy birthday to Petula Clark – though nobody’s quite sure if it’s 1932 or 1933. Also on 11/15, Happy birthday to band/orchestra-leader Mantovani (1905)!

We change as we listen to music – synapses light up; everything determined by when / where we are etc. Some decades happier than others? It’s possible. But we are all shaped by music.


It is interesting to me that my physical collection of music can give me discomfort; they’re heavy, and I can’t lift what I used to be able to lift. Most of the CD’s are in cartons that are small, so lifting – no problem. But unless I invest an absolute fortune in handled 25-ct cartons for the LP’s, they remain too heavy for me to lift. I could not easily lift a full milk crate of LP’s anymore, though I may try it.


My age has something to do with my physical inability to lift; alas, I was never a ‘body builder’ either. But I’m probably so stupid that I don’t know how to lift a crate of LP’s.


I’m dumb about a lot of things, actually. I bought a juicer recently, but I bought the wrong kind of fruit to use in it. Seriously, only pay attention to me if I’m talking about collecting music; that seems to be the only thing I know about, really.


As my long-term associates know, I do try and communicate. Probably my most social of aspects to my personality. Yes, I paid for a website, to be able to say whatever I want. But if you’re reading it, I guess you want to be reading it. There – I’ve communicated!


Does music make a difference to you? It sure does for me. Where would I be without Italian 70’s pop music? Or progressive rock? Or J-pop? Probably looking for something that fills the (respective) gap…Music isn’t the only thing I do. I enjoy eating and drinking, travel…


Interesting to me that I have been regarded as being 1-dimensional; surely, I’m at least 2D or 3D? Oh, sorry – my page is flat (unless your screen isn’t flat – and why would your screen be anything else?).


“Get up off the floor of your lives!”, as Pete Brown once said. If there’s something you’d like to see me write about, let me know. I can’t write about it, unless you tell me. Sorry if my playlists are boring; they’re not to me.