Recommended Records Sampler (1982)

5-29-14                     Recommended Records Sampler (1982)

Recommended Records Sampler (May 1st 1982)

Started life in Spring ’79…Released Spring ’82.

Side 1 (Time: 28.06)

VOGEL – Flaschenzug (I have a 45 by Vogel with Ivor Cutler)

FAUST – Extract 5 from “Faust Party 3” (I have numerous other records attributed to “Faust Party”, so not sure if I have this particular extract)

ART BEARS – All Hail! (I never cared for this post-Henry Cow band; I am not a fan of Dagmar Krause)

STORMY SIX – Reparto Novita (I mail-ordered 4 or 5 LP’s by this band , but it didn’t stick; I don’t remember them at all!)

THE HOMOSEXUALS – Walk Before Imitate

JOSEPH RACAILLE & PATRICK PORTELLA – On Ne Peut Plus Compter Sur Ses Doigts (Racaille is from ZNR, but I didn’t keep any Racaille & Portilla LP’s)


Side 2 (Time: 30.45)

THE BLACK SHEEP – Strangelove

UNIVERSE ZERO – Influences (I have some of their albums in 2014, but I don’t think I’ve heard one that makes a big difference to me yet)

AKSAK MABOUL / HONEYMOON KILLERS – Boss De Crosses Dans Le Doulos (Absolutely love Mark Hollander’s stuff!(

THE WORK – Houdini (Ex-Henry Cow?)

HENRY COW – Slice / Viva Pa Ubu (I do not recognize this material by H.C.)


Side 3 (Time: 31.00)

ART ZOYD – Simulacres (Similar story to Universe Zero)

THE MUFFINS – 2 from “Chronometers” (U.S. band)

HEINER GOEBBELS – Berlin Kudamm 12/4/81 (I remember not caring for an ECM album I used to have on CD)

AMOS – Steer Clear of England

CONVENTUM – Commerce Nostalgique

HECTOR ZAZOU – Vera C (The “Z” of ZNR – a real favorite)

Side 4 (Time: 30.08)

THIS HEAT – Pool (I know the band, but don’t recognize the title of this track)

THE RESIDENTS – Walter Westinghouse (U.S. band)

R. STEVIE MOORE – Pedestrian Hop & Copy Me (U.S. guitarist)

RON PATE – I Talk To My Haircut

PICCHIO DAL POZZO – Uccellin Del Bosco (I think this is found on their 2nd album)

ROBERT WYATT – The Internationale (this 2LP set says this is licensed from Rough Trade, so I am going to assume this appears elsewhere).

Bill Bruford

Bill Bruford

Happy birthday John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival (1945, Berkeley, CA) and Arto Lindsay (1953, Richmond, VA).

I first heard of drummer Bill Bruford on the early Yes albums, stuff like “Fragile”. Owing to the “sound” of those albums, the drummer does stand out a bit. Like much of the rest of the world, I watched with curiosity as Mr. Bruford moved on to King Crimson – for the latter day albums such as “Larks Tongues In Aspic”, “Red” etc.

Which brings me to the titles I wish to bring your attention to: Bill Bruford’s early solo albums!

FEELS GOOD TO ME                        EG US                       EGCD 33         1978 10 TRKS with Annette Peacock

ONE OF A KIND                                 EG US                       EGCD 40         1979 10 TRKS with Dave Stewart

BRUFORD TAPES, THE                   EG US                       EEGCD 6         1979 9 TRKS Live 7/12/79

GRADUALLY GOING TORNADO    EG US                       EGCD 44         1980 8 TRKS with Dave Stewart

“Feels Good To Me” certainly made an impression on me in 1978 – it helped to highlight the talents of Annette Peacock! She has her own wonderful solo albums, but it was her performance on “Feels Good To Me” that came to my attention.

I guess I was looking for something else (more Annette Peacock?), but “One Of A Kind” and “Gradually Going Tornado” made little impression on me in ’79 / ’80. I found inexpensive CD’s of those titles – they’re rather good!

Some readers will only know keyboardist Dave Stewart from the charming records he made with Barbara Gaskin (“It’s My Party” etc.) – “Gaskin – Stewart”. No Bill Bruford on these:

CD                UP FROM THE DARK   RYKODISC US  RCD 10011  1986 14 TRKS

CD                BIG IDEA, THE                RYKODISC US  RCD 20172  1990 10 TRKS

CD                SPIN                                 RYKODISC US  RCD 20213  1991 11 TRKS

But give those Bill Bruford albums a chance, 80’s people! They should all be available really inexpensively! And there’s not so many of them.

It’s amazing to me that I can be recommending albums that I wouldnt’ve given you the time of day for, when they were new releases (the Bill Bruford solo albums). But they are reasonably interesting records, believe it or not!

So, I’m talking about Bill Bruford records, but listening to the Dave Stewart part of the recordings. Or the Annette Peacock parts. Just listening!

The Sound Labyrinth of Progressive Rock

Beat Sound 2010

Happy birthday Cilla Black (1943, Liverpool, England – born Priscilla Maria Veronica White).

I recently found a Japanese magazine called “Beat Sound” – behold the cover, a cartoon collage of progressive rock album covers!

The top groups (for them) are King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Yes, genesis, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Tangerine Dream, Gong and Area! Other than this being an article about progressive rock, it appears to be an audiophile magazine.

In addition to the heavyweights mentioned above, they recommend:

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (I also recommend “Ommadawn” & “Platinum”)

Caravan – In The Land of Grey and Pink (This year an SA-CD was released of “For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night”, which I also recommend)

Soft Machine – Third (What? No “Vol. 1”? No “Vol. 2”?

Curved Air – Air Cut (Usually, I go for their first 3 albums, too!)

U.K. – (debut)

Anthony Phillips – The Geese and The Ghost (I rather enjoy this one, too)

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso – (debut) (I like their debut fairly well, “Darwin!” too!)

Hatfield & The North – The Rotter’s Club (Definitely prefer the earlier album)

Jon & Vangelis – The Friends of Mr. Cairo (Will have to give this one a closer listen!)

Faust –So Far (I absolutely love the first 4 x Faust albums!)

Peter Gabriel – (debut) (I’m OK with this choice, never having warmed to any other solo albums by Mr. PG)

P.F.M. – Photos of Ghosts (OK – I usually also recommend “World Became The World”!)

Can – Future Days (This, or “Landed”, “Soon Over Babaluma”)

Sebastian Hardie – Four Moments (I also really like “Windchase”)

Camel – The Snow Goose (I prefer the Camel albums with the singer of Caravan)

Brian Eno – Music for Films (OK!)

Gentle Giant – (debut) (Why not “Octopus” or “In A Glass House”?)

Steve Hillage – Fish Rising (OK)

Van der Graaf Generator – Still Life (Probably the only VDGG album I don’t usually recommend, must give it another listen)

Renaissance – Prologue (I think I prefer the Island label albums, though this one isn’t bad)

Fripp & Eno – (no pussyfooting) (OK)

Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed (Funny, I never knew of the Japanese propensity for this title; any of the first 7 are usually OK!)

Focus – Hamburger Concerto (Again, never knew the Japanese liked this one in particular; I usually recommend “Moving Waves”!)

Atoll – L’Araignee Mal (I also recommend “Tertio”, in particular)

In their list, there are a mere 4 albums that I don’t have, and am not familiar with:

Porcupine Tree – Deadwing (I was recently given one of their other titles, a 5.1 DVD-A)

England – Garden Shed (I have friends in Tokyo that named their shop after this album, but I never warmed to it; I remember it sounding a bit like Yes)

Roger Waters – Amused To Death (There was supposed to be an SA-CD issue of this, but doesn’t look like it’s ever materialized; I’d buy it if I saw it as an SA-CD!)

Popol Vuh – In Den Garten Pharaos (I always stuck at “Affenstunde”!)

The Band

The Band

Happy birthday to Levon Helm of The Band (1942, Marvell, AR).

As a young man, I never quite ‘got’ The Band. Even at a very young age, it seemed like the type of hippie music that did not interest me – going as far as all but ignoring their records, even the good ones! Any exposure to the era of Basement Tape material will make one sit up and take notice of this Canadian-U.S. hybrid band. Just like Bob Dylan – who they worked with – they are fairly well served by the SA-CD community. Alas, I had to break down and buy an aftermarket DVD-A for “Music From Big Pink”, to get the album in 5.1 – the Mobile Fidelity SA-CD is stereo only!

LP                MUSIC FROM BIG PINK                                                                               CAPITOL US            SKAO 2955

1968 11 TRKS 1st pressing?

DVD             MUSIC FROM BIG PINK (DVD-A) 5.1                                                         CAPITOL US            77939.9

1968 11 TRKS 5.1 mix (’02 Issue)

LP                MUSIC FROM BIG PINK                                                                               TOSHIBA JPN          ECS-50101

1968 11 TRKS Jpn pressing, ’76 issue, insert

CD                MUSIC FROM BIG PINK (SA-CD)                                                               MOBILE FIDELITY   UDSA-CD 2044

1968 11 TRKS SA-CD (’09 issue) DSD Mastering

LP                MUSIC FROM BIG PINK                                                                               CAPITOL UK            ST 2955

1968 11 TRKS U.K. 2nd pressing

CD                MUSIC FROM BIG PINK re                                                                          CAPITOL US            25390.2

1968 20 TRKS (9 x bonus tracks) (’00 issue)


7″                 I SHALL BE RELEASED / WEIGHT, THE promo                                     CAPITOL US            P 2269

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, debut 45, promo

7″                 I SHALL BE RELEASED / WEIGHT, THE                                                  CAPITOL US            2269

1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, debut 45?


CD                BAND, THE (2nd album) (SA-CD)                                                              MOBILE FIDELITY   USSACD 2129

1969 12 TRKS (’13 issue) SA-CD

CD                BAND, THE (2nd album) re                                                                         CAPITOL US            25389.2

1969 12 TRKS John Simon

LP                BAND, THE (2nd album)                                                                              CAPITOL US            STAO-132

1969 12 TRKS John Simon

DVD             BAND, THE (“Classic Albums”)                                                                  EAGLE US                EV 30101-09

2005 75m “Classic Albums”


CD                STAGE FRIGHT                                                                                             CAPITOL US            19839.2

1970 10 TRKS (’90 issue)

LP                  MUSIC FROM BIG PINK re-issue                                                               CAPITOL US            STCR-288

1970? 11 TRKS part of box set, Peter Max artwork


CD                CAHOOTS (SA-CD)                                                                                       MOBILE FIDELITY   UDSA-CD 2045

1971 11 TRKS (’10 issue) SA-CD; DSD Mastering


CD                ROCK OF AGES (SA-CD)                                                                            MOBILE FIDELITY   UDSA-CD 2046

1972 17 TRKS (’10 issue) Live, #2117 SA-CD

CDx2           ROCK OF AGES re                                                                                        CAPITOL US            30181.2

1972 28 TRKS (’01 issue) Live


7″                 HANG UP MY ROCK AND ROLL SHOES / CALEDONIA MISSION      CAPITOL US            3500

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 DON’T DO IT (Live) / RAG MAMA RAG (Live) promo                               CAPITOL US            P-3433

1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo; Live


CD                NORTHERN LIGHTS – SOUTHERN CROSS (SA-CD)                          MOBILE FIDELITY   UDSA-CD 2047

1975 8 TRKS (’10 issue) SA-CD; DSD Mastering


LP                BEST OF                                                                                                         CAPITOL US            ST-511553

1976 11 TRK Collection, record club copy

CD                BEST OF                                                                                                         CAPITOL US            CDP 46070

1976 11 TRK Collection, textured booklet


LPx2            ANTHOLOGY                                                                                                  CAPITOL US            SKBO-11856

1978 20 TRK collection


LPx3            LAST WALTZ, THE                                                                                        WARNER US           3WS 3146

1978 29 TRKS Live, Bob Dylan etc.

BD                LAST WALTZ, THE (BD)                                                                               MGM US                    61502-4

2006 117m (’78 orig issue) Blu-ray re-master

Bob Dylan – The 60’s

Bob Dylan '64 UK EP

On 5/24 happy birthday to Bob Dylan (1941, Duluth, MN). On 5/25 happy birthday Miles Davis (1926, Alton, IL). I’ll write about Bob Dylan today, ‘cause I’m no expert on Miles Davis.

Bob Dylan has been served very well by the SA-CD community. Even some of his classic albums are available as multi-channel SA-CD’s! Mobile Fidelity even made an SA-CD for “The Basement Tapes”, despite the claim that it wasn’t professionally recorded.

CD                BOB DYLAN (Debut)                                                                                          SONY JPN                MHCP 835

1962 13 TRKS (’05 issue) kami sleeve


SA-CD         FREEWHEELIN’ BOB DYLAN, THE (SA-CD)                                                COLUMBIA US         CH 90321

1963 13 TRKS (’03 issue) stereo SA-CD

LP                FREEWHEELIN’ BOB DYLAN, THE                                                                COLUMBIA US         CS 8786

1963 13 TRKS stereo


7″                 DYLAN (EP) (PS)                                                                                                CBS UK                     EP 6051

1963 4 TRKS with pic sleeve / EP, mono


CD                TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’, THE re                                                        COLUMBIA US         CK 92240

1964 10 TRKS (’05 issue)


SA-CD         ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DYLAN (SA-CD)                                                   COLUMBIA US         CH 90327

1964 11 TRKS (’03 issue) multi-channel SA-CD


LP                BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME                                                                      COLUMBIA US         CS 9128

1965 11 TRKS

SA-CD         BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME (SA-CD) 5.1                                                COLUMBIA US         CH 90326

1965 11 TRKS (’03 issue) multi-channel SA-CD

CD                SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES                                                          CBS EUROPE         CDCBS 62515

1965 11 TRKS aka ‘Bringing It All Back Home’


7″                 LIKE A ROLLING STONE                                                                                 CBS UK                     201811

1965 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 POSITIVELY 4th STREET / FROM A BUICK 6                                               COLUMBIA US         4-43389

1965 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES                                                          CBS UK                     201753

1965 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


SA-CD         HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED (SA-CD)                                                                 COLUMBIA US         CH 90324

1965 9 TRKS (’03 issue) stereo SA-CD

LP                HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED                                                                                 COLUMBIA US         CS 9189

1965 9 TRKS original U.S. LP


MD               BLONDE ON BLONDE (MD)                                                                            SONY JPN                SRYS 1214

1966 14 TRKS

SA-CDx2     BLONDE ON BLONDE (SA-CD) 5.1                                                               COLUMBIA US         C2H 90325

1966 14 TRKS (’03 issue) multi-channel SA-CD

LPx2            BLONDE ON BLONDE mono                                                                          COLUMBIA US         C2L 41

1966 14 TRKS mono, original issue (with divorce cover!)

LPx2            BLONDE ON BLONDE stereo                                                                         COLUMBIA US         C2S 841

1966 14 TRKS stereo, original issue


7″                 I WANT YOU / JUST LIKE TOM THUMB’S BLUES                                       CBS UK                     202258

1966 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 & #35                                                                      COLUMBIA US         4-43592

1966 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 MOST LIKELY YOU’LL GO YOUR WAY… promo                                         COLUMBIA US         4-44069

1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                GREATEST HITS (US)                                                                                      COLUMBIA US         KCS 9463

1966? 10 TRK Collection, US version, stereo; poster

MD               GREATEST HITS (MD)                                                                                      COLUMBIA US         CM 9463

1966? 12 TRK Collection

LP                GREATEST HITS (UK)                                                                                      CBS UK                     62847

1966? 12 TRK Collection, UK version, alt. cover

CD                GREATEST HITS (Kami)                                                                                  SONY JPN                MHCP 837

1967 10 TRK Collection, US version, kami sleeve


SA-CD         JOHN WESLEY HARDING (SA-CD)                                                               COLUMBIA US         CH 90320

1967 12 TRKS (’03 issue) SA-CD

LP                JOHN WESLEY HARDING                                                                               COLUMBIA US         CS 9604

1968 12 TRKS stereo


7″                 I THREW IT ALL AWAY / DRIFTER’S ESCAPE                                             COLUMBIA US         4-44826

1968? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                NASHVILLE SKYLINE                                                                                       COLUMBIA US         KCS 9825

1969 10 TRKS

SA-CD         NASHVILLE SKYLINE (SA-CD)                                                                       COLUMBIA US         CH 90319

1969 10 TRKS (’03 issue) SA-CD


7″                 LAY LADY LAY / PEGGY DAY                                                                           COLUMBIA US         4-44926

1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

Tom Waits

Tom Waits

I got on board about the time of “Heartattack And Vine”, loved the first few Island LP’s, even if Swordfishtrombones was originally destined for Asylum Records.  I did find an Island Records 50th Annv. edition of Swordfishtrombines, nice heavyweight LP.

7″                 OL’ 55 / MIDNIGHT LULLABY                                ASYLUM US           AS-11014

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LPx2            NIGHTHAWKS AT THE DINER                              ELEKTRA US         7E-2008

1975 18 TRKS Live (Cal Schenkel cover)

CD                NIGHTHAWKS AT THE DINER                              ELEKTRA US         2008.2

1975 18 TRKS Live, 2 on 1 (Cal Schenkel cover)


LP                BOUNCED CHECKS pirate                                   EXCITABLE            4502.1

1976? 10 TRKS pirate, Live ’75


CD                HEARTATTACK AND VINE                                     ELEKTRA US         295.2

1980 9 TRKS Bones Howe, prod.


LP                BOUNCED CHECKS (Collection)                        ASYLUM NZ            EF 7200

1981 10 TRK Collection



1983 15 TRKS (’08 issue) kami sleeve, SHM-CD

LP                SWORDFISHTROMBONES                                   ASYLUM AUS         60211.1

1983 15 TRKS original version, diff. cover


7″                 IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (PS)                            ISLAND UK             ISD 260

1984 4 TRK EP with pic sleeve, 7″x2


CD                RAIN DOGS (SHM-CD Kami)                                UNIVERSAL JPN   UICY-93709

1985 19 TRKS SHM-CD (’08 issue) kami sleeve #0762

LP                RAIN DOGS                                                               ISLAND US             90299.1

1985 19 TRKS U.S. pressing


LP                SOMETHING ABOUT PARIS pirate                       PIRATE                    POP 5

1986? 8 TRKS pirate, Live ’85


CD                FRANK’S WILD YEARS (SHM-CD Kami)             UNIVERSAL JPN   UICY-93710

1987 17 TRKS SHM-CD (’08 issue) kami sleeve #1629


CD                BIG TIME                                                                    ISLAND JPN           PHCR-18717

1988 18 TRKS Live, large booklet


CD                BONE MACHINE                                                      ISLAND US             512580.2

1992 16 TRKS original issue


CD5              GOIN’ OUT WEST                                                    ISLAND UK             CID 537

1992 4 TRK CD Single CD5


CD                BLACK RIDER, THE                                                ISLAND US             518559.2

1993 20 TRKS original issue

Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker

Happy birthday Joe Cocker (1944, Sheffield, England – born John Robert Cocker).

7″                 MARJORINE / NEW AGE OF THE LILLY, THE                                       REGAL ZONO UK     RZ 3006           1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, his debut on Regal Zonophone?

7″                 MARJORINE / NEW AGE OF THE LILLY, THE promo                          A&M US                      928                   1968 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS                                            REGAL ZONO UK     SLRZ 1006      1969 10 TRKS Original U.K. issue

CD                WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS re                                       A&M US                      490419.2         1969 12 TRKS (’99 issue) (2 x bonus tracks) 1st album


7″                 WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS / (same) promo-only      A&M US                      991                   1969 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


7″                 DELTA LADY / SHE’S SO GOOD TO ME promo                                    A&M US                      1112                 1969? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                JOE COCKER (1969) (UK)                                                                        REGAL ZONO UK     SLRZ 1011      1970 10 TRKS UK original, stereo

CD                JOE COCKER (1969) re                                                                            HIP-O US                   B0012911.2    1969 10 TRKS (’09 issue) 2nd album


LP                COCKER HAPPY (Collection)                                                                   FLY UK                       HIFLY 3            1970 12 TRK Collection


LPx2            MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN                                                                    A&M DE                      80813 XT         1970 14 TRKS Live

CDx2           MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN                                                                    A&M US                      6002.2              1970 19 TRKS Live


7″                 PARDON ME SIR / ST. JAMES… promo                                                 A&M US                      1407                 1970? 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


7″                 LETTER, THE (Live) / SPACE CAPTAIN (Live) (PS)                              A&M US                      1174                 1970? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 HIGH TIME WE WENT                                                                                A&M US                      1258                 1971 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 CRY ME A RIVER / GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (PS)                                A&M US                      AM-1200-S      1971? 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                BEST OF                                                                                                       KARUSSELL DE       2345 032         1972 12 TRK Collection


7″                 WOMAN TO WOMAN / MIDNIGHT RIDER                                               CUBE UK                   BUG 25            1972 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                LIVE IN L.A. (1972)                                                                                      CUBE FR                   2326 041         1972 9 TRKS Live, ’76 issue


LP                I CAN STAND A LITTLE RAIN                                                                    CUBE UK                   HIFLY 18          1974 10 TRKS


7″                 PUT OUT THE LIGHT (PS)                                                                        CUBE DE                   2016 073         1974 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                HISTORIA DE LA MUSICA ROCK (Collection)                                       POLYDOR ES           2861 302         1975? 9 TRK Collection, Vol. 11


CD                CLASSICS                                                                                                    A&M US                      CD 2503          1987 13 TRK Collection


CD                MILLENNIUM COLLECTION                                                                     A&M US                      541606.2         2000 11 TRK Collection


CDx6           COMPLETE FILLMORE EAST CONCERTS (6CD boxed set)            HIP-O SELECT US   B0005963.2    2006 61 TRKS Live March, 1970; Ltd. Ed. – Really rather nice!


DVD             CRY ME A RIVER (Live, 1980)                                                                  EAGLE                        EV 30257         2008 58 min, Rockpalast Live 1980

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley SA-CD

Some interesting collections, in the post-Elvis age. Never really heard much of his non-hit material. Took a while, but Elvis finally made it to SA-CD format, but only in stereo (& mono). I also have some original 45’s & EP’s, but those aren’t listed today!

LP                ELVIS IN THE ’50’S – 1956                                                                              RCA IT                         NL 42829

1980 12 TRK Collection, exclusive Italian collection


LP                ELVIS IN THE ’50’S – 1957                                                                              RCA IT                         NL 42830

1980 12 TRK Collection, exclusive Italian collection


LP                ELVIS’ GREATEST SH*T pirate                                                                      DOG VOMIT                SUX-005

1981? 22 TRKS Pirate, with humorous inserts


LP                ELVIS IN GERMANY                                                                                          RCA DE                       NL 43730

1982 13 TRK Collection, exclusive German collection


7″                 BABY, LET’S PLAY HOUSE (Live) / HOUNG DOG (Live) (PS)                  RCA US                       PB 13875

1984 3 TRKS with pic sleeve, yellow vinyl


LP                ELVIS’ CHRISTMAS ALBUM                                                                            RCA US                       AFM1-5486

1985 12 TRKS Green vinyl re-issue


10″               BEST OF (10″)                                                                                                    RCA FR                       130250

1985? 10 TRK EP; French re-issue, collection


CD                NUMBER ONE HITS, THE (Collection)                                                         RCA US                       6382.2

1987 18 TRK Collection


CD                SUN SESSIONS CD, THE                                                                               RCA US                       6414.2

1987 28 TRK Collection, ’54-’55 recordings


CD                ALTERNATE ALOHA, THE                                                                               RCA US                       6985.2

1988 24 TRKS Live, 1973


CD                ESSENTIAL ELVIS (Collection)                                                                      RCA US                       6738.2-R

1988 27 TRK Collection, mono (60’s recordings)


CDx2           TOP TEN HITS, THE                                                                                         RCA US                       6383.2

1988 38 TRK Collection (50’s & 60’s recordings)


CD                COMPLETE 50’S MASTERS – Vol. 3                                                              RCA US                       66050.2

1992 31 TRK Collection – why did someone break this boxed set apart?


CD                COMPLETE 50’S MASTERS – Vol. 4                                                              RCA US                       66050.2

1992 24 TRK Collection


CD                GREATEST JUKE BOX HITS                                                                           RCA US                       BG2-67565

1997 23 TRK Collection


CD5              THAT’S ALL RIGHT                                                                                           BMG US                      61921.2

2004 3 TRK CD Single CD5 50th anniversary issue


CD5              GOOD LUCK CHARM                                                                                       BMG UK


2004 3 TRKS with paper pic sleeve (’62 orig.)


CD5              RETURN TO SENDER                                                                                     BMG UK


2004 3 TRKS with paper pic sleeve (’62 orig.)


10″               GOOD LUCK CHARM (10″)                                                                             BMG UK                      45-RCA 1280

2004 3 TRKS with pic sleeve, re-issue


CD5              HEARTBREAK HOTEL                                                                                     BMG US                      74302.2

2006 3 TRK CD Single CD5 ’50th Anniversary’ issue


SA-CD         24 KARAT HITS! (Collection)                                                                           ANALOGUE PR US   CAPP 2040

2013 24 TRK Collection SA-CD

Billy Cobham

5-15-14          Billy Cobham

Billy Cobham

Tomorrow 5/16 happy birthday to Billy Cobham, the jazz-fusion drummer (1944, born in Panama?)

LP            CROSSWINDS              ATLANTIC US                SD 7300      1974 4 TRKS jazz

CD            SPECTRUM                  ATLANTIC US                7268.2         1973 6 TRKS jazz

DVD         SPECTRUM (DVD-A) 5.1                    RHINO US       R9 78408          2001 6 TRKS + bonus features, 5.1 audio

I probably heard “Spectrum” in a record store, when it was a new release. I was definitely not a funkster or jazz guy at that age (probably about 14-15?) – but the rock music sensibilities appealed to me.

I know I must’ve had an original Atlantic US LP of “Spectrum” – that was the only way to hear it, until the old US Atlantic CD of it rolled down the pike. But like an idiot, I probably sold my US original LP of it when I got the old version of the CD, thinking “CD will sound better, won’t have any surface noise etc.” – the old CD also didn’t have a great sonic image, as I recall.

I jumped on the DVD-A of “Spectrum” in the after-market, as it got deleted shortly after it’s release; yes, it was sort of expensive, but the sound is great, even if I do not like the inconvenience of having to turn my TV on to play the disc – that’s what IO get for having it all connected with HDMI cables!

I also got the LP of “Crosswind”, because I remember thinking at the time (1974) that “Spectrum” was so good, there must be some residual goodness on it’s follow-up!