Mondo Rock

Mondo Rock

Venerable Australian band, lead by Ross Wilson. No, never got a chance to see them play live. Doubt they exist in 2014. I got on board with “Boom Baby Boom” and never looked back. Always thought they had a chance to make it big here, but that never seemed to have happened.

7″                 STATE OF THE HEART / (same) promo                    ATLANTIC US      4000

1980 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                CHEMISTRY                                                                     WEA NZ                Z 20014

1981 10 TRKS


7″                 COOL WORLD / BACK ON THE OUTSIDE                AVENUE AUS      K-8190

1981 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                NUOVO MONDO                                                             WEA NZ                600124

1982 10 TRKS


7″                 NO TIME / IL MONDO CAFE (PS)                                 WEA AUS             100.21

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 QUEEN AND ME / DOMINATION ROCK (PS)            WEA AUS             100.225

1982 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


12″               COME SAID THE BOY / GOTTA GET OUT                  WEA AUS             0-259754

1983 3 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 MODERN BOP / COST OF LIVING (PS)                      WEA AUS             7-259485

1984 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               MODERN BOP                                                                 WEA AUS             0-259439

1984 3 TRKS with pic sleeve


12″               GOOD ADVICE / DARK SECRETS                              POLYDOR AUS   881581.1

1984 3 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                UP TO THE MOMENT                                                     POLYDOR AUS   825597.1

1985 12 TRK Collection


Now it gets interesting…


CD                BOOM BABY BOOM                                                        POLYDOR AUS   829829.2

1986 10 TRKS


7″                 PRIMITIVE LOVE RITES / UNDER LIGHTS (PS)       POLYDOR AUS   885371.7

1986 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               PRIMITIVE LOVE RITES                                                 POLYDOR AUS   885384.1

1986 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               PRIMITIVE LOVE RITES                                                 POLYDOR UK     POSPX 874

1986 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               PRIMITIVE LOVE RITES promo                                    COLUMBIA US    CAS 2661

1987 2 TRKS promo

12″               PRIMITIVE LOVE RITES (Edit) / (LP vers.) promo     COLUMBIA US    XSS 174052/3

1987 2 TRKS promo, acetate


7″                 RULE OF THREES / ROMAN HOLIDAY (PS)             POLYDOR AUS   885206.7

1986 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                BOOM BABY BOOM                                                        COLUMBIA US    BFC 40470

1987 10 TRKS insert


CD5              ALIENS                                                                              POLYDOR AUS   887230.2

1987 4 TRK CD Single CD5


CD                WHY FIGHT IT                                                                  RCA AUS              VPCD 0831

1990 10 TRKS


CD5              WHY FIGHT IT                                                                  RCA AUS              CCD 019

1990 2 TRK CD Single CD5


7″                 WHY FIGHT IT / YOU GOT IT COMING (PS)               RCA AUS              105.165

1990 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CDx2           ESSENTIAL                                                                      EPIC AUS             513986.2

2003 29 TRK Collection

Bo Hansson

Bo Hansson

Happy birthday Hugh Hopper of The Soft Machine (England, 1945). Happy birthday Carl Gardner of The Coasters (1928, TX) and to Lonnie Donegan (1931, Glasgow, Scotland).

Bo Hansson (1943 – 2010), the late Swedish keyboard player. It is said he jammed with Jimi Hendrix – and indeed, Hendrix did cover a Bo Hansson song, “Tax Free”. I never knew about the Hansson & Karlsson records until the end of the 70’s / beginning of the 80’s! And I believe there is a latter day Bo Hansson album that I’ve never seen (“Mitt I Livet”).

Hansson & Karlsson:

LP                MONUMENT                                                                                                   POLYDOR SV        LPHM 46 260  1967 6 TRKS


LP                MAN AT THE MOON                                                                                      POLYDOR UK       583 564            1969 12 TRKS


LP                GOLD (Collection) re-issue                                                                         KARUSSEL SW    2468 009          1969 9 TRK Collection


CD                HANSSON & KARLSSON (Collection)                                                      POLYDOR SW      557279.2          1998 14 TRK Collection (60’s recordings)


Bo Hansson solo works:


CD                LORD OF THE RINGS re                                                                             VIRGIN US             12061.2            1970 12 TRKS (’02 issue)

LP                LORD OF THE RINGS                                                                                  CHARISMA US      CAS 1059         1972 12 TRKS 1st

LP                SAGAN OM RINGEN (aka ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’)                                SILENCE SW        SRS 4600        1970 12 TRKS 1st; Lord of the Rings


7″                 BLACK RIDERS FLIGHT TO THE FORD (mono) / (stereo) promo      CHARISMA US      CAR 104           1974 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


LP                UR TROLLKARLENS HATT (aka ‘MAGICIAN’S HAT’)                             SILENCE SW        SRS 4615        1972 10 TRKS 2nd

CD                MAGICIAN’S HAT                                                                                            RESOURCE SW   RESCD 509     1972 11 TRKS (1 x bonus track)

LP                MAGICIAN’S HAT (DE)                                                                                  CHARISMA DE      6369 945          1973 11 TRKS

LP                MAGICIAN’S HAT (UK)                                                                                  CHARISMA UK      CAS 1073         1973 11 TRKS 2nd


CD                MELLANVASEN re                                                                                         SILENCE SW        SRSCD 3625  1975 10 TRKS 3rd; (1 x bonus track) (’05 issue)

LP                MELLANVASEN                                                                                              SILENCE SW        SRS 4625        1975 9 TRKS 3rd

LP                ATTIC THOUGHTS                                                                                        CHARISMA UK      CAS 1113         1975 9 TRKS 3rd


LP                EL-AHRAIRAH                                                                                                YTF SWEDEN       YTF 50350       1977 5 TRKS 4th

LP                MUSIC INSPIRED BY WATERSHIP DOWN test pressing                     SIRE US                 SRK 6044        1977 6 TRKS test pressing, white cover

CD                MUSIC INSPIRED BY WATERSHIP DOWN re                                         VIRGIN UK             CDOVD 501     1977 7 TRKS (1 x bonus track) (’04 issue)

Time Machine – March 1974

King Crimson

Time Machine – March 1974

Yesterday, 4/27 Marco Pirroni of Adam & The Ants, born 1959. Also yesterday, happy birthday Peter Ham of Badfinger (1947, Swansea, Wales, England).

From Strange Days magazine in Japan – another edition of the Time Machine, this time from March, 1974 – Curious releases that presently interest the Japanese psyche, as revealed by…

Camel “Mirage” (Deram UK LP SML 1107); King Crimson “Starless & Bible Black” (Island UK LP ILPS 9275); Queen “Queen II” (EMI UK LP EMA 767); Mott The Hoople “The Hoople” (CBS UK LP SCBS 69062); Kansas “s/t” (debut) (Kirshner US LP KZ 32817); Rush “s/t” (debut) Mercury US/Canada LP MN-100); Aerosmith “Get Your Wings” (Columbia US LP KC 32847); Robin Trower “Bridge of Sighs” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1057); Peter Frampton “Something’s Happening” A&M UK LP AMLH 63619); Cat Stevens “Buddah & The Chocolate Box” Island UK LP ILPS 9274); Steely Dan “Pretzel Logic” (ABC US LP ABCD-808); and Abba “Waterloo” (Polar Sweden LP POLS 252).

At that time, the only really important title to me was the King Crimson title – I had seen them live the previous year – and was firmly enchanted with Mr. Fripp’s band. I liked the Mott The Hoople LP’s on Island, but it took a few years for me to discover the worth of their CBS era. Always enjoyed Queen’s singles, even saw them live once! I had loved Robin Trower in Procol Harum, but his solo career proceeded largely without me. Cat Stevens was always interesting, too – I had been a huge fan of “Tea For The Tillerman”, but only his singles really made much of an impression on me.

In 2014, I own these LP/CD releases by King Crimson, Mott The Hoople, Robin Trower and Cat Stevens. I own other, different titles by Camel and Queen. Kansas, Rush, Aerosmith, Peter Frampton, Steely Dan and Abba are all “off my radar”, though I will confess I would buy an SA-CD of the live Frampton album, if I could find one cheap enough.

Althea & Donna

Althea & Donna

As far as I know, this is the whole story of Althea & Donna. I think they were quite young when they had their UK hit with “Uptown Top Ranking”, and there was only 1 x LP / CD in their output. In 1978, they had a fabulous 12” single, “Going To Negril” – which never saw the light of day in the US – as far as I know! KROQ-FM used to play the hell out of “Uptown Top Ranking” – and it drove the people at the record distributor nuts, as Sire deleted the 45 of it almost as soon as they initially issued it!

After a while, in England I was told numerous tales about women showing up at the record label (Lightning) saying, “We’re the real Althea & Donna”, further muddling the already murky waters.

7″                 UPTOWN TOP RANKING / CALICO SUIT                  LIGHTNING UK     LIG 506

1977 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                UPTOWN TOP RANKING                                              FRONT LINE UK   FL 1012

1978 10 TRKS

CD                UPTOWN TOP RANKING                                              CAROLINE US      CAR 10325.2

1978 10 TRKS (’01 issue)


12″               GOING TO NEGRIL                                                        FRONT LINE UK   VOLE 7

1978 2 TRKS no pic sleeve (Non-LP/CD A-side)


7″                 LOVE ONE ANOTHER / (Instrumental) (PS)              ATLANTIC DE        LIG 11145

1978 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 PUPPY DOG SONG / SORRY (PS)                              VIRGIN NL             15578

1978 2 TRKS with pic sleeve



Happy birthday Roy Orbison, a ZTT Records artist (1936)

The famous Ohio band. Mark Mothersbaugh ‘introduced’ me to Hajime Tachibana. Not going to list the post-WB titles I have.

7″                 SATISFACTION / SLOPPY (PS)                                                           BOOJI BOY US    72843

1977 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO!                                       WARNER US       3239.2

1978 11 TRKS

LP                Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO! (US)                              WARNER US       BSK 3239

1978 11 TRKS 1st

LP                Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO! (UK)                              VIRGIN UK           V 2106

1978 12 TRKS 1st, UK vers.


7″                 UNCONTROLLABLE URGE / SATISFACTION                                 WARNER US       WBS 8675

1978 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 COME BACK JONEE (Edit) / PRAYING HANDS                               WARNER US       WBS 87545

1978 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, Brian Eno, prod.


7″                 MECHANICAL MAN (EP) (PS)                                                             ELEVATOR UK    NICE 1

1978 4 TRK EP; pirate?


LP                DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE                                                         WARNER US       BSK 3337

1979 13 TRKS 2nd


CD                DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE                                                         INFINITE ZERO   14501.2

1979 15 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks) (’94 issue)


7″                 DAY MY BABY GAVE ME A SURPRISE, THE (PS)                           VIRGIN UK           VS 265

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 SECRET AGENT MAN / SOO-BAWLZ (PS)                                       VIRGIN UK           VS 280

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

7″                 SECRET AGENT MAN / RED EYE                                                      WARNER US       WBS 49028

1979 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 DAY MY BABY GAVE ME A SURPRISE, THE (EP) promo-only      WARNER US       PRO-S-813

1979 3 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


CD                FREEDOM OF CHOICE                                                                        WARNER US       3435.2

1980 12 TRKS 3rd

LP                FREEDOM OF CHOICE                                                                        WARNER US       BSK 3435

1980 12 TRKS 3rd


LP                DEVO LIVE (1980)                                                                                 WARNER US       WBMS 115

1980 15 TRKS Live, promo-only

12″               DEVO LIVE (12″) (1980)                                                                       WARNER US       MINI 3548

1980 6 TRKS Live EP with pic sleeve



12″               WHIP IT                                                                                                    VIRGIN UK           VS 383-12

1980 3 TRKS with pic sleeve


LP                NEW TRADITIONALISTS                                                                      WARNER US       BSK 3595

1981 10 TRKS poster


7″                 WORKING IN THE COAL MINE / PLANET EARTH                          ASYLUM US         E-47204

1981 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                OH, NO! IT’S DEVO                                                                                WARNER US       23741.1

1982 11 TRKS easel back cover


12″               PEEK-A-BOO                                                                                          WARNER US       29906-0

1982 3 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                GREATEST MISSES                                                                              WARNER US       26450.2

1990 16 TRK Collection


Island 50th Annv.

4-22-67 The Who release the 45 “Pictures Of Lily” b/w “Doctor Doctor” (a John Entwistle song).      Happy birthday Glenn Campbell (1938, Delight, AR).  Happy birthday jazz bassist Charles Mingus (1922).

For many years, I tried to stay away from re-issue LP’s. In fact, I had very few until somewhat recently. Last year in Portland, I found Grace Jones “Nightclubbing” as an Island Records 50th pressing was quiet and “deep”, much better than my US Island via Warner Brothers issue on LP.

So, I started picking up these re-issue LP’s, whenever I found them for a good price.

I found a few more Island 50th (Second Hand “Reality”!) out of England; some Record Store Day issues etc. Seems to me that newer pressings tend to be rather quiet – no rumble etc. And not every label takes great care re-creating the cover packaging.

Anyway, I now have a crate full of this type of LP pressings! That’s not as many LP’s as would usually fit into a crate, as some of the covers tend to be rather ‘fat’ (over-sized?) – and, generally speaking, the new covers tend to be just only slightly larger than most original covers.

I remember when I got excited (again) about vinyl towards the end of the 90’s, there seemed to be very few titles that never made it to vinyl – one of the 90’s A Certain Ratio LP’s comes to mind, as does “Psychoderelict” by Pete Townshend; the re-formed Traffic LP “Far From Home”, never saw an LP of that!

And some newer stuff that initially started out as CD-only that mercifully got a vinyl issue (or re-issue), notably the Syd Barrett “An Introduction To Syd Barrett” 2LP set on Capitol; and some more A Certain Ratio titles, such as “The Graveyard & The Ballroom” – initially only released as a Factory Records cassette, eventually got a CD re-issue – and finally – a vinyl LP re-issue!

As long ago as ’97, I was searching out vinyl issues of newer titles by Japanese artists, such as Cornelius, Pizzicato Five and Kahimi Karie. I even got a vinyl LP of a title that I was asked to write liner notes for, the re-formed Watermelon LP on Major Force, “Out Of Body Experience”!

Some catalogues would intrigue me, if they saw re-issue, others not so much. And the usual great expense of new vinyl re-issues generally keeps me from buying many of them when “new”. I mean, “$30 for a new single LP?” – if it’s a double LP, maybe $30 isn’t so steep…

I know not everybody makes the leap from DVD to Blu-ray, but the leap to vinyl from CD certainly didn’t eliminate “bad mastering”, as so many 80’s CD’s had – low levels, unclear high-end or muddy bass etc. Good thing I kept buying 12” singles well into the 90’s, eh?

Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett

On 4/18, Happy birthday to Mike Vickers of Manfred Mann.  On 4/19, Happy birthday to Alan Price of The Animals (1942).  Also on 4/19, Happy birthday to Mark Volman of The Turtles (1947). Some sources put this date as Iggy Pop’s birthday (1947).

Steve Hackett, the former guitarist of Genesis – I rather enjoy his debut solo album, but there is material on many of his later albums that warrants investigation.  I also remember getting some videotapes / laserdiscs of Hackett’s live performances, some of which were rather good / interesting.

CD                VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE (Kami)                                 VIRGIN JPN           VJCP-68773

1975 10 TRKS (’06 issue) (2 x bonus tracks) (Kami sleeve)

LP                VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE                                              CHARISMA UK      CAS 1111

1975 8 TRKS


LP                PLEASE DON’T TOUCH!                                                   CHARISMA UK      CDS 4012

1978 10 TRKS 2nd

CD                PLEASE DON’T TOUCH! (Kami)                                      VIRGIN JPN           VJCP-68774

1978 13 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) (’06 issue) kami sleeve


7″                 NARNIA (mono) / (stereo) promo-only                            CHRYSALIS US    CHS-2237

1978 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


CD                SPECTRAL MORNINGS (SHM-CD Kami)                      VIRGIN JPN           VJCP-98032

1979 16 TRKS (’13 issue) (Kami sleeve) SHM-CD, 8 x bonus tracks (!)

LP                SPECTRAL MORNINGS                                                    CHARISMA UK      CDS 4017

1979 8 TRKS 3rd


LP                DEFECTOR                                                                          CHARISMA US      CL-1-3103

1980 10 TRKS

CD                DEFECTOR (Kami)                                                             VIRGIN JPN           VJCP-68776

1980 15 TRKS (’05 issue) (5 x bonus tracks) (Kami sleeve)


7″                 SHOW, THE (PS)                                                                 CHARISMA UK      CB 357

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                CURED (Kami)                                                                    VIRGIN JPN           VJCP-68800

1981 11 TRKS (’07 issue) (3 x bonus tracks) (Kami sleeve)

LP                CURED (UK) re-issue                                                        CHARISMA UK      CHC 21

1981 8 TRKS (’85 issue) w/ U.S. inner-sleeve


CD                HIGHLY STRUNG                                                               CHARISMA UK      HACKCD 1

1982 9 TRKS (’89 UK issue)

LP                HIGHLY STRUNG                                                               CHARISMA UK      HACK 1

1983 9 TRKS insert


7″                 CELL 151 / TIME LAPSE AT MILTON KEYNES (PS)     CHARISMA UK      CELL 1

1983 2 TRKS with pic sleeve (811341.7)

12″               CELL 151                                                                              CHARISMA UK      CELL 12

1983 3 TRKS with pic sleeve (811341.1)


CD                TILL WE HAVE FACES re                                                   HERALD US          HER 010.2

1984 11 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks) (’94 issue)

LP                TILL WE HAVE FACES                                                       CHRYSALIS US    FV 41571

1984 9 TRKS


LP                BAY OF KINGS                                                                     MUSIC INT JPN    JMI-28004

1984 12 TRKS insert

CD                BAY OF KINGS                                                                     CAMINO UK           CAMCD 8

1984 15 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks) (’94 issue)


12″               DOLL THAT’S MADE IN JAPAN, A                                    LAMBORGHINI      12LMG 16

1984 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


Newer releases:

CD                TIME LAPSE (LIVE)                                                             CAROLINE US      CAROL 1839.2

1992 14 TRKS Live ’81 + ’90


CD                WATCHER OF THE SKIES                                                GUARDIAN US      21943

1996 11 TRKS


CDx2           TOKYO TAPES, THE                                                           TEICHIKU JPN      TECW-38671/2

1998 20 TRKS Live in Japan


CD                FEEDBACK ’86                                                                    CAMINO UK           CAMCD 21

2000 8 TRKS ’86 recording


CDx2           LIVE RAILS                                                                           INSIDE OUT US    552.2

2011 20 TRKS Live ’09 – ’10

Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey as McVicar

The lead singer of The Who, who is also an actor.  Check out McVicar!  (Or Lisztomania, for you Ken Russell fans.  Daltrey even started in the initial film version of Tommy, the rock opera by The Who.

12″               AFTER THE FIRE                                                                                            ATLANTIC US                86853-0

1985 3 TRKS with pic sleeve


CD                CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE                                                                 ATLANTIC US                81759.2

1987 10 TRKS The Who



1994 12 TRKS members of The Who


7″                 FREE ME / McVICAR (PS)                                                                              POLYDOR US                PD 2105

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve


7″                 GIVING IT ALL AWAY / WAY OF THE WORLD, THE (UK)                        TRACK RECORD UK   2094 110

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


LP                HISTORIA DE LA MUSICA ROCK (Collection)                                          POLYDOR ES                2861 317

1973? 10 TRK Collection, only issued in Spain


7″                 LISTENING TO YOU – SEE ME, FEEL ME (Stereo) / (Mono) promo      POLYDOR US                PD 15098

1975 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


CD                MARTYRS & MADMEN – BEST OF                                                               RHINO US                      R2 72846

1997 20 TRK Collection, only his solo material


LP                McVICAR – FOR THE RECORD promo-only                                              POLYDOR US                SA 038

1980 10 TRKS interview LP, promo-only


CD                McVICAR (O.S.T.)                                                                                            POLYDOR UK                527341.2

1980 10 TRKS with members of The Who

LP                McVICAR (O.S.T.)                                                                                            POLYDOR JPN              MPF 1328

1980 10 TRKS The Who, insert; this is really “The Who plays punk rock”, circa ’79 / ’80

LP                McVICAR (O.S.T.) clear vinyl                                                                          POLYDOR UK                POLD 5034      1980 10 TRKS The Who; clear vinyl


LP                ONE OF THE BOYS                                                                                        POLYDOR UK                2442 146

1980 10 TRKS


LP                PARTING SHOULD BE PAINLESS                                                              ATLANTIC US                80128.1

1984 10 TRKS with Chris Spedding


LP                RIDE A ROCK HORSE                                                                                   POLYDOR UK                2442 135

1975 10 TRKS


CD                ROGER DALTREY (1973)                                                                             POLYDOR UK                527259.2

1973 11 TRKS

LP                ROGER DALTREY (1973)                                                                             TRACK RECORD UK   2406 107

1973 11 TRKS


7″                 THINKING / THERE IS LOVE (UK)                                                               TRACK RECORD UK   2094 014

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

7″                 THINKING / THERE IS LOVE (US)                                                               TRACK RECORD US   MCA-40084

1973 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


CD                UNDER A RAGING MOON                                                                            ATLANTIC US                81269.2

1985 11 TRKS 1 x bonus track

LP                UNDER A RAGING MOON                                                                            VIRGIN JPN                    25VB-1052

1985 10 TRKS


7″                 WITHOUT YOUR LOVE / ESCAPE, PART 1                                               POLYDOR US                PD 2121

1980 2 TRKS no pic sleeve


7″                 WRITTEN ON THE WIND / DEAR JOHN                                                    POLYDOR UK                2121 319

1977 2 TRKS no pic sleeve

40th Anniversary of Italian Progressive Rock

Balletto Di Bronzo SHM-CD

Happy birthday Henry Mancini (1924) and also happy birthday Dusty Springfield (1939).

Strange Days magazine in Japan is commemorating the 40th anniversary of Italian progressive rock.  I remember buying Osanna’s “Palepoli” in 1972 or 1973, after having heard it on the FM radio here in Los Angeles.

But here is their list:

P.F.M. – Storia Di Un Mintuto (Numero UnoZSLN 55055) ‘72

BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO – Banco (debut) (Dischi Ricordi SMRL 6094) ‘72

NEW TROLLS – Concerto Grosso Per Uno (Cetra LPX 8) ‘71

OSANNA – Palepoli (Fonit LPX 19) ‘72

P.F.M. – Per Un Amico (Numero Uno DZSLN 55155) ‘72

BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO – Darwin (DIschi Ricordi SMRL 6107) ‘72

BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO – Io Sono Nato Libero (DIschi Ricordi SMRL 6123) ‘73

NEW TROLLS – Atomic System (Magma MAGL 18003) ‘73

OSANNA – L’Uomo (Fonit LPX 10) ‘71

OSANNA – Milano Calibro 9 (Fonit LPX 14) ‘72

LE ORME – Collage (Philips 6323 007L) ‘71

LE ORME – Uomo P Di Pezza (Philips 6323 013l) ‘72

LE ORME – Felona E Sorona (Philips 6323 023A) ‘73

IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO – Ys. (Polydor 2448 003) ‘72

LATTE E MIELE – PassioSecundum Mattheum (Polydor 2448 011A)

MUSEO ROSENBACH – Zarathustra (Dischi Ricordi SMRL 6113) ‘73

(I own all of the above albums, bought ‘em when they were new releases)

They also mention:

THE TRIP – The Trip (debut) (RCA Italiana PSL 10460) ‘70

FORMULA TRE – Dies Irae (Numero Uno ZSLN 55010) ‘70

I POOH – Opera Prima (CBS S 64592) ‘71

P.F.M. – Photos of Ghosts (Manticore K 43502) ‘73

IL VOLO – Essere O Non Essere… (Numero Uno DZSLN 55679) ‘75

NOVA – Vimana (Arista ARTY 138) ‘76

LOCANDA DELLE FATE – Forse Le Lucciole… (Polydor 2448 055) ‘77

AREA – Tic & Toc (Cramps ASC 20224) ‘80

(I only own the P.F.M., Nova & Il Volo titles)

Next month, they’re supposed to print Part 2 of this list!