Happy 2013!


On 12/27/75 Queen “A Night At The Opera” LP was No. 1 in England.  On 12/27/69, the LP “Led Zeppelin II” charted at No. 1 in the US.  On 12/30/67 the Georgie Fame 45 “The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde” charts at No. 1 in England.

I’m gong to take a few days off from blogging, but will return in 2013.  I have a box of all of my 1980 cassettes, so I’ll be taking a look at those very near the beginning of each month of 2013.  I also have detailed lists of what I bought 10 years ago, so we’ve also got that to look at shortly.

Christmas on the Internet

12-25-12        Christmas on the Internet


Happy birthday, Pete Brown! (Born 1940; Cream lyricist & band leader of Piblokto)  On 12/25/65, the LP “Rubber Soul” by The Beatles was No. 1 in England.  Also on 12/25/65 the Spencer Davis Group 45 “Keep On Runnin’” charts at No. 1 in England.

Thanks for reading my stuff in 2012.  I am trying to write down as much as I can remember (and get right?!), for the posterity of all who wish to remember.  We write about / discuss / talk / speak music around here.  If that isn’t what you were looking for, you can read something else.  But as you’re here and reading this today, thanks!

2012 has been a tough year.  My heart is still with my ears; let’s hope my hearing / vision can hang on for a while longer.  Small miracle that we can all still buy and listen to vinyl, eh?  But it sure seems like we have been conspired against, as regards being able to record anything anymore!  Still have my cassette, reel-to-reel and MD recorders, as ever.  I have a DVD recorder (or two), but let’s hope the one with the hard drive doesn’t give up the ghost.  I don’t know where to find another one of those.

I really enjoyed all the Phoholog sheets, which sadly ended in October 2012.  Looking through those was live having a transcript of my subconsciousness!

In 2013, I am going to try to take better care of what I have hoarded thus far.  Making sure everything is on a shelf or in a carton with a lid, and in a protective bag, with a decent innersleeve etc.  I have such nice stuff – time to take care of it!

Thankful?  You bet.  I have all this neat stuff, a place to live, a job, a car, a girlfriend, and the nicest set of friends (readers) that anybody could ever hope for (or want).  Thank you for reading my blog.

When does a blog become more than just the rambling in fatuous hallucinations of a record geek sitting at his computer at 5:00am?  I know, I know…when Chronicle Books comes a-knocking.  And we all know that ain’t gonna happen.  Don’t want to create the task of publishing a magazine;  I suppose I could cobble together some stuff and call it a book.  Ken Heaton wrote a novel and sells it in cloud form on Amazon. Shall I assemble a cloud book and “offer it for sale”?

Thank you.

Time Machine 1972

12-24-12        Time Machine 1972


On 12/24/66 The Who 45 “Happy Jack” charts at No. 3 in England.  On 12/23/72 Little Jimmy Osmond “Long Haired Lover From Liverpool” 45 was No. 1 in England; on 12/22/73 Elton John “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” 2LP set was No. 1 in England.

Good Monday to everyone!  Today I have the Time Machine for October 1972, from Strange Days magazine in Japan.  This list is originated by Mr. Quoichiro Iwamoto.

October 1972 releases:

Genesis “Foxtrot” (Charisma UK LP CAS 1058); Atomic Rooster “Made In England” (Dawn UK LP DNLS 3038; LP came with a cloth cover!); Ten Years After “Rock & Roll Music To The World” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1009);  Stealer’s Wheel “Self-titled debut” (A&M UK LP AMLS 68121);  Pete Townshend “Who Came First” (Track Record UK LP 2408 201, with a nice insert);  Steely Dan “Can’t Buy A Thrill” (ABC US LP ABCX-758);  Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band “Clear Spot” (Reprise US LP MS 2115); Raspberries “Self-titled debut” (Capitol US LP SK-11036);  Santana “Caravanserai” (Columbia US LP KC 31610).

I didn’t hear the Genesis LP until the next summer; previously, my notes indicated I hear it in summer 1972, but if Strange Days says it came out in October 1972, they’re probably correct.  KPFK-FM 90.7 played 2 or 3 cuts from “Foxtrot”, mostly after midnight.  I duly recorded what I heard onto cassette.

I didn’t go after Atomic Rooster this time.  To be honest, I was not a big fan of Chris Farlowe; I didn’t care much for his contribution to Colosseum, though I am a lot better with it in 2012 than I was in 1972.  I had really liked Atomic Rooster’s 2nd album, “Death Walks Behind You”, but once I saw that Chris Farlowe was the vocalist…I knew I didn’t need to wonder about them any longer.  You simple can’t listen to everything.

Ten Years After seemed to be getting a bit stale by this time, though in 2012, I like this album a lot.  The sound of the recording, the instruments, Alvin Lee’s voice etc. – big thumbs up in 2012.  At the time, in 1972 – it was beginning to be time to move on, to not depend upon British rock music so heavily.  Off I went.

Gerry Rafferty!  Stealer’s Wheel was not really in my scope, until their big hit single, “Stuck In The Middle With You” – and by that time, I was not overly interested in big hit singles.  I’d probably like this album in 2012, if I could find a UK copy of it.

Pete Townshend’s debut solo album certainly interested me in 1972, though John Entwistle had beaten him to the bearer of the title “First solo album by a member of The Who”.  Really like the colour insert in this LP, too.

Never had any time for Steely Dan.  I remember a cousin of mine liked them, but by the time “Do It Again” was on the radio a lot, I had no time at all for US artists.  They simply weren’t interesting, as, say a any German artist was of interest.

I had been a great supporter of Captain Beefheart, with “Trout Mask Replica” – and still am, in 2012.  By the time of “Clear Spot”, I had moved on – I eventually met guys who stuck with Beefheart (Rick & Ace), but…as long as I couldn’t find a clear vinyl copy of this LP, I wasn’t going to bite.

I remember seeing The Raspberries LP in stores.  I might be wrong, but I think the sticker on the cover may have been “scratch & sniff”?  That was as far as I went, probably picking up the LP in a hippie record store to see if the sticker smelled like raspberries.  They were a US band, and not interesting to me.  Never ‘came back’ to them, as I was never with ‘em at the time.

Santana had been very interesting to me, at first.  Loved their debut album!  2nd album was still of reasonably large interest; even liked the 3rd album’s singles.  But as I was shedding most all US artists from my palate by 1972, so with Santana.  I was likely interested to hear this LP; my brother had it.  But with so much else walking down the pike…”Caravanserai” never made a lasting impression on me.  But I do own the original LP of it, and likely a CD of it as well, in 2012.  Sure would like to find the Columbia Records US SA-CD with 5.1 audio of it!

Happy Christmas, 2012!

10cc – Art For Art’s Sake 45

12-20-12        10cc – “Art For Art’s Sake” 45

10cc Art 45_NEW

On 12/23/72 the David Bowie 45 “Jean Genie” charts at No. 2 in England.  On 12/23/73 the Leo Sayer 45 “The Show Must Go On” charts at No. 2 in England.  On 12/20/75 the Sailor 45 “Glass Of Champagne” charts at No. 2 in England.  Also on 12/20/75, the 10cc 45 “Art For Art’s Sake” charts at No. 5 in England.  And on 12/21, Happy Birthday to Frank Zappa!

I didn’t get the Bowie 45 upon it’s initial release.  I heard the Leo Sayer 45 on the AM radio.  I didn’t know about Sailor until many years later.  A friend had tipped me off about 10cc, and I think this was the first 45 by them that I ever got / heard closely.

It was difficult to get enthusiastic about 10cc, what with “I’m Not In Love” having been such a huge (annoying) hit.  Thankfully, this 45 didn’t sound anything like that one!

Recently, I have organized my 10cc 45’s and now have a clearer idea of what I am missing etc.  This is a collection I think I can tackle.

Frank Zappa – “Chunga’s Revenge”

12-19-12        Frank Zappa – “Chunga’s Revenge”

On 12-19-70 Andy Williams’ “Greatest Hits” LP was No. 1 in England.  Also on 12-19-70 Frank Zappa “Chunga’s Revenge” LP charts at No. 43 in England.  12/19/64 the Sandie Shaw 45 “Girl Don’t Come” charts at No. 3 in England.

…And Mr. Zappa has a birthday coming right up!

Andy Williams still ruled the UK LP charts in 1970, apparently.  Not Mr. Zappa; lucky enough to get only to No. 43, while Andy had the #1 position.  And this is one of my favorite Sandie Shaw 45’s!

“Chunga’s Revenge” appeared pretty quickly upon the heels of “Weasel’s Ripped My Flesh”, approx. October 1970.  The singers on that album include Flo & Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan. Of The Turtles), who FZ knew from just about anybody / everybody of note residing in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles.  Still, did it make any sense at all for Flo & Eddie to front Zappa’s band?  “200 Motels” was in the not-too-distant future, at this point.

Long-acknowledged historical point:  Flo & Eddie became FZ fan favorites, with the two live albums “Fillmore East, June 1971” and “Just Another Band From L.A.” – and with the aforementioned “200 Motels” film.  “Chunga’s Revenge” contains the only released-at-that-time studio recordings of Flo & Eddie, in FZ’s vast catalogue.  For additional live recordings of the Flo & Eddie band, seek out the 2CD set “Playground Psychotics”.

Somewhere around here, I’ve got a cassette of a studio album by FZ recorded with Flo & Eddie of essentially the “Fillmore East, June 1971” album, where they jumble up songs from “200 Motels” and “Fillmore East” – What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning?  This LP remains unfortunately unreleased, as it’s quite good.

T. Rex / Sly & The Family Stone

12-18-12        T. Rex / Sly & The Family Stone

On 12/18/71 T. Rex LP “Electric Warrior” was No. 1 in England.  On 12/18/71, the LP “There’s A Riot Goin’ On” by Sly & The Family Stone charts at No. 1 in the US.

I must’ve actually heard the T. Rex LP in a record store first.  I’d seen their earlier LP’s, but had never heard them, didn’t know about John’s Children etc.  “Mambo Sun” was my introduction to T. Rex.  Yes, Flo & Eddie were the backing vocalists on this album.  Yes, “Electric Warrior” boasts Ian McDonald of King Crimson playing sax!  I started with a Reprise US LP, which folded out.  The Fly UK LP edition did not fold out, but came with a special inner sleeve and a poster.  I didn’t get as far as “Telegram Sam” at the time, but I like that (and “The Slider”) fairly well in 2012.

I returned to Marc Bolan & T. Rex when my investigation of British glam rock started up, several years ago – during a visit to Tokyo, 7 or 8 years ago.  Got a few more LP’s & CD’s than I’ve ever had on him before – with varying degrees of success.  Truck On Tyke!

P.S. Can’t find the SA-CD of “Electric Warrior”!  Got one to sell me?

= = =

I had neighbors who really liked Sly & The Family Stone; people who had their albums – so I could hear ‘em.  They were well and truly validated when they appeared in the film “Woodstock”.  They looked to be a hot band!  I really hopped on that “Woodstock” live CD that got issued a while back!  “Running Away” is probably my favorite Sly 45 in 2012.  I got one of those British CD’s that’s many of Sly’s productions in one place – really better than average ‘soul stuff’, for the mid-to-late 60’s!

I remember some confusion about this particular Sly Stone LP.  I’d heard that Beach Boys song “Student Demonstration Time” and – not knowing any better – thought it may be Sly & The Family Stone.  Long story short:  I kept the Sly Stone LP and never went any further at all with the BB’s.

Seems Sly is still alive, but not necessarily delivering the goods too much these days,  I remember an article in a British magazine about him going to England recently and just barely appearing (for only maybe 20 minutes or so).  I think he lives in L.A. now?

Donovan “Sunshine Superman” 45

12-17-12        Donovan – “Sunshine Superman” 45

On 12/17/66 the Donovan 45 “Sunshine Superman” charts at No. 2 in England.

The Donovan 45 had been out in the US (on Epic Records) since summer ’66 and was Donovan’s only US #1 45!  Recorded at Abbey Road studios in England with mostly British jazz guys (arrangement and keyboards by John Cameron, Spike Heatley on bass, Bobby Orr on drums, Tony Carr on percussion and John Paul Jones on bass – what?  Two bassists?).  There are several versions of the song; the original 45 does not have a key change, but the version found on the original “Greatest Hits” LP does have a key change; I understand (but have not heard) an even longer version to be found on “The Essential Donovan” CD.

Even Wikipedia does not suggest that Jimmy Page is the sole guitarist on this 45, they also list “Eric Ford” as a guitarist – whoever that really is.

The original 45 is mono, too.  It was dragged kicking and screaming into stereo, but never the 45 version – as far as I am aware.  The “Sunshine Superman” Epic US LP is all re-processed ‘fake’ stereo; my British LP is on Pye Records and is mono (NPL 18181); the credits for the LP do not mention Jimmy Page (or the other jazz musicians); Electric and acoustic guitar are played by Donovan!  And while British jazz pianist John Cameron is credited with the arrangement on the 45, he is NOT credited with the arrangement on the LP, but he IS credited for songs other than “Sunshine Superman”!

British Records!

12-13-12        British Records!

On 12/15/62 The Beatles 45 “Love Me Do” charts at No. 17 in England.  On 12/13/80 Magazine “Play” LP (live album) charts at No. 29 in England.  On 12/16/67 The Beatles double EP “Magical Mystery Tour” charts at No. 2 in England, and stays on the charts for 9 weeks. On 12/14/68 the Love Sculpture (Dave Edmunds) 45 “Sabre Dance” charts at No. 6 in England.  On 12/13/75 the David Bowie 45 “Golden Years” charts at No. 8 in England.

Recently bought a 50th anniversary EMI UK 7” edition of “Love Me Do”!  (Not sure which version I found, as I understand there are variants).

I got the Magazine LP as a new release, and duly re-bought it upon it’s re-mastering and transmogrification into a 2CD set – they were one of my absolute favorite bands from 1978 to the present day.

I have several nice variants on the “Magical Mystery Tour” EP – mono / stereo, CD / vinyl – also have it as a US LP and mono CD in the Japanese CD “Mono Box”.  Even the old EP CD boxed set had it in both mono and stereo.  All EP versions on Parlophone, US versions on Capitol, Japanese versions on Toshiba.

I did not hear the “Sabre Dance” 45 at the time of it’s release – what I first heard by Love Sculpture was the LP version of this track – all 12 minutes of it – on the FM radio at the time of the US issue of the 2nd Love Sculpture LP, “Forms & Feelings”, about 1970 or so.  Really blew me away!  Yep, it’s the same Dave Edmunds as “I Hear You Knockin’” etc.  One helluva guitar man, him.  The easy way to hear the 45 version is on the “Singles A’s & B’s” LP / CD, which I believe was on the See For Miles label, in England.

I was never the intended audience for a David Bowie record of any kind in 1975.  I finished with him after “Ziggy”, and did not look his way again for many years.  That being said, I like this 45, and note that the 45 is a different version / edit from the LP version, as found on the “Station To Station” LP / CD – I bought the huge boxed set for it, thinking that the DVD might have some swank 5.1 action on it – but was duly disappointed that it didn’t, really.  I like it better in 2012 than I did in 1975.