Orange County Record Stores

8-30-12          Orange County Record Stores

C&W legend Kitty Wells born 1919, DJ John Peel born 1939; on 8-30-75 Rod Stewart “Atlantic Crossing” LP was No. 1 in England.

As I live relatively close to Orange County, CA – I used to go there a lot and look for records / music.  The 90’s and 00’s weren’t kind to the O.C. record dealers, as many of the stores down there ‘went away’.

A short while ago, I was down there and went to 2 x new-to-me record stores!

Port O’ Sound moved from Mesa Verde East to an actual address on Adams Ave.  This store now has a lot more room, and remains interesting.  I went through it and extracted:

Steve Hackett – Voyage of the Acolyte (Charisma UK LP)

Mike Oldfield – Shadow On The Wall (Virgin UK 12” W/PS) with Roger Chapman

Mike Post – Railhead Overture (MGM US LP) EZ

Michel Berger – Beausejour (Warner Brothers France LP)

Mike Morton Congregation – Chart Racers Vol. 2 (Fontana NZ LP) EZ

Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (RCA UK 12” W/PS)

My work not done, I went and investigated a “new-to-me” store in Seal Beach, just south of Long Beach on Pacific Coast Highway:  Left Of The Dial!

Grace Jones – Nightclubbing (Island UK cassette, “1+1” = a side of blank tape!)

Dr. Calculus (Stephen Duffy) – Perfume From Spain (Ten UK 7” W/PS)

Procol Harum – Conquistador (Chrysalis France 7” W/PS) Live

The The – Heartland (Epic / Some Bizarre UK 7” W/PS)

The Damned – Anything (MCA UK 10” W/PS yellow vinyl)

David Essex – Gold & Ivory (CBS UK LP)

Lene Lovich – Lucky Number (Stiff France 12” W/PS)

Lene Lovich – Say When (Stiff UK 12” W/PS)

Luxuria – Jezebel (Beggar’s Banquet UK 12” W/PS)

The Passions – Skin Deep (Polydor UK 12” W/PS)

V.A. – Pre-Release Sampler #41 (A&M US LP promo-only) with John Cale etc.

Pretty good takings for a non-swap meet Sunday in Orange County!

The Damned (on MCA)

8-29-12          The Damned (on MCA)

Charlie Parker born 1920; 8-29-81 John Foxx “Europe (After The Rain)” 45 charts at No. 40 in England.

The Damned, the venerable British “punk” act had a run on MCA UK in ’85-’87; their numbering series was appropriately called “ GRIM ”.

GRIM 1           Grimly Fiendish (March 1985)

GRIM 2           The Shadow of Love (June 1985)

GRIM 3           Is It A Dream? (September 1985)

GRIM 4           Eloise (January 1986)

GRIM 5           Anything (Niovember 1986)

GRIM 6           Gigolo (January 1987)

GRIM 7           Alone Again Or (April 1987)

GRIM 8           In Dulce Decorum (November 1987)

I own an example of each, except for GRIM 2.  That one has slipped through my fingers.  GRIM 7 was an early CD Single, packaged in a 7” sleeve.  GRIM 3 has live tracks on the 12” single.  Several are colored vinyl (or picture discs).  GRIM 4 got released as a single in Japan.

I am OK with the 2 x MCA albums by The Damned, “Phantasmagoria” and “Anything”.  I wonder why they pinched the title “Phantasmagoria” from a Curved Air LP?

Also of note on MCA was their excellent collection 2LP / 2CD set “Light At The End of the Tunnel”, as well as a factory-made home video music VHS of the same name – in England.

After the MCA era, next blip on The Damned radar was a live album (and DVD), “Final Damnation” in 1988 – 15 or 16 tracks, depending on which version crossed your path.

No, I don’t know if there was ever a GRIM 9.  However, 8 titles in a series isn’t an indigestible amount of stuff.  By 1992, Conoisseur Records in England made a CD of “MCA Singles A’s & B’s” – I suppose GRIM 1 – 8, with their 12” remixed A-sides would fill an entire CD.

1) Grimly Fiendish (Spic ‘N Span Mix)  2) Edward The Bear (Single Vers.)  3) The Shadow of Love (Pressure Mix)  4) Nightshift  5) Would You  6) Is It A Dream (Wild West Express Mix)  7) Curtain Call (Single Vers.)  8) Eloise  9) Beat Girl  10) Temptation  11) Anything (Another Mix)  12) The Year of the Jackyl  13) Gigolo (12” Remix Vers.)  14) The Portrait (Extended Vers.)  15) Alone Again Or (Mixed Again)  16) In Dulce Decorum (Extended Mix) – – Connoisseur Collection UK VSOPCD 174, 1992; 79:18 in my CD player.

Hugh Cornwell

8-28-12          Hugh Cornwell

The Stranglers’ Hugh Cornwell born 1949.  That makes him one year younger than my late older brother!  I’ve seen Hugh Cornwell play live, both with The Stranglers and as a solo act.  He signed some of my vinyl, and was very gracious about it.  I actually like some of his post-early 80’s solo works.

While he was in The Stranglers:

12″               ONE IN A MILLION / (7″ Version) / SIREN SONG                   PORTRAIT UK             TX 6509

1985 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               FACTS + FIGURES                                                                       VIRGIN UK                   VS 922-12

1987 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                WOLF                                                                                              VIRGIN US                   90947.1

1988 10 TRKS U.S. version

CD                WOLF                                                                                              VIRGIN UK                   CDV 2420

1988 10 TRKS UK version

12″               ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE promo                                             VIRGIN US                   PR 2392

1988 2 TRKS with pic sleeve, promo-only

12″               DREAMING AGAIN / BLUE NOTE / GETTING INVOLVED     VIRGIN UK                   VST 1093

1988 3 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD5              ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE                                                          VIRGIN UK                   VSCD 945

1988 4 TRK CD Single CD5

CD5              DREAMING AGAIN                                                                        VIRGIN UK                   VSCD 1093

1988 4 TRK CD Single CD5

12″               ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE / REAL PEOPLE                           VIRGIN UK                   VS 945-12

1988 4 TRKS with pic sleeve

After he left The Stranglers:

CD                FEATURING CORNWELL / COOK / WEST                              UFO UK                        UFO9CD

1992 10 TRKS

CD                WIRED                                                                                            TRANSMISSION UK   TRANSCD 1

1993 11 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                GUILTY                                                                                           SNAPPER                    SMACD 501

1997 11 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                HI FI                                                                                                 KOCH US                     KOC-CD-8220

2001 13 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                BEYOND ELYSIAN FIELDS                                                        IHM UK                          IHCD 38

2005 11 TRKS Tony Visconti, prod., CD-only release?

CDx3           PEOPLE PLACES PIECES (3CD boxed set)                          IHM UK                          IHCD 44

2006 45 TRKS Live

LP                HOOVERDAM                                                                                IHM UK                          IH 52

2008 10 TRKS

CD                HOOVERDAM (CD + DVD)                                                          IHM UK                          IHCD 52

2008 10 TRKS + 81m DVD: “Blueprint”

CDx2           NEW SONGS FOR KING KONG                                                IHM UK                          IHCD 58

2010 19 TRKS Live 11/09

The last studio album was “Hooverdam”, which I highly recommend.  The CD is a CD + DVD package, and he was selling an LP of it at one of the shows I was lucky enough to see.  On either side of that one, you get multiple-disc live sets, which are generally pretty good.

Thanks for the good stuff, Mr. Cornwell!

Time Machine 1972 (Strange Days)

8-27-12          Strange Days – Time Machine 1972

Alice Coltrane born 1937, singer Cesaria Evora born 1941; 8/26/78 Siouxsie & The Banshees “Hong Kong Garden” 45 charts at No. 7 in England; 8/27/88 Yello “The Race” 45 charts at No. 7 in England.

September 2012 issue of Strange Days (No. 154) concentrates on releases from July 1972, so a bit of this material may already be ‘covered’.

July 1972 albums:  Frank Zappa “Waka / Jawaka” (Reprise US MS 2094); Emerson Lake & Palmer “Trilogy (Island UK LP ILPS 9186); T. Rex “The Slider” (T. Rex / EMI BLN 5001); Peter Frampton “Wind Of Change” (A&M UK LP AMLS 68099); Rod Stewart “Never A Dull Moment” (Mercury UK LP 6499 153); Chicago “Chicago V” (Columbia US LP KC 31102); Argent “All Together Now” (Epic UK LP EPC 64962); Jefferson Airplane “Long John Silver” (RCA / Grunt US LP FTR-1007); and Harry Nilsson “Son of Schmilsson” (RCA US LP LSP-4717).

Not my favorite Zappa album, but it followed a bit too closely on the heels of the Flo & Eddie era; I did not really gravitate towards EL&P at this time either – it felt like I had no more use for them, as they were becoming ‘too popular’; I definitely heard the T. Rex LP at the time, but didn’t buy it until later – I remember critical of ‘how simple’ it sounded.

I was not now or then ever following Peter Frampton; I liked Rod Stewart fairly well, preferred The Faces – didn’t buy this album when new – I recently found a US promotion-only 45rpm EP for this album!  And I didn’t buy it at the time, but I do own the first 5 x Chicago albums, on LP (only the first two on CD, I might add).  In 2012, I let a CD of “Their Greatest Hits” suffice for my digital Argent collection, but I do own a few of their LP’s – their strength laying in their big hit “Hold Your Head Up”; never really heard Argent LP’s, back them.

Perhaps I was of the feeling that in 1972, Jefferson Airplane were past their sell-by date – so I did not listen to or buy this LP in 1972 – and I believe it has unusual packaging?  “Son of Schmilsson” is one of Harry Nilsson’s better albums; I own it both on LP and CD.

My favorite tale of the summer of 1972 involves riding my bike to a record store and buying both a Dick Heckstall-Smith LP and David Bowie “Ziggy Stardust” (for the first time).  That’s what I was doing in July, 1972.

So, today, I currently own 6 of the 9 titles; I don’t think I have any copy of the J.A. title, definitely don’t have that Argent LP and no-go on any Frampton titles (apart from possibly the “Millennium Collection” CD).


Currently prepping a bunch of material from 1980.

I have many issues of Smash Hits – all but one for all of 1980 – this series is set to begin in January 2013!

I also found 8 months worth of cassettes I made (monthly) in 1980.  So, 2013 is really going to be 1980 all over again!

Sorry for teasing, but I am having a lot of fun going through this material!

Daniel Amos

8-23-12          Daniel Amos

Keith Moon born 1946, Singer / Songwriter Edwyn Collins of Orange Juice born 1959; 8-23-80 Roxy Music “Flesh and Blood” LP was No. 1 in England.

“Real Outsider Music”

Look no further than CCM ( = Contemporary Christian Music ) band Daniel Amos. They’ve been together, on and off, since 1976.  Initially, they started out as a country-rock outfit, and gradually made their way through operatic rock music (think: Queen) eventually arriving at hard rock, followed by (nascent) new wave music! Some of their 80’s/90’s records look very “industrial”, a la Front 242.

Yes, they have their own website:

You can buy their early albums as deluxe 2CD re-mastered sets from this website.

At present, August 2012 finds the band with a “Kickstarter” project to record a new album.

As of this writing, the project is “fully funded”, but it would be so cool to see a lot more cash donated towards the project, so they could really produce a top notch CCM ‘masterpiece’.

So, how is it possible that there’s a rock band that’s been together for 35+ years – and you’ve never heard of them? “Normal” record stores do not carry CCM; non-Christian radio stations do not play CCM; “The Press” (any “Normal” paper or magazine that regularly writes about rock music) do not write about CCM. Daniel Amos are hence “obscure” – to the outside / exterior world.

One certainly does not have to be a practicing Christian to listen to or enjoy the music of Daniel Amos. Having been through such a vast variety of styles, one can only guess at what they will come up with next.

Scritti Politti – “Absolute” (2011 Collection)

8-22-12          Scritti Politti – “Absolute” (2011 Collection)

John Lee Hooker born 1917, singer Dale Hawkins born 1936; on 8-22-70 The Moody Blues “A Question of Balance” LP was No. 1 in England.

When I was looking in a different direction, in 2011, Virgin England snuck out a Scritti Politti “Best Of” CD, with 2 ‘new’ songs on it!  “A collection of the words & music of Scritti Politti”.  Nice liner notes by Simon Reynolds.  Packaging looks a bit like a ‘left over’ set of designs from a previous Scritti Politti release.

Wood Beez (7” Version)


The Word Girl (Edit)

Perfect Way

Hypnotize (Short Version)

Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)

Boom! There She Was (US Mix)


Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Radio Edit)

Die Alone

Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder

Skank Bloc Bologna

The “Sweetest Girl”

Asylums In Jerusalem

Jacques Derrida

She’s A Woman (Little Way Different 7”)

A Day Late and a Dollar Short (2010)

A Place We Both Belong (2010)

So, not completely useless, as collections go.   Couple of 7” edits, making their CD debut.  Guess “First Boy In This Town” didn’t make the (single) cut.  The two new songs are OK / good, but have an almost ‘unfinished’ feeling to them.  CD clocks in at 76:26, making it the longest-ever Scritti Politti CD.  A compulsory purchase, for the 2 x new songs.

Backtrack #2

8-21-12          Backtrack series (#2)

Kenny Rogers born 1938, Count Basie born 1904; on 8-21-71 “Top Of The Pops Vol. 18” Various Artists LP was No. 1 in England; 8-18-79 The Stranglers “Duchess” 45 charts at No. 14 in England.

The 2nd volume of “Backtrack” is yet more neat UK 45’s collected in one handy low-priced place.


2407 002

THE WHO – Under My Thumb

MARSHA HUNT – Desdemona

JIMI HENDRIX – Purple Haze

JOHN’S CHILDREN – Come And Play With Me In The Garden


THE WHO – Magic Bus



CHERRY SMASH – Sing Songs Of Love (only on this sampler, 45 never released)

THE WHO – Pinball Wizard

ARTHUR BROWN – Nightmare

JIMI HENDRIX – Let Me Light Your Fire (AKA “Fire”)

THE WHO – The Last Time

Both sides of The Who’s 45 “Under My Thumb” b/w “The Last Time” on one handy LP!  I believe the idea was that The Who would cover and release songs written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger until the British police quit hounding them.

Per yesterday’s post, I never saw original UK Track Record material by Marsha Hunt.  Because Marc Bolan appears on her stuff, his fans have already bought all of it.  None for me.

2 more good Jimi Hendrix songs that were 45’s.  For some reason, I thought the Fairport Convention 45 was on Polydor, not Track Record.  But I checked, and – voila – it’s Track Record 604 020, from 1968; their debut 45!  And I do not believe that “Magic Bus” by The Who ever had a real LP home, at least in the UK.

The wonderful hit by John Keen, Andy Newman and Jimmy McCulloch: “Something In The Air”!  And as far as I know, the Cherry Smash 45 was never released.  I believe the song “Sing Songs of Love” also appears on a Manfred Mann collection of rarities.  And in England, “Pinball Wizard” was a hit 45.  “Nightmare” by Arthur Brown was another non-LP track, leading up to “Fire”.  Great stuff!

So, more great Track Record 45’s collected onto a low-price LP!

Time Machine 1972

8-20-12                     Time Machine 1972

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of August 21, 1972

I don’t know what happened to the rest of August’s Time Machines!

Caught my eye:

NATIONAL LAMPOON – Radio Dinner (Blue Thumb BTS-38) (LP)

T. REX – The Slider (Reprise 2095) (LP/CD)

Great National Lampoon comedy album – why isn’t it on CD in ’12?  And a fine hit album for Marc Bolan &Co.

Also of interest:

O’JAYS – Backstabbers (Philadelphia Int’l KZ-31712)

C.C.S. (Rak KZ-31569) (LP)

DOUG “COSMO” CLIFFORD (Fantasy 9411)

R&B hit for the O’Jays.  Instrumental album for CCS (on RAK U.S. no less).  And the drummer of Creedence Clearwater Revival gets a solo album – what is it?  All drum solos?

Notable singles:

ROD STEWART – Maggie May b/w (I Know) I’m Losing You (Mercury 30157)

JOHN CALE – Days of Steam b/w Legs Larry at Television Centre (Reprise 1108)

STEAM – Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye b/w Don’t Stop Loving Me (Mercury 30160) re-issue

BUDDY MILES – Them Changes (Mercury 30158) re-issue

EMERSON LAKE & PALMER – From The Beginning (Cotillion 44158)

BILL WITHERS – Use Me (Sussex 241)

Healthy singles week – numbers for the Mercury singles are consecutive (what was 30159?), so – perhaps back-to-back hits?  John Cale single from “The Academy in Peril”.  My favorite Bill Withers single (still on an indie label!).  I think EL&P had pretty much lost me by the time of this single.  I had moved on to something / somewhere else.