CD Up – Part 1



I need “better” copies of the following list of CD’s – either Jpn Kami Sleeve or re-mastered since 2000; or other audiophile versions!  DVD-A, SA-CD etc.  Deluxe boxed set = not out of the question!



PETER BANK – The 2 Sides of Peter Banks

SYD BARRETT – Barrett (2nd album)

LUCIO BATTISTI – Il Nostro Caro Angelo

THE BEATLES – Abbey Road (stereo re)

THE BEATLES – Revolver (stereo re)

THE BEATLES – Rubber Soul (stereo re)

THE BEATLES – Sgt. Peppers (stereo re)

BEE GEES – Odessa (exists!)

BEGGAR’S OPERA – Waters Of Change

BIGLIETTO PER L’INFERNO – Biglietto Per L’Inferno

PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO – Things May Come and Things May Go…

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD – Last Time Around (HDCD vers?)

JOHN CALE – Sabotage

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART – Trout Mask Replica

CAPTAIN BEYOND – Captain Beyond

JOHN COOPER CLARKE – Snap Crackle & Bop (exists!)

THE COASTERS – Coast Along With The Coasters

BILLY COBHAM – Spectrum (exists!)

LEONARD COHEN – New Skin For The Old ceremony

COLOSSEUM – Daughter Of Time

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH – Electric Music For The Mind & Body

THE CURE – Head On The Door

CURVED AIR – Air Conditioning

CURVED AIR – Second Album

CURVED AIR – Phantasmagoria

IVOR CUTLER – Dandruff

IVOR CUTLER – Velvet Donkey

IVOR CUTLER – Jammy Smears

ETIENNE DAHO – Mythomane (orig LP mix on CD)

DARLING BUDS – Pop Said (Cherry Red) (exists!)

DIVINYLS – Desperate (exists!)

DONOVAN – Cosmic Wheels (exists!)

STEPHEN DUFFY – Duffy (exists!)

BOB DYLAN – Basement Tapes (MFSL SA-CD) (exists!)

EARTH & FIRE – Earth & Fire (debut)

EARTH & FIRE – To The World of The Future

EGG – The Civil Surface

MARIANNE FAITHFULL – A Child’s Adventure

FLASH – Flash


FOCUS – Hamburger Concerto

FOOD BRAIN – Social Gathering




GOBLIN – Profondo Rosso (exists!)

GOBLIN – Roller




GRUPPO SPORTIVO – The Buddy Odor Stop

GRYPHON – Midnight Mushrumps

GRYPHON – Red Queen To Gryphon Three

STEVE HACKETT – Highly Strung (exists!)

PETER HAMMILL – In Camera (exists!)

PETER HAMMILL – Over (exists!)

PETER HAMMILL – PH7 (exists!)

BO HANSSON – Magician’s Hat

GEORGE HARRISON – Wonderwall Music

HUGH HOPPER – Hoppertunity Box

ICEHOUSE – Flowers

INDIAN SUMMER – Indian Summer

GRACE JONES – Nightclubbing

KAYAK – Royal Bed Bouncer

KRAFTWERK – Autobahn (exists!)

KRAFTWERK – Computerwelt (exists!)

KRAFTWERK – Die Mensch Maschine (exists!)

KRAFTWERK – Trans Europa Express (exists!)

KRAFTWERK – Radioactivity (exists!)

LIO – Lio (exists!)

LOVE SCULPTURE – Forms & Feelings (exists!)

PHIL MANZANERA – 801 Live (exists!)

NICK MASON – Fictitious Sports

MATCHING MOLE – Matching Mole (exists!)

MIDNIGHT OIL – 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

MIDNIGHT OIL – Red Sails in the Sunset

JOHN MILES – Stranger In The City



MUTE BEAT – Still Echo

MUTE BEAT – Flower



THE NITS – New Flat


THE NITS – Adieu Sweet Bahnhof

Part 2 coming soon to a theatre near you!


Time Machine 1972

6-25-12                     Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of June 26, 1972

Caught my eye:

JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO – Sometime In New York City (Apple SVBB-3392) double LP (LP/CD)

ALICE COOPER – School’s Out (Warner Brothers 3623) (LP/CD)

Double LP for John & Yoko – that featured Frank Zappa!  Not anybody’s favorite Lennon LP, however.  And a hit for former Zappa-proteges Alice Cooper (LP came with a ‘gimmicks’ package initially, incl. panties!).

Also of interest:

P.F. SLOAN – Raised On Records (Columbia / Mums KZ-31260)

IKE & TINA TURNER – Feel Good (United Artists UAS 5598)

Singer / songwriter stuff for P.F. Sloan; R&B toughness for Ike & Tina.

Notable singles:

SEALS & CROFTS – Summer Breeze b/w East of Ginger Trees (Warner Brothers 7606)

PARRISH & GURVITZ – I’ve Got Time b/w Janine (Decca 32969)

THE DOORS – Get Up and Dance (Elektra 45793)

SPARKS – Mr. Nice Guys (No More) b/w Wonder Girl (Bearsville 006)

NEIL YOUNG / GRAHAM NASH – War Song b/w The Needle and The Damage Done (Reprise 1099)

A hit for Seals & Crofts; British Parrish & Gurvitz get a US single – not sure which was the A-side (but I’ve listed my favorite first); Post-‘Jim’ Doors 45; certainly one of the first Sparks 45’s!; Non-LP A-side for Neil Young / Graham Nash!

Gerry Bron; Victor Spinnetti (obits)

I noticed two music-related deaths recently:

Goodbye to:

Gerry Bron (of Bronze Records)

Victor Spinetti (from “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help”)

I own lots of records on the Bronze label; I always enjoyed Spinnetti’s appearances in The Beatles’ films.

Augustus Pablo

6-21-12          Augustus Pablo

Kinks’ Singer / Songwriter Ray Davies born 1944, dub reggae hero Augustus Pablo born 1953; I own music by both.  “This Is Augustus Pablo”.

I was once reading in a British magazine (Mojo?  Uncut?) that the definitive dub reggae album was “This Is Augustus Pablo”.  I found a used CD of it, and…they were right.  It’s pretty interesting.  He plays the melodica.

Over the years, I have found and kept quite a bit of dub reggae.  I do not find reggae music offensive, and if you take away the nonsense lyrics, I like it even better!

I am nowhere near a completist on Augustus Pablo, but here’s what I have managed to find easily:

CD                CLASSIC ROCKERS (V.A.)                                                 ISLAND US                     539953.2

1995 16 TRK Compilation

CD                EAST OF THE RIVER NILE                                                 SHANACHIE                   SH 45051

2002 18 TRKS (6 x bonus tracks)

LP                EAST OF THE RIVER NILE                                                 SHANACHIE                   1003

1981 12 TRKS

CD                EASTMAN DUB                                                                     RAS US                            RAS 3038

1988 9 TRKS

CD                KING TUBBYS MEETS ROCKERS UPTOWN                 SHANACHIE                   SH 45059

1975 16 TRKS (’04 issue)

CD                MELODICA KING, THE                                                        OCHO UK                        OCHOCD 004

2000 21 TRK Collection

CDx4           MYSTIC WORLD OF – ROCKERS STORY                       SHANACHIE                   45068

2008 67 TRK Collection + DVD

LP                ORIGINAL ROCKERS                                                          GREENSLEEVES UK   GREL 8

1979 10 TRKS

LP                ROCKERS MEETS KING TUBBY IN A FIRE HOUSE     SHANACHIE                   43001

1980 9 TRKS

CD                THIS IS…AUGUSTUS PABLO                                            ABOVE ROCK                 ARM 2001

1972 14 TRKS

CD                VALLEY OF JEHOSAPHAT                                                  RAS US                            RAS 3184

1999 15 TRKS

CD                VERY BEST OF                                                                     JET STAR                        JSGCD 0452

2002 20 TRK Collection

I probably don’t need anymore than this, for Augustus Pablo, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to other inexpensive titles.

= = =

Not going to post everyday for a short while, but I will keep up the “Time Machine” episodes!

See you soon!

–          Ron

A Summer Memory (1972)

6-20-12          Summer Memory (1972)

Jazz sax man Eric Dolphy born 1928 – first day of summer.

I have a fairly innocent summer memory that likely dates from 1972, which I would like to share with you today.

My dad and I did not usually get along.  He hated that I wanted long hair.  I think he liked that I was charmed by music, but he didn’t like the music I was following, for the most part.

In the early 70’s, a “loop” of freeways opened near my home; we could go the 405 N to the 710 N, to the 91 E to the 605 S to the 405 N – or the reverse of this.  Sometimes, after dinner, my dad wanted to “go for a drive”, and I would go with him.  I believe we found some music that neither of us “minded”, and the two records that stand out in my memory that we both listened to and enjoyed in the car (I had home-made 8-track tapes):  Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen “Lost In The Ozone” and Frank Zappa / Mothers “Just Another Band From L.A.” and later on “Fillmore East, June 1971”.

My parents had to put up with my Frank Zappa fandom for a long time.  My oldest sister had given me some of Zappa’s LP’s for my birthday, and perhaps Zappa was the first artist that I tried to ‘keep up’ with (after The Beatles / Rolling Stones set of stuff).  And perhaps my dad liked the storytelling aspect of those Flo & Eddie / Zappa LP’s?

My other favorite Summer 1972 memory is riding my bike from my house all the way down to the Belmont Pier, where there was a wonderful hippie record store, “Mundae”, where I bought the debut Roxy Music LP, Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” and Dick HeckstallSmith “A Story Ended” all during the summer of 1972.  Eventually I got to meet Mr. Heckstall-Smith in England, and got to tell him how much I liked his debut solo album.

So the summer of ’72 probably wasn’t the worst of times for my relationship with my dad.  Music and record collecting was already totally “in full effect”; I was being pulled every which way – German music, other European music etc.

The fall of 1972 brought other interesting stuff – definitely not summer ’72 albums were things like Monty Python “Previous Record”, Capability Brown “From Scratch” and Genesis “Foxtrot” – my first Charisma trifecta!

But, I’ll never be 14 years old again.  My dad is long gone, too.  I can still drive that loop  listening to Commander Cody and Frank Zappa, but it isn’t quite the same.

Nick Drake

6-19-12          Nick Drake

Singer / Songwriter Nick Drake born 1948, Heart’s Singer / Songwriter Ann Wilson born 1951; Pink Moon.

I was quite infatuated with Island Records UK when I was a youngster, even writing off to them for catalogues etc.  I was of the opinion that everything in their catalogue bared investigation; indeed, it still does, 40 years hence.  Of course, many things that were once obscurities are now accepted and “known”.

I believe that 2 of Nick Drake’s 3 LP’s got a US release, at the time.  Why Capitol / Island didn’t do “Bryter Layter” then is a bit of a mystery to me.  I believe I originally had a US copy of the “Five Leaves Left” LP, with it’s totally different cover to the UK LP packaging; I don’t remember if I had a US or UK LP of “Pink Moon”; My “Bryter Layter” was definitely a UK Island copy.  All of these LP’s were sold in the 1980’s, when they first went for fantastic prices; I never paid more than $4 for any of them.

As my tastes went more towards rock bands, Nick Drake’s introspective SSW ( = singer / songwriter) style was not really my bag, then.  Yes, I had some UK folk music on LP, but – was this “folk” music?  Aah, produced by Joe Boyd!  I certainly loved other records produced by Joe Boyd, notably Island Records 1969 masterpiece “Kip Of The Serenes” by Dr. Strangely Strange, 100% a contemporary of Nick Drake.

In 2009 (or so), a got an SA-CD of Nick Drake, “A Treasury” – which has been re-mastered into 5.1!  Wow, a totally different experience to the somewhat claustrophobic exercise of his original LP’s.  Yes, it’s real 5.1, but – as you can imagine, Nick is center stage, instrumentation is spread all around.  Nice stuff, find a copy if you can, it’s worth the $10 – $15!

I remember being somewhat shocked that “Pink Moon” was being used to sell Volkswagens!  At the time, I figured that some earnest publisher had done their job by getting this obscure music “placed”, and generating some revenue.  But from that point onwards, it seemed like he became, “The Legendary Nick Drake”.  Yes, I bought the first mass production book about him, which seemed to shed little illumination upon his sad story.

I figured I had the 3 albums, so what could they put into a boxed set that I didn’t already have?  Oh, I guess there were a few ‘song bones’ that got properly polished etc.  But I’ll stick to the 3 albums, and a few latter day Island UK CD singles, for my Nick Drake collection; that, and the aforementioned SA-CD, of course.

But as the sidemen pass away, for me each year the story grows slimmer.  I believe one of the arrangers passed away now too.  Joe Boyd still speaks glowingly of his hesitant protégé, but who will speak up for Nick Drake when Mr. Boyd can no longer speak?

Time Machine 1972

6-18-12                     Time Machine 1972

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of June 19, 1972

Caught my eye:

GORGONI, MARTIN & TAYLOR – self-titled (2nd album) (Buddah BDS 5113) (LP)

BIFF ROSE – Uncle Jesus, Auntie Christ (United Artists UAS-5594) (LP)

Singer / Songwriter release day!  Chip Taylor wrote “Wild Thing”, Biff Rose wrote “Buzz The Fuzz”!

Also of interest:

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS – If An Angel Came To See You (Would You Make Her Feel At Home?) (Atco SD 7008)

SHA NA NA – Night Is Still Young (Kama Sutra 2050)

HONEY COMB – self-titled (Hot Wax 713)

Not the first Black Oak album; Sha Na Na continue after their Woodstock intro; Honey Comb will shortly release the “Want Ads” single (if it didn’t already sneak by me!).

Notable singles:

SMITH, PERKINS & SMITH – Save Me b/w I Cry Mercy (Island / Capitol 1206)

LOU REED – I Can’t Stand It b/w Going Down (RCA 74-0727)

JAMES BROWN – Honky Tonk (Parts 1 & 2) (Polydor 14129)

O’JAYS – Backstabbers b/w Sunshine (Philadelphia Int’l ZS7-3517)

THE GUESS WHO – Albert Flasher b/w Broken (RCA 74-0906)

CHICAGO – Colour My World b/w I’m A Man (Columbia 4-33210) re-issue

SANTANA – Everybody’s Everything b/w No One To Depend On (Columbia 4-33211) re-issue

JANE BIRKIN & SERGE GAINSBOURG – La Decadanse b/w Langues De Chat (Fontana 1684)

JANIS JOPLIN – Cry Baby b/w Mercedes Benz (Columbia 4-33208)

PEGGY LEE – Is That All There Is? b/w I’m A Woman (Capitol 6191)

JOHN DENVER – Take Me Home Country Roads b/w Poems, Prayers & Promises (RCA 74-0904)

SUE THOMPSON – Sweet Memories b/w Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) (Hickory 1641)

The Smith, Perkins & Smith A-side “Save Me” is the best track here!  Big R&B classic for the O’Jays; I didn’t know Serge & Jane got a post-“Je T’aime” release in the US!; Posthumous 45 from Janis Joplin; almost the end of the line for the original Hickory Records 45 numbering series – and I have dozens of Sue Thompson 45’s!!

Mr. X

6-14-12          Mr. X

Boy George (George O’Dowd) born 1961, “Shotgun” R&B man Junior Walker born 1931; “Shotgun”.

Anonymity?  Desirable!  I always used to see on French phonograph records the credit “Photo – “X” – when they either didn’t know (or care) who had taken the photo.  In the mid-70’s, Peter Hammill used to write / sing about “Mr. X” (“Mr. X Gets Tense”).  Who is this un-nameable one?

The “X” concept showed up again during the advent of “punk rock” – in L.A., anyway – at the end of the 1970’s.  I was reading a lot of W.S. Burroughs at that time, too.  And let’s not forget the dear old Firesign Theatre:  “Rated X: The Unknown – Positively no one admitted!”  “X-Rated”?  You must be 18 years of age to enter this theatre!  Looks like “X” went from meaning ‘anonymous’ to meaning ‘adult’?  Mr. X grows up!

I was already hanging out on the Sunset Strip as early as 1972 or so – largely due to the presence of Tower Records.  I was regularly going to shows at both The Whisky and The Roxy – some by choice, others because I worked at a record distributor and tickets to shows got offered to me (usually for free!).

I remember well standing in line to buy $7 tickets to the Peter Gabriel show at The Roxy – it was his first solo shows here after he ceased being the lead singer of Genesis.  Jordan Shroyer and myself got in line about 7:00am – the Roxy box office wouldn’t open until 11:00am (or was it noon?).  The biggest deal  remember from the nascent punk rock era was John Cale scheduling shows at The Whisky, some time after the release of “Animal Justice” (1977), yet well before “Sabotage” (1979).  Amazingly loud shows that would make you temporarily deaf!

“Is it punk or new wave?” – I remember seeing Blondie at The Whisky and members of The Screamers were in the audience – with torn clothing etc.  When I saw Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at The Whisky (and met Denny Cordell), I think Blondie was in their audience, with distinctly non-L.A. looking clothing – with plenty of ‘attitude’, smoking cigarettes.

A favorite “Mr. X” memory:  The parking lot of Tower Records (8801 Sunset Blvd.); the members of Zolar X were there, painted / made-up faces (with antennae) to be silver in color, getting out of a car that had some spurious additional body work to make it resemble a space ship; I believe they were speaking to one another by saying “Bzzzip!  Zaap!” etc.  It took about 30 years, but I eventually got the CD that Alternative Tentacles issued (“Timeless”).  Don Bolles had a clear vinyl LP of “Timeless” by Zolar X, however.

So, “Faculty X”!  I wanted to bulldoze through the L.A. new wave scene, and never get blamed.  If you were “Mr. X”, they couldn’t find you, anyway!

Nick Kent’s List

6-13-12                     Nick Kent’s List

Needless to say, My friend Nick Kent likes electronic musique and Japanese music!

Here’s Nick’s list!

Popol Vuh – Hosianna Mantra
Edgar Froese – Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (aka “Ypsilon In Malaysian Pale”)
Vangelis – L’Apocalypse des Animaux (O.S.T.)
Toru Takemitsu – Legacy for the Future
Tonto’s Expanding Headband – It’s About Time
Isao Tomita – The Tomita Planets
Tomoe Shinohara – Super Model
Jean-Michel Jarre – Equinoxe
Kitaro – Tunhuang
Brian Eno – Another Green World

Susumu Hirasawa (of P-Model) – Siren
PModel – P-Model (1992)
Y.M.O. – BGM
Logic System – Logic

Kraftwerk – Computerworld
The Eccentric Opera – Hymn
Bernard Herrmann – Fahrenheit 451
Perrey and Kingsley – Kaleidoscopic Vibrations
Telex – Looking for St. Tropez
Sonoko – La Debutante

And no Haruomi Hosono?

Nick knows an awful lot about Japanese music!  From this list, the only thing I know nothing about is The Eccentric Opera.  I own 10 of Nick’s Top 20 – I might prefer different titles from Popol Vuh, Eno, P-Model, Y.M.O., Kraftwerk & Telex – but I think he nailed it for Vangelis & Edgar Froese.

I think I prefer:

Popol Vuh – Affenstunde

Brian Eno – Before and After Science

PModel – Karkador

Y.M.O. – Technodelic

Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florian

Telex – Sex

Here’s Nick’s website about Japanese music:

Roy Harper

6-12-12          Roy Harper

Singer / Songwriter Roy Harper born 1941, jazz pianist Chick Corea born 1941; HQ.

It’s Roy Harper’s birthday today!  Age 71 today!   I first got interested in his work, when I saw he was another name on Harvest Records from England – that I didn’t recognize.  Took care of that by finding a US copy of “Flat Baroque and Berserk” about 1971 or so.  “Hell’s Angels” is Roy being backed by The Nice – who he no doubt knew, because both artists had records produced by Shel Talmy.

By 1971 – 1972, I was wanting every record on the Harvest label from England.  They had a helpful innersleeve that had little B&W photos of their releases, and I definitely hadn’t seen all of them.  Roy Harper LP’s were easy to find, in almost every import bin in every L.A. record store that I could get to.  “How to find a copy of SHVL 761?” – that took a bit more work.

Due to the quality of his work, Roy got signed to Chrysalis Records for the US, and his “HQ” album got released as “When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease” (1975).  It’s about this time that I got to meet Roy Harper – and get some of my records autographed.  I had almost every Harvest record I could find by that time, and Roy’s “Lifemask” (1973) was a real favorite of mine.

Lots of people know Roy from the song dedicated to him on Led Zeppelin’s third album, “Hats Off To Roy Harper”.  Roy also sang “Have A Cigar” for Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” album – they were friends with him – and label-mates for the longest time.

At some point, I lost track of his releases – and next time I looked, there were about 20 more records than I ever knew existed.  Here’s a list of some of his post-Harvest label work, some of which is quite good!

CD            WORK OF HEART                             AWARENESS UK                      AWCD 1002   1982 6 TRKS

LP            WORK OF HEART                             PUBLIC UK          PUBLP 5001   1982 6 TRKS

CD            IN BETWEEN EVERY LINE                SCIENCE FR UK  HUCD 018       1986 7 TRKS Live

LPx2        IN BETWEEN EVERY LINE                EMI UK                EN 5004          1986 8 TRKS Live

CD            DESCENDENTS OF SMITH                EMI UK                CDP 790139.2 1988 12 TRKS

LP            ONCE                                                AWARENESS UK                      AWL 1018      1990 10 TRKS

CD            BURN THE WORLD                            SCIENCE FR UK  HUCD 013       1994 2 TRKS

CD            DREAM SOCIETY, THE                      HARD UP UK       HUCD 030       1998 11 TRKS

CD            HATS OFF (Collection)                        RIGHT STUFF US 27640.2           2001 14 TRK Collection

CD            BBC TAPES Vol. 2 – IN CONCERT 1974                         SCIENCE FR UK      HUCD 023         1997 11 TRKS Live, 1974