Time Machine 1972

4-30-12                     Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 1, 1972

Caught my eye:

ALEXIS KORNER – Bootleg Him (Warner Brothers 2XS-196) double LP

FREE – Free At Last (A&M SP-4349)

PERCY FAITH – Joy (Columbia CQ-31301) (LP) quad

STEPHEN STILLS – Manassas (Atlantic SD 2-903) double LP (LP)

I remember not knowing who Alexis Korner was, yet being intrigued by this LP.  Rockin’ Free!  I think my dad got the Percy Faith LP at the time.  This must be the non-hit Steven Stills LP with “It Doesn’t Matter” that Firefall eventually made into an FM hit.

Also of interest:

JIM CROCE – You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (ABC X-756)

REDD FOXX – Sanford and Foxx (Dooto 853)

NAZARETH (Warner Brothers BS 2615)

JEFF BECK GROUP (Epic KE-31331) (CD)

CHAKACHAS – Jungle Fever (Polydor 24-5504) (CD)

The debut Jim Croce LP?  “Sanford & Son” cash-in from Redd Foxx’s previous label.  U.S. debut of British hard rockers Nazareth.  Jazz rock from Jeff Beck.  I can’t bring the cover to the Chakachas LP to mind – they’re Belgian (Louis DePrijk, to be exact).

Notable singles:

PYTHON LEE JACKSON – In A Broken Dream (2 Parts) (GNP Crescendo 449)

IAN MATTHEWS – Tigers Will Survive b/w Hope You Know (Vertigo 105)

NEIL DIAMOND – Song Sung Blue b/w Gitchy Goomy (Uni 55326)

FREE – Sail On b/w Little Bit Of Love (A&M AM-1352)

GREENFIELD & COOK – Only Lies (Polydor 15032)

Rod Stewart sang this Python lee Jackson song, and it attracted a lot of attention.  Yet another Vertigo single for Ian Matthews.  Big hit for Neil Diamond, soon to leave Uni.  Non-hit Free 45, from a great album.  Dutch ‘harmony pop’ from the Dutch duo Greenfield & Cook – took me years to hear this band, and this song.  Cool stuff.  I never knew it had a U.S. issue.  There must’ve been something in the water – U.S. labels were sure releasing a lot of European stuff around this time.  Midem conventions must’ve been a lot of fun!

Frank Zappa Re-issues


There is a possibility that they could “right some wrongs” by issuing the vinyl mixes of “Hot Rats” and “Ruben & The Jets” on CD…

I wonder why they’re missing a few?  I understand why there’s no “200 Motels”, but the others?

I asked a friend at Universal L.A. about these re-issues… I will advise.

Time Machine March 1972 (Strange Days)

4-26-12          Time Machine, March 1972

Guitarist Duane Eddy born 1938, producer Giorgio Moroder born 1940; Twangy.

From Strange Days magazine in Japan.  Not sure where they’re getting their release dates from – England?  What I have here today is thought to be new releases from March, 1972:

Jethro Tull “Thick As A Brick” (Chrysalis / Island UK LP CHR 1003); Thin Lizzy “Shades of a Blue Orphanage” (Decca UK LP TXS 108); Deep Purple “Machine Head” (Purple / EMI UK LP TPSA 7504 with poster); Humble Pie “Smokin’” (A&M UK LP AMLS 64342); Edgar Winter’s White Trash “Roadwork” (Epic US 2LP KEG 31249); Delaney & Bonnie “Delaney & Bonnie Together” (Columbia US LP KC 31377); Chase “Ennea” (Epic US LP KE 31097); Spirit “Feedback” (Epic KE 31175); and New Riders of the Purple Sage “Powerglide” (Epic US LP KE 31284).

Looks like somebody got their hands on a U.S. Epic / Columbia ’72 release sheet!

I own Jethro Tull and Deep Purple today.  I have yet to invest in a deluxe version of “Thick As a Brick” – will they do a 5.1 mix of it?  I liked the album at the time of release, and even got a UK issue of it initially.  And I heard “Smoke On The Water” in record stores and on the FM radio, so I knew I wanted yet another Deep Purple Mk. II LP.

Thin Lizzy was simply off of my radar.  Humble Pie didn’t seem like the same band that I knew from the Immediate label.  No interest in Edgar Winter, beyond “Frankenstein”.  I like Delaney & Bonnie better now than I did then, though I do not own this LP at all, in any format.  Chase remains a one-hit-wonder for me, with “Get It On” (Epic US 45).  My Spirit fandom pretty much concludes with “The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus”.  Never could listen to or abide NRPS – any reason I should?

In 2012, I have a 5.1 SA-CD disc of “Machine Head” (and a 2CD deluxe edition, via Rhino) and a very nice Toshiba Japan paper sleeved “Thick As a Brick” CD, as well as original non-US LP’s of both.

This is the exact point where my initial Jethro Tull fandom concluded.


4-25-12          Genesis

Singer Ella Fitzgerald born 1918, bluesman Albert King born 1923; The Blues.

Well, lately been talking about Pink Floyd and Yes – so, thought I’d weigh in on Genesis.

First heard ‘em on the FM radio in the fall of 1972, likely “Foxtrot” – which was a new release at the time.  It was easy enough to find their LP in stores; I waited until I found a “used promo” copy for $1.  Alas, a U.S. issue of “Foxtrot”.

I had long-prepped to hear music of this nature.  By 1972, I’d been a Procol Harum and Moody Blues fan for approx. 5 years; I got to Van der Graaf Generator before Genesis, though, so I always kind of liked them a bit better.  To their advantage, I really liked The Famous Charisma Label, although all I’d seen were U.S. issues – Bo Hansson, Spreadeagle, Capability Brown etc.

I don’t remember how long it took me to get to “Selling England By The Pound”; but I did buy their U.S. 45, “I Know What I Like” b/w “Twilight Ale House” (which was almost 8 minutes long!).

Just like with Yes, I shy’d away from the forthcoming double LP by Genesis.  I didn’t need more Genesis, I needed ‘better’ Genesis.  I sufficed my interest by buying British pressings of what I could find on Genesis; LP’s like “Trespass”, “Nursery Cryme” etc.

In addition to “Foxtrot”, I heard something on the FM radio off of “Genesis to Revelations” that I rather enjoyed.

So, over the last few years, I went out of my way to get a UK version of their earliest CD boxed set – all the Charisma label albums from “Trespass” to “The Lamb” as SA-CD’s – still haven’t warmed to “The Lamb”, I’m afraid.  Rather nice to wander through “Trespass” and “Nursery Crymes” as 5.1 discs, on SA-CD.

The bonus disc in the boxed set has some otherwise unavailable stuff, which is rather nice.  Yes, it has “Twilight Ale House” in 5.1!  I eventually got 5.1 SA-CD’s for “A Trick Of The Tail” and “Wind & Wuthering”, but nothing else in Box #2 interested me.

Would consider “Genesis Live” as a 5.1 SA-CD, if I could find it inexpensively.  Have already recently written about Peter Gabriel’s Realworld Records; I like some of that stuff; but almost unilaterally, it has nought to do with Genesis.

In 2012, I hear the equipment used to make those records – the use of a “new” mellotron, some ‘dated’ studio effects on vocals; acoustic drums etc.


4-24-12          Yes

Jazz guy Joe Henderson born 1937, singer Barbra Streisand born 1942; Jazz.

I have listened to the British band Yes on and off for over 40 years.  I started at around the time of “The Yes Album” (#3) by hearing “Your Move” on the FM radio.  I was primed for the release of “Fragile” and their big hit “Roundabout”; I duly bought their triple live LP set, “Yessongs”.  But the trail goes cold after that, for a good many years.

In 1972, my listening habits were changing; the FM radio could turn me on to new stuff, and I sort of knew what labels to watch for – in case LP’s on the Charisma label turned up in the $1 bin.  I was not particularly listening to commercial music in 1972.  The enormous onslaught of European music was just about to hit…

German bands like Amon Duul II, Neu!, Cluster, Can, Faust etc.  Towards the end of 1972, I began to see Italian “rock” records for the first time:  Osanna, The New Trolls etc.  Once I got my teeth into those European records, I didn’t have much use for British music anymore – having forsaken the bands that I started the decade with:  Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Yes, etc.

I never heard it, but when I saw that Yes made a 2LP set of all-new material, “Tales from Topographic Oceans” – I instinctively knew that I didn’t need to hear it.  It’s like my ‘bullshit detector’ had been activated by it.  Or maybe I had a thing against double albums?  I didn’t care about “Quadrophenia” (The Who) either – or “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” (Genesis) – in a few years’ time.

1980:  My interest in Yes was piqued by them being produced by Buggles’ frontman Trevor Horn; I got “Drama” right away!

1983:  “80123” eventually became “90125”, and Yes was a considerably different beast.  We all liked the Godley & Crème-made videos for “90125”, and nobody seemed to mind that Steve Howe was somewhere else.  I’ll even give it up for “Big Generator”; if it was a double LP with “90125”, it would’ve made perfect sense.  By itself, it didn’t really tell the whole story, I thought.

Enough time passed, and I was ready to listen again to Yes.  I got snappy SHM-CD kami sleeve CD’s from Japan of the albums I liked; I also got some 5.1 versions of “Fragile”.  Also picked up a few Yes DVD’s along the way; when will they re-master the “Yessongs” DVD into 5.1?

It takes a more dedicated fan than I to provide any interest in Yes & their many permutations after 1987.  I haven’t heard any of the albums, but I did eventually get to see at least some of the members play live – Jon Anderson with some kids from a “Rock Camp”, and Steve Howe with Asia etc.

And you can always listen to Yes 45’s, if you don’t have the time for the albums!

Time Machine 1972

4-23-12                     Time Machine 1972

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of April 24, 1972

Caught my eye:

NICK DRAKE – Pink Moon (Island/Capitol SMAS-9318) (CD)

PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND – Golden Butter (Elektra 7E-2005) double LP

CROSBY & NASH  (Atlantic SD 7220) (LP)

2nd (and last) U.S. Nick Drake LP.  Double LP “Best of” for Paul Butterfield & Co.  Crosby, Stills & Nash without Steven Stills – includes the wonderful “Immigration Man”!

Also of interest:

WISHBONE ASH – Argus (Decca DL 75347) (CD)

TOM FOGERTY (Fantasy 9407)

PAUL MAURIAT – Love Theme from “The Godfather” (MGM SE-4838)

JOE TEX – I Gotcha (Dial SD 6002)

British hard rock from Wishbone Ash.  Creedence Clearwater solo effort that isn’t by John.  EZ hits from Paul Mauriat.  Genuine R&B soul music from Mr. Joe Tex.

Notable singles:

CAROLE KING – It’s Going To Take Some Time b/w Brother To Brother (Ode ’70 66026)

ARGENT – Hold Your Head Up b/w Keep On Rollin’ (Epic 5-10852)

STEELY DAN – Dallas b/w Sail The Waterway (ABC 11323)

NEIL YOUNG – Old Man b/w The Needle and The Damage Done (Reprise 1084)

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL – Someday Never Comes b/w Tearin’ Up The Country (Fantasy 676)

ROLLING STONES – Tumbling Dice b/w Sweet Black Angel (Rolling Stones 19103)

Several people had a single with “It’s Going To Take Some Time” (incl. The Carpenters) but I think Carole King got the ‘hit’.  Or was it the other way around?  FM gold from Rod Argent.  Non-hit Steely Dan.  “After The Goldrush” single from Neil Young.  The end of the line for hit singles from Creedence Clearwater?  Decent hit single for The Rolling Stones, from “Exile on Main Street”.

5.1 DVD Recorder?

A friend recently copied the 5.1 DVD-A inside of the expensive boxed set of “Quadrophenia” by The Who for me.  So, a DVD burner can copy 5.1 audio.

As I am lucky enough to live in a primary TV market, we have stations broadcasting TV shows in 5.1 audio, apparently.  One show that I sometimes watch, “Unforgettable” (CBS) always says it’s being broadcast in 5.1 – does anybody sell a consumer DVD recorder that will record 5.1 audio from a terrestrial broadcast?


Pink Floyd in 5.1

4-19-12          Pink Floyd in 5.1 Audio

Turtles / Mothers vocalist Mark Volman born 1947, funkster Bernie Worrell born 1944; Eddie, Are You Kidding?

You’ve certainly got your choice, when it comes to listening to Pink Floyd in multi-channel audio.  The two main works in 5.1, “dark Side of the Moon” and “Wish You Were Here” are both somewhat readily available as SA-CD’s (“WYWH” is somewhat expensive, however).

Even the older version of “The Wall” DVD appears to be in 5.1 audio – not sure if they give you a 5.1 audio version in the enormous “The Wall” boxed set, though.

“Atom Heart Mother” was released as a quad LP in England; so I suppose they could eventually run that one down the pike as a multi-channel audio disc…but “AHM” isn’t a greatly loved Pink Floyd album, at least not in the U.S.A.!  bet it wouldn’t sell as a multi-channel disc, if it cost any more than a normal CD.

Rumor has it that “DSOTM” is the best selling SA-CD of all time.  I certainly didn’t have any trouble finding a copy, used.  Yes, it sounds fine.  The bigger issue here is:  Do you want / need to listen to “DSOTM” in any format in 2012?  It’s certainly one of the albums that got viciously over-exposed, largely thanks to the FM radio.

Not so with “WYWH” – some of that still sounds pretty good.  If you want to cut to the chase, listen to the F/X at the beginning of “Welcome To The Machine” – nice 5.1 sound!

“The Wall” on DVD gives a nice 5.1 experience.  I have not watched “The Wall’ lately; I see that Roger Waters is performing “The Wall” at the L.A. Sports Arena this coming May.  That’s where I saw Pink Floyd perform “The Wall” in 1980!

The next two I would pick for the 5.1 treatment, if James Guthrie is reading this, is “Animals” and “Meddle”.  After that, I am not really too into it.

Between ½ speed mastered LP’s and MiniDiscs, I certainly have some format variants on Pink Floyd!

THX 1138

4-18-12          THX 1138

Bluesman Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown born 1924, S.F. bay area weirdo Skip Spence born 1946; The Blues.

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch a film that I saw as a youngster, “THX 1138” (1971).  It’s a George Lucas film; 100% certain that I had no idea who he was at all when I first saw that film, likely in 1972.

The 2004 DVD re-issue is reasonably nice; I bought mine new @ Tower Records – the Tower sticker is still on the outer wrapper (I paid $19.99 for it, as it was “on sale”, being a new release).  Disc 2 has 2 “Making Of” documentaries, one from then, one from more recently, as well as Lucas’ original “U.S.C. Student Film” version (which is all of 17 minutes long).  And, yes – “THX 1138” is now re-mixed to 5.1 for the audio.

So, what did I think of this dystopian film when I first saw it as a young teenager in the early 70’s?  I probably liked the nude scenes, and the over-all “look” of the film stuck in my mind; I believe I remember how the film ended.  But – was what I sat through the other day the same as what I saw in a theatre all those years ago?  The DVD clearly states “The George Lucas Director’s Cut”.  Wikipedia says he re-shot some sequences, “computer enhanced” others?  Whatever it was he did, it looked OK to me.  I probably still have a Beta of this film in the archives; if I stumble across it, I should watch it and see if I can tell any ‘difference’.

I did plunk out $20+ for a DVD of this film, 30+ years after having first seen it.  Did I realize that the guy who made “American Graffitti” made “THX 1138”?   The 2 films could not have been more different, so I doubt it.

When older films gets dragged into 5.1, sometimes, it’s hokey – main dialogue in the center channel, a bit of music or F/X on the rear channels; but this re-mastering sounded pretty good, too!

It’s always fun to re-watch something that I saw as a youngster.  Perhaps my adult mind can get a better handle of what’s on offer?  Dang, I saw a lot of ‘adult’ (R-Rated) films as a kid!

Lounge Lizards – John Lurie etc.

4-17-12          The Lounge Lizards

Buzzcock Pete Shelley born 1955, rapper Afrika Bombaataa born 1957; What Do I Get?

My discography here is by no means exhaustive.  It’s a New York City thing, and I’m not in New York!  More music from John Lurie!

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              BIG HEART – LIVE IN TOKYO                                     NON STAND JPN    30CH-173

CD                                                                          1986 10 TRKS Live ‘DDD’? 3 x bonus tracks, only in Japan

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              BIG HEART – LIVE IN TOKYO                                     ANTILLES US          510089.2

CD                                                                          1986 7 TRKS Live

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              BIG HEART – LIVE IN TOKYO                                     ISLAND US               90529.1

LP                                                                          1986 7 TRKS Live

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              FUSION                                                                           EUROPA US            JP 2015

LP                                                                          1984 7 TRKS with Teo Macero (Miles Davis’ producer)

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              LIVE ’79 / ’81                                                                   DANCETERIA FR    DANCD 046

CD                                                                          1985 12 TRKS Live ’79 – ’81

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              LIVE FROM THE DRUNKEN BOAT                            EUROPA US            JP 2012

LP                                                                          1983 8 TRKS Live 11/82; their most obscure release

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              LIVE IN BERLIN 1991 Vol. 1                                        INTUITION DE         INT 2055.2

CD                                                                          1992 6 TRKS Live; also available as a laser disc

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              LIVE IN BERLIN 1991 Vol. 2                                        INTUITION DE         INT 2044.2

CD                                                                          1995 6 TRKS Live; also available as a laser disc

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              LOUNGE LIZARDS                                                        EG US                       EEGCD 8

CD                                                                          1981 13 TRKS

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              LOUNGE LIZARDS                                                        EG US                       EGS 8

LP                                                                          1981 13 TRKS U.S. pressing, debut

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              NO PAIN FOR CAKES                                                   ANTILLES US          510090.2

CD                                                                          1987 9 TRKS ‘DDD’

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              NO PAIN FOR CAKES                                                   ISLAND US               90592.1

LP                                                                          1987 9 TRKS U.S. pressing

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              QUEEN OF ALL EARS                                                  STRANGE AND B    SB 0015

CD                                                                          1998 10 TRKS autographed by J.L.; originally scheduled on Warner Bros.

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              VOICE OF CHUNK                                                        VERABRA DE           No. 25

LP                                                                          1989 8 TRKS

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              VOICE OF CHUNK                                                        VERABRA DE           VBRCD 25

CD                                                                          1989 10 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks)

LOUNGE LIZARDS                                              VOICE OF CHUNK                                                        LAGARTO US           LAGCD 003

CD                                                                          1989 10 TRKS (2 x bonus tracks) Originally mail-order only


Evan Lurie

LURIE, EVAN                                                        HAPPY? HERE? NOW?                                               CREPUSCULE        TWI 574

LP                                                                          1985 6 TRKS

LURIE, EVAN                                                        HOW I SPENT MY VACATION                                      TZADIK US               TZ 7509

CD                                                                          1998 26 TRKS

LURIE, EVAN                                                        SELLING WATER BY THE SIDE OF THE RIVER     ANTILLES US          510104.2

CD                                                                          1990 12 TRKS

LURIE, EVAN / E.J. GOLD                                   TOKYO TOUR, THE                                                       GATEWAYS US        MTO-45

CD                                                                          1990 15 TRKS Live 12/89


John Lurie

LURIE, JOHN                                                        AFRICAN SWIM AND MANNY & LO                            STRANGE AND B    SBM CD0017

CD                                                                          1998 25 TRKS Original soundtracks

LURIE, JOHN                                                        DOWN BY LAW                                                              CRAMMED BEL       MTM 14CD

CD                                                                          1987 21 TRKS O.S.T. ‘VARIETY’

LURIE, JOHN                                                        FISHING WITH JOHN                                                   STRANGE AND B    SB 0014

CD                                                                          1998 23 TRKS O.S.T. to John Lurie wonderful TV series

LURIE, JOHN                                                        GET SHORTY                                                                 ANTILLES US          529310.2

CD                                                                          1995 17 TRKS O.S.T., Various Artists

LURIE, JOHN                                                        MARVIN PONTIAC                                                         STRANGE AND B    SB 0018 John Lurie as “Marvin Pontiac”

CD                                                                          1999 14 TRKS

LURIE, JOHN                                                        MEN WITH STICKS                                                       CRAMMED BEL       MTM 34CD

CD                                                                          1993 3 TRKS “The John Lurie National Orchestra”

LURIE, JOHN                                                        MYSTERY TRAIN                                                           MILAN US                 35967.2

CD                                                                          2001 16 TRKS O.S.T., V.A.

LURIE, JOHN                                                        STRANGER THAN PARADISE                                    STRANGE AND B    SB 0010

CD                                                                          1999 9 TRKS O.S.T., “Resurrection of Albert Ayler”


Roy Nathanson

NATHANSON, ROY                                             SOTTO VOCE                                                                 AUM FIDELITY         AUM 037

CD                                                                          2006 9 TRKS

NATHANSON, ROY                                             SUBWAY MOON                                                             YELLOWBIRD DE   YEB-7711.2

CD                                                                          2009 10 TRKS

NATHANSON, ROY / JAZZ PASSENGERS      DERANGED & DECOMPOSED                                  JVC JPN                    VDJ-1158

CD                                                                          1988 10 TRKS “Crepuscule”

NATHANSON, ROY / JAZZ PASSENGERS      REUNITED                                                                      JUSTIN TIME            JTR 8565..2

CD                                                                          2010 9 TRKS with Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry etc.

This is New York City music; I live in L.A. – I’ve been lucky enough to have seen The Lounge Lizards a few times play live here; I’ve bought some of John Lurie’s art books; done my damnedest to get all of the CD’s that his label, Strange and Beautiful, have released…but it certainly hasn’t been an easy topic to collect.