An Album A Day…

1-31-12          An Album A Day…

Singer John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) born 1956, composer Philip Glass born 1937; first encountered Mr. Glass’ “North Star” and quickly mail-ordered his Chatham Square LP’s.

An idea I’ve toy’d with for several years is: “Can I play one entire album a day, for the entire year?”  It’s not as easy to do as you would think!  Well, guess what?  I’ve managed to do it for the entire month of January, 2012.

1-Jan        Electric Light Orchestra – s/t debut (aka “No Answer”)

2-Jan        Lovsky, Fay – Confetti

3-Jan        Lovsky, Fay – Origami

4-Jan        Transister – Zig-Zag

5-Jan        Heckstall-Smith, Dick – A Story Ended

6-Jan        Jethro Tull – Aqualung (DVD-A) (Just got a new 5.1 issue of this title!)

7-Jan        Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

8-Jan        Wonder Stuff – If The Beatles Had Read Hunter – The Singles

9-Jan        Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds (Just got a new re-master of this title)

10-Jan       Flash And The Pan – Burning Up The Night

11-Jan       Sly & The Family Stone – Dance To The Music

12-Jan       Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Trilogy

13-Jan       Planet Gong – Live Floating Anarchy 1977

14-Jan       Hillage, Steve – Fish Rising

15-Jan       Morgan, Lee – Lee Way (SA-CD)

16-Jan       Donaldson, Lou – Blues Walk (SA-CD)

17-Jan       Ragnarok – Fjarilar I Magen (Just got a new SHM-CD of this title)

18-Jan       CosViva Boma

19-Jan       Hansson, Bo – Mellanvasen (aka “Attic Thoughts”)

20-Jan       Devo – Devo 2.0

21-Jan       Godliness and Cleanliness Band, The – Greatest Hits Vol. 1

22-Jan       Masked Marauders – s/t

23-Jan       Jethro Tull – Benefit

24-Jan       Cos – Babel

25-Jan       Silver, Horace – In Pursuit of the 27th Man (Just got a recent re-master of this title)

26-Jan       McCann, Les / Eddie Harris – Swiss Movement (Just got a recent re-master of this title)

27-Jan       Staff Benda Bilili – Tres Tres Fort

28-Jan       McCartney, Paul – McCartney II (Just got a new 2CD issue of this title)

29-Jan       McCartney, Paul – McCartney (2011 re-mastered 2CD version)

30-Jan       O.S.T. – O Lucky Man (music by Alan Price)

31-Jan       Dibango, Manu – Mboa’ Su (Kamer Feelin’)

The E.L.O. album sounded like it came from Mars – a rock band with a ‘cello?.  I’d been meaning to play some Dutch pop muziek, and Fay L. and Transister did the trick.  I’ve loved the Dick Heckstall-Smith LP ever since it’s 1972 release.  Very amused with the 5.1 Jethro Tull set – nicely done!  I played “Sticky Fingers” to my GF (who recognized most of the songs).  Played The Wonder Stuff in the car.  Got the Pink Floyd boxed set, and headed to my favorite disc in it.  Vanda & Young (Flash & The Pan) are always “of interest”.  Got a Sly Stone book in San Francisco, so required Sly listening.  Not my favorite EL&P album, so I thought I’d listen again.  Gong album that I had somewhat underestimated.  A very good Steve Hillage album!  Some classic jazz on SA-CD with Morgan and Donaldson.  I waited for more than 30 years for “Fjarilar I Magen:” to come out on CD – it’s as good as I remember!  I got 3 x Cos albums as SHM-CD’s last year, and I am still working on them (listened to 2 this month!).  Bo Hansson’s 3rd solo album still amazes.  Curiosity got the better of me with the Devo 2.0 CD + DVD set (I didn’t watch the DVD yet).  The Godliness / Cleanliness folks and the Masked Marauders are, apparently, the same band!  “Benefit” is my favorite J. Tull album.  Classic 70’s jazz from Horace Silver, easily my favorite 70’s album of his.  Les McCann & Eddie Harris is another truly good jazz album, recorded in 1969, released in 1970.  We saw Staff Benda Bilili on the Later with Jools Holland show, and looked for this album for a while – I was surprised it was on Crammed (and produced by Vincent Kenis!).  I think this was the first time I heard “McCartney II” all the way through in one sitting.  McCartney’s debut solo was always sort of interesting.  Always did like Alan Price’ soundtrack for “O Lucky Man” – must watch the DVD of it one day soon.  There are at least 2 albums called “Kamer Feeling” by Manu Dibango – this is the one with “Mboa’ Su” on the cover – from 2000.  I’ve liked a lot of his stuff over the years.

I listened to a lot of other music in January – played with several new stacks of 45’s.  I also originated a new volume of Music Video (MV-44).  But the above list is entire albums that I played and listened to, January 2012.  It wasn’t easy to find the time, either!

Can I do it again next month?  And for the rest of 2012?

Time Machine 1972

1-30-12                     Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of January 31, 1972

Caught my eye:

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND – Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air (Elektra EKS-74112) (LP/CD)

FIRESIGN THEATRE – Dear Friends (Columbia KG-31099) double LP (LP/CD)

THE DOORS – Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine (Elektra 8E-6001) double LP (LP)

I heard the I.S.B. at a friends house – but I knew I wanted to hear them by their record covers and song titles.  My brother & my friend Paul had already hipped me to The Firesign Theatre – so I was waiting for this one!  And The Doors roll on – with a nice double Best of – which included some up-to-that-time non-LP Morrison songs.

Also of interest:

JOHN KONGOS – Kongos (Elektra EKS-75019) (CD)

NEIL YOUNG – Harvest (Reprise MS 2032) (LP/CD)

DAVID BROMBERG (Columbia C-31104) (LP)

South African John Kongos gets a U.S. release!  Neil Young delivers his 4th solo album and I saw David Bromberg on TV – playing with George Harrison, no less!

Notable singles:

THE SINGING DOGS – Hot Dog Boogie b/w Hot Dog Rock & Roll (RCA 48-1021) re-issue

JAMES BROWN – Talking Loud and Saying Nothing (Parts 1 & 2) (Polydor 14109)

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – Running Away b/w Brave & Strong (Epic 5-10829)

YES – Roundabout (Atlantic 2854)

PAUL SIMON – Mother & Child Reunion b/w Paranoia Blues (Columbia 4-45547)

I suppose this Singing Dogs 45 got re-issued because of the ‘success’ of the re-issue of “Jingle Bells”?  As far as I know, there are the only four Singing Dogs songs ever made!  Top drawer soul from Mr. J.B. and my favorite Sly & The Family Stone single.  Yes get a U.S. single (but was it their first U.S. single?  I think not!).  Paul beats Artie back to the chart, with a snappy solo hit single.

I have a lot of material on today’s release schedule, don’t I?

Anniversary / Re-Master Mania!

1-26-12          Anniversary / Re-Master Mania!

Singer Lucinda Williams born 1953, conductor Gustav Dudamel born 1981; Dudamel conducts in Los Angeles, outrageously.

Seems like a lot of “Anniversary” editions, re-masters – “Deluxe Edition” titles walking down the pike these days.  Lots of the titles from my youth have been given the re-master treatment – bonus tracks, finally a decent mastering etc. – but not quite everything!  The titles below (from my youth) are relegated to “normal issue” CD’s and original LP’s, as far as I know.  Why aren’t there “Deluxe Edition” / SA-CD / Anniversary Editions / DVD-A 5.1 discs of these titles from my youth?  I would buy re-masters / Deluxe editions / audiophile versions of any of the following:

Audience – House On The Hill / Lunch (Charisma UK / Elektra US)

Peter Banks – The Two Sides of Peter Banks (Sovereign UK / Capitol US)

Lucio Battisti – Il Nostro Caro Angelo (Numero Uno IT)

Beggar’s Opera – Waters of Change (Vertigo UK)

John Cale – Fear / Slow Dazzle / Helen of Troy (Island UK / US)

Captain Beyond – s/t (Capricorn US)

Alice Cooper – Love It To Death (Warner / Straight US)

Curved Air – Phantasmagoria (Warner UK / US)

Ivor Cutler – Dandruff / Velvet Donkey (Virgin UK)

Donovan – Cosmic Wheels (Epic UK / US)

Urszula Dudziak – Urszula (Arista US) not even on CD yet!

Egg – The Civil Surface (Caroline UK)

Esperanto – Danse Macabre (A&M UK / US)

Flash – s/t (Sovereign UK / Capitol US)

Gracious! – s/t (Vertigo UK / Capitol US)

The Groundhogs – Solid (WWA UK)

Gryphon – Midnight Mushrumps / Red Queen To Gryphon Three (Transatlantic UK)

Hawkwind – Warrior On The Edge Of Time (U.A. UK / Atco US)

Indian Summer – s/t (Neon UK / US)

Kayak – Royal Bed Bouncer (EMI or Vertigo NL / Janus US)

Basil Kirchin – Worlds Within Worlds Parts 3 + 4 (island UK) not even on CD yet!

Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florian (Philips DE / Vertgo US – UK) not even on CD yet!

Lothar Meid – Mensch, Dieser Klaus! (Philips DE) not even on CD yet!

O.S.T. – The Andromeda Strain (Kapp US) not even on CD yet!

Jim Pembroke – Corporal Cauliflower’s Mental Function (Love Finland)

Popol Vuh – Affenstunde (Liberty DE)

Portsmouth Sinfonia – Plays The Popular Classics (Transatlantic UK) not even on CD yet!

Alan Price – O! Lucky Man! (Warner UK / US)

Achim Reichel – AR4 / AR5 (Autovision) / Erholung (Zebra or Brain DE) not even on CD yet!

Seventh Wave – Things To Come (Gull UK / Janus US)

Solution – Cordon Bleu (Rocket UK)

Spooky Tooth – The Last Puff (Island UK / A&M US)

Spring – s/t (Neon UK)

String Driven Thing – s/t (Charisma UK / US)

The Tubes – s/t (A&M US)

Thijs Van Leer – O My Love (Philips NL) not even on CD yet!

Vangelis – Earth (Vertigo FR / US)

Rick Wakeman – The Six Wives of Henry VIII (A&M UK / US)

War – The World Is A Ghetto (U.A. US)

Wigwam – Nuclear Nightclub (Love Finland)

Robert Wood – Vibrarock (Polydor FR) not even on CD yet!

Zygoat – s/t (Polydor UK) not even on CD yet!

I have normal CD’s (and original LP’s) of all these titles, but not any deluxe / re-mastered editions.  Why, in 2012, are there any records of my youth not on CD?

The ones that aren’t on CD yet – master ‘em correctly and sell them to me!  The ones that have already been CD’s – re-master ‘em properly and enhance the packging!  Anything on this list that’s been a Deluxe Edition?  Then make an SA-CD or DVD-A 5.1 version!  I am ready to buy re-masters / deluxe editions of any of the above titles, record companies!

David Bowie – “Station to Station” (5.1)

1-25-12          David Bowie – “Station to Station” (5.1)

Singer / Songwriter Antonio Carlos Jobim born 1927, Singer Etta James born 1938; I own music by both.

Disc o’ the day:  David Bowie – “Station to Station” CD / DVD boxed set, with 5.1 disc

David Bowie was not an important artist to me during most of the time he was creating what is probably his finest material.  Really, I sort of “gave up” after “Ziggy Stardust”. – and until I went to work in a hippie record store, I heard very little Bowie from 1972 – 1976 – then I heard “Station to Station”.

And I liked the next 3 or 4 Bowie albums after “Station to Station” reasonably well.  I will admit to having had my curiosity piqued by “Tin Machine”!

Why spend $100 on a boxed set of “Station to Station”?  I’d read that it came with a 5.1 DVD of the album.  I set up my 5.1 system about a year ago, and have been after material to play on it.  I waited until I found a “used” copy, so I got it (with a credit slip) for under $100.

It definitely wasn’t mixed – re-mixed for 5.1, folks!  The train FX at the beginning of the album do indeed go around the room, but after that – it’s like the remix engineers forgot about the rear channels!  I heard some fingersnaps at one point, and some nice echo on a snappy guitar intro, but…it’s really stretching it to call this a true 5.1 mix.  Bleh.

This huge, expensive boxed set also comes with a previously unreleased live show, as both CD’s and LP’s – and some very nicely reproduced documents, relating to the Bowie ephemera of the era.

Of particular note is that on the DVD, they feature not only the disappointing 5.1 mix, but also the 1986 RCA CD mix, as well as a nifty high resolution version of the original “vinyl mix” of this title (also on the CD in the set).

So, “Station to Station” has never sounded better, but I am still waiting for a true 5.1 mix of it – let Steve Wilson do it!  I’d buy it again – if someone could assure me the 5.1 mix didn’t stop with the train FX on the first cut.

Alas, I’ll probably never get to hear 5.1 mixes of any Bowie albums other than “Ziggy Stardust” and “Reality”.  And I wouldn’t mind a big boxed set for the anniversary edition of “Low”, but I suspect I’ll be waiting on that one…to exist.

Save your money – unless you want a super clean version of the original vinyl mix (on CD) or the previously unreleased live show.  No 5.1 jollies to be found here!

Jethro Tull – “Aqualung” (5.1)

1-24-12          Jethro Tull – “Aqualung” (5.1)

Singer / Songwriter Neil Diamond born 1941, Singer / Songwriter Warren Zevon born 1947; two vastly different types of Singer / Songwriter; Zevon knew Kim Fowley!

Disc o’ the day:  Jethro Tull – “Aqualung” in 5.1

I arrived at the Jethro Tull party right about the time “Benefit” was a new album.  I had heard individual tracks before that on Warner / Reprise sampler albums.  But I sunk my teeth into “Benefit” and became a fan and supporter of Jethro Tull, who were a young band at that time!

So, I was very ready for their commercial break-through, “Aqualung” in early 1971.  At the time, it didn’t seem like a “commercial break-through”, it was just another Jethro Tull album that was pretty good (though not as good as “Benefit”).  Nice packaging!  Oh, the US & UK LP copies were different!  But in 1971, I was really paying attention.

Later in 1971, a significant EP by Jethro Tull was released in England, “Life Is A Long Song” – I snapped that one up and liked it even better than “Aqualung”!

Last year, a 40th anniversary multiple-disc “Aqualung” boxed set became available, at a price tag of approx. $150.-  2CD’s, a DVD, a Blu-ray disc and an LP.  Like the 40th anniversary King Crimson discs, “Aqualung” has now been mixed / re-mixed by Steve Wilson – a new stereo mix, and a glorious 5.1 mix!  (If you’re not satisfied, the original “Quad” mix is also included on the DVD; it’s reasonably different from the LP’s stereo mix!).  Plenty of rear speaker action in this 5.1 mix!

“Lick Your Fingers Clean” (originally an unreleased ’71 single) was on the 1997 “25th Anniversary Edition” of “Aqualung”, and it appears here again, together with the entire “Life Is A Long Song” EP – two of the five tracks of which have now been mixed into 5.1!  And there’s some alternate versions of “Aqualung” material, the ‘early take’ of “My God” being particularly interesting.

The new stereo mix of “Aqualung” reveals some nice-sounding bass, especially on “Cross Eyed Mary”.  A guitar part has been changed here and there, as well.  But the sound is very clear, and – no doubt – approved by the band / Ian Anderson.

If you’ve been a Jethro Tull fan for a while, you might want to cast deep into your pockets and invest in this 40th anniversary boxed set of “Aqualung”.  It’s actually very nicely done.  It’s also my first ever Blu-ray disc (Which I cannot play at this time!).

This is a fine Jethro Tull album, but the bonus material actually eclipses it, for a change.  I’m so glad the charming “Life Is A Long Song” EP hasn’t been forgotten in the annals of time – I know the band were playing some of it live, when they toured the US in the late 90’s – so they know it, too.  Bravo!

Time Machine 1972

1-23-11                     Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of January 24, 1972

Caught my eye:

HEVY GUNZ – Dope On Dope and Dope Doops (Enterprise ENS-1022) (LP)

PETER YARROW – Peter (Warner BS 2599) (LP)

HORACE SILVER – United States Of Mind (Blue Note 84368)

Hevy Gunz were a comedy group – in the 99 cent bin – believe it or not, this album was eventually re-released as 1/2 of a double LP!  Peter Yarrow is the Peter of Peter Paul & Mary.  Unless I am mistaken, he was also the last of the three to issue his ‘solo’ album.    I didn’t catch up to Horace Silver until “In Pursuit Of The 27th Man”, but I know this album is a groovy one!

Also of interest:

ERIC MERCURY – Funky Sounds Nurtured… (Enterprise ENS-1020) (LP)

PAUL JONES – Crucifix In A Horseshoe (London XPS-605)

BRINSLEY SCHWARZ – Silver Pistol (U.A. UAS-5566)

RAY STEVENS – Turn Your Radio On (Barnaby 30809)

I’m very into Eric Mercury in 2012 – “Electric Black Man” etc. – but I do not know this album as well (and only on CD in Japan!).  Paul Jones used to be the vocalist of Manfred Mann.  Brinsley Schwarz featured Nick Lowe on bass.  Ray Stevens was more in his “Mr. Businessman” mode than his “Ahab The Arab” mode – both are OK for me.

Notable singles:

BENNY HILL – Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West b/w Ting-A-Ling-A-Loo (Capitol 3272)

BREAD – Everything I Own b/w I Don’t Love You (Elektra 45765)

JONATHAN KING – Hooked On A Feeling (Parrot 3029)

BEE GEES – My World b/w On Time (Atco 6871)

CAROLE KING – Sweet Seasons b/w Pocket Money (Ode 66022)

I never knew this Benny Hill single came out in the US!  More M.O.R. Bread hits.  How did Jonathan King beat Blue Swede to this song?  Nice song from Carole King – and decidedly a non-hit Bee Gees 45 in the US (but I understand it was huge in Japan and most of the rest of the world etc.)

Good week

It’s been an interesting week!

I got to see my old friend David O. on Monday – I demonstrated my 5.1 system to him.  I went walking with Joe C. on Tuesday – it was cold (for here)!  We also went to a record store in Costa Mesa, CA.  On Wednesday, I went to dinner (and grocery shopping) with Dana M. – as we tried to remember the names of long-gone record stores in the greater Los Angeles area.  Thursday night, I met up with Ken H. in uptown Whittier – and I went into Lovell’s for a few minutes!  (Yet another old school record store).  Tomorrow, Ken & I will work on our album…again; Might see David Z. and Warren B. – I like seeing a lot of friends!  Thanks, guys!

And I’ve been listening to:

Ragnarok “Fjarilar i Magen” (1980), a fantastic instrumental album that took over 30 years to arrive on CD.

Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams – “Nosferatu”

1-19-12          Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams

Singer Janis Joplin born 1943, Singer Dolly Parton born 1946; I was always a super-fan of Big Brother & The Holding Company!

Disc o’ the day:  Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams “Nosferatu” (United Artists UK LP, 1979)

This ‘79 debut Cornwell solo LP came out right around the time of “The Raven”, so I was fully awakened to The Stranglers.  However, this album was partially recorded in Los Angeles – right around the time Cornwell was making fun of it (Dec. ’78 – Jan. ’79), with “Dead (Loss) Angeles” (on “The Raven”).  Drummer Williams had worked with Captain Beefheart.  Mark & Bob from Devo guest on one track (“Rhythmic Itch”).  Former Zappa keyboardist Ian Underwood is on 4 tracks.  The single from this LP was a cover of “White Room” – the venerable Cream classic (with Pete Brown lyrics, no less).  One of the highlights is Ian Dury (billed as “Duncan Poundcake”) as a fairground barker – I don’t think we knew for sure it was Dury at the time, but – he’s now credited in the 1992 CD re-issue.


Losers In A Lost Land

White Room

Irate Catterpillar

Rhythmic Itch


Big Bug


Wrong Way Round


If anything, this album was a gnat’s arse ‘stranger’ than anything The Stranglers had released up to this point.  It certainly showed that Cornwell’s personality (by itself) could carry an entire album – without the help of Burnel, Greenfield etc.

A decade after this LP, Cornwell left The Stranglers – after having another solo LP in 1988 with “Wolf” (Virgin UK), a great solo album!

But “Nosferatu” certainly didn’t detract from Cornwell’s work with The Stranglers; if anything, it signaled the rise of The Stranglers, their records got demonstrably better etc.  I remained a Stranglers fan until Cornwell left the band.

I’ve seen Cornwell live a few times, too.  He’s quite a good solo performer.  Go – if you get the chance!

Ultimate Collection re-cap

1-18-12          Ultimate Collection re-cap

Indie rock guy Jim O’Rourke born 1969, rapper DJ Quik born 1970; O’Rourke has lived in Tokyo, I never ran into him there.

The first 7 discs in my “Ultimate Collection” are:

1. Zappa, Frank / Mothers Of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money (1968)

2. Cage, John / David Tudor – Indeterminacy (1959)

3. Split Enz – Mental Notes (1975)

4. Gruppo Sportivo – The Buddy Odor Stop (1979)

5. Tachibana, Hajime – H (1982)

6. Procol Harum – Broken Barricades (1971)

7. Entwistle, John – Smash Your Head Against The Wall (1971)

The next three titles (#8 – #10) are all what would be considered “Classic Rock”:

8. Beatles, The – Revolver (1966)

9. Hendrix Experience, Jimi – Are You Experienced? (1967)

10. Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die (1970)

You don’t really need me to explain any of those three albums to you, do you?  And just a reminder: The numbering is not the ranking!  It’s just a numbering system.

The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix LP’s are UK original editions, both of which have different songs to their US counterparts.  The Traffic LP was issued just about everywhere on Earth, with the same contents – though there are some cover variants.

In England, the debut Jimi Hendrix LP only ever had a mono release – but it was stereo from the beginning, for the US market.  All three of these albums exist as re-mastered CD’s; the Hendrix and Traffic titles have grown to double disc sets; 2CD on the Traffic, and a CD + DVD combo for the Hendrix.

So, into 2012 – These are the top 10, for the time being.  As far as I am concerned, you should already own all of the above titles.  Perhaps you’ll take an issue with one or two of the choices.  But the above titles generally play with the greatest of ease around here.  Alas, the sole title in my Top 10 that is available as an SA-CD is the Traffic title; and it’s not even a hybrid disc – you must have an SA-CD player to play it!

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (5.1)

1-17-12          Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue (5.1)

Singer Eartha Kitt born 1927, Singer / Songwriter Steve Earle born 1955; I really enjoy Eartha’s funky RCA 10” records!

Disc o’ the day:  Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (5.1) (SA-CD, or DualDisc)

Disclaimer:  This is a 3-track 5.1 disc; only the front 3 channels are used – but to great effect!

Yes, it can qualify for the ‘Top 10 Best Jazz Album Ever’ list.  It’s a very professional (for 1958/9) Teo Macero recording for Columbia Records in New York City; a 3-track recording: the musicians in stereo, Miles on his own track.  The 3-channel SA-CD / DualDisc is just that: John Coltrane and Bill Evans in stereo, and Miles in the center speaker.  Wow.

Cool school?  This is the sound of fully medicated jazz musicians playing with considerable restraint.  It is pretty cool / groovy, but time will not tell us if that was what Miles was after.  I mean, Bill Evans was a white guy!

After hearing “So What” about 500+ times, I have really warmed to “Freddie Freeloader” on this album.  In 3-channel, the sound is so 3-D, alive, amazing…no kidding!  I can seriously hang with all of it.

There’s at least one coffee table book on the subject of this LP.  The first time it got issued on CD, it was at the wrong speed, and had the wrong cover art – a photo of Miles that, like the music, was about 15 years ahead of it’s time.  I like the wrong-speed version, sounds groovy.  But somebody figured it out, and now the album will forever more play at the speed that it should.

I have a US Columbia re-issue LP of it, both an original US Columbia CD and a re-mastered US Columbia CD; but now a 5.1 SA-CD and a DualDisc, where the 5.1 info is on the CD side.  I also have this LP as a Sony MiniDisc; not sure if it’s at the correct speed or not, but…sounds good.

This is an LP that is used as an audiophile test of stereo systems.  I don’t have an original LP of it; demand for it far exceeded the amount of pieces actually manufactured, at least initially.  Like “Dark Side Of The Moon”, people want to hear this album, just to believe it actually exists!