Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

From the October issue of Strange Days Magazine in Japan!  F.Y.I., this column is written by Quoichiro Iwamoto, a man after my own heart!

August 1971 releases mentioned are:  The Beach Boys “Surf’s Up” (Reprise US LP RS 6453), Big Brother & The Holding Company “How Hard It Is” (Columbia US LP C 30738), Mahavishnu Orchestra “Inner Mounting Flame” (Columbia US LP KC 31067), Frank Zappa / Mothers Of Invention “Fillmore East, June, 1971” (Bizarre US LP MS 2042), Ten Years After “A Space In Time” (Chrysalis UK LP CHR 1001), The Who “Who’s Next” (Track Record UK LP 2408 102), The Partridge Family “Sound Magazine” (Bell US LP 6064), Gilbert O’Sullivan “Himself” (MAM UK LP SS 501) and Ramases “Space Hymns (Vertigo UK LP 6360 046).

Today, I have 4 of the 9 entries – I only posses the Zappa LP / CD, the Ten Years After LP / CD, The Who LP / CD and the oddball Ramases LP – the rest are rather out of my scope.  I remember actually hearing this Beach Boys LP at the time – with the somewhat catchy “Student Demonstration Time” song (which is rather modeled on another Lieber-Stoller song), but – upon finding out it was a group that I had always avoided…never went for any of the post-Janis Joplin Big Brother albums either – I just couldn’t see the point (kind of similar to a post-Jim Morrison Doors album?)  I did buy the Mahavishnu Orchestra LP at the time (I must’ve found it used) – but…it didn’t stick, I got rid of it quickly.  European musicians were so much more interesting to me, then.

I probably watched a few episodes of The Partridge Family the first time they were broadcast, but – as I had shunned The Monkees previously, I never went for any Partridge Family LP’s – again, I just didn’t ‘get’ David Cassidy – and who knows who played on the Partridge Family LP’s?  Not me, most certainly.  I first heard of Gilbert O’Sullivan via the AM radio, which played the hell out of “Alone Again Naturally” etc.  So, I was not the intended audience of Gilby – though I will confess to being very fond of “Nothing Rhymed” and “Get Down” – I own a Gilby “Best of” in two differing formats (LP / CD).  He’s still alive and about, eh?

This wasn’t the first Flo & Eddie – Zappa LP, so I had been prepared.  I believe I got this album on my birthday in 1971, so – adult material for the 13-year old me.  I had been a TYA fan, but both this LP (and CD) came years later for me – other fish to fry in 1971, though I did really like the “I’d Love To Change The World” 45 from this album.  Got the LP by The Who almost as a matter of course – I would’ve bought whatever they released at that time.  I do like “Who’s Next”, too!  Ah, the Ramases LP – obtained originally because it was on the then-fading Vertigo UK record label, and it had a groovy fold-out cover, making a 2’ x 3’ poster!  At that time, 10cc meant nothing to me, though when the Ramases LP got re-issued in ’76 or so – they had “10cc” stickers made for the cover – indeed, the CD booklet says “all members of 10cc” printed right on the front.  I’ll not re-tell the Ramases story here, but it’s an odd one – was he South African?  Or from someplace in England?  Or was he a star child, not of this Earth?  That LP certainly posed more questions than it answered…

Still here

Yes, I am still here.

My left wrist has been really sore lately, so have not been writing much new stuff.  I went to the Dr. and it’s not ‘carpal tunnel’ (that’s on the bottom, and it’s the top of my left wrist that hurts).  I go to a “hand specialist” in about 4 weeks, couldn’t get a sooner appt.

If you’re in L.A., contact me about Dorothy’s birthday; we’re having an event on Sunday 11/13/11.

Been listening to a lot of Frank Zappa lately – to nobody’s surprise.  I got the 3CD “Hammersmith Odeon” set and was quite impressed.  I sincerely hope the ZFT continues issuing whole shows on CD – or that they trot out some more “Quad mixes”, as we know they did both “Overnight Sensation” and “Apostrophe'” as quad releases, in the 70’s.

I am preparing a list of every music purchase I’ve made ever since standardizing my lists – roughly August 2002.  If you’d like to see this list, email me, and I can send it to you – in either Word or Excel.  It’s been a boatload of fun adjusting everything to sort correctly.

45’s are the true way.  I have learned so much from 45’s over the last few years!  Stuff LP’s or CD’s have never told me.  i wish I had paid better attention at the time.

Is everybody liking the 1971 entries?  Alas, I do not have a full set of 1972 entries – for some reason, my list-keeping got interrupted for a reason now long lost to time.  But there is some cool 1972 info coming up near year!  And I am sure Strange Days magazine (in Japan) will continue to do their “Time Machine” 40 year series.


Thunderclap Newman

10-26-11                Thunderclap Newman

I have long been a fan of the 1970 LP by Thunderclap Newman, “A Hollywood Dream”.  Songwriter John Keen, piano player Andy Newman and guitarist Jimmy McCullough.           Their delightful LP was produced by Pete Townshend.  Even if you’re only a casual listener to the radio, you must’ve heard “Something In The Air’ at some point.

After Thunderclap Newman, McCullough went to several other groups, most notably Paul McCartney & Wings.  John Keen released several solo albums and eventually produced records for Motorhead and Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers.  Andy Newman appeared on a Roger Ruskin-Spear solo LP and made a delightful solo album himself in 1972, “Rainbow”.

McCullough died in 1979 in England, having been fired from Wings.  Keen died in 2002.  Andy Newman is still alive, and came up with “Beyond Hollywood” in 2010.  What is it, exactly?  7 live recordings of somewhat recent vintage and 3 new studio recordings – I looked at a track listing on amazon.com, and I recognized all of the titles.  I know that someone in England re-activated the Track Record name, so I suppose it’s fitting for a re-formed TCN (minus Keen and McCullough) to be on Track Record.

Cloud Collection?


‘Cloud’ Collection?           

The L.A. Times recently ran an article about how clicking on “Like” on a film’s page in FB allows you to download the film to your “Cloud collection”.  Absolute nonsense!

Let me get this right – Film companies don’t want to sell you a physical DVD of any given film, they want you to pay to download a film – keep it on the internet, and not have a physical specimen in your hands.  What about the hundreds of DVD’s you’ve already purchased?  Apparently, it will be cool for you to upload your personal DVD collection to your “Cloud Collection”.  What, and then you can have a binder of color photocopies of the DVD boxes?

Just say No to downloaded (or uploaded) films!

So, I heard years and years ago that record companies wanted you to download an artist’s individual tracks and ‘product packaging’, so they could cut out the replicating & transportation costs.  Not real fond of that idea either.

I was at 3 x swap meets during the month of September, 2011 – the crate diggers there weren’t thinking, “This isn’t any fun.  I want to download old, rare, original vinyl”.  That’s right – look for your break-beats on-line.

There must be some part of our human experience that desires to physically look at a product before purchasing it.  When all the record stores are finally put out of business, I bet there will still be swap meets!  For me, product packaging has always been important.  On-line, I can’t see what the paper / printing is like etc.

So, if I want to continue to buy SA-CD’s and multi-channel audio entertainment – I’m going to have to download it?  What will I play it on?  My radio / stereo that isn’t connected to the internet?  A funky TV that I don’t yet own that has a computer in it?

I have my 20th century concerns – I want to buy my music in a public place, and take it home and listen to it.  What part of this transaction is a) buying / listening to the music or b) being in a public place that sells music?  Can I download some food and medicine, while I’m at it?  I do still want to leave my home at times!

Yes, it can be troublesome to have a large physical collection of music.  I can’t even lift the heavy cartons anymore!  But…I own it already and have an irrevocable right to listen to that music, whenever I can find it in my home!  I bought it and paid for it, it’s MINE.  No record company can decide that they want to “un-sell” any part of my collection.

I am 100% certain that your “Cloud Collection” will “be there forever”, as the internet (and software) never has any issues.  No hard drive has ever failed.  No “access” has ever been denied.  You enjoy your “Cloud Collection”, OK?

Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of October 25, 1971

Caught my eye:

COMMANDER CODY & THE LOST PLANET AIRMEN – Lost In The Ozone (Paramount 6017) (LP/CD)

JUICY LUCY – Get A Whiff A This (Atco SD 33-367) (LP/CD)

PENTANGLE – Reflection (Reprise RS 6463) (LP)

WAR – All Day Music (U.A. UAS-5546)

Loved the Commander Cody from the moment I heard Side 2 of it playing in a downtown hippie record store – great songs!  Is the Juicy Lucy the best album cover of 1971?  Dang, I just love Paul Williams (UK) as a lead vocalist.  I had liked The Pentangle ever since hearing them on a Warner Brothers sampler LP, with “Sweet Child”.  Had War found Eric Burdon or were they already done with him?

Also of interest:

GILBERT O’SULLIVAN – Himself (Mam 2)

THE POPPY FAMILY – Poppy Seeds (London PS-599)

THIN LIZZY (London PS-594)

The debut Gilby LP?  Mental illness from The Poppy Family.  A fine debut from Irish hard rockers Thin Lizzy.

Notable singles:

THE FREE DESIGN – Friendly Man b/w Stay Off Of Your Frown (Project 3 1404)

BEE GEES – Don’t Want To Live Inside Of Myself b/w Walking Back To Waterloo (Atco 6814)

SAVOY BROWN – Tell Mama (Parrot 40066)

JONI MITCHELL – Callifornia b/w Case Of You (Reprise 1049)

EZ / M.O.R. single from The Free Design (Wow, a “Project 3” single!); totally non-hit Bee Gees 45; A Savoy Brown single that’s not “Train To Nowhere”; and a non-hit Joni Mitchell 45.

The Necks


The Necks

Australian band The Necks came and played L.A. recently, but – due to circumstances beyond my control – I had to miss the show.  However, my friend Joe Castle went and bought me $100 worth of Necks CD’s (and an LP) that I didn’t already have.  So, am I really only missing one Necks album?  (“Piano Bass Drums”)

CD                AETHER                                                                 ReR US                      ReRNECKS 2

2001 1 TRK (63:50)

CD                AQUATIC                                                                FISH OF MILK AUS   FOM 0002

1994 2 TRKS


2002 4 TRKS 4CD boxed set

CD                BOYS, THE (O.S.T.)                                              ReR US                      ReRNECKS 4

2004 7 TRKS

CD                CHEMIST                                                                ReR US                      ReRNECKS 7

2006 3 TRKS

CD                DRIVE BY                                                               ReR US                      ReRNECKS 3

2003 1 TRK (60:17)

CD                HANGING GARDENS                                          ReR US                      ReRNECKS 1

1999 1 TRK (60:30)

CD                MINDSET                                                                ReR US                      ReRNECKS 10

2011 2 TRKS (21:48; 21:36)

LP                MINDSET                                                                ReR US                      ReRNECKS V10

2011 2 TRKS (21:48; 21:36)

CD                NEXT                                                                       SPIRAL SCR             4

1990 6 TRKS

CD                PHOTOSYNTHETIC                                             LONG ARMS              CDLA 03053

2002 1 TRK (42:22)

CDx2           SEE THROUGH / MOSQUITO                            ReR US                      ReRNECKS 4/5

2004 2 TRKS

CD                SEX                                                                          SPIRAL SCR             2

1989 1 TRK

CDx2           SILENT NIGHT                                                      FISH OF MILK AUS   FOM 0004

1996 2 TRKS (63:29; 53:51)

CD                SILVERWATER                                                     ReR US                      ReRNECKS 9

2009 1 TRK (67:15)

CD                TOWNSVILLE                                                        ReR US                      ReRNECKS 8

2007 1 TRK (53:41)

I first heard The Necks shortly after their debut album, “Sex”, came out, around 1991 or so.  The guy who turned me on to The Necks was disappointed that “Next” (their 2nd album) had more than one song on it!

Some might call it ‘process music’, but actually I think it a bit closer to consider this music improvised jazz – usually played rather slowly.  I did get to see The Necks at the Redcat in Los Angeles in 2009 – it was an amazing thing to behold.  My GF recently said to me, “I fell asleep at that show!” – but she was willing to give it another shot – alas, “due to circumstances beyond my control” – this month’s show was a no-go for us.

When you’re ready for a change of pace – please consider The Necks.  It’s peaceful, but at the same time…there is an intensity to the perceived repetition that is present… you have to love a band that has a 4CD boxed set that only has 4 songs on it!

Keith Richards’ book “Life”


Keith Richards’ book “Life” (2010)

564 pages from the pen of Keith Richards!  (At least this edition of the book – there’s a trade paper of it about these days, maybe be a few less pages…)  Purchase and read only if you have some time on your hands.  It took me several long-time reading sessions to get through it.

Having been a Rolling Stones fan for the last 40+ years, this was a reasonably easy book to read.  I do recommend the 2 books by Andrew Loog Oldham (“Stoned” and “2Stoned”) on the same topic.

Obviously, this book is not for everybody.  Keith quickly confirms all of your worst feelings about one’s ability to write and perform under the influence of narcotics.  If you want visual proof, try and see the DVD “Stones In Exile” – not pretty, but it’s very informative about the situation surrounding “Exile On Main Street” having been recorded in France.

Corrupted by record collectors as a youth, Richards forms a band with the other guy he saw who had more records than he himself had.  Never a sure thing, this band records mainly cover versions for quite a while.  The penny dropped first for their manager, the aforementioned Andrew Loog Oldham, who “locked them in a kitchen” and told them “I’ll let you out when you start writing your own songs”.  The rest is “his story”.

Keith tosses off that the guitar riff for “Satisfaction” is down to the introduction of a fuzz box effects device.  We find out about Keith’s long term affinity for sax player Bobby Keys (still alive, as of this writing).  The way Keith tells it, he & Mick Jagger were always hounded by the clueless ‘drug squad’ of the constabulary.  “Who breaks a butterfly on the wheel?”

I must be honest – I am not a big fan of the Rolling Stones albums after “Exile On Main Street” (or before “Some Girls”).  This leaves “Goats Head Soup”, “It’s Only Rock and Roll” and “Black and Blue” as the bleak spots in the Stones’ discography.  It cou;d be argued that you don’t really need to hear any Stones’ albums after “Dirty Work” or “Steel Wheels” – but I certainly found some of them to be “amusing”!  It’s nothing short of a miracle that Keith hasn’t croaked already!

I saw The Rolling Stones live a few times during the 1990’s – and duly picked up “Bridges To Babylon” and “A Bigger Bang” (2005) – which did get a vinyl release as a massive 3 or 4 LP set!

But I have purchased virtually all of The Rolling Stones album yet again in the last 2 or 3 years – as SA-CD’s – the ABKCO titles, their best work, IMHO.  So, I continue to listen.  “Dandelion” is still probably my favorite Rolling Stones track.  It’s nifty that Keith would choose to spill so much dirt in his initial offering.  Will he ever write another book?  Possibly, but…I’m not holding my breath for it.

This Heat


This Heat

CD                THIS HEAT (1979)                    PIANO UK                   THIS IS 1      1979 11 TRKS (’06 issue)

LP                THIS HEAT (1979)                    PIANO UK                   THIS 1           1979 11 TRKS original UK issue

CD3              HEALTH AND EFFICIENCY    THESE RECORDS   THESE 12    1980 1 TRK CD Single CD3, ’98 issue

12″               HEALTH AND EFFICIENCY    PIANO UK                   THIS 1201    1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

CD                DECEIT                                      THESE UK                 HEAT 2CD   1981 11 TRKS (’91 issue)

LP                DECEIT                                      ROUGH TR UK         ROUGH 26  1981? 11 TRKS original UK issue

CD                LIVE 80 / 81                               ReR US                      THIS IS 6      2006 11 TRKS Live ’80 – ’81

There were a lot of new records to buy in 1979.  I do not remember how I was made aware of This Heat – likely because of drummer Charles Hayward being on the Quiet Sun LP?  I was not overly impressed by the This Heat debut – but I kept it.  I felt vindicated when their next release was amazing, “Health & Efficiency” (1980).  It has a very ‘Canterbury’ sound to it, almost like Caravan!  Yet more experimental than Caravan had been.  And the original 12” B-Side was “playable at any speed” – and fairly “noisy”.  Please note that “Health & Efficiency” was released on David Cunningham’s (Flying Lizards) label Piano Records (was the only other thing ever released at that time by Piano the debut Michael Nyman LP?

So, the 2nd This Heat LP is announced, and, having loved “Health & Efficiency”, I bought it as soon as it came out.  However, it was more or less in a similar vein to the debut LP – not as focused as “Health & Efficiency” had been.  But I kept it.

The CD age arrives.  The 80’s and 90’s come and go.  The new century arrives.  I still own my original UK Rough Trade This Heat LP’s.  In Tokyo, I happened across a CD3 of “Health & Efficiency” – fantastic, but lacking it’s amusing B-Side.  Long about ’06 or so – there are suddenly lots of CD’s in the This Heat bin @ the 3 x Amoeba stores.  Then their original albums get re-issued, supposedly with “better sound” (I couldn’t tell…).  I found that their original albums sounded better to me in 2006 than they had in the early 80’s.

I found a used copy of “Live 80 / 81” on CD.  Pretty good, but not all of it professional recordings, there’s some audience cassettes here.  But – never having had the chance to see them play live – this CD did demonstrate their stage ability – in a variety of settings.

Charles Hayward solo releases that I have found:

CD                SWITCH ON WAR                             SUB ROSA BE   SUBCD017-40   1991 5 TRKS

CD                TRIBUTE TO MARK ROTHKO, A    SUB ROSA EU  SUBCD010-33   1990? 5 TRKS

Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of October 18, 1971

Caught my eye:

JEFF BECK GROUP – Rough & Ready (Epic KE-30973) (CD)

CHRIS HILLS / Everything Is Everything – Comin’ Outta The Ghetto (Embryo SD-734) (LP)

JIMMIE HASKELL – California ’99 (ABC 728)

IRON BUTTERFLY – Best Of (Atco SD 33-369) (LP)

Mo’ Jeff Beck; No idea quite why, but I’ve kept the Chris Hills LP for 35+ years (Herbie Mann connection?); There was a give-away promo 45 for “California ‘99” (which is how I heard it), and I seem to remember finding it ironic that the promo LP of this was 99 cents (like they planned it that way?).  Weird stuff.  And the LP debut of the single version of Iron Butterfly “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”!

Also of interest:

ALL IN THE FAMILY (Atlantic SD-7210)


CACTUS – Restrictions (Atco SD 33-370)

FLEETWOOD MAC – Future Games (Reprise RS 6465)

Comedy album spin-off from the famed TV show of the same name; Eric Burdon before War; More Cactus (their 2nd?); Fleetwood Mac without Peter Green.

Notable singles:

BREAD – Baby I’m-A Want You b/w Truckin’ (Elektra 45751)


DEEP PURPLE – Fireball b/w I’m Alone (Warner 7528)

EDGAR WINTER’S WHITE TRASH – Keep Playin’ That Rock & Roll (Epic 5-10788)

M.O.R. A-side for Bread; great instrumental R&B number from Dennis Coffey; Deep Purple before “Smoke On The Water”; and yet another Edgar Winter 45 that isn’t “Frankenstein”.

Irmin Schmidt


Irmin Schmidt

The keyboard player of Can.

LP                TOY PLANET (with Bruno Spoerri)                                                SPOON DE       SPOON 011

1980 7 TRKS

CD                TOY PLANET (with Bruno Spoerri)                                                VIRGIN VE UK  CDVE 48

1980 7 TRKS (’90 issue)

LP                FILMMUSIK Vol. 1                                                                             SPOON DE       SPOON 003

1981 8 TRKS

LP                FILMMUSIK Vol. 2                                                                             SPOON DE       SPOON 013

1981 8 TRKS

LP                ROTE ERDE (O.S.T.)                                                                       TELDEC DE      6.25687 AP

1983 11 TRKS O.S.T.

LPx2            FILMMUSIK Vol. 3 & 4                                                                      SPOON DE       SPOON 018/19

1983 12 TRKS I played this one the most, at the time

12″               YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS                                                              SPOON DE       SPOON 1984

1984 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

12″               KEINE SCHOENER LA LA (as “Herr Schmidt”)                          VIRGIN DE        602.047-213

1985 4 TRKS with pic sleeve; I found out about this about a decade after it was released!

7″                 ROLL ON, EUPHRATES / YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS (PS)      WEA DE             248579-7

1986 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

LP                MUSK AT DUSK                                                                                WEA DE             242010.1

1987 7 TRKS

CD                MUSK AT DUSK                                                                                MUTE UK           IRMIN 1CD

1987 7 TRKS (’92 issue)

CD                FILMMUSIK Vol. 5 (“Reporter” O.S.T.)                                           VIRGIN DE        259.919

1989 8 TRKS

CD5              LE WEEKEND promo                                                                      WEA DE             PRO 615

1991 2 TRK CD Single CD5, promo

CD                IMPOSSIBLE HOLIDAYS                                                                 WEA DE             9031-72220.2

1991 7 TRKS Played this incessantly, on my ’91 – ’92 trips to Europe

CDx3           ANTHOLOGY – SOUNDTRACKS ’78 – ’93 (3CD)                        SPOON DE       CD 32/33/34

1993 44 TRKS (’78 – ’93 O.S.T. recordings) Unfortunately, they shuffled the tracks from the original LP’s

CD                GORMENGHAST                                                                              SPOON DE       SPOON 44

2000 11 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                MASTERS OF CONFUSION (With Kumo)                                   SPOON DE       SPOON 45

2001 8 TRKS CD-only release?

CD                AXOLOTL EYES (with Kumo) (CD + DVD)                                   MUTE US           9391.2

2008 7 TRKS + DVD, CD-only release?

CDx2           FILMMUSIK ANTHOLOGY Vol. 4 & 5                                             SPOON DE       CDSPOON 52/53

2009 33 TRKS CD-only release?

Through most of the 1980’s, Can was either dormant or in a state of flux – Irmin Schmidt released recordings regularly throughout the 1980’s – uneven, to be sure, but usually pretty good stuff.  The best things here are the volumes of “Film Musik”, particularly Volumes 3 & 4.  “You Make Me Nervous”, “Mary In A Coma” etc.  I couldn’t find “Musk At Dusk” on CD at the time, hence my having a Mute Records re-issue CD (but I did find the original WEA Germany LP).  I was in Europe for the ’91 release of “Impossible Holidays”, but, sadly, I wasn’t buying LP’s much at the time.  I recently recommended the 3CD “Anthology” (of Film Musik) to a friend of mine, upon seeing an inexpensive used copy.

Still working on “Gormenghast”, “Masters Of Confusion” and “Axolotl Eyes” – but I tore right into his 2009 “Film Musik Anthology Vol. 4 & 5”!  Still great stuff!

Track listing to Vol. 3 pictured above!