The Coasters

I love The Coasters 45’s on the Atco label, and have since I was a child.  I found nice originals of all of their LP’s in the 1980’s, mostly – but only got serious with the 45’s recently.

I still require copies of:

–         One Kiss Lead To Another / Brazil (Atco US 45-6073) 1956

–         Dance / Gee Golly (Atco US 45-6111) 1958

–         The Shadow Knows / Sorry But I’m Gonna Have To Pass (Atco US 45-6126) 1958

–         Snake & The Bookworm b/w Wrap It Up or Shopping For Clothes (Atco US 45-6178) 1960

–         Wait A Minute / Thumbin’ A Ride (Atco US 45-6186) 1960

–         Ain’t That Just Like Me / Bad Blood (Atco US 45-6210) 1961

–         P.T.A. / Bull Tick Waltz (Atco US 45-6251) 1963

–         Wild One / I Must Be Dreaming (Atco US 45-6321) 1964

–         Lady Like / Hongry (Atco US 45-6341) 1964, stock copy only (I have a beat-up promo copy only)

–         Let’s Go Get Stoned / Money Honey (Atco US 45-6356) 1965

–         Crazy Baby / Bell Bottom Slacks (Atco US 45-6379) 1965

–         She’s A Yum Yum / Saturday Night Fish Fry (Atco US 45-6407) 1966

I got all the songs on LP’s and CD’s, but…I’d really like to find the original 45’s on the above titles.  Anybody live near an “Oldies” record store out there?  Care to see if any of these are in stock, on my behalf?

My old friend Warren found me a bunch of neat 45’s in New Orleans, earlier this year – incl. some Coasters 45’s – “The Climb”!  And I have turned up titles at swap meets, mostly.

I am not a huge R&B fan (or collector), but – I can really see the link between what The Coasters were doing and, say, The Rolling Stones.  Somewhat obviously, the Stones heard The Coasters (after all, the Stones covered “Poison Ivy”!).

Here’s what I already have on 45 by The Coasters:

SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ / JUST LIKE A FOOL                            ATCO US  45-6059

DOWN IN MEXICO / TURTLE DOVIN’                                       ATCO US  45-6064

YOUNG BLOOD / SEARCHIN’                                                   ATCO US  45-6087

IDOL WITH THE GOLDEN HEAD                                              ATCO US  45-6098


YAKETY YAK / ZING! WENT THE STRINGS…                        ATCO US  45-6116

CHARLIE BROWN / THREE COOL CATS                               ATCO US  45-6132


POISON IVY / I’M A HOG FOR YOU                                           ATCO US  45-6146

WHAT ABOUT US / RUN RED RUN promo                            ATCO US  45-6153


WAKE ME, SHAKE ME / STEWBALL                                         ATCO US  45-6168

LITTLE EGYPT / KEEP ON ROLLING                                       ATCO US  45-6192

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS (Part 1) / (Part 2)                                    ATCO US  45-6204

RIDIN’ HOOD / TEACH ME HOW TO SHIMMY                        ATCO US  45-6219

CLIMB, THE (Vocal) / (Instrumental)                                         ATCO US  45-6234


BAD DETECTIVE / LOVEY DOVEY                                            ATCO US  45-6300

LADY LIKE / HONGRY promo                                                    ATCO US  45-6341

– Ron


The Selecter


The Selecter

Are they still together? Not sure – maybe.

Did you ever see them play live?  Yes, once.  Long ago.

Anything you want / need by them?  Their 2nd album on CD?

You really should own / hear:

  1. Too Much Pressure (1980)
  2. Celebrate The Bullet (1981)

I particularly like their singles – “On My Radio”, “Missing Words” etc.  An extremely high standard of pop music writing in this band, I think.

Unless my memory is particularly faulty, The Selecter were among the last of the British ska bands of the class of ’79 / ’80 to have an album released.  Or maybe I just got it a bit later on?  “Too Much Pressure” got an awful lot of play around here when it was a new release.  “James Bond” is such a great track, played in their inimitable style.

A not-yet-existing Selecter shared the debut Specials 45, “Gangsters”, circa ’79.  My brain contains a memory of standing in a Woolworth’s on Oxford Street, staring up at a TV playing a music video for “Missing Words”, either in the fall of ’79 or summer of ’80.

I might’ve tried the first of the Pauline Black solo records, but didn’t keep up with any thereafter.

The Beat (aka The English Beat)


The Beat (The English Beat)

Are they still together? Nope.  I don’t think so.

Did you ever see them play live? I don’t think so.

Anything you want / need by them?  Maybe some UK 7” singles.

You really should own / hear:

  1. I Just Can’t Stop It (1980)
  2. Wha’ppen (1981)
  3. Special Beat Service (1982)

Saxa is apparently still alive and living in Birmingham – at the ripe age of 80!

Hearing “Mirror In The Bathroom” for the first time is rather unforgettable.  They were the only ska influenced band of the class of 1980 to seem like they signed-up(ward) to Arista UK, after their short time on Two Tone.

The debut album “I Just Can’t Stop It” is very impressive, the writing & playing being very, very good.  The US version on Sire had their Two Tone single added to it, so in a way, it’s the preferable version to have (on LP or CD).

I don’t remember how / why I didn’t get to see them play live.  Perhaps it was a show where they weren’t the headliner?

I never followed any of the post-Beat groups – Fine Young Cannibals, General Public etc.  I know one of the vocalists settled in Los Angeles, and has played live around here quite a bit.

The Specials


The Specials

Are they still together? I don’t think so.  Perhaps minus Jerry Dammers?

Did you ever see them play live?  Yes, once.  Long ago.  (I think…)

Anything you want / need by them? Maybe some UK 7” singles.

You really should own / hear:

  1. The Specials (1980)
  2. More Specials (1980)
  3. Singles Collection (1991)

Coventry’s finest!  I heard the debut album under reasonably unusual circumstances – in France.  Love the singles.  I believe I saw them live years ago, but…am I confusing myself with the many live videos I have seen by The Specials.  Madness – definitely,  but did I go back and see The Specials too?  And it never mattered to me that their debut LP was produced by Elvis Costello – I know that mattered to some people at the time.

What a crime that there isn’t a whole album to go with “Ghost Town”, eh?  All 3 tracks of that 12” single are on the “Singles Collection”, which I highly recommend.

I did try to follow Terry Hall, through Fun Boy Three to Colourfield to Terry, Blair & Anouchka.  I certainly kept a career-spanning compilation CD on him that I found.  I sold a CD original copy of the Terry, Blair & Anouchka album for a lot of money, a while back – I guess it wasn’t so widely distributed?

I got the 2CD Two Tone collection a while back, and was surprised at how good a lot of the stuff they released was – I guess Jerry Dammers had pretty good taste, when it came to who to sign / produce etc.  But for me, The Specials were the best artist on Two Tone.

Side Two of “More Specials” was also a bit perplexing at the time – “Easy Listening” Specials?  But Side One was amazing.  And fairly easy to go for all of the debut album, despite the ‘thin’ sound.

Time Machine 1971


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of September 27, 1971

Caught my eye:

FLOYD CRAMER – Class of ’71 (RCA LSP-4590) (LP)

ARCHIE CAMPBELL – Didn’t He Shine (RCA LSP-4582)

DR. JOHN – Night Tripper (Atco SD 33-362) (CD)

SPIKE JONES – Is Murdering The Classics (RCA Victor LSC-3235)

Classy C&W EZ from Mr, Floyd Cramer (he did these volumes for nearly a decade, from ’65 to ’75).  Is this an Archie Campbell LP of songs or comedy bits?  Aah, Dr. John!  And a decent RCA (Classical?!) re-issue collection LP for Mr. Spike Jones.

Also of interest:

DON McLEAN – American Pie (U.A. UAS 5535)

NEIL SEDAKA – Emergence (Kirshner 111)

YOKO ONO – Fly (Apple SVBB-3380)

JACKSON FIVE – Goin’ Back To Indiana (Motown 742)

STRING CHEESE (Wooden Nickel 1001) (LP)

Don McLean – making people regret karaoke each and every night of the week.  Must be the actual first Neil Sedaka come-back album?  (I never knew he worked with 10cc!).  The “out / avant” noise of Ms. Yoko Ono.  Mainstream R&B from the J5 – and hands up who remembers what’s noteworthy about ‘String Cheese’?  Violinist Greg Bloch later joined P.F.M.!

Notable singles:

THE BAND – Carnival b/w The Moon Struck One (Capitol 3199)

DELANEY & BONNIE – Only You Know and I Know (Atco 6838)

FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND – Absolutely Right b/w Butterfly (You & I)(Lionel 3220)

LINDISFARNE – Lady Eleanor b/w Down (Elektra 45744)

Delaney & Bonnie cover Dave Mason; I think I remember this F.M.E.B. single – but this and “Signs” hardly make a strong chart showing; the U.S. debut single from Alan Hull & Co. – Lindisfarne – as licensed from Charisma Records, England (I believe that in the UK, this single was a 3-track EP!).  And a 45 by The Band that I never heard at the time!



Playlist #177 – dated 9/12/11


I’m at about the ¾ mark in assembling my last two years’ worth of Playlists.  From roughly ’07 to ’09, I did approx. 100 Playlists and it yielded about 2,100 songs – so I started over in October 2009, without regard to the ’07 – ’09 list.

About the beginning of September ’11, I finished up Playlists #175, #176 & #177 – covering just a little under 2 years worth of home listening – approx. 1,600 songs.

Upon discovering that I have a rather large collection of music at my disposal, for some reason people are inclined to ask: “Do you listen to your collection?” – Yes, I do.  And these Playlists are the detailing of that process.

Simply, I usually pick either vinyl or CD’s, and I sit down and listen to enough material to fill either a 74 minute or 80 minute MiniDisc.  This means I am listening on the stereo that I am used to.  I’m not up and running around while I am listening, I am sitting and listening (usually trying to decide ‘what to play next’).  If it’s vinyl, I must edit the MD after I am finished, to make the track access points “even” – with CD’s this is unnecessary (except in certain cases where I only want to access a track from a specific point).  I write down a list of what I listened to, then type it up, where it can be dumped into a spread sheet – to be collated.

I used to have an MD player in my car, but this has not been the case over the last nearly three years, since the advent of my Suzuki SX-4, which had a CD player in it.  So, my MD preparation is usually relegated to my main listening room – but I can listen on my portable MD player, or at the GF’s home.

I should probably synch the Playlists to my “Music Purchases” lists!  That would be interesting!  What did I listen to vs. what did I buy?  (Or not).  Both the Playlists and Music Purchases are dated (on their individual sheets), so it could be done!

Perhaps when my 2nd set of Playlists is ‘concluded’ and collated, I should merge this spread sheet with the previous ’07 – ’09 spread sheet – I bet there would be quite a few Playlist duplications!

It’s a big job listening to a large-ish music archive, but this is the ongoing process that I am engaged in.  For what it’s worth, my intake of Music Purchases has declined every year for the last 4 or 5 years.  Trends in this time period have been a) acquisition of SA-CD’s & DVD-A’s and b) a return to 45 collecting – so item types at both ends of the cost spectrum!

I listen to music, rather than watch TV.  If anybody would like to see either of my Playlist spread sheets (’07 – ’09 or the incomplete ’09 to present), drop me a line – it’s way too big to post here.




Are they still together? I think so.

Did you ever see them play live? Yes, once.  Whisky a-go-go.  Long ago.

Anything you want / need by them?  Maybe some UK Stiff 7” singles.

You really should own / hear:

  1. Once Step Beyond (1979)
  2. Absolutely (1980)
  3. 7 (1981)

As far as I know, they didn’t come back – after their Whisky-a-go-go ’79 / ’80 debut.  I had heard “Night Boat To Cairo” in London, England the previous fall of ’79 (I’d actually written it down on the back of my hand, after hearing it in an Oxford Street record store – which one?), so I knew I had to see them.  Their film “Take it Or Leave It” is absolutely wonderful.  Their many music videos are all fairly watch-able.  They have dozens of UK singles, many of which are quite good.  Particularly their first two albums are excellent.

They were much more popular in England than they ever were here.  They didn’t ever really get over-played here, I must confess.  So, I continued to listen.  I heard the first of their re-formation albums, and it wasn’t bad – missed the second re-formation album, though.

Though they initially wore ska clothing – they quickly morph’d into a British 80’s pop band – in the charts and everything.  And no worse for it.  If you ever have the chance to see their film, “Take It Or Leave It” – please see it – very funny stuff!

The Monochrome Set


The Monochrome Set

Are they still together? Not as such.  Bid mostly works as “Scarlett’s Well”

Did you ever see them play live? Yes, Bid played solo shows in L.A. not that long ago.

Anything you want / need by them?  Maybe some Japanese LP’s or possibly audiophile editions of their albums.

You really should own / hear:

  1. Strange Boutique (1980)
  2. Love Zombies (1980)
  3. Eligible Bachelors (1982)
  4. The Lost Weekend (1984)

Gosh, I didn’t care much at all when this stuff was first released!  I remember getting the first two albums, and then not thinking much about ‘em, so they got ditched pretty quickly.  Perhaps I was distracted by my then-newfound interest in New Zealand (circa 1980/1)?

Flash forward to the mid-90’s, and Cherry Red CD compilations started turning up locally.  “He’s Frank (Slight Return)” is a truly devastating slice of 1979 to behold.  Hey, I can listen to this stuff now!  And listen I did for several years, towards the end of the 90’s.  How did I not see it in 1980/1?

So many paths to travel down in the 1980’s!  Who was I around?  How active was my own band?  Do I remember why I didn’t take more time with The Monochrome Set?  Too clever?  Or was it merely the crime of being “British” – when I wanted everything to be non-English language…or from New Zealand?

Bid was a nice guy to meet, here in Los Angeles.  He signed everything I asked him to sign and was a nice, polite gentlemen.  I saw him perform live two times, with the first show being a bit better than the 2nd show.  I understand fully why he’s ‘big in Japan’.

There is a wonderful CD that is the first two albums on a single CD.  I can’t recommend it highly enough: “Tomorrow Will Be Too Long”.

A Certain Ratio


A Certain Ratio

Are they still together? Yes.  ACR MCR.

Did you ever see them play live?  Yes, once.  Long ago.  Club Lingerie, Hollywood.  They never smiled.

Anything you want / need by them?  Some promo-only 7” singles.  Audiophile editions of their albums – where’s my multi-channel SA-CD of “Force”?

You really should own / hear:

  1. I’d Like To See You Again (1983)
  2. Force (1986)
  3. Good Together (1989)

And there’s a ton of good 12” singles – some of which aren’t even on CD as yet, notably “Brazilia”!  The cassette-only (at the time) release of “The Graveyard & The Ballroom” was what got me started on ACR.  I distinctly remember driving around Los Angeles with my cassette of “I’d Like To See You Again” on my car stereo, circa the mid-80’s.  I would leave work early, drive to Beverly Hills (from Studio City) and buy an international money order to mail off to a European / Antipodean supplier – with ACR as my soundtrack (likely the flip side of this cassette was Wally Badarou “Echoes”, readers!).

So nice that their good albums get re-issued with bonus tracks on CD!  No, I haven’t found all of the Japanese kami sleeve editions yet.  The female vocalist of Swing Out sister is on “Force”, too.  Did you see “24 Hour Party People”?  I laughed out loud in the theatre, when I saw it.

Drat! And I missed their L.A. show when they came to play recently for the “Part Time Punks” series @ The Echo – I don’t now remember why – but I did.  Their newest album “Mind Made Up “ (2009 / 2010) is very good, too.  The single from it, “Starlight” – is from 2002.  Apparently they do not work so quickly these days.

It’s really rather amazing that they’re still active in 2011 – an awful long way from the fall of 1979.  And, no – I did not know (at the time) that they took their name from a Brian Eno song.  If I would’ve known that, I might never have investigated them.  But “The Graveyard & The Ballroom” cassette snuck it’s way into my traveling Walkman, and another fan was created.

Time Machine 1971


Time Machine 1971

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of September 20, 1971

Caught my eye:

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH – Life & Times of… (Vanguard VSD 27/28) (LP) double LP

TONY MOTTOLA – Warm Feelings (Project 3 5058) (LP)

A double album retrospective for CJ & The Fish – more than merely a “Greatest Hits”.  Top drawer “easy listening” from Enoch Light’s “Project 3” label.

Also of interest:

FOUR TOPS – Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (Motown 740)

ARETHA FRANKLIN – Greatest Hits (Atlantic SD 8295)

KOOL & THE GANG – Best Of (De-Lite 2009)

O.S.T. – Soul To Soul (Atlantic SD 7207) Live

It’s soul / r&b time!  Seems a bit early for a Kool & The Gang “GH”, eh readers?

Notable singles:

DAVE & ANSELL COLLINS – Monkey Spanner (Big Tree 125)

LES CRANE – The Desiderata b/w Different Drummer (Warner 7520)

TRAFFIC etc. – Gimme Some Lovin’ (Parts 1 + 2) (U.A. 50841)

GIL SCOTT HERON – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised b/w Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Flying Dutchman 26011)

VAN MORRISON – Wild Night b/w When That Evening Sun Goes Down (Warner 7518)

TEN YEARS AFTER – I’d Love To Change The World (Columbia 4-45457)

Pretty good week for singles – a Dave & Ansell Collins single that isn’t “Double Barrell”!  EZ / M.O.R. from Les Crane.  This must be the Traffic single from “Welcome To The Canteen”.  “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – well, it won’t be played on the AM radio either, Mr. Scott-Heron.  Excellent singles from both Van Morrison and Ten Years After.