6-30-11                     Vacation!

The Ron Kane Files is going on a brief vacation at this time.  I will return on 7 / 5 / 2011.

Progress hasn’t been as swift with – so I hope to get that going sooner rather than later.

Still listening, still collecting.  Of particular important to me at this time is both Spike Jones and The Coasters – two of the first artists that I ever wanted to collect!  I recently found the motherlode of Spike Jones 45’s, and I even got his final RCA 45, “Hi Mister!” b/w “This Song Is For The Birds” (1955) – both of which I had never heard before!

I’ve been listening to The Coasters almost as long as I’ve been listening to Spike Jones, but not quite.  My Coasters 45 motherlode was some time ago, but I have still added 4 or 5 new-to-me 45’s this year.  The list of which ones I am looking for isn’t a big list:

–         Wait A Minute / Thumbin’ A Ride (Atco US 45-6186)

–         One Kiss Lead To Another (Atco US 45-6073)

–         Dance / Gee Golly (Atco US 45-6111)

–         The Shadow Knows / Sorry But I’m Gonna Have To Pass (Atco US 45-8126)

–         The Snake & The Bookworm b/w Wrap It Up or Shopping For Clothes (Atco US 45-6178) – I have “Shopping For Clothes” on a different 45, too!

–         Girls Girls Girls (Part 1) / (Part II) (Atco US 45-6204)

–         Ain’t That Just Like Me / Bad Blood (Atco US 45-6210)

–         The P.T.A. / Bull Tick Waltz (Atco US 45-6251)

–         Wild One / I Must Be Dreaming (Atco US 45-6321) B-Side is a re-recording

–         Lady Like / Hongry (Atco US 45-6341) stock copy only (i.e. my promo copy is not in great shape, in other words)

–         Let’s Go Get Stoned / Money Honey (Atco US 45-6356)

–         Crazy Baby (Atco US 45-6379)

–         She’s A Yum Yum / Saturday Night Fish Fry (Atco US 45-6407) the final Atco 45, and a great B-Side!

Only a baker’s dozen!  I do not expect to ever find the “Crazy Baby” 45, as it is a well-known “Northern Soul” single that commands hundreds of whatever currency you are working with.  All the others should be in the $3 – $10 range.

Where Were You in 1990?


Where were you in 1990?

I was living in England, working for a newly-formed export CD company in 1990.  I got to watch British TV as much as I wanted and I got to hear a bunch of interesting pop singles by new artists that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise.  I was watching “Top Of The Pops”, “The Chart Show”, “Bedrock”…listening to Radio 1…

I believe that we can all identify and assign music to certain times in our lives – this set of songs are particularly easy for me to name – I was living in England when I first obtained most of them. I do still listen to plenty of English music, notably Scritti Politti, The Monochrome Set and A Certain Ratio, but I haven’t been back to England since 1990.  Try and make yourself the following collection:

A CERTAIN RATIO – Spirit Dance (from “Four For The Floor”, also found on their wonderful remix A&M album, “ACR:MCR”)

INGA HUMPE – First 5 Minutes (from the “Planet Oz” CD, co-written with Liam Sternberg, a writer who had previously worked with Lene Lovich – Inga used to have a group with her sister, “Humpe Humpe” – remember them?  Germans!)

ADAMSKI – Killer (featuring Seal) (This song reminds me of Saturday mornings walking around Bristol – I would hear this blaring out of record shops & cars)

FRAZIER CHORUS – Cloud 8 (7” version) (I first saw this on “The Chart Show” and fell in love with it – I love all of their stuff and wish there was more!)

THE STRANGLERS – Sweet Smell Of Success (one of their last singles with Hugh Cornwell, from the album “10”)

DARLING BUDS – Tiny Machine (7” version) (another one that reminds me of wandering around the town that I lived in, Bath – overcast Saturday mornings)

L’AFFAIRE LOUIS’ TRIO – Chacun De Son Cote (the lead off single from their 3rd album – while living in England, France was close and cheap enough to go on the weekends…and I frequently did!)

JESUS JONES – Real Real Real (7” mix) (another one probably introduced to me by “The Chart Show” on TV – nice riff!)

THE CHARLATANS – The Only One I Know (I think I have Radio 1 to thank for this one – or maybe I heard it playing in a record store – my first thought was “Who’s covering ‘Hush’ by Deep Purple?” – this is before they sign to Beggar’s Banquet)

NED’S ATOMIC DUSTBIN – Kill Your Television (I liked the name and sentiment – I do not remember where I first heard it – again, before they signed to a big label – Sony)

LUXURIA – The Beast Box Is Dreaming (7 inch) (I was a big Magazine fan – and had actually seen Luxuria in L.A., before this single – my memory is of going to Bristol to buy an autographed copy of Howard’s book of lyrics)

WONDER STUFF – Circlesquare (I had been following The Wonder Stuff since their debut album – I noticed an EP on the Polygram release sheet, “Lunarthug EP” GONCD 9, which was never released – this was what got released in it’s place, but it got a new number, GONCD 10.  I never got to see this band live – too bad)

THE NITS – Radio Shoes (Like France, Holland was close enough to go for the weekend – I got to stand in the rain and watch The Nits work on the video for this – a stop-frame-motion thing – as I recall, they had me improvise an introduction for this song on tape – or possibly film)

JANE CHILD – Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (Definitely a Radio 1 song – which I remember making fun of – I found an inexpensive Japanese 3” of it sometime later – presumably to listen and laugh at – nice unsubtle lyrics – horrid video)

THE CREEPS – Ooh I Like It (one from “The Chart Show”, though I doubt it charted in England – wonderful Swedish band with about 4 albums total, I think – it was songs like this that made it really fun to watch cruddy TV in England!)

THE ADVENTURES OF STEVIE V – Dirty Cash (another one I used to make fun of and laugh at – so typical of the time – I found a CD of it recently for less than $1)

OH WELL – Oh Well (This must be one that I purchased just to see what the hell it was – a techno-y version of the Fleetwood Mac classic with Zappa samples in it!  The same group also did a similar version of Golden Earring’s “Radar Love”!)

MICHEL POLNAREFF – L.N.A.  H.O. (from his masterpiece “Kama-Sutra” – my friends in Paris were telling that Polnareff had been there, holed up in the Royal Monceau hotel for months – I needed to hear what that sounded like!  To date, this is his final album of new material – much to the chagrin of the MPM’s – ‘Michel Polnareff Maniacs’, of Tokyo, Japan)

KIRSTY MacCOLL – Don’t Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim (the 4th of 4 singles from her wonderful “Kite” album – I saw this played live on the French & Saunders show – it was tons of fun to buy 3” CD singles in 1990!)

PREFAB SPROUT – Looking For Atlantis (the CD single for this was a truncated Greatest Hits CD, so that suited me.  I probably bought it on name recognition)

MANO NEGRA – Pas Assez De Toi (1990 French CD single from “Puta’s Fever” – probably purchased on a weekend trip to France – I also bought the “Pita’s Fever” video, where you can see the video for this – amazing!)

Missing from this collection: World Party  “Way Down Now”, Candy Flip “Strawberry Fields Forever” (I only have it on a 12”), They Might Be Giants “Birdhouse In Your Soul” (I saw them on dozens of TV shows playing this song), The B-52’s “Roam” (again, all over TV – even children’s shows!), MAM “Oote” (Dutch art rockers that are friends of mine), Joe Meek singles (I listened to tons of Joe Meek material while I lived in England – I got to meet the guys from the fan club and the author of the Joe Meek book, John Repsch – Jim Blake from the fan club gave me tapes of “I Hear A New World”, the Silas Dooley Jr. album and LOTS of Meek-produced singles…also concurrent with my year in England was the debut I.R.S. single by Dread Zeppelin “Heartbreaker”, my old Pasadena friends…

What were you listening to in 1990?

Ron Kane

Time Machine


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of June 28, 1971

Caught my eye:

MICK ABRAHMS – self-titled (A&M SP-4312) (LP)

CARAVAN – In The Land Of Grey and Pink (London PS-593) (LP/CD)

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER – Tarkus (Cotillion SD 9000) (LP/CD)

ENVIRONMENTS – Vol. 3 (Dawn & Dusk at New Hope, PA) (Atlantic / Syntonic SD 66003) (LP)

STEPHEN STILLS – 2 (Atlantic SD 7206) (LP)

Good week for progressive rock!  Solo LP from the former Jethro Tull guitarist.  The 3rd Caravan LP, a great one.  The 2nd EL&P LP, and one that I liked very much, right from the beginning (I first had it as an 8-track tape!).  Who knew how many Environments LP’s there were going to be?  (I think there are only 11 or 12 of them).  I like the Stephen Stills LP better now than I did in 1971!

Also of interest:

THE ASSOCIATION – Stop Your Motor (Warner WS 1927)

POLLUTION – self-titled (Prophesy 6051)

PAUL STOOKEY – Paul And (Warner WS 1912) (LP)

STRAWBS – From The Witchwood (A&M SP-4304)

The last WB Association LP?  The Pollution LP is the one with the famous cover of a chick in a gas mask – I never heard it.  Paul Stookey is of course the Paul of Peter, Paul & Mary.  The Strawbs LP is with Rick Wakeman, before he joined Yes.

Notable singles:

AUDIENCE – Indian Summer b/w It Brings A Tear (Elektra 45732)

GINGER BAKER DRUM CHOIR – Atunde (We Are Here)(2 Parts) (Atco 6816)

LONG JOHN BALDRY – Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie… (Warner 7506)

CHICAGO – Colour My World b/w Beginnings (Columbia 4-45417)

THE DOORS – Riders On The Storm b/w Changeling (Elektra 45738)

JACKIE LOMAX – Higher Ground b/w Helluva Woman (Warner 7503)

THREE DOG NIGHT – Liar b/w Can’t Get Enough Of It (Dunhill 4282)

The Audience single is licensed from Charisma Records, England.  Never saw the Ginger Baker 45 (2nd album?).  Radio hits from TDN and The Doors (Morrison was to pass away two weeks later).  Likely the debut US WB Jackie Lomax 45.

Easy Hits


Easy Hits


HARMONICATS – Theme from “The Avengers”


MELVOIN, MIKE – Ruby Tuesday

ZENTNER, SI – House of the Rising Sun

CARE PACKAGE, THE – Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again)

MONTENEGRO, HUGO – Just Like A Woman



VENTURES, THE – Mighty Quinn

MARBLE ARCH ORCHESTRA – Whiter Shade of Pale, A



BAJA MARIMBA BAND – Along Comes Mary

PAGE, BILL – Somethin’ Stupid

LETTERMEN, THE – Light My Fire

FERGUSON, MAYNARD – Living In The Past

LAST, JAMES – I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock ‘N’ Roll Band)

FAITH, PERCY – Oye Como Va


BATT, MIKE – Come And Get It


DAVIES, BILL – We Gotta Get Outta This Place


SEVERINSEN, DOC – In The Court Of The Crimson King

BUTTON-DOWN BRASS, THE – Theme from “Shaft”

For years, I have amused myself and others with volumes of “Easy Hits”.  The track listing above is typical of the 10 volumes of this stuff that I have originated – painstaking pulling these treasures off of old easy listening LP’s, dragging them kicking and screaming onto CD-R’s.

In this volume, there are some fairly unlikely candidates ofr the “EX Hit” treatment – I mean, a jazzy easy listening cover version of “In The Court Of The Crimson King”?  Doc must’ve really been bored to tackle that one!

But all of the volumes in this series contain “hits of the day” (roughly ’65 – ’70) performed in the easy listening orchestra (and / or chorus) style.  I think the “EZ Hit” style continued in England and Europe for quite a while after it was given up in the US (think: Geoff Love, Swingle Singers, Swingle II etc.)

If you’d ever like to hear examples as such, drop me a line.  I have tons of this stuff.  Can’t believe some of the material that was chosen to form into “EZ Hit” versions!

Chattering Classics Series


Virgin Records UK – Chattering Classics Series – CD’s

In approx. 1995, Virgin Records UK (via EMI) began re-releasing some spoken word material in the “Virgin Chattering Classics Series” – some of which were initial issues, some not.  I can only trace this series up to there being #18 titles.

VCCCD 001 + – Monty Python – Another Monty Python Record (previously Virgin/Charisma UK CD CASCD 1049)

VCCCD 002 + – Monty Python – Previous Record (previously Virgin/Charisma UK CD CASCD 1063)

VCCCD 003 + – Monty Python – Matching Tie and Handkerchief (previously Virgin/Charisma UK CD CASCD 1080)

VCCCD 004 + – Monty Python – The Holy Grail (O.S.T.) (previously Virgin/Charisma UK CD CASCD 1103)

VCCCD 005 + – Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Derek & Clive – Come Again (previously Virgin UK CD CDOVD 110)

VCCCD 006 – Billy Connolly – Billy & Albert (previously Virgin/Ten UK LP, CD?)

VCCCD 007 + – Monty Python – Live at Drury Lane (previously Virgin/VIP UK CD VVIPD 104)

VCCCD 008 + – Monty Python – Contractual Obligation (previously Virgin/Charisma UK CD CASCD 1152)

VCCCD 009 + – Monty Python – Life of Brian (O.S.T.) (previously Warner Brothers US LP BSK 3396)

VCCCD 010 + – Monty Python – The Meaning Of Life (O.S.T.) (later EMI UK CD 28610.2, in 2000)

VCCCD 011 + – Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Derek & Clive – Ad Nauseum (previously Virgin UK CD CDOVD 162)

VCCCD 012 + – Victor Lewis-Smith – Tested On Humans For Irritancy (previously Virgin UK CD CDV 2685, 1991)

VCCCD 013 – Smith & Jones – Scratch & Sniff (previously Virgin/Ten UK LP DIX 51, 1986) *

VCCCD 014 + – Smith & Jones – Bitter & Twisted (previously Virgin/Ten UK CD DIXCD 79, 1988)

VCCCD 015 – John Arlott – Talks Cricket (previously Charisma UK LP CAS 1XXX) *

VCCCD 016 – Peter O’Sullevan – Talks Turf (previously Charisma UK LP CAS 1XXX) *

VCCCD 017 – Spitting Image – Spit In Your Ear (previously Virgin UK LP V 2403,

1986) *

VCCCD 018 + – Vivian Stanshall – Sir Henry At Rawlinson End (previously Charisma/Virgin UK CD CASCD 1139)

* new to CD!

Sure would like to find some of these discs!  (Especially the Spitting Image, John Arlott and Peter O’Sullevan titles.)  However, I do already have a few – noted with +.

Lard Free


Lard Free = L’Art Frit

I last wrote about Lard Free in 2002.

Who didn’t buy the first Lard Free album because of the cover?  In 1973/4, you certainly couldn’t read anything about French rock music anywhere that I knew of.  I just knew that this record didn’t look like anything else – and, after hearing it, I knew it didn’t sound like anything else either.  I missed the second Lard Free album, “I’m Around About Midnight” – but I was near the front of the line for the 3rd Lard Free album, also known as “Spirale Malax”.  I am sure they never thought about it, but – but I presume it was a mistake that they put their manager’s phone number and address on the cover of the 3rd LF album.  When I got to Paris in 1979, I called them.  Soon I was waiting in the hallway outside of Gilles’ apartment in Pigalle.  Crap, I forgot about the one hour time difference between France and England…

It’s 2011, and I am still friendly with Gilles Yepremian, Lard Free’s manager.  Of course by the time I got there, LF were all done, and it was “Urban Sax” time.  So, I never got to see Lard Free play live – but I did get to go to an Urban Sax gig in Caen – with the band.

Variously described as “nightmare headache music” and goodness-knows-what-else, the electronic nihilism of Lard Free’s 3rd album still astounds.  I stayed at Gilbert Artman’s house in ’79 and ’80 and got to listen to him play the drums quite a bit.  Believe me, there wasn’t a punk rock vibe going on them.   My own juvenile band used to say ‘hello’ to Lard Free on our records – we even got Gilbert to say (onto a cassette), “Pourquoi vous toujour dites Lard Free sur vos disques?” ( = Why do you always say Lard Free on your records? ), thereby involving ourselves with that most mysterious of bands.  Gilbert told us that the other guys in the band (at the time of the third album) came from a band called Cool Ghoul – no, I don’t think they ever made any records.  But I was their intended audience.

Gilles and I talk about the same stuff we always did – Frank Zappa, Michel Polnareff, Jacques Higelin…I look for Doors stuff for Gilles, he sent me all of the coffee table books when Serge Gainsbourg died – in short, Gilles was / is my “Paris friend”.  I love to insist that if Gilbert ever wants to reform Lard Free, I should be allowed to join in on the fun – at least for the Japanese tour.  I CAN SEE IT NOW: Lard Free ’11 would be myself on bass or keyboards, Gilbert on drums and Jean-Francois Pauvros on guitar.  Of course, I would rather it be all of Cool Ghoul, and be a member of the audience.

So, this little tale tells you where my age difference is between the advent of new wave, and me being a tad too old for that scene.  I was already hardcore Lard Free, long before the Sex Pistols ever played a note.  I had no need for the commercial nihilism of punk rock – been there, done that!  Those melting milk bottles in that refrigerator told me all I needed to know. L’art frit!!!

Time Machine


Time Machine

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of June 21, 1971

Caught my eye:

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Motown Chartbusters Vol. 4 (Motown 732)

Not much in the way of major LP releases this week.  I have other volumes in the Motown Chartbusters series – but not this one.  I bet it’s pretty good.  The sound on these Motown albums was quite good.

Also of interest:


MARVIN GAYE – What’s Going On (Tamla 310)

THE RAIDERS – Indian Reservation (Columbia C 30768)

SKILLET & LEROY – Dynamite (Laff 151)

My parents had given up on Herb Alpert by this time – the TJB’s time had passed.  Notable soul release from Marvin Gaye; social conscience material from The Raiders and smutty humor from Skillet & Leroy (so that’s when this originally came out!)

Notable singles:

BEE GEES – How Can You Men A Broken Heart? (Atco 6824)

BOB DYLAN – Watching The River Flow b/w Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (Columbia 4-45409)

IAN MATTHEWS – Hearts b/w If You Saw Thro’ My Eyes (Vertigo 101)

TOMMY NORTHCOTT – Suzanne b/w Spaceship Races (Uni 5288)

ROLLING STONES – Wild Horses b/w Sway (Rolling Stones 19101)

Decent AM radio hits from the Bee Gees, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones (a “Sticky Fingers” 45!).  I liked the Ian Matthews LP (and this is the debut US Vertigo 45!), and I remember when Tommy Northcott was signed to Warner Brothers, making ‘soft rock’ – this must be a cover of the Leonard Cohen song!

Rough Trade C-81


Got your Sony Walkman?

Rough Trade “C-81”

NME / ROUGH TRADE – C-81 (COPY 001) 1981

“This is the first release (catalogue number Copy 001) of ROUGH TRADE TAPES, the new Rough Trade tape cassette catalogue.  The special care with which these cassettes are manufactured is your guarantee of optimum sound quality and of musical reproduction close to the master tape.  All our cassette mastering and volume productions was handled by ALAN of TAPE TO TAPE DUPLICATING, phone No. 01-388-5392”

SCRITTI POLITTI – The Sweetest Girl

THE BEAT – Twist and Crawl Dub

PERE UBU – Misery Goats

WAH! HEAT – 7,000 Names Of Wah!


CABARET VOLTAIRE – Raising The Count

D.A.F. – Kebab Traume (Live)


PANTHER BURNS – Bourgeois Blues **


ESSENTIAL LOGIC – Fanfare In The Garden

ROBERT WYATT – Born Again Cretin

= = =

THE RAINCOATS – Shouting Out Loud

JOSEF K – Endless Soul

BLUE ORCHIDS – Low Profile


AZTEC CAMERA – We Could Send Letters

RED CRAYOLA – Milkmaid



JAMES BLOOD ULMER – Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The preacher

IAN DURY – Close To Home

GIST – Greener Grass

SUBWAY SECT – Parallel Lines

“This cassette began as a mail order only offer through the NME.  Two tracks (marked **) are new, due to contractual obligations.  Many thanks to the NME for their efforts”

(Sorry, the cover to this cassette went AWOL)


June 1980 Cassette


June 1980 Cassette

By 1980, I was making monthly cassettes from the assorted records that I was finding.  Some were new, others not.  The artists on my June, 1980 cassette:

MISC ETC 6/80 C-90



I was (and am) a big Random Hold fan, finally found their stuff on CD.  I really like the first 3 x Psychedelic Furs albums.  This is likely from the 3rd Magazine LP (or a single).  The Beat always made good singles, not sure which one it is.  Not sure which Gary Numan cut this would’ve been – perhaps a single?  Pink Military is definitely “Did You See Her?”.  Mi-Sex is still likely 1st album (or a single).  The Cure – something from “17 Seconds”.  The Surf Punks was a band we used to see live, so debut album likely.  There is only 1 x Buddy Odor Stop LP, so it’s something from that.  Jimmy Hibbert is from Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, so the song is likely “Tough”.

The XTC is likely a 45 (3rd album), as is the National Lampoon.  Remember the Adrian Munsey 45 that was all “sheep”?  Slapphappy is probably an older cut.  Lucio Battisti would be current to 1980, as is JacnoNew York Gong is likely “Much Too Old”.  Geoff Leigh is from Henry Cow, and this is an indie single by him.  Aksak Maboul is Marc Hollander, so not sure which one this could be (something from the debut album?).  Split Enz at the beginning of 1980 – likely still working their “True Colours” era singles.  Pete Townshend would likely be from “Empty Glass”, Motorhead likely a single.  No idea at all about which Cabaret Voltaire 45 / 12” it would’ve been – as I didn’t keep any of them!

I’m glad my collection of 1980 cassettes have survived more than 30 years now.  We can all talk about when we did what, but here I have listed what I was actually listening to in June 1980!