Bob Dylan – “Desire”


Bob Dylan – “Desire”

I have long been a fan of Bob Dylan.  I probably became aware of him when “Like A Rolling Stone” was being played on the AM radio, in the mid-60’s.  When you’re a fan of something for over 40 years, I tend to gravitate towards differing aspects of the artist’s output.

After four decades of mainly listening to just “Bringing It All Back Home”, “Highway 61 Revisited”, “Blonde On Blonde” and “John Wesley Harding” – I finally got into “The Basement Tapes”, which I’d owned since it’s first legit issue and had never played.

A year or two ago, I encountered another level of Bob Dylan – I got interested in all albums in his catalogue that had been re-mastered as SA-CD’s.  This meant buying and keeping quite a few titles that I’d never heard at all, never taken seriously.

I’d started my move away from Dylan’s works around the time of “Blood On The Tracks”.  I remember seeing friends approach it ‘without questioning’.  Knee-jerk “It’s-the-new-Dylan-it’s-great”.  Well, guess I’m all done with Dylan for now.

I think the last new Bob Dylan record I bought as a new release was the picture sleeve 45 of “Hurricane”.  I never made it to the album it ended up on, “Desire” (1975).

In 2010, I do not own an LP of “Desire”, just the 2003 re-mastered hybrid SA-CD in a digipak.  I hadn’t realized it was such a long album!  I never knew Dylan was in such good voice on this album, and I also never knew that he was using a female co-lead vocalist quite a bit, Ms. Emmylou Harris.  I had no idea at all that she figured in Bob’s story…

The sticker on the cover of the SA-CD says “The studio side of the Rolling Thunder Review: classic rock, gripping story-songs and a gypsy violin – featuring Emmylou Harris and Scarlett Rivera”.  Well, apart from “Hurricane”, I doubt I’d heard much, if any, of this album before earlier this month.

Despite the packaging liner notes saying “Mixed for Quad” etc. – it’s a ‘stereo-only’ SA-CD.  I wonder why?

My ears perked up on the last track of this album, “Sara”.  I heard Bob Dylan sing “I wrote Sad Eyed lady Of The Lowlands for you”!  Ah, self-referencing Dylan lyrics!  OK!

But in 1975, I was at odds with the singer / songwriter universe.  I was listening to not much but European non-English language music.  I’d spent my time in the cage with Bob already.  So, after listening to and enjoying “Desire”, perhaps the next Dylan SA-CD I should play is “Blood on the Tracks”?  I have that in LP, MiniDisc and SA-CD.  But I’ve never played it.  Maybe I knew something was happening, but I didn’t know what it was.  Did I, Mr. Jones?

Ryuichi Sakamoto (Works from 1999 – 2007)


Ryuichi Sakamoto (Works from 1999 – 2007)

CD #04                                                                               WARNER JPN           WPCL-10136

2004 14 TRKS

CD #05                                                                               WARNER JPN           WPCL-10222

2005 14 TRKS

CDx2 AUDIO LIFE                                                                 WARNER JPN           WPC6-10073/4

1999 9 TRKS “Life” Opera

CD BTTB                                                                            WARNER JPN           WPC6-10019

1999 16 TRKS

CD5 BTTB                                                                            WARNER JPN           WPC6-10022

1999 3 TRK CD Single CD5

CD CASA (w/ Morelenbaum)                                          WARNER JPN           WPC6-10145

2001 16 TRKS

CD CENDRE (w/ Christian Fennesz)                           COMMONS JPN        RZCM-45525

2007 11 TRKS

CD CHASM                                                                        WARNER JPN           WPCL-10072

2004 14 TRKS (3 x bonus tracks)

LP CHASM                                                                        WARNER JPN           WQJL-10002

2004 11 TRKS insert

CD CM/TV                                                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10244

2002 50 TRKS

CD COMICA                                                                       WARNER JPN           WPC6-10194

2002 6 TRKS

CD DAY IN NEW YORK, A (w/ Morelenbaum)             SONY CLASSICS      SK 80018

2003 11 TRKS

CD ELEPHANTISM                                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10211

2002 12 TRKS

CD FEMME FATALE (O.S.T.)                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10232

2002 14 TRKS

CD GOHATTO (O.S.T.)                                                     WARNER JPN           WPC6-10063

1999 21 TRKS

CD IN THE LOBBY                                                           WARNER JPN           WPC6-10124

2001 6 TRKS Live, London

CD L.O.L. LACK OF LOVE                                               WARNER JPN           WPC6-10086

2000 13 TRKS Sega Dreamcast

CDx2 LIFE IN PROGRESS                                                 WARNER JPN           WPC6-10035/6

1999 9 TRKS “Life” Opera

CD5 LOST CHILD                                                               WARNER JPN           WPC6-10085

2000 3 TRK CD Single CD5

CDx2 RAW LIFE OSAKA                                                      WARNER JPN           WPC6-10054/5

1999 9 TRKS W/ William S. Burroughs, Laurie Anderson etc.

CD SILK (O.S.T.)                                                               COMMONS JPN        RZCM-45721

2007 21 TRKS

CD5 UNDERCOOLED                                                       WARNER JPN           WPCL-70013

2004 2 TRK CD Single CD5 Cornelius

CD WORKS I – CM                                                            MIDI/SCHOOL JPN   MDCL-1437

2002 19 TRK Collection (’81 – ’84 recordings)

CD WORKS II – TV / INST.                                               MIDI/SCHOOL JPN   MDCL-1438

2002 13 TRK Collection (’80 – ’84 recordings)

CD5 WORLD CITIZEN(w/ David Sylvian)                       S SOUND UK            SS 002

2003 5 TRK CD Single CD5

CD ZERO LANDMINE (as “No More Landmines”)     WARNER JPN           WPC6-10126

2001 6 TRKS David Sylvian etc.

When Y.M.O. was active in the 80’s, even before the advent of the compact disc, I remember how the 3 members of Y.M.O. had so many solo records that it was nearly impossible to find out about and keep up with it.  Keyboard master Sakamoto-san continues apace, as this list today is only the last decade or so of his releases I have managed to find.

For fans of his song-based work – if you liked his 80’s albums, such as “Illustrated Music Encyclopedia” or “Futurista” the one I heartily recommend to you is “Chasm”, his 2004 album.  It didn’t get a full U.S. release, but I have found a promo-only U.S. CD for it.  I also got lucky finding a Japanese LP for it off of the internet for a very low price.

The “Life” opera CD’s have proved to be a bit of a tough listen for me, even with William S. Burroughs involvement.  Maybe if I had video of the event, it would make more sense to me?

Adriano Celentano


Adriano Celentano

I had always seen Adriano Celentano’s records in places that had “International” sections – Vogue Records in Westwood for example – or in Italian deli’s that had records.  But I never heard any – and by all accounts, he never had much to do with the world of progressive rock –so, I wasn’t around anybody who even knew who he was.

Towards the end of the 80’s, I met a wonderful man from Romania who could transfer my PAL VHS tapes to NTSC.  He knew who Celentano was!

CD NON MI DIR                                                           CGD ITALY                CDS 6065

1965 14 TRKS (’87 issue)

CD IL RAGAZZO DELLA VIA GLUCK                       CGD ITALY                CDS 6066

1966 14 TRKS (’87 issue)

LP SUPREMO                                                             U.A. INT USA            UN 14511

1966? 14 TRKS mono

CD LE ROBE CHA HA DETTO ADRIANO               CGD ITALY                CDS 6070

1969 12 TRKS (’87 issue)

CD IL FORESTIERO                                                   CGD ITALY                CDS 6072

1970 10 TRKS (’87 issue) Xmas


1970? 14 TRKS test pressing

CD I MALI DEL SECOLO                                            CGD ITALY                CDS 6067

1972 9 TRKS (’87 issue)

CD NOSTALROCK                                                      WEA/CLAN                9031-70209.2

1973 16 TRKS

LP SVALUTATION                                                      ARIOLA DE               27923 OT

1976 8 TRKS

CD TI AVRO’                                                                 WEA/CLAN                9031-74421.2

1978 6 TRKS

CD IL CONCERTO DI ADRIANO CELENTANO     WEA/CLAN                8573-81592.2

1979 17 TRKS Live 8/77

LP ADRIANO CELENTANO (1985)                         GCD DE                    207.026

1985 14 TRKS

CD HIT PARADE: LE VOLTE CHE…                        CGD ITALY                CDS 6015

1985 16 TRK Collection

CD IL RE DEGLI IGNORANTI                                   WEA/CLAN                9031-74439.2

1991 10 TRKS

CD IO NON SO PARLAR D’AMORE                         SONY/CLAN IT         497368.2

1999 12 TRKS

I think I hit the motherlode of Celentano CD’s about ’87 or so.  I had been a fan of Italian music for over a decade by that point, and the first album I listened to was “Non Mi Dir”, an early collection of 45’s.  Canzioni!  All of ‘em likely publisher’s demos.

Either one likes canzioni or not.  I do.  I have had fun pouring over ancient San Remo Festival various artist LP’s; Betty Curtis, Wilma Goich, Gianni Nazarro, Mina etc.  I admit I was surprised to see bands that I knew from the prog rock world with songs on San Remo Festival LP’s (i.e. New Trolls).

And, of course, dear old Adriano Celentano, who is still alive and kicking as of this writing.  Need to change the taste in your musical mouth?  Try some Celentano!

Hot Weather & Records


Hot Weather & Records

When I was a youth, when it got hot during summer / fall, we would sometimes pile into the “den”, close the blinds, turn on the in-window air conditioner and play Allan Sherman records all day.  The den not only had a ‘stereo’, but a B&W TV as well.

I had the air conditioner in the den replaced a few years back, as the old one had ceased to keep things cool.  About a month ago, we had a serious heat-wave in Long Beach, CA – 110F in the shade (at about 1:00pm)!  Time to turn on the air!  Hotter than Las Vegas, NV!  Time to close the blinds, before the late afternoon sun hits it.  I bet the clothes hanging outside to dry got really, really dry!

Not a good day to transport vinyl anywhere, when it gets that hot.  How do the folks in Las Vegas or Phoenix survive?  How do their record collections survive?  I mean, you can’t air condition absolutely everywhere / everything!

In both Japan and New Zealand, I remember shopping for records when it was hot – and humid.  Is it a mildew smell?  Sometimes record stores in countries where it’s hot & humid have a funny smell to ‘em.  “How do I get this back to the hotel?”

Less of a problem with CD’s than with vinyl, eh, readers?  I don’t know that I ever successfully accidentally warped a compact disc, but I am certain it can happen.  When it gets as hot as it was, I know that the CD’s in my car are all ones that I have made – so it matters not if they fly / bend.  I do not take my proper CD’s into my car to play.

The mind boggles:  warped laser discs, warped DVD’s…melted videotape…

But when it gets as hot as it was…not too interested in going out and driving around anyway.  Good weather for a nap.  On the morning where it got so hot, I even knew instinctively to ‘turn off’ my amplifier, as it is a room that is not air conditioned.  No problem to run the computer, that room is air conditioned!

Is the modern day electrical equipment easier / better to run than the old stuff?  I can only imagine that it took more juice to spin records than to play CD’s.

On September 27th, this year – it got to 113F in Los Angeles – the hottest day on record since they started keeping records.  All the records are safe, though.  Fortunately, it has cooled off a bit since then – with almost ‘normal’ fall weather around here now; it rained recently – which brings to mind the places I have visited where the records all smell moldy (from all the rain?!)…

I’ve also recently been looking at my lists of purchases from 2002 – all those record stores that aren’t there anymore!  All the crap I bought!  I am thinking of writing a book of my last decade: “Tales of Record Collector Glory”!  Perhaps I shall do one of those ‘vanity press’ books, via Flickr.

Kevin Ayers


Kevin Ayers

Once a member of The Soft Machine and a wonderful UK male vocal solo artist for over four decades, as of this writing.  His newest album, “The Unfairground” was released in 2007 – it’s magnificent!  Collections and singles not listed today.  I am still looking for a CD of “That’s What You Get babe” and a few of the original 80’s / 90’s titles.  As the recent EMI re-masters had good bonus track action, I didn’t go for his boxed set either.

CD ALIVE IN CALIFORNIA, BOP US                                                                          BOPCD 002

2004 15 TRKS Live ’93 – ’00

LP BANANAMOUR, HARVEST UK                                                                            SHVL 807

1973 9 TRKS UK original issue

CD BANANAMOUR, HARVEST UK                                                                            582780.2

1973 13 TRKS (’03 re-master) (4 x bonus tracks)

CD BBC RADIO 1 LIVE IN CONCERT, WINDSONG UK                                       WINCD 018

1992 9 TRKS Live, 1972

LP CONFESSIONS OF DR. DREAM, ISLAND UK                                                 ILPS 9263

1974 11 TRKS Rupert Hine

CD CONFESSIONS OF DR. DREAM, UNIVERSAL JPN                                       UICY-9531

1974 9 TRKS (’05 issue) kami sleeve (1 x bonus track)

LP DIAMOND JACK AND THE QUEEN OF PAIN, CHARLY UK                           CR 30224

1983 10 TRKS U.K. pressing

CDx2 DIDN’T FEEL LONELY… (The Island Albums), EDSEL UK                          MEDCD 749

2004 29 TRK Collection (’74-’75 recordings) incl. “June 1st”

CD FALLING UP, VIRGIN UK                                                                                      CDV 2510

1988 8 TRKS with Mike Oldfield

LP FALLING UP, VIRGIN DE                                                                                      208.915

1988 8 TRKS with Mike Oldfield

CD JOY OF A TOY, HARVEST UK                                                                              582776.2

1969 16 TRKS (’03 re-master) (6 x bonus tracks)

LP JUNE 1st, 1974 (Various Artists), ISLAND US                                                 ILPS 9291

1974 9 TRKS Live; with Eno, John Cale etc.

CD RAINBOW TAKEAWAY, BGO UK                                                                         BGOCD 189

1978 9 TRKS (’93 issue)

LP RAINBOW TAKEAWAY, HARVEST UK                                                               SHSP 4085

1978 9 TRKS U.K. pressing

CD SHOOTING AT THE MOON, HARVEST UK                                                       582777.2

1970 14 TRKS (’03 re-master)

CD STILL LIFE WITH GUITAR, FNAC FR                                                                 592025

1992 10 TRKS

LP SWEET DECEIVER, ISLAND UK                                                                        ILPS 9322

1975 9 TRKS U.K. pressing

CD SWEET DECEIVER, UNIVERSAL JPN                                                              UICY-9532

1975 11 TRKS (’05 issue) (2 x bonus tracks) kami sleeve

LP THAT’S WHAT YOU GET BABE, HARVEST UK                                                SHSP 4106

1980 10 TRKS U.K. pressing

CD UNFAIRGROUND, THE, JVC JPN                                                                      VICP-63981

2007 10 TRKS kami sleeve

CD WHATEVERSHEBRINGSWESING, HARVEST UK                                          582778.2

1972 12 TRKS (’03 issue) (4 x bonus tracks)

CD YES WE HAVE NO MANANAS, BGO UK                                                            BGOCD 143

1976 10 TRKS (’93 issue)

LP YES WE HAVE NO MANANAS, ABC US                                                             AB-1021

1977 10 TRKS U.S. pressing

Let’s also remember Mr. Ayers’ activity with the Lady June album, “Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy” (Caroline UK LP C 1509, 1974) and his nice singing on Mike Oldfield’s “Islands” album in 1987 – on the track “Flying Start” (which also shows up on Ayers’ superlative “Falling Up” album – in a different version).  Mike Oldfield was once Ayers’ bassist (on “Shooting At The Moon”, in a band that included David Bedford and Lol Coxhill!).

So far, at least two members of Soft Machine have died – sax player Elton Dean and bassist Hugh Hopper.  Mr. Ayers left after the debut Soft Machine album, so let’s hope he continues for as long as is possible.  I was a huge fan of the High Hopper solo albums.  The original vocalist of Soft Machine was, of course, the wonderful Robert Wyatt.  And is original Soft Machine keyboardist Mike Ratledge the only member of Soft Machine to not make a solo album?

The extended family of Soft Machine is a very interesting batch of people, to be certain.

When did I diverge from the mainstream?


When Did I Diverge from the Mainstream?

Well, if stuff got too popular – you knew it because other kids at school talked about it.  I had my brother and sisters to help me listen.  What records were in our house?  Had I heard them?  Did any of them mean anything to me?

I watched The Beatles on TV with my family.  No problem.  My brother played me Rolling Stones records – no problem.  I could see what was being sold in Cal Store, The Treasury, White Front, Zody’s…what was too popular?

About 1968 or 1969, I distinctly remember a lot of overkill on Steppenwolf.  With the two big hit singles (“Born To Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride”) they were all over AM radio.  Their records were available anywhere I was looking at records.  There were not any Steppenwolf Records in my home, however.  Not cool enough?  A choice got made – I did not buy any Steppenwolf records, 45’s or LP’s.

In 2010, I own a couple of them – I found a lovely German copy of their “Best of” LP, and I own a “Millennium Collection” CD now.  I’d even buy either of the aforementioned hit 45’s, if I ever found mint ones for under $1.  I remembering a guy down the street playing me “Ballcrusher” from “Steppenwolf 7”, heh heh heh.

But in the early 70’s, I developed a habit of finishing with stuff early; as something got popular, I tended to shy away from it.  You know what I’m talking about – Black Sabbath, but only up to “Master of Reality”; Jethro Tull, but only up to “Living in the Past”; Genesis, but only up to “Selling England By The Pound”; Yes, but only up to “Fragile” etc.  I just didn’t stick with anything that got too much attention from the masses – written about too much, on the radio too much, in the hippie record stores too much etc.

Well, I wanted imported pressings of records – they looked nicer, and were usually of high quality.  I didn’t get to travel outside of the U.S. until 1979, so my quest for imports was limited to what was available to me here in the greater L.A. area – and somewhat limited by my scope of knowledge of music.

If the 70’s were ushered in with me wanting German music, by the mid-70’s, I wanted almost anything European.  If it’s not in English, I was interested!  But even in that strata, my inclinations worked against me:  If it’s too easily available, it might not be ‘of interest’.

By the end of the 70’s – all that changed.  There was so much new stuff coming along, I just had to try a few things that looked good, irrespective of if they were popular or too popular.  However, I was never attracted to the Sex Pistols, due to their common nature; I quickly tired of Duran Duran; I once again shy’d away from things ‘too popular’.  Good and proper, until the 90’s – then I just almost quit listening to anything that I didn’t already know!

Ari Up (1962 – 2010)


Ari Up (1962 – 2010)

Goodbye to Ari Up, the vocalist of The Slits.

SLITS, THE CUT                                                                                                                     ISLAND UK

ILPS 9573                           LP

1979 10 TRKS UK

SLITS, THE CUT re                                                                                                                ISLAND UK

548186.2                            CD

1979 12 TRKS re-mastered, 2 x bonus tracks

SLITS, THE EARTHBEAT / BEGIN AGAIN, RHYTHM (PS)                                              CBS UK

CBSA 1498                         7″

1981 2 TRKS with pic sleeve

SLITS, THE LIVE AT THE GIBUS CLUB                                                                             CASTLE US

CAS 36213.2                      CD

2005 12 TRKS Live 1/26/78

SLITS, THE MAN NEXT DOOR / (Version) (PS)                                                                Y UK

Y 4                                        7″

1980 2 TRKS with pic sleeve (RT 044)

SLITS, THE PEEL SESSIONS, THE                                                                                   STRANGE FR UK

SFPMACD 207                   CD5

1989 7 TRK CD EP CD5

SLITS, THE RETURN OF THE GIANT SLITS                                                                    EPIC/SONY JPN

MHCP 208                          CD

1981 9 TRKS (’04 issue)

SLITS, THE SLITS, THE                                                                                                        Y UK

Y 3                                        LP

1981? 10 TRKS plain cover

SLITS, THE TYPICAL GIRLS                                                                                                ISLAND UK

12WIP 6505                       12″

1979 4 TRKS with pic sleeve


ANS 102                              7″

1979 2 TRKS with pic sleeve + poster

SLITS, THE TYPICAL GIRLS LIVE IN CINCINNATI & SF pirate                                     PIRATE

BASIC 2                               LP

1980? 9 TRKS LIVE

SLITS, THE US RADIO INTERVIEW / FACE DUB promo                                               CBS UK

XPS 125                              7″

1981 2 TRKS no pic sleeve, promo


ARI UP DREAD MORE DAN DEAD                                                                             COLLISION DE

CCT 3002.2                        CD

2005? 12 TRKS

October, 1990


October, 1990

Twenty years ago, I was readying myself to return to the U.S. after nearly a year of living in England.  The company that I was invited over to run had ‘failed’.  We were too early for the internet, alas.  The small company was called CD Express, in Bath, England.  I believe there is now another company calling themselves that, in England.

Today I illustrate October, 1990 with the cover of issue #159 of Rip It Up magazine, from New Zealand.  This magazine was published by a friend of mine, Murray Cammick.  Probably this issue was sent to me by Mr. Cammick.  Ah, yes – there’s Shayne Carter on the cover, with his band Straitjacket Fits.  I met him on one of my last visits to NZ (1987?).  Nice guy, I think the album by them that I really liked was an EP, “Life In One Chord” (Flying Nun).  I went to NZ seven times in the 80’s…

What’s in this issue?  Beats International seem very big.  I didn’t have much use for that style of stuff, I’m afraid.  There is a 2-page advertisement promoting the 21st anniversary of Creedence Clearwater Revival!  I can see the Lightning Seeds being hyped.  Aussie Absent Friends have a release with “Here’s Looking  Up Your Address” (not a bad effort from ModelsSean Kelly).  I guess John Lee Hooker was going to be playing in New Zealand, so there was some advance press for him.  The Violent Femmes were touring New Zealand in November, 1990.  The Bob Dylan album du jour was “Under The Red Sky”.  The Cramps were visiting New Zealand, promoting “Stay Sick”.  ½ page ad for Nigel Kennedy’s “Four Seasons” album – it had been massive in England.  Aussie belter Jimmy Barnes was going to play NZ in November, with special guests Sam Brown and (the original) Stray Cats etc.  They Might Be Giants were touring.  Aussie band Weddings Parties Anything were coming to NZ (I always rather liked them – I would love to find their “Scorn Of The Women” album on CD!).

It’s interesting to note that CD’s have their own column in this issue of Rip It Up – I guess they were pretty much still a novelty in NZ in 1990.  I saw CD’s in Australia in ’87.  The ‘90 releases were things like the first Led Zeppelin CD boxed set, the Byrds CD boxed set, and Rykodisc were offering their initial releases from David Bowie and Frank Zappa.

Albums being reviewed this month:  Neil Young “Ragged Glory”, Living Colour “Time’s Up”, Julee Cruise “Floating Into The Night”, Dee-Lite “World Clique”, Jesus & Mary Chain “Roller Coaster”, George Michael “Listen Without Prejudice”, Jane’s Addiction “Ritual De Lo Habitual”, Asia “Then and Now”, Happy Mondays “Hallelujah”, the debut (and only album?) by An Emotional Fish (I really liked the song “Celebrate”), Wendy & Lisa “Eroica”, The Replacements “All Shook Down”, Was (Not Was) “How The Heart Behaves” single, The Pixies “Velouria” EP…the only artists this paragraph I find even remotely of interest here are Dee-Lite and An Emotional Fish…and Neil Young albums before 1973…

But I was exhausted after an unsuccessful year of living in England…

Cook & Moore – Behind The Fridge


Cook & Moore – “Behind The Fridge”

Doing the good work…

I have been a collector of comedy LP’s ever since I was a child.  I have been a fan of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore ever since seeing “Bedazzled” on TV one afternoon, in the late 60’s or early 70’s.  I quickly found everything easily available to me in Los Angeles, I completed the more esoteric aspects of my Cook & Moore collection during the 80’s, usually on visits to New Zealand.

But, according to “Music Master”, the British book of LP / 45 releases – there was a Cook & Moore title in England that I could not find and knew nothing about: “Behind The Fridge” (Atlantic K 40503).  To be honest, I thought that this was likely a mis-print in “Music Master” – as I had never seen this LP on my visits to Australia, NZ or England / Europe.

Well, Bob G. found me the Australian version, which was recorded right before or right after the UK version – and I recently obtained the UK version – two completely different albums, I might add.  Some similar material, some exclusive material…

“Behind The Fridge” (Atlantic UK LP K 40503) 1973, “Donald Langdon for Hemdale Presents”

Side One – Hello (4.10); On Location (15.38); Mini Drama (9.50)

Side Two – Gospel Truth (17.35); Tea For Two (12.45)

“Behind The Fridge” (Atlantic NZ LP SD 1005) undated, “Colin McLennan for Quadrant Productions Presents…”

Side One – Hello; A Conservative; The Gospel Truth

Side Two – On Location; Conservative; Two For Tea

So, the ‘Recorded in Melbourne’ version has two short tracks “A Conservative” and “Conservative”, but the ‘Recorded in England’ version yields “Mini Drama” at nearly 10 minutes long.  Not sure if the title variant “Two For Tea” / “Tea For Two” is a big deal or not.  I have yet to dub these wonderful LP’s to Mini-disc, with an eye for making a CD (for personal use only, of course).

These two albums were recorded in the year before Cook & Moore brought “Good Evening” to the U.S. – and I trust you are all familiar with “Good Evening” (Island Records UK LP ILPS 9298, 1973), which would’ve been recorded right after these two albums and right before the infamous “Derek & Clive (Live)” album (Island Records UK LP ILPS 9434, 1976).

How did the UK version of this LP elude me for nearly 37 years?

VH-1’s 100 Greatest Albums


VH-1’s 100 Greatest Albums

Y’all know I love lists of music.  I recently found another one, “VH-1’s 100 Greatest Albums”, a small coffee table book for people too lazy to watch cable TV – printed in 2005, edited by Jacob Hoye.  In this book, all quotes about the music come from the TV show “VH-1’s 100 Greatest Albums”.  I think I remember watching at least part of this list go by, sitting in a hotel room somewhere in either California, Nevada or Oregon.

What I really like are lists like this from Japanese music magazines – I figure those lists will really tell me something I don’t already know – but this list?

  1. The Beatles – Revolver
  2. Nirvana – Never Mind
  3. The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
  4. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On
  5. Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced?
  6. The Beatles – Rubber Soul
  7. Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life
  8. The Beatles – Abbey Road
  9. Bob Dylan – Blonde On Blonde
  10. The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Well, certainly Beatles-centric – 4 titles in the Top 10?  VH-1 is an MTV ‘brand’, so I understand the Nirvana title being here.  Somebody who reads British magazines obviously contributed to making this list, hence the Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye titles, albums which only mean something when looked at from afar.  The Jimi Hendrix title is a good choice, I don’t disagree (same with Bob Dylan)…so, a Stevie Wonder title that isn’t “Innervisions”?  And no Rolling Stones?

Some of the albums have quotes from famous people, about what they think of the album that they have nominated for this list, people like Elvis Costello, the guy from Green Day, Chuck D, Liz Phair, Art Garfunkel, Gwen Stefani etc.

  1. The Beatles – The Beatles (the double white album)
  2. The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street
  3. The Who – Who’s Next
  4. Joni Mitchell – Blue
  5. U2 – The Joshua Tree
  6. Fleetwooc Mac – Rumours
  7. Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bullocks
  8. Prince – Purple Rain
  9. Velvet Underground and Nico – Velvet Underground and Nico
  10. Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back

This is a list made by Americans, isn’t it?  Another Beatles album, finally got The Rolling Stones & The Who (but the wrong album), Joni Mitchell instead of Carole King, an Irish band, the Fleetwood Mac (with girls), a token punk record, more black music and Lou Reed.